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Occasional Notes. BY —" A SCRIBBLER." Aldermau William Williams, who was laid to rest last week in the family vault at Llanwnda Church, was born at Carne, and his death takes from us an ardent Radical of the old Chartist school. He was a fiery Radical indeed in his younger days, and was in request as a speaker in all parts of the coumy. He was especially noted for the fierceness of his onslaughts upon the Estab- lished Church, and it is, therefore, especially curious-to note that he drew his last breath in the rectory ot a* son-in-law that one of his last wishes was that he should be buried in the old churchyard at LUnwnda, and that a Church of England clergyman should officiate at the last sad rites aud that one of his sons should be a respected priest in the Church his father ouce so vigorously de- nounced. Of the numerous objections to the new education scheme, which places the financial management of National Schools in the hands or the County Authority, to a large degree, is the miserly manner the authority, at every opportunity, endeavour to cut down the teachers' salaries. It is nothing new for teachers, who have gained their 8cholaiship c rtific.ite, to be compelled to work for the ptltry yum of f30 per year and even less. Complaints on this score are received not only from the Fishguard National Schools but from every part of the County. I cannot understand political principles being carried out to the extent of crippling education whether given in sectarian or secular schools. As a wise writer says: What we need is more patriotism in our politics and less politics in our patriotism. -■ Tne present glorious summer weather has given the heithful erercise of swimming quite 1 13 an impetus among both fair and stern of the community, juvenile and adult. Every morning at an early hour and in the afternoon groups of bathers hie themselves to the Slade to indulge in a dip. Never before has so many fair taken to the water of this year amateurs, are keen on acquiring the aquatic stroke.' But I may be pardoned for advising caution, Never enter the water immediately after a meal; a cup ot cocoa or tea just before an early di.) will do no harm. but rather assist the system to withstand the shosk. Do uot, because you see others attempt it, over- tax your swimming powers by trying to reach the quay at Lower Town from the bathing point. Should you become exhausted or se;zd with cramp the chances of being rescued alive are none too reliable. On Friday last, one young fellow had to be assisted out of the water and again ou Siturday last a boy of ten years in trying the rather arduous feat (for his years and practice) of swimming the distance between the points named would, had not been furtilllely aid, have doubties* lust his life. Apart from the intense gritd the loss of a life would occasion, there is the secondary consideration of putting au end to the enjoyable pistime, for at last oue season, among local amateur bathers. Dis- cretion would be for learners to keep close in until thoroughly confiient of being able to venture out into deep water and return safely. One of the easiest ways of keeping afijat and of taking rest at the same time is to acquire tho back stroke or, swimming on the ba ;k. ith very little effort anyone may keep afloat for a considerable time. I have noticed expert swimmers keep aoove the surface of the water without any perceptible movement while on their backs. It is a Capital plan when exhaustion threatens one, and I r-citutacui it with conSlencc. Some of the fair are fast becoming adepts in the water and Scribbler is asked to suggest that a swimming competition for ladies bs included in the Regatta list of events. How very interesting this would be is quite easy to picture but, mtv be, the fair ones would show the white feather" before the eventful day and withdraw. I might suggest I M-1 that spectators should not approach within fifty yards ot the lady swimmers just to give them more confidence and as distance, it is sail, lends enchantaient there would be no objection offered on that score. T/itn the question of* bathing Costume might puzzle the company and bashful m liden. Here I may reuiiud them that the latest ill bathing- suits is the stocking- ette which is nnde to cover her entirely froin throat ro the ankh's and does not impede the action 01 the limbs in any way.

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