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SATURDAY'S FOOTBALL. NEWPORT v. CARDIFF These old rivals met at the Cardiff Arms Park. The meeting had been looked forward to with absorbing interest, and notwithstanding that the game was played in a storm of wind and rain, its incidents were eagerly followed by nearly 5,000 spectators. Hill started the ball for Cardiff against the wind, and it at once found its way into touch at the Newport 25. After the throw out the visitors brought the ball aown to the Cardiff end. Kedzlie then brought off a grand dribble right up the ground, and being well- supported took the ball close to the Newport line. Webb relieved by dribbling out the ball, eventually getting into touch at mid-distance. Biggs got the ball after the line-out, and ruu across from one touch line to the other, but was tackled and thrown in good style by- George Thomas. Nicholls :again dribbled up to near the Newport line, George Thomas relieving with a kick. The Newport men then took tbe ball to the Cardiff 25, where some tackling which verged on the "rough" was in evidence. Biggs relieved by a run to the centre. Newport bringing oti a ush, a long kick sent the bad to Kosser Evans, who failed to secure it. aud Fotbergill, coming on with a rush, had dribbled to within a few yards of the line, and looked a scorer all over, when Hughes contrived to intercept him and turn the ball into touch. After a scrimmage or two, Biggs brought off a run to beyond the 25, and the ball in the ensuing play was removed to the Newport end. The front contingent of the visitors gradually brought the leather out to mid-Held, where a series of very evenly-fought loose scrimmage occurred. Charley Arthur put in a short punt, which Downe returned, and the game was brought into the home 25. Hughes relieved with a fine kick, and Biggs prevented George Thomas from returning at the centre. After the throw-out ltosser Evans put in a kick, but a long kick from one of the Newport backs, aided by the wind, sent the ball over the home line, and Cardiff touched in defence. This operation they were presently called upon to respect. Then followed some remarkably fast and exciting play in the centre of the ground, in which Rosser Evans distin- guished himself for a plucky save. Biggs got a pass and ran from the centre to within five yards of the Newport Ime, and thereafter followed two or three exciting scrimmages right on the line. Loud cheers hailed the fact that in one of these the ball had been pushed across, and Hill, the home captain, had scared a try. The ball was placed for Hughes a yard from the touch-line, and from this angle, mid against the wind, he put in a grand shot, the ball falling just in front of the near post. Fol- lowing the kick-out, the first scrummage was in Newport territory. Hiil coming through gained a few yards, and Jarman obtained a free kick, but nothing noteworthy transpired, the ball continuing to occupy the ground intervening between the half flag and the Newport 25. Cardiff bringing off a rush were stopped by George Thomas, who put in a short kick, and half- time was then calleti, with the score reading Cardiff 1 try Newport, 2 minors. After the customary interval, which was a welcome break alike to spectators and players, the rival com- binations again faced each other. Cardiff now had the wind in their favour. The kick-off by Newport was succeeded by a number of scrimmages midway. Driven into the visitors* quarters, the ball got into the possession of Fothergill, who was cleverly tackled by C. S. Arthur before he could utilise the advantage. A useful kick by C. D-wne sent the oval back to the centre. Loose play barren of interest supervened. Theo. Harding was awarded a free kick; and a, similar privilege fell to the lot of the Cardiff captain. Thereafter Webb ran back to the centre. Fred Jones sent the ball into touch, and scrimmaging