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The PURITY of SaniigMtSoap curtails the washing. The PURITY of SwiiightSoap saves your Health and Strength. • o b The PURITY of SunlijkSoap makes the linen sweet, pure and white. ? t t The PURITY of SunliJktSeap dispenses with ru and scrubbing. j The PURITY of SunlijMSoap ll costs you nothing;-It is 11 tl>, fcioo mdmeaorn er sotahpa. n Ij11 l'! C>1 0 (> The PURITY of I Z; \b Sunlight Soap ij /J j/ 1 is guaranteed, W, III/ and we offer i, o o o reward tW- wi for any adulterant found SiiA^sJ f§ (J^ in its iht'A -nposition. \V* c oi It curtails the 7'r washing. LEVER BROTHERS, LIMITED, PORT SUNLIGHT, ENGLAND. 11:c name Lever on soap is a guarantee of i,u;"ty and excellence. awaitj eVeryWillit^W^^er in 77.' CALTK F\»NCTI>NJ '3RT1«»F»N* FREE FARMS OF 160 ACRES. For latest official Maps, Pamphlets and full particulars, gratis, apply to Mr. W. T. R. PRESTON, i COMMISSIONER OF EMIGRATION, 11-12, CHARING CROSS, LONDON, S.W. or Mr. A. F. JURY, OLD CASTLE BUILDINGS, LIVERPOOL. (- -'4_- n- N 0 I |A VEGETABLE (ft I & FLOWER DS I i Seed Potatoes, Garden Tools A Sundries. ■ ■ All beat qualities. Carriage Free. I J [lluiiraitd Caialagui$8z post frfe on application I I Royal 40L I 1 Seed Warehouses I V^ £ 8t^ J ■ Iinw—III III—■ I ISAAC WILLIAMS & SON, I REGISTERED I TJLUMBERS, GLAZIERS, & GAS FITTERS. I JL CUPPIN STREET, CHESTER. ■ Plumbers' Brasswork of all descriptions Patent ■ Water Closets, Lavatories, Baths, to I Glass of all qualities and patterns k in Stock. I Moddi. Perfect Fit. Gnirsntwd W«*r. DIAGONAL ex SEAM I 4fk Tl'l'iE Y & N SEAiv) I V\ CORSETS n9t sp"fc I Ncr tec:i' H Ia l"9 Searas I the Faurie. I M" if in White, Black, ar/l aUthe fashionable c :'r'* "n:i ,h.Ll"" tn lttJJv.t¡, Cloth. eiatir I ) °'^ <w» bhi, em, 7iii \j^H|jra!«r j j ;vr pair awl rtpica vis, H ||MjS^W GOLD MEDALS. '■;3C' nju!'3 of Dorset ii- the Y & N." WVi b'u$^7 A —UriUIewoman. ^SSy'VS P'ja''° for Price List to tbe ■ Y & M Corset Fac^— ■ '1| Y*'N BRISTOL. ;P" r: '07 Mwrs anil r.-i(!ico' n r t., ;buut \¿«, {;n..i,C( .o;:a .:c..d. t • Lift u I DON'T COUCH for I KEATINC"S LOZENGES I ■ EASILY CURE I ■ THE WORST CDUCHm H One gives relief. An increasing SB m 8a'c °' ovcr yesrs 1S a cerr!>in Tm te^t of tbeir value- Sold in 13mi 'j< mTWhat's all the World without jffi ■ a GOOD DIGESTION? I RB There is not much occasion, nowadays, for anyone* H H rich or poor, to go about subject to the terrors of Indi- 9 B gestion. A bad digestion may be cured, a weak one H Pi strengthened, and a good one confirmed* H rISffi s BB M M & £ £ }>, d £ s>:teth /dffiteffliml !are, in fact, the reoognised remedy for all forms of ffl dyspepsia, a disease far'reaching and distressing enough, M v-bich generally arises from complicated irregularities H or the stomach, liver, and kidneys. By their specific fflj action on these organs— H BEECf'aF/s'S PILLS re-establish healthy digestion, 9 f-,rliy the blood, eliminate uric acid and act as a fine MS tunic upon the nervous system. BH There is certainly no other medicine before the public BB which combines so many life'giving properties as H || BSECHA^I'S FILLS. M P This Womtferful Medicine is specially suitable for B8 p| Fceyic:W:S of all ages. Every woman who values heeUth H g shouts read the instructions wrapped round each H ,ir!d everywhere In Boxes, 1s. 1^d. (56 pills) and 2s. 9d. (168 PHls% <( The Physician's ■ I 1 1 ll fll ■ J E Cure fox Gout, ■ Ilk I 1 ■ dl M V jfi Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the n Safest and most Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, '^n, er!c.1,^ r, 4, .• T>-i- i<c 4. Infants, Children, Sour Eructations, Bilious Affections. Delicate Females, and the

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