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E777 ->:¿-.}- KAKUKAOTOrXY, N FARMERS! Your Sheep need not be worricdfby the Fly" Striking: QU lB UI-Å t/S POWDER DIP prevents it. Get a supply without delay from MI. D. AUGUSTUS DAVIES, Chemisi, Newport, Pem. Quality is the Test of Cheapness. All our goods are guaranteed to be of the finest quality obtain- able. 21b. Pots of Plum and Apple Jam, Od. 21b. Pots of Crosse and Black- well Marmalade, 8d. Try our Green Peas in Packets and loose—the best in town. Home Cured Hams and Bacon. American Cheddar and Gorgon- zola Cheese. Harris' and Pale- thorpe's Sausages and Pork Pies fresh daily. Sugar for Toffy, lid per lb. Muscatelles Reduced from Is to 8d per lb. W. D. Griffiths, Castle Stores, ¿ FISHGUARD. .& G u U < Planting Trees and Shrubs by the Sea or in other places. Messrs TBESEDSR & Co., Landscape Gardeners and Nurserymen, Truro, Cornwall, (Established 1848), Undertake to design Gardens, Improve old Gardens, Make new Gardens, Make Kock Gardens, Make Rose Gardens, ° Make Pleasure Gardens, Make Perennial Gardens, Make Flower Gardens. Advice is given tree. They have had 40 years experience in many countries, and can bring to your doors the choicest scenery. Please write to the firm to Truro, Cornwall, for large illustrated catalogue now ready, free by post. Removal of Business. J. G. MARTIN, Watchmaker, Jeweller and Optician, FISHGUARD, Wishes to inform his numerous customers that he has Transferred his Business to London House, Market Square with a Choice Selection of Eoglish and Foreign Watches and Clocks, Gold, Silver, and Art Jewellery, Solid Silver and Electro Plate, Leather and Fancy Goods, &c. Repairs of all kinds skillfully executed ou the premises. J.G.M. will also carry on business as News- agent and Stationer. Peter W illiams, STATIONER, AND FANCY GOODS DEALER, — Castle Hill, FISHGUARD. — QPLENDID SELECTION in usual Stationery k? lines; Sixpenny Cabinets do., Standard Books, Account Books, Albums, Ladies Hand- bags and Workboxes, Spoctaclcs, Pocket Knives, Razors, Fountain Pons and Stylographs, from Is upwards Pipes, Pouches, Purses, Pictorial Post Cards, Presentation Sundries, Fishing llods and superior Trout Tackle, Stephens' Inks, Tobaccos, Cigars and Cigarettes. Capern's superb Bird Seeds, &c. To the Inhabitants of Fish- guard and District- M. N (formerly in the employ of Mr W. JAMKSj Draper), begs to announce that he has Opened Business as Draper, Outfitter and Gents' Mercer, AT TIlE tc EMPOKIUM HIGH STREET, FISHGUARD, lien's cilre Free for Nervous Di.-ea.scs of all kinds. Tile IHccrip- Uon CUllKn MK TX 21 DAYS, although 1 had suff- ered fur years from a debilitated, broken-down nervous system. ] will send the proscription to any ^suireier vv ho enchj.sLs a stamped uddressvd envelope. It a guaranteed Sl'KE CUIUS for Nenous Debility of every kind, and will restore all the nervous oi-^ans to a healthy condition, no Ilow long the sufferer has been aHlict-ed To prove my w(,h I wiil send a I'll EE SAMPLE to all sufferers. Address W. MORGAN, Esq., 26, Randolph Street, Camden Town, London, N.W. Name this paper £500 LOST Yes! there is quite that amount spent every year on Repairing Cycles of inferior materials, which are sold to you as High-class Machines. Don't be misled but buy the genuine article, which you can havoat jiSNNELi'S CYOLK WORKS, LETTERSTON. Look at the Great Successes achieved by Riders of JENNER'S CYCLES First Prize in One Mile Scratch Race, Tenby Second in the Half-mile Handicap, Clynderwen First in Mile Scratch, Pembroke Dock First in Two Mile Handicap, do First in Mile Handicap, Pembroke Second in Two Miles, Pembroke < First in Mile Scratch, Nevland Second in the Two Mile Handicap, Ncyland. Cycles Built to order from £6 IDs. —Agent for Ilumber Cycles and Motor Cycles and Cars.— Humher Cycles from £8 8s. Call and Inspect my Goods before going elsewhere. Accessories of every description Stocked. REPAIRS OF :EVERY DESCRIPTION UNDERTAKEN. Note only Address— "W. jriEii^awEs: Motor and Cycle Works, thirst or!. Spring and Summer Fashions —AT- t:t, -;¡; ,9 P IIii WW t St arlS West-St., JFXSZdlGrTTJLTllD. FRANCIS A. DAVIES Begs to announce that he has just received a New Stock of Up-to-date Novelties suitable for Spring and Summer wear, comprising of NEW Dress Materials in Voiles, zEoliennes, Etamine, Covert and Vigoreux Coatings, Venetian and Zibaline Cloths, etc. NEW Silkin Tussores, Shantungs, Ivory Japanese Silk at old prices NEW Delaines, Zephyrs, Muslins, Sateens, Prints, Flake Linens. NEW Collarettes, Laces, Insertions, Gloves, Belts, Corsets, Um- brellas, etc. NEW Lace Curtains, Cretonnes, Quilts, Floor Cloths, Hearthrugs, Tray Cloths, etc. Special Floor Cloths, 2 yards wide, painted back, 1 s 6d per yard. NEW styles in Ladies' Coats and Skirts, Jackets, Costume SkTrts, Under-s irts, Rain and Showerproof Coats, Golf Capes, Feather Boas, etc. NEW Blouses in Silks, De Lames, Nuns Veilings, Muslins, etc. Special Delivery of Ladies Sailor Hats. Gents' Hats and Caps (Christy's) Shirts, Ties, Collars, Gloves. Boys' Suits in great variety. All goods marked in plain figures. Best value anywhere obtainable Spring & Summer Goods. g. CALL AND SEE f=S TP,7" A "NF>-» Grand Selection of Spring and Summer Dress Materials, Costumes, Blouses, Capes and Mantles. SEE ALSO HIS EXCELLENT Excellent Etosk of Men's Suitings, Ready-made Clothing and Suits to order, before placing your orders elsewhere. S. EVANS, Faun tainHause, Newport, Pem. -== = HEALTH AND STRENGTH. 4- Nature's Best gifts are those that contribute towards health and strength. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. The active principle of tho best remedial agents (Sarsapar- illa, Burdock, Gentian, Lavender, Saffron, Dandelion, and Quin- ine) constitute Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans" Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine LiiUcrs. Health has many handmaidens, and all depend on strength of nerve and muscle. We exact too much from these in the^daily competitive struggle for success in life, and we have to suffer in consequence Indigestion, Weakness, Nervousness, Flatulence, Low Spirits Sleeplessness, Neuralgia, Loss of Appetite, Chest Affections' Liver Complaints. '1 The 13est Remedy is Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters, Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. Iiowaro of Imitations. Seo tho name "Gwilym Evans" on Labal, Stamp and Bottle. Sold everywhere in bottles, 2* 9d aud is GJ each, or will ba forwarded carriage free, on receipt of stamps, direct from the Proprietors, Qaiuiuo Bitterg Manu- facturing Company, Limited, Llaoelly, South Waleg.