again took place. The venue of the struggle was now well within the Newport, 25. Cardiff, to the delight of their partisans. more than held their own in the scrums. The oval was heeled out to Chariie Thomas, who, however, was promptly brought to earth by the vigilant Rome, Newport defended their goal with all their gallantry and skdi. A little episode, in which Jarman and the Newport halves wer, participants, caused no little amusement at this juneture. Matters now looked ominous for the bold amber and black lads. A kick by Harding served to relieve the pressure temporarily. C. S. Arthur, obtaining the leather, made off, and passed to ltosser Evans. The latter player slipped, but contrived to hitain possession. Immediately afterwards Arthur again was conspicuous, and by a judicious kick he landed the oval in perilous proximity to the visitors' line. A subsequent scrum resulted in all advantage for Newport, but this was neutralised by a kick on the part of Nornun Biggs. Cardiff now made a vigorous attack on the Newport line. Their efforts were eventually rewarded, the leather being driven over the line, and Sidney Nicholls promptly touching it down, loud and long- continued cheers hailed the scoring of the try. The angle was again an awkward one, but Hughes madts a really superb kick. It was, However, not successful, the ball coming into com act with one of the posts. After the kick-out N. Biggs made his mark. Fast and louse play succeeded, in >viiich the home team derive i the advantage. A pa^s fiom Rome gave the ball to Biggs, but he was splendidly collared by Charlie Thomas. A kick by G. Thomas was instrumental in transferring the scene of operations to mid-way. A monotonous series of scrimmages tnsued, in the course of which Newport weie driven back some distance, though they stubbornly resisted every inch. Several attempts by the Cardiff backs to get away weie prevented through the smartness of the Newport tackling. The ball being driven down. came into the hands of Fothergill. tie put in a high kick, but so strong was the wind that the ball made scarcely any head- way, and BIggs" picking it up as it fell, almost succeeded in getting ov^r. Newport now pulled themselves together in a wonderful manner, and. by a combined effort, succeeded in forcing their opponents back to the centre. In fact, for a moment, it seemed as if they would score in the last minute of play. But it was not to be. Emerging iro." a scrim- mage near the Cardiff 25 flag the ball was rushed down. Repeated efforts to stop the progress of the rush were in vain, and Norman Biggs and W. E. O. Williams carried it by a well-sustained dribble to within a dozen yards ot the line. Just a-, this point time was called, amid a scene of great enthusiasm. Result :— CARDIFF 2 tries. NEWPORT 2 miuois. The f llowing were the teams Cardiy. Newport. H. HUL Back H. Huehes T. England Tkieu-quarter..N. Biggs G. Thomas 'l'htee-quarter..C. S. Arthur .J. E. Webb Three-quarter ,.F. N. Jones W, Fothergill Three-quarter G. Ross>=r Evans ..Pollock Half-hack- W. E. J..rrnati c. J. Thomas Half-back C. V. Home T. Dov/ne Forward A. F. Hiil (eapt.) ..T. Harding (capt.) Forward ?■ H. Nichoiis J. Hann-n F,rward I). Kedzlie li. T. J)u), Forward 3, M. Glubb E. J. Wiiiiams < Forward J. Mahoney T. H. Griffiths Forward W E.G. Williams..T. C. Graham Forward W. T. Morgan T. Edwards Forward R. T. Duncan T. Newcombe Umoires—Messrs G. A. Young and J. Young. Referee—Mr E. S Richards, Swansea, GLOUCESTER v. SWANSEA. Much interest was attached to this match, which wasplayed at Swansea. A well-contested game was won by the home team by 1 try, 10 minors to 1 minor. Cromwell kicked off about 3.1a ngainst the wind, and by a good rush the visitors at unceworkedtht: ballover. W. H. Jones was only just in time to touch down. The Swansea men now rallied and soon forced the scene of operations to the centre, where