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alt5 by faction. AUCTION APPOINTMENTS. Mr W. BRADLEY. I household Furniture, &c., at Cardiff „ ..July B Mr M. DA VIES. j ironmonger's Stock, at Pontycwmmer. July 10 | B. Messrs TREGEKTHEN DUNN <fc CO. I steamship Shares, at Cardiff .July 25 I Mr T. WHITTY EVANS. 5 ^uemist'a Stock, &c., at Aberdare July 11 and 12 | w Messrs GOTTWALTZ & BO WRING. 1 S?™?8- at Cardiff July 20 | furniture and Effects, at Cardiff July 23 | w Messrs GOTTWALTZ & BO WRING. 1 s, at Cardiff July 20 | furniture and Effects, at Cardiff July 23 » vows, at Exchange .July 27 Messrs WM. GRAHAM, SON, and HITCHCOX, i ,and Dray Horses, at Newport July 10 i •engine Works, at Newport July 10 I r Mr F. G. GOUGH; Colliery Plant, at J.Ianelly ..July— Messrs JENKINS, CLARKE and CO. **nn, Cottages, &c.. at Treherbert ..July 22 Mr WILLIAM GEORGE JAMES. j **eehold Property, at Fishguard July 11 Mr WILLIAM GEORGE JAMES. j **eehold Property, at Fishguard July 11 „ Messrs KNOYLE & ROBERTS, f *reehold and Leasehold Properties at Swansea..July 8 I T Mr VV. G. LATTY. f Leasehold Shop and Dwelling-house, at Cardiff, July — Messrs J. G. MADDOX and CO. J Household Furniture, at Rooms July 9 & 11 t Messrs PARSONS & ROBJENT. r waaehold Properties, at Newport .August 21 Messrs STEPHENSON and ALEXANDER Colliery Plant, &c., at Bryncethin —July 12 Valuable Freehold Properties, at Bridgend July Want and Materials, at Carngethin Collieries.. July 1° Oil Paintings and Water-Coloura, at Cardiff JW BRYNCEfHIN~COLLIERIES7^GLAMOKGAN- HIRK Tr SALE OF VALUABLE COLLIERY AND BRICK. M MAKING MATERIALS. ESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEX- ANDER are instructed by the Barrow Hematite ^teel Company (Limited) to SELL by AUCTION, JJithout Reserve, at their Collieries, at Bryncethin, on "RIDAY, the 12th day of July, 1839, at One o'clock P.m,, the whole of the T PLANT, MACHINERY, AND MATERIALS, Comprising Loco and other ENGINES. Cornish and Other BOILERS, heating tank, GiSard's Injector, about 100 tons steel RAILS, about 50 tons FLOORING PLATES, pit framing, pulleys and ropes, STEAM HAMMER, lathes, steam and other piping, Schiel's fan, travelling crane and sundry other cranes and crabs, si king and other bowks, sawbench, and saws, Winding drums, screwing and drilling machines and tackle, trams and trolleys, STEAM MORTAR MILL, boring tackle, pulley blocks, weighbridge, together With the contents of Fitting, Smiths', and Carpenters' Shops, and a lot of hemp rope. The Brickmakiug Plant, &c., includes perforated clay pan, Schotteld's and Battley's presses, barrows, trams, steam engines, pumps, moulds, &c. The whole of the Stone, Br ck, and Wooden Build, foais will be included in the sale. Catalogues may be obtained upon application at the Works or of the Auctioneers, 5, High-street, Cardiff. 6106 GLAMORGANSHIRE. PARISHES OF ST. BRIDE'S MINOR AND COYCHURCH. BALE OF VALUABLE MIN ERAL SURFACE „ HOLD AND CUSTOMARYHOLD FARMS AND liANDS AND FREEHOLD AND CUSTOMARY- HOLD GROUND RENTS. MESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEX- ..L.t'.I. ANDER are instructed by the. Barrow Hematite Steel Company, Limited, to SELL by AUCTION, at the Wyndbam Arms Hotel, Bridgend, on SATURDAY, 13th July, 1889, at Three o'clock in the Afternoon, the following Valuable Freehold and Copyhold PROPERTIES, Situate in and near Bryncethin, and within a short distance of the Market Town of Bridgend. GROUND RENTS. LOT 1.—A Piectj of FREEHOLD LAND on the south tide of New.street, Bryncethin, in the Parish of St. Bride's Minor, containing 2,150 square yards, or there- abouts, and let for a term of 99 years, at a rental of £9 per annum, together with the Minerals underlying lame. LOT 2.—A Piece of FREEHOLD LAND adjoining Lot 1, containing 3,003 square yards, or thereabouts, and let for a term of 93 years at a rental of B15 12s 9d per annum, together with the Minerals underlying came. LOT 3.-A Piece of FREEHOLD LAND adjoining Lot 2, containing 2,079 square yards, or thereabouts, and let for a term of 99 years at a rental of S10 Is 9d per annum, together with the Minerals underlying same. LOT 4.—A piece of FREEHOLD LAND on the north Of the aforesaid New-street, having a frontage also to the parish road, containing 1,970 square yards, or thereabouts, and let for a term of 99 years at a rental Of jS9 7s 3d per annum, together with the Minerals Underlying same. Lot 5.—A piece of FREEHOLD LAND on the west Of the occupation road, and near Heol-laethog, and containing 1,022 square yards, or thereabouts, and let for a term of 99 years at a rental of jM ls lOd per annum. The Minerals are not included in this lot. Lor6.—Apiece of CUSTOMARYHOLD LAND on the east side of the aforesaid occupation road, part of Ty'n-y-Wain, Hirwain Farm, containing Oa. lr. 2p., and let for a term of 99 years at a rental of £1 12s per annum, together with the Minerals underlying same. FREEHOLD LANDS. LOT 7.—A FREEHOLD ENCLOSURE, with the Ten Cottages thereon erected, situate on the west side of the aforesaid occupation road, and containing 0a.$r. 3Oø.. or thereabouts, and being part of Heol. laethog Farms. The Minerals are not included in this lot. LOT 8.