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To the Editor of the County Echo." Dear Sir,—I read in your last issue a long panegyric by "Horace," condemning the action of the Fishguard Parish Council for preventing the enemies of the Sabbath to carry on business on Pcnsladc on Sunday evening. I was however very thankful to see another able article in the same issue uphold- ing the splendid action of the council. It is rather amusing to see with what zest the fana- tics of rationalism and godless socialism go in for jollification on Sunday, as if this world were the only world in which they may expect to have good times. "Horace" wants us to believe that the well-being of every town in England depends on satisfying the lower pro- pensities of humanity, and if they cannot have that the country will certainly go to per- dition but this is only the creed of the Sun- day Leaguers, chiefly in England. Up to the present the Welsh people arc able to distin- guish the wheat of divine religion from the chatf of rationalism. "Horace's" eloquent display of phrases sets forth the virtures of Sunday concerts in such words as "It rouses- the emotions, it cultivates the better and ar- rests the downward grade and darker side of human nature. It is best fitted to inspire man with higher aspirations, that travel in the direction for good." Now, each of these sen- tences has in it a bushelful of Nvell-colotirlcl falsehoods for every thimbleful of truth. If there were space I could easily verify my contention. Horace," evidently, has great pleasure in eulogizing the councils of England, who have opened the libraries, the art galler- ies, the museums, and other places on Sunday for the benefit of the clerks and work people, bat, alas, how many of them frequent these places on Sunday ? Are there three in every hundred ? The majority care but little for these, and how can they, seeing they have no taste nor education to take what these are calculated to teach. I have lived in English towns long enough to know the virtues and Z, t, result of the work of the Sabbath Leaguers and I am sorry to say that in London and its adjacent towns Sunday evenings have been turned into a pandemonium of human deprav- ity, through privileges which are given to non- religious people. At the opening hours of the public houses there you will find all classes and conditions of men, clerks, cyclists, and workpeople, gathered with one accord and with one view, to desecrate the Sabbath. Such a state of things in a few generations w ill change Christianity into savage heathenism. Secular- ism and infidelity are the worst enemies of the social state. This is maintained by all great writers. I am glad that the Parish Council have acted up to the courage of their convic- tions, and worthy of their forefathers, who have died for our Sabbath privileges, and will never listen to the white-washed and dazzling delusions of rationalists. I do not think that anyone should go "scot free when he has the face to traduce and slander uur re- ligious institutions, which have done so much to bless the people, temporally as well as spiritually. The small area between St David's Head and Holyhead has given to the English nation a greater number of line men as mast- ers of ships and ministers of the gospel than any part of England, twice or three times the size. This is what our Christ, the Sab- bath, and Nonconformity have done for us. What has your secularism donefor EnglandV Yours truly, Croydon. B. IIt:GlŒ.

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