tight packs were formed. Swansea soon assumed the aggressive. D. Gwynn and Bishop worked together effectively, and. breaking through their 0: ponents defence, carried the ball over the goal.line. Gloucester had to touch down. Almost as soon as the had was re-started McCutcheon, who was playing a1- three-quarter back. landed the ball over, aDd Swansea nearly scoi-ed a try. The Gloucester men now resorted to rushes and dribblinp, and for a few minutes Swansea hid to offer a stubborn defence in their 25. The visitors were ultimately driven back into neutral ground. Towers camo off with a grand dribble, and completely altered the aspect of the game. D. Gwynn followed up by a kici;, arid Gloucester had to act strictly on the ueiensive till a touch-down brought relief. McCutcheon well replied to the kick-out. Several tight packs were formed in the open, and :vhn the ball had air Gloucester ost ground by itidifferent Passin. T. Owens headed a rapid advance by his mon. Gloucester failed to check it, and had a minor registered against them. Not to b« denied, the home team renewed the attack Coates a ml Gnst saved in capital style. D. Gwynn mads a good shot for goal, and the visitors for some few minutes wero forced to defend their goal line against repeated attacks but Swansea failea to score anything except a few minors. Eventually Cobnur, by a good bit of "head" play, grounded down behind the goal 1,ue and secured a try amidst a hurricane of applause. The place kick failed. This virtually settled the match. Gloucester then made strenuous efforts to ore, and once got the ball opposite the goal posts in the home 25. The excite- ment was intense. By dint of bard play Swansea carried the oval back to neutral ground. Hughes, the Gloucester full-back, by a flying kick sent the ball to the half-way post. The visitors now rallied in good style and nlayed on the aggressive for some minutes very near th« goal line. The borne ups, however, were equal to the occasion, and worked the ball out. Nothing of note occurred during the remainder of the same. Result: SWANSBA 1 try, 10 minors. GLOUCESTER I minor. Teams: Position £ • Gloucester. Swansea. Back A. F. klugiies.Wbat)llalll Three-quarter..T. Bagwell (capt.).V. H. Jones Three-quarter..G. W. Coates D. Gwyrtn Three-quarter..R. Grist.McCutcheon Three-quarter..K. C. JenL-in.g. Bishop Half-back A. Bali George James Half-back « ««orge .Orrin Forward Crn well W. Towers (capt.) Forward Collins x. Williams Forward H. I-rown .W. Williams Forward H- G. Brown -Cobner Ft)rward .J, 'Y.iJIhms. .T. Morgan Forward laylor „W. Bowen Forward £ ;• H. Bevan. Forward tandy ..Another LLANELLY Y. NEATH. This match was played at Neath. The weather was- very unpropitious, and the att-endance was not large. At 3.30 Neath kicked olt, and after a good return the game soon settled m neutral ground. The Llanelly foi wards then by some pretty play worked the leather to the Neath 25, where some loose nlay ensued. Bowen (Llanelly) here picked up and made ■>, fine sprint, but Georgy Trick, one of the home three-quarters, was on the alert, and tackled him very effectively. From a licrum which followed Bowen again picked up, and wss making away at good speed when he was brought to earth once more by Trick. From a line-out J. Williams got possession and put in a good kick, Llanelly being compelled to touch down in self- defence. Pearce on ncrwards got hold of the oval aod kicked, McCraith picking up at the 25 flag, and by a really grand run around obtained a try amid loud cheering, Broskhana could not improve the point. After the ki-JK out,D. R. Williams made a vood ran.and kicked over t he line, compelling Broskhauj, the Neatb full back, to touchdown. The game by some loose play was then carried to the visitors'quarters. J. Williams picked up and passed to H. J ones, the latter running across the line and claiming a try. The ball had, however, to