-A FREEHOLD FARM, with Homestead, Cottages, and certain Buildings, situate at Bryncethin, and known as Bryncethin Ganol, together with the valuable Ciay Pit and Buildings thereon erected, and which will be enumerated at time of Sale, containing 22a. 2r. lp., or thereabouts, together with the Minerals underlying same TT LOT 9.—A FREEHOLD FARM, with Homestead and Buildings thereon erected, adjoining the oaram and Ogmore Valley Railway, known as Pant Hirwain, and containing ¿7a.. lr. 31p or thereabouts, together With a portion of the Minerals underlying same. LOT 10.-A FREEHOLD FARM and LANDS, with. Homestead and Buildings thereon erected, situate on the west side of the aforesaid occupation road, and known as Heol Laethog. containing 34a. 3r. 34p. or thereabouts, together with a portion of the Minerals U°LOTlo"K-!TeFRErcHOLD ENCLOSURE, being a field adjoining the south-west corner of Ty'n-y-Wain, Hirwain, containing 5a. lr, Op, together with the Minerals underlying same. CUSTOMARYHOLD LANDS LOT 11—A CUSTOMARYHOLD FARM, together with Homestead, Cottages, and Buildings erected thereon, partly in the parish of St. Bride's Minor and partly in the parish of Coychurch, known as Ty'n-y- Wain Hirwain, and containing 86a. Or. lip. or there. abouts together with the Minerals underlying same. LOT 12.—A CUSTOMARYHOLD COTTAGE and GARDEN, situate at the north-west end of Ty'n-y- Wain. Hirwain, and adjoining the parish road, contain- ing Oa. 2r. 5p or thereabouts, together with the Minerals underlying same. All trees and coppice wood upon the lots shall be paid for at a valuation to be made by the Auctioneer. The foregoing lots of pronerty are 011 the south slope of hills at the entranca to the Maesteg, Garw, and Ogmore Valleys, and are within a short distance of the market town of Bridgend. Plans, Particulars, and Conditions may be obtained of W. Kellett, Esq., 24, King.street, Wigan; Messrs Carrie. Holland & Currie, Solicitors, Great .George- street Westminster, S. W. i or of the Auctioneers, fi, High-street, Cardiff. 6105 CARNGETHIN COLLIERIES, PENGAM, MON, SALE OF IMPORTANT COLLIERY PLANT, POWERFUL ENGINES AND PUMPS, LARGE WINDING DRUMS, PIT-CAGES, CLACK-PIECES, PIPING, HEAVY SHAFTING, SPURS, BEAMS, AC MESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEX- IV ANDER are instructed by the Carngethin Coal Company to SELL by AUCTION, without reserve, COLLIKM'PLANT AND MACHINERY remaining on the ground, which include one sing e 30in engfne by the Neath Abbey Company one sing e 22in eneine by J Hughes (Uskside Iron Company), complete^pump lift of 4&. by 9in faced pipes, sundry clack-pieces and buckets, three large several lots heavy shafting, pinions and cranks(:,ome gea for pumping); heavy 19ft. beams, largo drum, 8ft. diameter, with flanges for flat rope; sundry trolleys, ^iler carriage, slot link, piummer blocks, nuts and Its, wrought, cast, and scrap iron, &c., <*c. The Carngethin Collieries are within a few minutes walk of both the Rhymney and the Brecon and Merthyr Railway Stations at Pengam. ,A0, 5, High-street, Cardiff. A SMALL GENUINE AND VALUABLE COLLEC- TION OF WATER COLOUR DRAWINGS AND A FEW PAINTINGS BY OLD MASTERS, WITH- OUT RESERVE. MESSRS STEPHENSON and ALEX- ANDER will SELL by AUCTION, at their Offices High-street, Cardiff, on WEDNESDAY, 24th July at Two p.m., a small but genuine collection of OIL PAINTINGS AND WATER- COLOURS, By the following Artists :— Knighton Warren, J. A. Fitzgerald, Claud Hayes, Andrews R W. S. Britten, Uren, Toovey, Silas, Pike, Hoskins, Miss Ellis, and others. These pictures are a genuine collection, collected by a leading local connoisseur, and are now placed in the hands <>f the auctioneers for absolute sale. At the same time will be sold the remainder of the "OIL-PAINTINGS BY OLD MASTERS (about twenty in number)* Jjhich remained uusold from sale conducted by Messrs Stephenson and Alexander at the Auction and btorage Salerooms in November last, and including examples by Constable, Rubens, Titian, Sebastian del Piombo, Guilio Romano, Vandyck, Murillo, &c. Several of the pictures purchased at the sale in November for small sums have since changed hands at Tery high prices. 5. High-street, Cardiff SALE HIS DAY The Mode1 Auction Mart, North-road, Cardiff MR will SELL by AUC- TION. on Monday, July 8th, a large quan- lit* of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, etc; Sale at 2 jflflock. 312 BA L S A M SU P ERSED E IX MAT MILTON'S AMERICAN IlERB PASTE. MAT Is warranted to cure allr AMERICAN, MILTON'S discharges fro the unna HERB MAT organs m elt°« se*. PASTE. MILTON'S Thoroughly <=on- AMERICAN MAT venient to take. to HERB MILTON'S 2s 9d and 4s 6d each. Free P 4-aTE. MAT by post 3d extra. ■"tM8&ICAI" MILTON'S HBKB MAT HEWSON'S COMPOUND PASTE. MILTON'S PENNYROYAL A«M»ICAN MAT PlLl>S FOR FEMALES. »ERB MILTON'S In boxes, Is lid and 2s 9d v PASTE. MAT each; free by post 2d extra. MAT MILTON'S Local Agents: Cardiff, Mr MILTON'S AMERICAN Munday, Chemist, 1, Duke. AMERICAN HERB street Newport, Mr J. PASTE. Phillips, 92, Commercial- PASTE. MAT street; Swansea, Mr Keall, MAT MILTON'S Chemist, 199, High-street MILTON AMERICAN F. H. Hewson, 3, Victoria- AMERICAN HERB avenue, Maindee, Newport, HERB PASTE. Mon. PASTE. 