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CRICKET. FISLKI U All L> v. HARBOUR WORKS. Another interest ins: d; lay of cri.-kefc took place on Saturday last on the Oinydre pitch, favoured with glorious conditions. On the aftercor-n of Friday the return match ot the Married v. Si. .e waF. to have come oil' but owing to the scarcity of players it became a practice exhibition, only about thirteen taking part. The result was that several were more able to hold their own with the very active eleven from Geodwitk L'arbour Works the day following. It grJes without saying that n el ID the present season is redolent of the "good old times" of the popular game in North Peuibrokeshiie. As for as one can gather by remarks lrt fail, cricket at Fishguard had ponae devotees fit, t." wield the willow for the county let,3 than twenty years ago. He that as it may the mature members of the club are assuiedly able to -Ile id even to-day for they invariably display form which would put to shame the tffurts of some of the present day-trained cricketters. Saturday's display aroused more interest locally than any match hitherto played. Not only were the teams full y represented, but numerous spectators gatbertd at a siife \j u-tig distance. Fish- guard won the toss the Vicar and F W Kichardson, Cilauwen, going in to bat to the bowling of W j- Edwards. It was clearly evident that Fishguard meant business no less than Goodwick. Xi:e Vi.;ar's first partner was unfortunate in icing run out just after the ft-ctlire of hi- egg,' A B Williams taking his place. BJlh batsmen were excep- tionally careful, the Vicar running up twenty before Edwardd collapsed bis wicket and A B Williams was caught for fifteen. With a score of nearly 40 during the first three quarters of an bour, and the loss of only thre wickets with some -LLart batsmen yet to go in the captain (Mr W L Williams) decided to I declare at the centuiy. W J Morris, who turned out for the first time this season, he having been ill, obtained the serviceti of that fleet of foot young athlete Georgie Bennett, the quarter mile champion of the Bristol Grammer School. He could scarcely have commissioned a better substitute to negotiate the runa. With J It Kicbards as his vis a vis" the batsmen we:e piling up the score but responding to a signal from J R Richards,' I- Georgie ventured too far from his wicket to be able to teturn and so the capital display of Mr W J Morris was brought to an abrupt close with eleven runs to his credit. There was a chapter of unforseen incidents and accidents. The Captain, who always shines in whateve- position he takes up on the field, had the chance with, admittedly, easy balls to rush up a oft spectable total, yet "his turn was nipped in the bud much to the general disappointment of the homester. As t c, r J R itichards, that j lajtr seemed set and well aole tc meet all kinds and conditions of bowl- ing with the sang froid of the professional, for after making twenty-three he carried out his bat receiving a cordial ovation for effective if not showy p1ay. Af:er J Scowcroft had been bowltd at the initial figure J Eians, of Jordanston, kept J R Richards company and added nine to the total. Georgie Recnett with ali the essential points of a good cricket- ter carried cut his bat with llicl ards on the I declaration,' the total standing at 101 at the end of 2 hours and 10 minutes' play. Towards the close A 0 Robins js^isted the Trogan," Edw ards, his swift balls playing havoc, not with the wickets, but with the players. Plucky Pat Duggan as keeper somehow managed to slop rii- of Robm's relentless sho's with the tip of his index iiuger splitting the nail painfully. However, Pat, after receiving the skilled attention of Dr J G Williams, took the position of long-off. Georgie Bennett also received the force of another of Robin's fast round-arm shots on the inside of the right thigh and which caused that young player no little inconvenience and,oming just at the commencement of his ttirn,iaattirally tended to disturb his equanimity. W J Morris had a similar experience at the onset of his turn at the wickets. It must not be concluded in view of the few erratic "trundles" that the bowling was faulty. Far from it, the Harbour bowlers won admiration by their splendid display of both bowling and lielding. Regular practice has strengthened the layers t, p considerably and under the skilled guidance af A 0 Robins, and the Captain, are bound to give a good account of themselves before the close of the season improvement is already marked. At five minutes past six o'clock the Har- bour team commenced their innings llobins ind Pat Roche going to bat. Immediately ;here were shouts of approbation from the .pectators. Robins was cutting and is slogg- ng in all directions in brilliant fashion fours md even sixes being the order, while the pace vas very brisk, to the bowling of W L (Villiams, A B Williams, and W J Morris espectively. There was smart work at all K)ints, but there were a couple of mishaps due o doubt to the keenness that characterised he game. C J Howells was repeating some f his capital work behind the wicket when he ball ricochetted from one of the bats and truck him on the right eye-brow, which bled )mewhat and that smart keeper was forced to atire. J Scowcroft, who had althrough the iatch made himself very useful, filled the acancy at once, only to receive a few minutes .ter, a nasty ball which caused him extreme iin, he gamely stuck to his post notwith- anding, but at the close sought professional d for his injury. Play went along merrily id it was patent to everyone that Robins, ith ordinary luck, would quickly make up e lea way. That smart player had scored rty, and likely to add sixty more but—here me the rub—W J Morris was bowling and refully, yet quietly, taking in the situation. esently his opportunity came and from a )w, but somewhat difficult ball he calmly tught Robins, much to the surprise of botii 3 champion and the host of admirers, with a tal of H to his credit. There were cheers the batsman and bowler who thoroughly Il-earued the plaudits. W B Edwards and Williams then continued the batting and it after 7 o'clock the home Captain declar- the Harbour having scored 01 for four 3kets. The game from start to finish 3rded players and spectators hearty pleasure re for the few slight mishaps which, happily ye not proved of a serious nature. 7ishguard, with the aid of Robins, who has idly promised to play, is likely to come out the match with Haverfordwest to-day mrsday) with credit.—Appended are the res :— FISHGUAKD. »ev Vf Evans, b Edwards 20 W J{icha.rdon, run out. 1 L B \Y illiams, c Redmond 15 if J Morris, run out 11 K Richards, not out 23 Scowcroft, b Edwards 1 Evans, b Edwards 9 J Howells, b Robins U W Watson, b Robics 0 Bennet, not ont Extras 16 101 iiARr.ourt c.c. o Hobinq, c W J Monis 44 at Heche, b A 1J Williams 7 ob Clarke, b W J Mori is 2 "a-shfoid, b W L Williams 0 v\ not out 2 ri Edwards, not out >» H Sansome, T Hevcraux, R Tobin, J Duggan, end J Redmond did not but. Extras 4 ta1 (for iour wickets) 61

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