be brought back, and a scrimmage took plaae dangerously near the visitors hue. This resulted in the ball being rushed over, and Llanelly was again forced to touch down, After the kick-off the play was carried w the Neath 2o, and after a series of scrums ensued. From a throw out Bowen took possession and kicked, Broskham relieving the pressure by returning the compliment. The Llanelly full back then picked up and kicked over the line, Bropkham touching down. The play now waxed fast and furious. From a kick by McOrai th, R. Jones picked up, made a good run, afterwards kicking into touch in the visitors' 25. The home forwards now worked with great spirit, Dr Pegge shewing splendid form. The visitors had all their work cut out to defend i their lint1. Eventually J. Williams getting pos- session, made a neat pass to Pearce, who, by a plucky and dogdy run, evaded the visitors' backs. and placed theball behind the goal posts, adding another try to the credit of the home team. Broskham again essayed tne kick for goal, but was again unsuc- cessful, there being a strong wind blowing, Nothing further resnlted up to the call of half-time, After the change of ends, it was seen that the: visitors were determined, if possible, to regain their lost ground. and for a time it appeared as though their efforts would be successful. By some really good play and grand passing they worked the ball to the Neath 25, where one of the backs got po-seision and scored the first try for his team amid shouts of Well done, Llanelly." Bowen attempted the major point, but failed. Neath set the ball rolling, and Pearce securing the leather, invaded the visitors' 2o. From a throw out McCraith passed to Jones, who, after eva.ding the Llanelly backs, kicked into touch. Gitto picked up and made a grand run. but was stopped within a few yards of tbe goal line. This was followed by some loose play in the Neath ground, both teams working with great animation. From a scrum Bowen picked up and put in a good run. He was, however, brought down by Pegge. Georgy "Trick, who deserves a word of praise for his good all. round play, then secured the oval and pnt in & good kick, sending the ball up to the visitors' goal line, xbe Llanelly back hel".3 picked up, but before he could, avail himself of tiiis opportunity ho was collared within a loot of tbe line, The referee ordered -th^ ø,OS where" a,- took place, Dr. Pegpe eventually rushing over and scoring a try. Jones failed to convert it. The Llanelly men now made a grind final effort to avoid defeat, aiid rushed the ball in grand style to the Neath 25, where Pearce saved what would undoubtedly have been a try. A scrimmage followed. and from a heel-out J. G. Lewis got possession, made a short run, and passed to Richards, the latter transferring to Bowen, who took to his heels at a flying speed. It was thought his run would bo unbroken, but his namesake, the Neath captain, was on his track, and in the inevitable collision which ensued the biggest man came to the ground first. The referee's whistle soon afterwards terminated one of the most exciting games played on the Neath ground this season. Result;— EATH 3 goals, 1 try, and 3 minors. LLANELLY 1 try and 2 minors. Tha following were the teams :— Positions, A" eath. Llanelly. Back Broskham Thomas Ttire"uarter-H. Jones -Bowen Three-quarter.F. Pearce —D. Richards Three-quarter.G- D. Trick G. Griffiths Three-quarter F. McCraith J. Mutin Half-back T. Evans .D. R. Williams Half-back.