158 London: Barclay & Sons 1042 gILL-POSTING AT NEWPORT, MON. J. D. EKES, 180 COMMER^iAL-ROAD, NEWPORT and DWL'YfcftER for TOWN and COUNTRY Rents all the principal Hoardings in SuitronT tftp. 1J1-1r "seemed deanauui iOO9 Jal^s lrn ^ggtxon. SALE TO-MORROW. THE DUKE-STREET AUCTION ROOMS, CARDIFF. ON TUESDAY AND THURSDAY, JULY 9th & lltb, 1889, Commencing each Day at Two o'clock precisely. MESSRS J. G. MADDOX and CO. will HLJL SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above sales. a varied assemblage of superior HOUSEHOLD APPOINTMENTS, comprising 3 capital pianofortes in walnut cases, by Sawday, of London; Squire, of London and Thibout, of Paris; walnut and mahogany suites variously upholstered for drawing and dining rooms, walnut, mahogany, and oak sideboards and cheffoniers, cabinets and overmantels, dining and other tables, iron and brass bedsteads with bedding, duchesse toilets, wardrobes and chests of drawers to match, other walnut bedroom suites, &c., together with a quantity of fenders, ashpans, and brasses. On View Morning of Sale. All lots intended for this Sale must be Entered at the offices not later than the day prior to. 1111 HENDREWEN, TREHERBERT. BY ORDER OF THE MORTGAGEES. MESSRS JENKINS, CLARKE & co. JLTJL will SELL by AUCTION, at the Stuart Hotel, Treherbert, on MONDAY, the 22nd day of July next, at Three for Four o'clock in the afternoon, the foUow. ing LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES :— LOT 1.—The HENDREWEN ESTATE, near Tre. herbert, with the farmhouse and outbuildings known as Tyisnaf Farm (to the extent of the surface of same) together with the 55 Cottages, School-house, School- ro m, Gas-house, and other buildings thereon, and Ground Rents of an annual value of jB14 13s 6d. The estimated gross income of this property is £484 lls 8d. LOT 2.—All those TWO SHOPS and PREMISES, 37 and 37a, Bute-street, adjoining the Castle Hotel in Treherbert. LOT 3.—All that CORNER PREMISES.. 18, Wynd- ham-street, Treherbert. LOT 4.—No. 19. WYNDHAM-STREET. adjoining the last lot. LOTS 5 to 12.-Nos. 20 to 27, WYNDHAM-STREET, adjoining the above. JLOT 13.—All those TEN COTTAGES, Nos. 47 to 56, Scott-street, at the rear of Wyndham-street, Tre- herbert. Printed particulars, with terms of ground rents and estimated rentals, will be ready in a few days, with Conditions of Sale, and may be had on application to the Auctioneers, Messrs Jen kins, Clarke and Co., Phil- harmonic Chambers, Cardiff or of Messrs WANSEY, BOWEN and CO., Solicitors, 28, Moorgate-street, London, E.C. 6593 SALE THIS DAY. SALE OF FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES AT SWANSEA. TO CAPITALISTS, INVESTORS, AND OTHERS. MESSRS KNOYLE and ROBERTS have received instructions to OFFER for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Royal Hotel, Swansea, on MONDAY, the 8th day of July. 1889,at Three o'clock in the afternoon, the following Valuable FREEHOLD AND LRASEHOLD PROPERTIES, Viz FREEHOLD. LOT 1.—NO. b. CONSTITUTION HILL (or comer of Rosehill-terrace). LOT 2.-No. 36, ROSEHILL-TERRACE. LOT 3.-No. 35. ROSEHILL-TERRACE. Lor 4.—FREEHOLD GROUND RENTS arising out of 34. 33, and 32, Rosehill-terrace, and producing £10 10s yearly. LEASEHOLD. LOT 5.-N0. 11, BLOOMFIELD-TERRACE, Mount Pleasant, Swansea. LOT 6.-No. 12, BLOOMFIELD-TERRACE, Mount Pleasant, Swansea. LOT 7.—No. 13, BLOOMFIELD-TERRACE, Mount Pleasant, Swansea. For further particulars apply to John Ivor Evans, Esq., Solicitor, Caer-street. Swansea or to the Auc- tioneers, at their offices, 7, Fisher-street, Swansea. Dated June 22nd, 1889. 6798 FISHGUARD, PEMBROKESHIRE. IMPORTANT SALE OF VALUABLE FREEHOLD PROPERTY. MR WILLIAM GEORGE JAMES will SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Commercial Hotel, Fishguard, on THURSDAY, the 11th July, 1889. at 2.30 p.m., in nine lots, the highly productive MEADOWS situate at Penymorfa, with DWELLING-HOUSES and GARDENS adjoining; convemen dwelling-houses and gardens in Lower Town rich meadows and fields, with eligible building sites adjoining the road leading toLlanychare; and commodious and well-arranged shop and bllsines premises, with dwelling-house and large garden attached, situate at the junction of Hottisoas and Kensington-streets, and within a short distance of Fishgnard Market. Particulars and conditions of sale may be bad on application to the Auctioneer, at his offices, at West- street, Fishguard or to 6767 Mr JAMES JOHN, Solicitor, Carmarthen. SALE NEXTMVEDNESDAY. SALE OF IRONMONGERY, Ac. OXFORD-STREET, PONTYCYMMER. MR M. DAYIES has received instruc- tions from T. H. Stephens, Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, on WEDNESDAY, the 10th day of July, 1889, at the above address, the whole of the STOCK-IN-TRADE, Ac., of Mr John Davies, Ironmonger and Furniture Dealer. For further particulars, &c., apply to the Auctioneer, 30, Coity-road, Bridgend. 