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156 YEARS AGO. « -



LOCAL GOVERNMENT JOTTINGS. ♦ The Dunmow Guardians have ascertained that cut of 600 persons in receipt of out-relief 300 are more than 70 years of ago, 208 more than 75, 105 mo;e than 80, 27 more than 85, and four more than 90, while one is 97. At the Blackburn Town Council meeting a resolution approving the promotion of a Bill iil Parliament containing a schema of superan- nuation of Corporation employes, to which strong public opposition had boen evinced, was with- drawn, and line consideration deferied. It was stated that the Parliamentary Committee had sarious objection to certain parte of the Bill, OInd proposed to go throug-h it clause by clause before recommending it to the acceptance of a public mooting of ratepayers. At the Bury Town Council, an amendment to the Tramway Committee's minutes, that the wag-os of the tram conductors be increased by a farthing per hour, was rejected by 23 votes to 8. The conductors are receiving 27s. per week bosides clothing for 59 hours, and it was urged that that being so, the men were well paid, as they can live cheaper in Bury than in many other towns. Tho Bolton Town Council have passed the minutes of thoir Tramways Committee recom- mending a six-months' trial of motor buses be- tween Darcy Lever and Brown low Fold. At Shrewsbury Town Council an influential 13' deputation, including the Yen. Archdeacon Maude, Dr. Burd, Col. LovaXt (chairman of tho Salop Infirmary Board of Directois), and Mr. Jones (vioe-president of the United Friendly Socioties Council), attended to present a peti- tion coa'.ain-ing 1,503 signatures, including those iQf all the medical men of the town, praying the Council to take seeps to provide an isolation hospital. Aid. Southam assured the deputation that the petition wou!d be considered by the. Sanitary Committee. He mentioned., however, that the pro-vision of an up-to-date hospital would necessitate an increase in the rates of 2d or 3d. in the L. At the late meeting of the Runcorn Urban District Council, Mr. R. Wright, supeiyntendont of tlie lire Brigade, tendered his resignation after fifty years' service. The* Forden Board of Guardians have unani- mously decided to offer to take in some 120 Itar ml ess patients for fivo years from the Bictoa Asylum, to relieve the pi ensure at that institu- tion, at 5s. 6d. per head per week for the first year, and 5s. afterwards, the extra sixpence to be devoted to meeting the cost of necessary alter- ations. In the event of this not meeting the approval of the Asylum Visitors, the guardians expressed their willingness to consider the ques- tion ^of handing over the workhouse entirely tor .ho purpose of a supplementary asylum, the eir.irdirais to retain control and mainagomcnt of the institution, subject in all eazco to the sanc- tion of the Local Government Board, the Lunacy Commissioners and the different pa.r- ities of the union. A tlie West Derby Guardians' meeting, the Ol<'rk (Mr. II. P. Cleaver) clrmv attention to the question of outdoor relief. If the relief were continued on the same scale as at present there woulu bo a Joss to the Union of £ 650 a year OWing to increased prices. He askod the Board Where they had been granting 3s. a week to give 3s. 5d., and increa,se the grant of 2s. to 2s. 6d. Prices had gone up, so that 3s. food that cost 3s. 6d. according to contract. pi ices, was impossible. The increased price was ohiefly in bread, and where they gave 35. worth of relief it now cost 3s. 5d. After a Short discussion tho Board agreed to the clerk 6 suggestion. Up to recently the Local Government Board iiad awarded in grant, in aid of the unemployed, ^,eT,- lho P°wcrs tho Unemployed Act £ 38,459 Over £ 19,000 of this sum was alloca-. ted to the central unemployed body for London and much of the remainder was given to other metropolitan distress committees, while £ 6 500 was sent to Sunderland. B750 to Norwich, L500 each to Leeds and Plymouth, and £ 236 to New- castle. The Bolton Town Council, at their Late meet- ing, ro called upon to discuss the question of the erection in a suitable position of am "historical monument" commemorating such events as tho siege of Bolton by tho Royalists m the 17th century, the execution of the scVenth JVarl of Derby, and the inventions of Arkwright £ he spinning■ jcany) and Compton (the mule). l ho of the donor of the monument—which is io oost some £ 800 or ;611000--is kept a pro- found secret. At their late meeting, the Festiniog Town Council resolved to support the movement in favour of dealing with the unemployed problem on a national basis; but they evidently did not. support the problem of the defence of the coun- try on the same principle. For when an appli- cation was received from the Wrexham reoruit- ing officer for permission to exhibit posters in- side and outside the library shewing the, colours of the Royal Welch Fusiliers, on the recommen- dation of the Library Committee they refused the conoassian. At the Wigton (Cumberland) Board of Guar- dians, when a suggestion that the oontrol and management of vagrant wards should be vested in a representative committee was brought for- thaf'qn mn ^v' H' rM' Todd (Jcp,or^d thc that 90,000 sons of re»t the road- &Wp-bodiod. w.U.o.d, Wy ohaps, who werfl seeking work but never found it," The Rev. x' ijWbapk, however, took up the cudjrels in Jssr 1 2r :*7oh^" ^iaf&z a unioniS m stipulating for a gandard wage prevented the men from obtain- irf0yD7 as mastora considered they S UI1Ablc to do «»ugh work for t\l ^oney they would have to pay them Mr MrSt^±"WTl WiUi^' did »<* w«t work tent f u f°Uid llko to soe if a regi- ment of soldiers could not be made of them, or can- <i1Cm •stotl^>r'a'-«iig or scavenging, be- they would not work without compulsion. Bradford Board of Guardians are making a ^rong effort to find work for their able-bodied Peis, under official supervision. At Hull it mei VVh0r° ?ut of 550 inm^s 250 80 J0™™ are able to do some kind of T rm!nkar0 P?,t to J^our at that on.,in^ .u fVC accustomed), under the and aiboi,r master (~a ioin«r by trade) o.nd ^10Cmak- and that as a result repairs ^tra'^d Sour111"11'3 wkhout ^derV^Cn llaviu>,ari^» of a coMectomhip Usual Guar(!lans' there was the to tfff th" m^ing of the Board he, '°J:mTn-rnt of a SUCC £ >asor who should Wlth Wd9h Janguage. It was on;p eid^—notwithstanding that ^ho j °°<>r was an Englishman, °f without difficulty for upwards f vern yeaps-that W elsh was necesisary, al- Bpe,ai Population was mostlv Eritrlish bo eaid^of r"1' i°' W' I^c>be'rt's what would innriif, J?!, g^d lf in their i-dvrrt ise- of WmJ8, "No XV<a|sh apply." This, ^^rrd' + K^fi lK'. besidc +ilc mark- U <Ji<J not n„Z advertisement for the offioe °f tlw provieion thvat a knowledge hann^if but the Board was Can'is a hnding among the twenty appli- 'j" S^ntIonian (Mr. Temple, of De- ^cfaed the vernacular, and he by 13 Yotee tQ


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