- -J. Williams -J. G. Lewis Forward .Bowen ( .D Jones Forward Dr & V. Pegge .T.Jones Forward E Hughes S. Thomas Forward D.Jones W.Thomas j Forward ..It. Jones E. Jones Forward H. Evans. T. Spencer 'j Forward -.F. Steer -J. Rees Forward Evans -.J. James Umpire-E. Gwyn Jones. Referee—Mr Good. PENARTH v, PENYGRKIG. This match was played at Penygraig in the presence of a goodly number of spectators. Great interest was felt in it, the Penarth team .being the cupholders. Penarth won the toss-a. great advantage, as this enable,i them to play with the wind, which was blow ing furiously. A scrum was soon formed in the home 25. Morgan Rees picked the ball from line-out, and Penarth were closely besieged for a few minates. Harding cleverly ?aved by kicking into touch. A maul in goal resulted in a claim for a try by Penarth, which was allowed. A poor attempt to convert by Morgans followed. Shortly after the klck-oflt, Penarth had to touch down. A. E. Williams kicked well out, favoured by the wind, but Harding promptly returned. Play, however, continued in the home 25. D. Lloyd saved well from a rush by kicking up the field, Garrett, however, succeeded in planting the ball behind the line. E. C. Morgan made a splendid kick, landing a beautiful goal. Phillips kicked off. Play of an even character followed until half-time was called. In the second half the game was uninteresting. Penygraig had hard luck, being on the point of scoring several time,. Penarth won a ha.d-contested game by 1 goal, 1 try, and 1 minor to 6 minors. CARDIFF HARLEQUINS V. MERTHYR. Played at Merthyr in wet weather. Merthyr kicked off, and played for a time one man short The first try tor the Harlequins was obtained by O. Lewis, which T. II. Emery failed to convert. A try for the Harlequins was next got by Roderick, and converted by Emery. Merthyr touched down in self-defence, and the full back of the same teilm kicked a ball dead. In the next half Lewis obtained a try, which Emery converted. Nicholls dropped a goad, wbich was disallowed by the referee. Nichoiis soon afterwards kicked another dropped goal. Result :— HARLEQUINS. 3 goais, 1 try, 3 minors. 1\1E.RTH¥B Nil. MARITIXE v, (PONTYPRIDD) PENIBE. Played at Pentre. Score: J'entre 2 minors to Maritime nil. PONTARDUL AIS AND AMMANFORD.—Played at Amman- ford on Saturday. Scores;—Pontardulais,one goal, one try, and seven iuinors; Ammanford, nil. TRBFOREST V. MOUNTAIN ASH.-Played on Treforest Grounds, and ended in a draw, each team scoring a minor. BLAINA V. MACHEN.— Played at Blaina, resulting in a win for the home team by 1 try, 2 disputed tries, b minor-, wi try. and 1 minor. NEWPORT HARLEQUINS V. PONTNEWYDD ROVERS. -Pl>tyed at Newport. and. ended in victory for the Harlequins by 1 try an,i 0 minors to 2 minors. PRIMROSE V. ROYAL OAIL-PI-yed at Newport. Resulted in a win for the Primrose by 1 try to 4 minors. LLANELLY A TEAM v. NEATH SECOND.-Played on the Stradey Grounds, and ended in a victory for the home team by 1 goal, 5 tries, '0 minors, to nil. NARBERTH V. NEYJL-AND RANGERS —Played at Nar- berth in rougli weather, and resulted in a draw in favour of Narberth by 2 minors to nil. SKF.wt.v V. SWANSEA CRUSADERS. Played at Skewen, resulting in a draw in favour of the home team by 7 minors to 1 minor. ADAMSDOWN GRUSA DERS V. RICHMOND-ROAD J UNIORS. —Played at the Roath Park, and euded in a victory for the Crusaders by 1 try and 3 minors to nil. SILVER STARS 1ST XV. V. ST. JAMESS "A" TEAM. —Plajvd at St. James's ground, and resulted in a win for the tltrs by 2 goals, 1 try, and 3 minors to nil. VICTORIAS V. ROATH ALBIONS.—Played on the ground of the latter, and euded in a draw, three minors being scored each side. WATERLOO RANGERS V. VALE OF THE VALLEY.— Played at the .^opnia Gardens, and resulted in a win for the Rangers by 3 g-ofll. 1 try to nii. PONTYMISTER V. NEWPORT ROVERS.—Played a Newport, and resulted in a draw, each side being- credited with two minor. PENARTH WINDSOR V. ST. JAMES—Played at Penarth, on the ground of the former, in great pools of water, and resulted in a victory for St. James's (who only played 11 men) by one try and a minor to nil. SWANSEA "All TEAM V. LLANELLY WA>DERERS.