6313 SALE OF CHEMIST'S STOCK tAND FURNITURE, ETC., AT 14, COMMERCIAL-STREET, ABERDARE. ]\Y| R T. WHITTY EVANS will SELL J-TX by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the above address, on THURSDAY and FRIDAY, July lltb and 12th, 1889, at One o'clock, the CONTENTS OF A CHEMIST'S SHOP, consisting of carboys, 200 stoppered narrow and wide- mouth bottles and contents, ointment jars, syrup bottles, extract pots, brass scales, window enclosures, 160 mahogany gold-labelled drawers, 6 counter glass cases, 4 large oil cisterns, glass shelves, drugs and chemicals, patent medicines, pill machine, two boxes Reeves's water-colour paints, and sundry stock usually found in a chemist's business. Also Household Furni- ture, comprisine: mahogany telescope dining table, dining-roem suite, painted bedroom suite, brass bed. steads, spring mattresses, duchesse washing stands and tables with marble slabs, feather and millpuff beds, mahogany and deal chests of drawers, pier glasses, mahogany chiffoniers, hair seated and leather covered sotas and couches, easy chairs, and sundry other articles. Further particulars from the Auctioneer, at Aberdare. Order of Sale Thursday, Contents of Chemist's Shop. Friday, the Household Furniture. 6815 ale5 b|j Jribate (Contract. VALUABLE HOTEL VAULTS, STABLES, and OTHER PROPERTY IN SOUTH W ALE. MESSRS ALEXANDER, DANIEL, JL'vjL SELFE, and CO. are instructed to dispose of a very valuable, compact, and old-established HOTEL, occupying a commanding position in one of the most flourishing towns in South Wales. Full particulars may be obtained of Messrs Alexan- der, Daniel, Selfe, and Co., Hotel and Brewery Valuers, Bank Chambers, Corn-street, Bristol, and 34. Old Jewry, London, E.C. 6780 ale5 bg fetftgr. IN BANKRUPTCY. BE DAVID JAMES, TREGARON, CARDIGANSHIRE, TANNER. IIOR SALE BY TENDER, the Tanner's Stock-in-Trade, and other effects belonging^ to the above estate, now at Havodlas Tanyard, consisting of Horse, Cow, and Calf Skins and Hides Leather. Bark, Beams, Pump, Troughs, See., Bark Mill, and Sundries. Tenders marked "David James s Stock to be sent to the Official Receiver, at Carmarthen, by 4 o'clock on Wednesday, 10th July, 1889. The Official Receiver does not bind himself to accept a.ny tender. THOS. THOMAS, 6757 Official Receiver, Carmarthen. Jublíratíøns. To the Young men of England who suffer from Nervous Debility. Just Published, THE CONFESSIONS AND EXPERI- JL ENCE OF AN INVALID, Designed as a Warning and a Caution to others sup- plying at the same time the means of SELF-CURE, by oue wbo has cured himself, after undergoing the u8ual amount of Medical Imposition and Quackery. Single Copies may be had (post free) by sending a stamped addressed envelope to the author, ARTHUR DIXON, Usq., HOUNSLOW, near LONDON. 13802 6755 DR. ii00K^s ORIENTAL pILLS AND > SOLAR JGLIXIR .> Have been used ior upwards of half a century, and are fully recognized as the most effectual remedies now in use for the care of INDIGESTION; LIVER COMPLAINTS, And all nervous disorders Reader, if yon suffer from any of the above complaints with all their attendant evils, try these remedies they are more to be desired for you than riches, and their worth to you is more than untold gold. DR; ROOKE'S SOLAR ELIXIR Is sold in Bottles at 2S. 9d., 4s. 6d., and lis. each. DR, ROOKE'S ORIENTAL PILLS Are sold in boxes at 15id. and 4s. 6d. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, or direct from DE- SCARBOROUGH, ENGLAND. public &r. IT LAN ELL HARBOUR. ISSUE OF £45,000 THREE AND A HALF PER CENT. DEBENTURE BONDS. Messrs WILKINS and CO., BRECON OLD BANK, LLANELLY, are authorised by the Llanelly Harbour and Burry Navigation Commissioners, under the "Llanelly Harbour Act, 1878," and the Llanelly Local Board Act, 1888," to received application for Debenture Bonds bearin 3, per cent. interest, which will be issued free from Stamp Duty or other charge and for such sums as may suit investors. The Commissioners are empowerfd under the Act3 to borrow £50.000, but the sum now offered to the public is The greater portion of the loan is required to pay off existing bonds. The remainder is to be devoted to harbour improve- ments now in progress and nearly completed. Present holders of bonds representing £14,000 have applied for the new issue, thus leaving only £31,000 for new applicants. Under the before-mentioned Acts of Parliament the harbour commissioners are empowered to offer as security the revenues of the harbour, and as collateral security the annual income of the Llanelly Town Free- hold Estate and a charge upon the general district rate of the town to the extent of sixpence in the ponnd per annum upon the assessable value of the property in the district. Under the Acts of 1878 and 1888 the Harbour Com- missioners are compelled to establish a sinking fund (of which annual returns will be made to the Local Government Board) to extinguish the debt in 50 years from the 1st January, 1890, the first instalment having to be paid at that date. The amount required to meet Ihe interest and pro- vide a sinking fund for replacement of the loan at the end of fifty years is £1,975 per annum. The Surplus Revenue of the Llaneliy Harbour after allowing £1,200 for Maintenance and Management is £2,QOO The Freehold Town Estate produces at present yearly £1,000 And Sixpence in the £ on property assessable to the General District Rate produces at present £1,300 £4,300 That sum is in excess of the Annual Liability for interest and contributions to the Sinking Fund. The first-class character of the security is proved by the fact that the lien on the