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NEWPORT, PEM. Ourselves.— The Echo was the only North Pembrokeshire newspaper to give a detailed report of the Llwyngwair wedding festivities, in which respect it followed the example which it had set in connection with the two last Courts Leete and with the last Mayoral Banquet. Last week's sale at Newport was a record one. Petty Sessions.—The monthly petty sessions for the Kemes Division will be held in the Court House on the afternoon of the 18th inst. Wedding.—On the 15th ult., at Newcasfie- emlyn, Miss Elizabeth Thomas, daughter of Mr and Mrs Thomas, Penlonrhadis, and Mr Daniel Davies, 4 Court street, Tonypandy, were married. The bride (given away by her uncle, Mr D Jones, Tyhen), was accompanied by her sister, Miss Annie Thomas. The best man was Mr Rees Davies, brother of the bridegroom. The bride and bridesmaid wore dresses of white serge flannel trimmed with silk and ribbon, and white silk crinoline hats trimmed with chiffon and two white ostrich feathers. They carried bouquets of flowers, the gift of a relative. Lunch having been partaken of at the Salutation Hotel, the re- mainder of the day was spent at Cardigan. A long list of presents include many valuable and useful ones received from a large circle of friends. Court Leet.—A Court Leet for the Barony I of Kemaes was held at the College Court House, Velindre, on Monday of last week, Mr J J Griffiths, Nevern, being the foreman of the jury, which consisted of 17 homagers. There was one application for a presentment of a piece of common land in the parish of Meline, but after hearing the evidence of the applicant the jury came to an unanimous decision to refuse the application. Darlith.—" Tri mis ar fwrdd Brenhin ydyw testun darlith penigamp sydd gan y Parch. D J Evans, a bwriada ei thraddodi yn nghapel Bethlehem nos Llungwyn, Mai 3iain. Mae Mr Evans yn boblogaidd trwy Gymru fel pregethwr o'r radd flaenaf, ac y mae yn ddiameu y bydd ei ddarlith 4f1 dangos yr un medr a'r gallu ac sydd mor nodweddiadol yn ei bregethau. Cymerir y gadair gan Faer y dref (Cadben Jones) yr elxv tuag at yrachos yn Bethlehem. Parish Council.—The annual audit of the accounts of this authority will take place in the Guild Hall, Cardigan, at 3.30 p.m., on Thursday, the 20th inst., for seven clear days previous to which the books may be inspec- ted, during office hours, at the residence of the Clerk to the Council (Mr Thos. Jenkins), at Parrog. St. Mary's Church.—The sidesmen on the rota for duty at this place of worship during the present month are Messrs Wm. James and Wm. Jenkins.—On Saturday there was pre- sented to the church by Mr Thomas Jenkins, of Lloyd's Bank, and hung in the vestry, an excellent lifelike portrait of Mr John Thomas, who, for some 45 years, ably filled the office of sexon, being absent from Sunday duty only twice during the whole of that period. The portrait, which is the work of Mr Wm. Lewis, was executed about two years ago for sale at the first bazaar held in aid of the organ fund, at which it was purchased by the donor. Accident.—Deep sympathy is on all hands extended to Alderman John Hughes, of Pendre, who on Saturday afternoon met with a most distressing accident. It appears that a cow, whilst endeavouring to jump a gate, became entangled in some spikes upon its summit, and that Mr Hughes, in endeavour- ing to release it, sustained injuries both to his hand and to his back. At first grave appre- hensions were entertained, but it now happily transpires that his condition is not so serious as was originally surmised. Licensing Change.—The Queen's Hotel, 6 Parrog, has been purchased by Mr R P 0 Lewis, of Fishguard, and let to a new tenant hailing from the local hotel at Rosebush. Bands of Hope.—On Monday and Wed- nesday of last week respectively, the Bands of Hope associated with Bethlehem and Ebenezer chapels held their, final gatherings for the winter session, that of the Tabernacle having taken place a few days earlier. In each instance an excellent repast was provi- ded and done ample justice to by the juveniles who subsequently submitted an admirably diversified programme for the delectation of a crowded gathering of their seniors, Agriculture.