— These teams met on the Swansea-road ground, ilatielly, the match ending in a victory for Swansea A" by one goal and three tries to nil. ALBION F.C. V. SEVERN-ROAD.BOARD SCHOOL. Played at Sophia Gardens Park. At half-time the School left the field because of the rain, and the Albion claimed the match. PRIMROSE V. STAR 2ND,-Played at the So phia Gar- dens, and ended in a win for the former by 1 goad 3 tries, 6 minors to 2 minors. The goal was dropped by H. Davies. CARDIFF VICTORIAS V. GRANGE CRUSADERS.- Played at Grange, and resulted in a win for the latter hy 1 try and three minors to nil. The Victorias played three men short. OAK FIELDS 2ND V. CAERLEON ENDOWED SCHOOLS. -Playe,. at Caerleon, and resulted in a win for the Oaktields. the score standing Oakflelds, 2 tries, 4 minors; Caerleon, 2 urn -rs. ST. DAVID'S V. PONTYPRIDD JUNIORS.—Played at Pontypridd in miserable weather, and resulted in t win for St. Davids by 2 goals, 2 tries, 4 minors, to 1 try. 1 minor. BRIDGEND V. COWBRIDGE.— Played at Cowbridge in wretched weather. Bridgeud had the bet of tile game throughout, and won by 1 goal and 2 tries to nil. Underhill. James, and Davies obcai*ed the tries, and Emery placed the goals. MORRISTON HARLEQUINS AND LLANELLY HARRIERS. -Played on the People's Park, Lianelly, the game re- sulting in a win for the Llanelly Harriers by one goal and two minors to one try. The try for the Harriers was got by J. Rees early in the game. LLANDAFF V. PONTYPRIDD.—Played in boisterous weather at Pontypridd. The game throughout was stubbornly fought. On both sides play was princi- pally forward. Some passing was attempted, out, owing to the high wind prevailing, with but verv indifferent result. Wales, captain of the home team was absent, Pontypridd, therefore, playing one short, while the visitors put only 13 on the field. The only approach to scoring was a minor point obtained by Llandaff during the first half, and the game; which was pleasantly contested on both sides, ended in a draw in favour of the visitors. CARDIFF A v. NEWPORT A.—Played at Newport in miserable weather, which, together with the factlthat the premiers of the two teams were play- ing at Cardiff. combined to lessen the attendance. The game was a forward one throughout, and the backs, owing to the general slipperiness of everything, got little to do. Newport played four three-quarters, and were weakened in the forward section. Kingscote got over the line for the visitors, and iu tbe second half Hill performed a like service, Powell, the Newport back, being unable to tackle him successfully. A minor was added to the Cardiff score before time was called, and the visitrs were thus the winners by two tries and a minor to nil. WEST OF SCOTLAND V. ROYAL HIGH SCHOOL.— Wet, 2 goals, 1 try School, 1 goal. RUNCDRN V. ROCHTIALK.—A draw, Runcorn scoring 3 minor" to nil. COVENTRY V. LEICESTER,—A drawn game, the former obtaining 1 minor to tÍie latter's 3 minors. WAKEFIELD TRINITY V. MANNINGHAM. -Played at Wakefield. Score :—Trinity, 1 try, 2 minors. Manning- ham, 2 minors. Played in a perfect gale of wind. HULL V. LANSDOWNE.—Played at Hull. Play was influenced by the wind. Hull won by 2 goals, 1 try, and 5 minors, to nil. MIDDLESEX WANDERERS v. R.I.E. COLLEGE. Played at Cooper's Hill, and terminated in a draw after a fine forwaru game evenly contested. OLD BoySV. FREE WANDKR T RS. —Played at Liver- pool. Old Boys, 3 goals, 2 min -rs Free Wanderers, 2 goals, ?. minors. HARLEQUINS V. BIRKENHEAD PARK.—Played at Chiswick in fine, but stormy, weather. Final score: Harlequins, 1 goal. 1 try; Birkenhead, nil. BURTON V MANCHESTER.—Played at Burton. Re- I goal, 3 tries, 4 minors; Manchester, 3 minors. ^HALIFAX V. BRIGHOUSE RANGERS.—Score >-Halifax, 1 goal. 1 try, and 3 minors Brighouse, 2 minors. A gale of wind interlereii irreatly with the game. LIVERPOOL v. NEW BRIGHTON.—Played at Aigburth Result --Liverpool, 1 goal, 3 minors New Brighton, 1 goal, 3 minors. MAORIS V. WESTMORELAND.