revenue of the Town Estate and the General District Rate is more than sufficient to cover the annual payment. Harbour Loans depend as a rule on the Harbour Dues solely. The repayment of the Llanelly Harbour Loan being assured in case of need from sources so un- doubted as the Town Freehold Estate and the General District Kate makes it unquestionably a first-class investment. Llanelly is an important and rapidly increasing place, comprising within its borders many and varied industries. These include copper and lead works, tin. plate works, iron foundries, chemical works, col- lieries, etc. The Town Estate consists of very valuable Building Ground, and the rental thereof is increasing eyery year. The assessable value of the Town is also annually increasing. The Revenue derived from the Llanelly Harbour has increased fifty per cent. during the last tive years, and there is every indication that the increase wiU con- tinue. Interest will be paid half-yearly on 1st July and 1st January, and the Coupons will be cashed in London and at the Branches of the Brecon Old Bank free of Commission. The Bonds can be issued for a term of years or sub- ject to six or twelve months' notice, as desired by the Investor. Forms of application can be obtained at Messrs Wilkins and Co.'s. Bank at Llanelly, Brecon, Cardiff, Merthyr, Aberdare, Carmarthen, Haverfordwest, and Cardigan, or at the Office of the Clerk to the Commis- sioners, Town-ball, Llanelly Llanelly, 4th July, 1889. 6775 Igniters anli YSTRADYFODWG LOCAL BOARD. PRIVATE IMPROVEMENT OF LLEWELLYN. STREET. PONTYGWAITH, RHONDDA FACH VALLEY. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. The above-named Board is prepared ts accept TEN- DERS for the General Improvement of the above- named street. Plans and Specification may be seen, and form of tender obtained, at the Surveyor's Office, Local Board Offices, Pentre, Rhondda, to noon on the llth prox. No Tender will be entertained unless on the form supplied. The said Tenders must be delivered under seal on or before the 11th prox., addressed to the Cl1a.irman of the Board,Local Board Offices, endorsed Llewellyn< street Improvement. The Board does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. By order, J. W. JONES, Surveyor. 19th June. 1889. 6577 TO MASONS, BUILDERS, AND CON- JL TRACTORS. THE EBBW VALE STEEL, IRON, AND COAL COMPANY, Limited, Ebbw Vale Works, invite TENDERS for the following contracts, viz. :— Contract No. 1.—For the BUILDING and CON- STRUCTION of FOUNDATIONS, ENGINE-BEDS. dec., for the two winding engines at the Graig Fawr new sinkings. Contract No. 2,—For the BUILDING and CON- STRUCTION of a CHIMNEY and BOILER SEAT- INGS for the above-named windiug engines. Plans and Specifications may be seen and fuU parLi. culars obtained on application to Mr Robert Jordan, Mineral Agent, Ebbw Vale Works. All tenders to be addressed to the Company, who do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tender. The two contracts may be tendered for by one con- tractor, or each one may be tendered for by separate contractors. b814 JPENARTH LOCAL BOARD. TO CONTRACTORS AND OTHERS. TENDERS for STREET IMPROVEMENTS in Rectory-road and Stanwell-road, Penarth, are invited. Plans, specifications, and schedules may be seen at the Board Offices, 1, Glebe-street, Penarth, on any day between the hours of nine a.m. and five p.m. Sealed tenders must be sent to the offices addressed to the undersigned, and endorsed Tenders for Street Works," not later than the 3rd day of August next. The Board do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any tendtr. 6th July, 1889. J. W. MORRIS, Clerk.. TO BUILDERS.—TENDERS are invited JL for the ERECTION of a NEW CHAPEL for Capel Iago," Goppa, Pontardulais. Plans and Speci- fication to be seen at Mr William Jones's, Pandy, Pont- ardulais. Sealed Tenders to be sent to Mr D. J. Morgan, Glynhir, Pontardulais, endorsed Tenders for Capel Iago, not later than July 25th, 1889, The Committee do not bind themselves to accept the lowest or any Tender. 6782 II J. HEATH AND SONS, AGENTS FOR, AND KEEP IN STOCK, pIANOFORTES BY Broadwood, Collard, Erard, Kirkman. Hopkinson, Brinsmead, Schiedmayer, Pleyel Wolff. Blutbner. Ibach, Neumeyer, Hoiling and Spangenberg, Bord, Knauss, Steinway, dtc. ORGANS: BY MASON AND HAMLIN, Bell, Doherty, Smith, Clough Warren, Carpenter, Dominion, &c. HIRE SYSTEM, EXTENDING OVER 1, 2, or 3 YEARS, FROM bs MONTHLY. Easy Terms to suit all classes. Liberal Discount for Cash. ONLY ADDRESS— 51, QUEEN STREET, CARDIFF, Illustrated Catalogues and Estimates for Repairs and 9431 Tuning free. 1066—5 BALSAMIC 0ODG H ELI X I R. QROSBY'S COUGH ELIXIR, CURES BRONCHITIS COUGH ELIXIR CURES ASTHMA COUGH ELIXIR WORKS WONDERS. £ CROSBY'S BALSAMIC COUGH ELIXIR Is sold in Bottles at Is. lid., Is. 9d" 4s. 6<1" and lis. each, by all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors, or direct from DR ROOKE, SCARBOROUGH, ENGLAND. DR. ROOKE'S DICTIONARY OF JJOMESTIC NI EDICINE. All who wish to preserve health should read this work. It is a Handy Ouide to Domestic Medicine, also on ClcimirableCompendium of Medtcal Information, it contains 80 pages, and it is an incalculable boon to invalids. GRATIS of all Chemists