—Farming has continued very backward until the last few days, but is now progressing steadily. Allotment gardening is also very considerably behind the season of the year, this being attributable to the un- favourable climatic conditions which have hitherto prevailed, coupled with the scarcity of labour. Fair.—The annual barley fair took place at Cardigan on Saturday, which was also the occasion of a very successful entire horse show, the dual event attracting a fairly large number of visitors from this locality. Cuckoo.—This harbinger of spring was both heard and seen locally-it now tran- spires—as far back as yesterday (Tuesday) fortnight. The Season."—Although still very early in the year, casual visitors are commencing to take up brief residence at the Parrog. Personal.—Mr J C Isaac, of Ivy Cottage, left on Wednesday of last week for Barry in order to join his old vessel, the Inchborfa," which is commanded by Capt Nicholas, also tormerly a resident of the feudal Borough.— Masters Willie Hogan, and TomRichards are expected to arrive home this week from their maiden voyage.—Capt Marsden and Messrs Charlie Tucker and George Marsden, all of the s.s. Therlwall" reached home a week ago. Taxes.—The commissioners of Land Tax for the Kernes Division will sit at Eglwyswrw at 12.30 p.m. on the 8th prox. The Llwyngwair Wedding.—The following Parrog names were unadvertently ommitted from the list of decorators contained in out last issue relating to the marriage of Miss Bowen of Llwyngwair :—Mr Ellis, Capt D Mathias, Mr D Thomas, Mr J Morris, Mrs Harries, Mr W Rees, Mrs Richards, and Capt S Mathias.—The picturesquely-situated vil- lage of Velindre also, it should be stated, rose to the occasion, and was not one whit behind its compeers in the excellence of the decorative display with which it signalised the auspicious event, those whose premises were decorated being, College Cottage (Mr D Griffiths), flags; Post Office, (Mr J Edwards) flag; Mr J Phillips, smith, flag, Mr J Lloyd, (Salutation), flag; and Mr George McKey, (Coedcadw), flag. Piscatorial.—On Friday, Mr H R Felix, whilst weilding the rod, succeeded in landing a magnificent trout which turned the scale at a pound and a half. Obituary.—We regret to have to record the demise, which took place at Ivy Cottage Nevern, on Wednesday of last week, of Mrs. John Richards, whose husband has for many years held the post of coachman at Llwyn- gwair. The deceased, who was 65 years of age, and had suffered a trying illness of sev- eral months' duration, leaves a family of grown-up children to mourn tneir loss. ine funeral took place on Sunday in Nevern churchyard, the Vicar (Rev. J. O. Evans) officiating both at the house and in the sacred edifice, as well as at the graveside, the melancholy function being attended by a large and sympathetic gathering of the gen- eral public. The chief mourners were :—Mr John Richards, widower Miss Nellie Rich- ards, daughter; Miss Eunice Richards, grand- daughter Mr James Richards, son; Miss Gwladys Richards, grand-daughter; Mr Owen Richards, son Mr John Richards, son Mr and Mrs David Richards, son and daugh- ter-in-law; Mr Willianj Week, son-in-law; Mr J H Jones, son-in-law; Mr E Thomas, brother Miss Mary Thomas, sister; Mrs and Mr J Rees, sister and brother-in-law; Mrs Anne Thomas, sister-in-law; Mr John Phil- lips, Gwaunydd, brother-in-law Mr and Mrs Thomas, niece and nephew; Messrs Gwilym, David, and Willie Thomas, nephews; Mr and Mrs Richards, Fishguard, brother-in- law and sister-in-law; Mr James Richards, Fishguard, nephew; and Mr and Mrs Rees Thomas, Fishguard, nephew and niece. A number of beautiful floral tributes were placed upon the coffin, including the follow- ing:—Cross, "With great sympathy," from Mrs Bowen, Llyngwair; and wreath, "In loving memory of our dear mother," from the Misses Nellie and Eunice Richards. In the evening a memorial sermon was preached by the Rev. T M James, Rector of Meline.— We have also regretfully to chronicle the death, which took place on Sunday morning, of Miss Plaisance Feetham, an elderly mem- ber of a well-known county family, who had for upwards of a dozen years resided in New- port with her sister, Mrs Rayner,ifrom whom she had received every care and attention. The interment will take place on Saturday in the family vault at Pontvane.




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