—The Mayor of Kendal kicked off, Westmoreland playing against a terrific wind. The Maoris won by ] goal (dropped) and 2 minors to 1 try and 2 minors. CAMBRIDGE UNIVERSITY V. BLACKHEATH.—Played on Corpus Ground. Cambridge, and was largely patronised. The game ended in a win for Blackheath by 1 goal to nil. LANCASHIRE V. YORKSHIRE.—Played at Whalley orange, beforefrom twelve to fifteen thousand spectators, in dull and threatening weather. Yorkshire won by 4 -goal". 2 tries and 14 minors to 3 minors. HUDDERSFIELD V. CASTLEFORD.— Played atJHudders- field. Score—Huddersfield 2 goals, 2 tries, 8 mikors Castleford, 1 goal, 3 minors. The game was played in a hurricane of wind. SALFORD V. OLDHAM.—Played at Oldham in the presence of about 5,000 spectators. Four quarters were played, owing to the wind. Oldham won by 1 goal and 2 minors to 1 try and 2 minors. MOSSLEY V. LEEDS PARISH CHURCH.-Played at Mossley. Four qua ters were played. A good game r esulted, but neither side scored, Mossley getting 3 minors, and Leeds seven. NORTHERN v. YORK.—Played at Newcastle ill wretched weather and on a soft ound. lie game was of a one-sided character, and York won by a goal.ja try, and 2 minors, to a minor. BRADFORD V KENSINGTON.—Played at Park Avenue, BradforJ. Kensington played a man short, and Brad for,i were without several good men. who were playing with the County. Bradford were 13ft victors by 2 goals 1 try, and 5 minors to 3 miDors. BATLEY V. BROUGHTOM.—Played at Batley, in four quarters. Naylor obtained a try for the home team, which Iveson improved, Prince secured a try for Broughton, and llaslam dropped a goal. Batley were victors by 2 goals and 4 minors to a try and 2 minors. MIRFIKLDV DEWSBCTRY.—Played at Crown Fiat. Owinj; to the strong wind there was a poor exhibition of the game. Graham got three tries for Dewsbury; I Heeley and Dyson played well for the visitors. Dews- bury won by 1 goal, 3 tries, 4 minors to 1 goal, 1 try, and 2 minors. LONDON SCOTTISH V. SOMERSET.—-Played at Queen's Club. In the rirst half the Scottish played with a strong wind, and pressed.* From a free kick for off side Macfarlane placed a goal f of the Scottish. Afterwards the game, which was chiefly among the forwards, pro- ceeded very evenly, Somerset playing a gooo defensive game and keeping the ball close. At half-time the score stood --Scot-tish. 1 goal Somerset, nothing. ResultScottish. 2 goals; Somerset, nothing. OXFORD UNIVERSITY v. RICHMOND —Played in the Park, Oxford, a gale of wind quite spoiling the game. Richmond pressed at the onset, their forwards having distinctly the best of it. The game was, however, carried on with varying success until a few minutes before half-time, when some good passing amongst the Richmond backs enabled Mitchell to get a try, which he converted into a goal. On changing ends, Oxford were the aggressors for a time, but the better play of the Richmond forwards quickly worked the ball out ci danger. Play was then of a very even character, but just before the finish, Oxford made a bold effort to sore, and when the whistle sounded, the ball was close to the Richmond line. Richmond won by a goal to love. ASSOCIATION MATCHES. ASTon VILLA V. WOLVERHAMPTON WANDERERS.— This league match was played at Parry Barr before 4,000 persons. Final result: Aston Villa, 2 goals Wanderers, 1 goal ACCRINGTON V. WEST BROMWICH ALBION.—Played at Accrington in boisterous weather, and with a high wind. Result: Accrington, 2 goals; Albion, 1. CORINTHIANS V. SHEPFIELD. The vorintbia.o. played their first match in London this season at Kennington Oval, having Sheffield Club for opponents. The Corintbiar won by 3 goals to 2 goals. PRESTON NORTH END BOLTON WANDERRS.— played at Bolton, in the presence of 10.000 spectators, urinal score Preston North End, 5 goals Wanderer* 2 goal?. FOOTBALL.-Match balls, 7e 61;' best match balls, 10s 6d.-T. Page Wood and Co., Practical Gun- makers, Athletic Outfitter, &c., 21, Castle-street Cardiff..