and Patent Medi. cine Vendors, or POST FREE on receipt on penny stamp, from DR. R O O K E„ SCARBOROUGH, ENGLAND. Juhlic JEOTXAS. ANTED FOR WESTERN OCEAN STEAMERS, AT LIVERPOOL, SAILORS and TRIMMERS, at JS4 per month FIREMEN, at £4- 10s per month. Apply to any of the undermentioned Firms ALLAN BROS. and CO. AMERICAN LINE (per Richardson, Spence, a.nd Co..Agents). BRITISH SHIPOWNERS CO., LIMITED. CANADA SHIPPING CO., LIMITED. CUNARD STEAMSHIP CO., LIMITED. GUION and CO. HENDERSON BROS. INMAN & INTERNATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO. LIMITED. WM. JOHNSTON and CO. F. LEYLAND and CO. MISSISSIPPI and DOMINION S.S. CO., LD. NATIONAL STEAMSHIP CO., LIMITED. GEORGE WARREN and CO. 6703 TH E REST, PORTHCAWL. Subscriptions are earnestly invited for the Endow- ment oÍ the InstitutIon hitherto unendowed. The effect of the Endowment will be to enable the Committee to reduce the charge of admtssion to poor patients. The following Subscriptions have already been pro- mised. Subscriptions will be acknowledged in this paper the first Monday of each month. 1887, flr s. d. Miss Talbot (Bazaar at Margam) 220 0 0 Colonel Turbervill 250 0 0 Lady Aberdare io 0 0 Concert at Porthcawl (per Messrs G. T. Cole- man and I vor Roberts) 8 8 0 Collected by cards (per Mrs Franklen Evans) 7 15 6 Pitto (per Mrs Picton Turbervill) 7 13 8 Bridgend Flower Show, do do 6 14 7 Mrs Pritchard, Bryntirion 5 0 0 Donations under £ b during the year 7 11 7 1888. Mrs Llewellyn, Baglan u 500 0 0 Lord Aberdare 100 0 0 H. Connop, Esq 100 0 0 J. Cory, Esq 100 0 0 Charles Thompson, Esq. 52 10 0 Mrs Gwyn, Duffryn 50 0 0 The Earl of Dunraven bO 0 0 Lord Windsor 50 0 0 Franklen G. Evans, Esq o. M, 20 0 0 Dr Evan Jones 1010 0 Dr T. W. Parry 10 10 0 Cape Copper Co. 10 10 0 Executors of Rev Chas. Ingleby (per G. P. Wragge, Esq) 10 10 0 Griffith Phillips, Ksq 5 5 0 Mrs Morse, Glanogwr 5 0 0 Mrs Fyffe, M, Lexham Gardens, W 5 0 0 D. H. Lloyd, Esq., Bridgend 4 0 0 Donations tran ferred from Maintenance Fund, 1887 168 0 0 Do. do. do. do.. 1888 126 0 0 Ladies' Committee Porthcawl Rest" Bazaar, per Miss Ella Grover, bon. sec.. 2,453 12 0 1889. The Marquis of Bute 500 0 0 Mrs Dr Price, Park-place 20 0 0 J. S. Gibbon, Esq „ 1010 0 W. Llewellyn, Esq 6 0 0 H. J. Randall, Esq 10 10 0 G. B. Morris, Esq 10 0 0 Prison's Charity 2l 0 0 Bazaar 3 2 0 Per Dr Lewis 2 7 0 Life 105 0 0 £5,041 19 4 rjlAFF YALE RAILWAY. NOTICE—BIGLIS STATION, CADOXTON. The ABOVE STATION, situated on the Cardiff, Penarth, and Barry Junction Railway, WILL BE OPENED for Passengers, Parcels, and Goods Traffic on MONDAY, July 8th. Passeugets for Biglis, from stations other than Grangetown and Penarth Dock, where they can be booked through, must book to Penarth Town Station only. Arrangements will there be made to collect, for the present,the excess fares from the passengers whilst in the train for the additional distan ce to Biglis. J. HURMAN, Traffic Manager. Cardiff, July 6th, 1889. CARDIFF, PENARTH, AND BARRY Vy JUNCTION RAILWAY. NOTICE. On and from MONDAY NEXT, JULY 8th, 188\ the PASSENGER TRAINS now run in connection with the Cardiff and Penarth Trains, between PENARTH TOWN and SULLY, will be run to and from BIGLIS JUNCTION (CADOXTON) as under A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. Cardiff Docks dep. 7 45 -.5 3 Cardiff (Queen-street) 8 0 2 30 5 15 6 55 Cardiff, G.W.R. 8 3 2 33 5 18 6 58 Penarth Town 8 18 2 49 5 34 7 14 Lavernock1 8 24 2 55 5 40 7 20 Sully 8 29 3 0 5 4b J 25 Biglis June. (Cadoxton) arr. 8 32 3 3i5 48 7 23 A.M. P.M. P.M. P.M. 693 446 15 8 3 Sully 9 2 3 47 6 188 6 Lavernock 9 7 3 52 6 23 8 11 Penarth Town 9 Ib4 06 328 20 Cardiff, G.W.R 9 294 13 6 458 33 Cardiff (Queen-street) 9 334 17 6 1198 37 Cardiff Docks arr. 9 110 b 58 There wiU be no Sunday Trains run between Peuartb Town and Biglis. J. HURMAN, Traffic Manager. Cardiff, July 3rd, 1889. 6771 QAMBBIAN RAILWAYS^ ABERYSTWITH. TOWYN, BARMOUTH. &0., VIA THE WYE VALLEY ROUTE. Important accelerations have been made in the Train Service from 1st Juiy, and tlirougb carriages are now running daily from CARDIFF (T.V.) at 10.28 a.m. NEWPORT (B. & M.) at 11.5 a.m., and MERTHYR (B. & M.) at 12.10 p.m. The Rhymney Company's train from Cardiff at 11.30 a.m. connects with Newport through carriage at Pengam Fortnightly and Two-monthly Tourist Tickets are issued at all the principal stations in South Wales. J CONACHER, Secretary. Oswestry, July, 1889. 6702 WESTERN DIVISION OF CARMAR. V V THENSHIRE. PARLIAMENTARY ELECTION, 1889. I, the undersigned, being the appointed ELECTION AGENT for HUGH HENRY JOHN WILLIAMS. DRUMMOND, Esquire, a candidate at the above election, HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that in view of the provisions of the Corrupt and Illegal Practices Act, 1883. the said candidate will not be answerable or accountable for any payment for goods supplied, services rendered, or expenses incurred by any person acting or claiming to act on his behalf unless such purchase, service, or expense has been previously authorised in writing under my hand. Dated this 6th day of July, 1889. D. LONG PRICE, Of Talley House, Talley, near Llandilo, in the County of Carmarthen. C A L I F O N I A, FRUIT AND MIXED FARMS ON EASV TEHMS. PAYMENTS BY INSTALMENTS IF DESIRED. Our Colonyadjc1ins thriving town. For Pamphlets, Information, &c., Free, apply to H. FRANCIS AND CO., 434, STRAND. LONDON. (ESTABLISHED IN CALIFORNIA.) TO ARCHITECTS, BUILDERS, AND -i- THE GENERAL PUBLIC. Messrs H. T. JOHNSON & Co., VENTILATING ENGINEERS, MANCHESTER, and Patentees of the Positive .Systems of Ventilation, have ap- pointed as SOLE AGENT for CARDIFF and DISTRICT Mr W. H. ALLEN (Assoc. San. Instn.). PRACTICAL PLUMBER and CERTIFICATED SANITARY INSPECTOR. ROWE'S SQUARE. WORKING-STREET, CARDIFF. CATALOGUES on APPLICATION. 