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Family Notices

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GOODWICK. Daily Newspapers.—Mr D Llewellyn, of the Myrtle Pharmacy, receives the London Daily Mail" each evening at 4 o'clock, and is able to supply customers with that or any other of the London daily papers.—Advt. Outing.—The members of Mr David John's class, connected with the Goedwig chapel, enjoyed a very pleasant outing to Cardigan on Saturday last in a brake and the most delightful of weather. The rain of the previous day had rendered travelling by road pleasurable in every way. The town on the Tivy was reached in good time and the happy party after thoroughly doing the attractions and partaking of refreshments commenced the return journey early after seven o'clock reaching Goodwick soon after eleven. 0 The Drainage Area. Judging by the manner any new scheme for Llanwnda is handled at Haverfordwest by the bulk of the county administrators the place might only recently have sprung into ex;stence. At the Main Roads Committee last week a lot of discussion ensued on the reading of a letter from Mr Howell Howell (clerk), on behalf of the Parish Council respecting the proposed new sanitary area so adroitly launched within the present year by a section of the agricul- turists who dislike the idea of paying for the cleaning of the thresholds of others. Of course, the Parish Council as constituted, is powerless so far as it concerns Goodwiek's interests so that it hud nothing to (O but approve cf the area as mapped out by the committee, and forward it to the County Council with the recommendation to include a portion of the parish of Manoroweu. It transpired at the Main Roads Committee that the recommendations, for the most part, were made under a misapprehension as to their powers, and on the proposition of Mr Walters, seconded by Mr Roberts, it was resolved that the matter should stand over till the committee have reviewed the place. In view of all tk ¡ has taken place and all that ruay comr to pass in the near future it would seem that, in spite of the prevailing prejudice against joining Fishguard in forming an urban district, the latter would have been the lesser of the numerous evils that threaten the best interests of the thriving place. A Narrow Escape.—On Saturday last, at Langland Bay, Mumbles, Mr John G'asi rook J.P., of Sketty, the ex High Sheriff of Glamorgan, was rescued in a vety exhausted condition whilst bathing. At the turn of the tide, when bathing is very dangerous at that particular place, a cry of help was heard aijd the boatman, responding immediately managed to bring Mr Glasbrook to shore. lie is of the same family as the Mr Glasbrook to whom Mias Mortimer, of Swansea, is betrothed. It is a strange coincidence that seveial years' ago Mr Glasbrook's sister was drowned while bathing in the same bay. The Common.—On Tuesday last at the Haverfordwest County Court the Pembroke- shire Estates Company, who arc in possession of the Manorial rights to the common-land, successfully applied for an ejectment order in respect to a stable erected on the cre3t of the hill. More is likely to be heard of the commons in the near future unless some ar- rangement between the two parties concerned is made.

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