5199 KEGIMENTAL ORDERS by COL. E. S. HILL, C.B., M.P., Commanding 1st Glamorgan Artillery Volunteers :— Cardiff, 6tb July, 1889. The Annual Inspection by the Officer Commanding Auxiliary Artillery of the Batteries, at Headquarters, Pqnartb, and Bridgend will take place on Saturday next. Parade at the Drill-hall, Cardiff, in full dress, with arms, at 5..s0 It is a condition of efficiency that every member shouldattend the Inspection, unless pre- vented by some urgent cause, in which case leave should be obtained from the Commanding Officer. This should be done by letter to the officer com- manding the Battery, or by signing a book kept at the Dsilj-ball or Battery Headquarters for that purpose. Anjrmember absent without leave is subject to a fine of'35s, in accordance with the rule of the Corps. Commanding Officer's Parade in drill order on Thurs- day. at 7.45. Band to attend. No. 13 Battery will parade in plain clothes on Mon- day; and in drill order on Tuesday at 7.30. .00iJn and Recruit Drill on Monday, Wednesday. &nd Friday, at 7.30. Signalling Class, Tuesday, at 7.30. Cyclists' Drill, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 o'clock, sergeants' Mess meeting after drill on Monday. •Repository Drill on Wednesday at 7 p.m for No. 12 BtLttery. Carbine Slings and Haversacks will be issued on N?. 30ZI, Gunner W. Mills, and No. 2439, Gunner J. HaMingare promoted Bombardiers in No. 8 Battery. No. 599, Sergeant C. Cokeley, No. 8 Battery is, re- dijeed to the ranks for inattention to his duties as a HaMingare promoted Bombardiers in No. 8 Battery. No. 599, Sergeant C. Cokeley, No. 8 Battery is, re- dijeed to the ranks for inattention to his duties as a sergpant. T?qr duty during the week — Captain Rig?, Lietrtenant Spencer, Surgeon-Major Vachell, Sergeant 1 Trabilcock, Corporal Hinton, Bombardier Hamilton, Trumpeter-Corporal Prigg. T PENARTH DETACHMENT, ,*Parade on Monday, at 7.30 sharp. Full dress. Band to attend. All members requested to attend if possible. J By order, It I (Signed) W. PITMAN, ,1' V Major ani Adjutant. IMPORTANT. -One Box of Horton'sI.X.L. JL Pills are guaranteed to cure ail private cases and com. I plications of the urinary organs, whether acquired or otherwise. Also Gravel and Pains in the Back. Free irom Mercury. Post iree ior 4s fiom G. D. Horton, (from the General Hospital), Aston-road, Binning ham. Agents Cardiff—A. Hagon, Chemist, 39, Bridge at. Swansea—Lloyd,Chemist, Oxford-streer. Newport —Young, Chemist, High-street. N.B.—Have never been known to 1 jir.r.ers answerwi fref. 6702 VIGOR Suffering from Nervous Debility, Decline, V FOR. Exhausted Vitality, Brain and Kidney •*« li-kt troubles, &c. Certain cure by the im- proved French method. HOW TO ACT-ADVICE FREE. 6670—13800 Sealed Book sent for three stamps. HOW TO ACT-ADVICE FREE. 6670—13800 Sealed Book sent for three stamps. The Lallemand Agency, 76, Chancery-lane, London. Jublic ^nwsBments. CARDIFF. FJLHEATRE ROYAL, CARDIFF LESSEE AND MANAGER.. Mr EDWARD FLETCHER ACTING MANAGER "0. Mr JOHN SHERIDAN TO NIGHT (MONDAY), July 8, Mr J. K. Murray's Powerful Company in the Great Dramatic Success, DRIVEN FROM HOME. Magnificent Scenery and Elaborate Effects. Monday, July 15, Henry Irving's Lyceum Company. Friday, July 26, Annual Performance of the CARDIFF HISTRIONIC CLUB. Box Plan now ready at Thompson and Shackell's, Ld. MERTHYR. ERTHYR TYDFIL HORTICUL- TURAL SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL SHOW OF FLOWERS. FRUIT, AND VEGETABLES, in connection with the above Society, will be held at the MARKET HALL. MERTHYR TYDFIL, On THURSDAY, JULY 25th, 1889. THE PRIZES AMOUNT TO £80. The CYFARTHFA BAND (by permission of Messrs Crawshay Bros.) will attend. Entries Close July 18th, 18S9, Schedules of Prizes and Eutry Forms may be had on application to W. J. JONES. ) Hon. JOHN FORRESTER, ) Secretaries. 50, Glebeland-street, Msrthyr Tydfil. 6753 BEDWELLTY. EDWELLTY AGRICULTURAL JD SOCIETY'S ANNUAL CATTLE SHOW will be held at LLANCAIACH, THURSDAY. September 12th, 1889. Prizes for horses, cattle, Ac., will be offered. 6742 feursioits. SPECIAL EXCURSIONS FROM CARDIFF (Wind, weather, and circumstances permitting.) "montjay f LYNMOUTH AND JULY 8 I COMBE DIRECT. AT mann'm I Leave Cardiff, 10.40 a.m.; llfracombe. At iu.w a.m. j 6 p and Lynmoutb. 7 30 p.m. MONDAY I TO CLEVEDON. jit 1 v o Leave Cardiff, 10.45 a.m. and 1.45 p.m. At inati n.'m Clevedon 12.0 noon and 4.0 p.m. Fares, to and fro. First Trip, Is 6d and and 1.4b p.m. 2s Second Trip, Is and Is 6d. TiTFdftAV IO CLEVEDON, TIT 1 v Q Leave Cardiff, 12 noon and 2.30 p.m. A f 19 nnnn Olevedon, 1,15 and 5.15 p. m. onS 9 ™ m Fares, to and fro. First Trip, Is 6d and and ^.30 p.m. 2s; Second Trjpi lg and lg 6d TO CLEVEDON. WEDNES- Leave Cardiff 7.0 a.m., Clevedon 12 noon DAY, ) AFTERNOON TRIP, JULY 10, | Half-Holiday. At 7 a.m. and f Leave Cardiff 3.15 p.m. 3.15 p.m. I Leave Clevedon 6.15 p.m. I .Fares to and fro (Whole-day Trip), Half-Holiday, j Is 6d and 2s. t Afternoon Trip—Is and Is 6d. I BY REQUEST. AFTERNOON TRIP TO THURSDAY, BRIDGWATER, And a Sail up the River arret, one of JULY 11, I the finest Sails in the United Kingdom. I Leave Cardiff 3.0 p.m. Bridgwater At 3.0 p.m. 5.30 p.m. Fares, to and fro. Fore Deck, Is 6d.: After Deck, 2s. Tourists' Tickets, available during the season to Lynmouth or llfracombe. 4s 6d and 6s. Bristol Channel Passenger Service, Limited. 105, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 6284-179 DAILY SERVICE between CARDIFF and WESTON by the Saloon Steamer LADY MARGARET. JULY. LEAVE CARDIFF LEAVE WESTON Mon. 8-10.30 a.m., 1.0 I Mon. 8—11.45 a.m., 2.0 and 3.15 p.m. and 4.40 pm. Tue. 9-11,35 a.m., 1.45 Tue. 9-12.40, 2.45, and and 4.0 p.m. 6.0 p m. Wed. 10-650 a.m., 1.0, Wed. 10-11.50 a.m., 2.0. 3.15, and 5.30 p.m. 4.30, and 6.45 p.m. For special through arrangements of Excursion Parties to Cheddar, Wells, <fec.,or for hire of Passenger Steamers to any place in the Bristol Channel, apply to Edwards, Robertson and Co., 105, Bute Docks, Cardiff. 109—6111) A R D FFF TO PARIS — CHEAP TRIPS DAILY, or with Conductor on JULY llth. (Grand National Fete, July 14tb.) Charge, £6 for a week, including guide, rail, hotel in Paris, and admission to Exhibition. Apply early to W. J. Trounce, Cardiff. 6369 QREAT WESTERN RAILWAY^ On THURSDAY, JULY llth, an EXCURSION for 8 or 15 days to TAUNTON, BARNSTAPLE, Exeter, Torquay, Plymouth, Penzance, and other stations in the West of England (by the new and direct route via the Severn Tunnel), will leave New Milford at 8.50 a.m., Johnston 9.0, Haverfordwest 9.10, Pembroke Dock 7 5b, Pembroke 8.3, Tenby 8.35, Saundersfoot 8.44, Narberth 9.5, Whitland 9.45, Carmarthen 10,5, Carmarthen Junc- tion 10.20, Llanelly 10.50, Swansea 11.10, Landore 11.20, Neath 11.35, Port Talbot 11.50, Bridgend 12.15 p.m;, Llantrissant 12.35. Cardiff 1.0, Ebbw Va e 11.15 a.m.. Nantyglo 11.15, Blaina 11.20, Abertiilery 11.27. New- bridge 11.49, Abercarne 11,53, Risca 12.5 p.m., Blaen- avon 11.30 a.m., Abersychan 11.47. Pontypool (Crane- street) 11.57, Upper Pontnewydd 12.9 p.m., Cwmbran 12.13, and Newport at 1..30 p.m. For full particulars see special bills. 6791 SPANISH EXHIBITION AT EARLS COURT. On SATURDAY, JULY 13, a FAST EXCURSION for 2, 3, or 6 days to LONDON will leave CARDIFF at 3.0 a.m., Newport 3.25, Chepstow 4.0, Lydney 4.20, Newnham .35. For full particulars see special bills. ——— 6807 On MONDAY, JULY 15th, an EXPRESS EXCUR. SION for 1,2,3, or 4 days, for WE JTMOUTH, via the Severn Tunnel, Without change of carriage, will leave CARDIFF at 6.10 a.m., Newport 6,35, Magor 6.55, and Severn Tunnei Junction at 7.5 a.111. Forfnll particulars see special bills. 6808 IRONMASTERS' QUARTERLY MEETING AT BIRMINGHAM. For the convenience of ironmasters and others at- tending this meeting, a Special Fast Express Train will run to BIRMINGHAM (Snow Hill) on WED- NESDAY. July 10th, leaving Swansea at 11.35 a.m., Landore 11.43, Neath 11.58, Briton Ferry 12.4 p.m., Port Talbot 12.11, Bridgend 12.33, Cardiff 1.8, New. port 1.30, and Hereford at 2.38 p.m. The return train will leave Birmingham (Snow Hill) at 4.5 p.m. on Thursday, July llth. For full particulars see small bills. Ordinary Fares will be charged. HY. LAMBERT, General Manager. LONDON AND NORTH-WESTERN JLJ RAILWAY. SUMMER EXCURSIONS. On FRIDAY NI3HT, July 12th, cheap 3, 4, 6, or 8 day TICKETS will be issued to London by EX. PRESS EXCURSION TRAIN fiom SWANSEA, Swansea Bay. Mumbles-road, Killay, Gowerton, Garseinon, Llanelly, Bynea, Llangennech, Pontardu- lais, Pantyfynnon, Llandebie, Derwydd-road, Carmarthen, Abergwili, Nantgaredig, Llanartb- ney, Golden Grove, Llandilo, Llangadock, Llanwrda, Llandovery, Llanwrtyd, Builth Road, Llan- drindod, Knighton, Cardiff (R R.), Llauishen, Caer. philly, Pwllynant, Ystrad, Hengoed, Pengam, Bargoed, George Inn, Tirphil, Pontlottyn, Rhymney, Merthyr, Cefn. Dowlais, Abersycban, Varteg, Blaenavon, Waeuavon, Tredegar, .Sirhowy, Rhymney Bridge, Nantybwch, Ebbw Vale, Beauforr, Brynmawr, Cly. dach, Gilwern, Govilon, Abergavenny, Abergavenny Junction, Hereford, Leominster, Wolferton, Ludlow, Craven Arms. Also on Friday night, July 12th, CHEAP One or Three day tickets will be issued to BELLE VUE GARDENS, MANCHESTER or LIVERPOOL, by express excursion trains from Llanelly, Bynea, Llangennech, Pontardulais, Pantyfynnon, Llandebie, Swansaa, Swansea Bay, Mumbles-road, Killay, Dunvant, Gowerton, Gor- seinon, Llandilo, Llangadock, Llanwrda, Llandovery, Cynghorgy, Llanwrtyd, Carmarthen, Abergwili, Nant- garedig, Llanarthney, Golden Grove. For fares, times, Ac., see small bills. All information with regard to the above excursions can be obtained from the offices of Mr Bishop, Abergavenny, or Mr F. Smith, Swansea. G. FINDLAY, General Manager. Euston, July, 1889. 6804 SUMMER TOURS IN SCOTLAND. GLASGOW and the HIGHLANDS (Royal Route, viA Crinan and Caledonian Canals). The Royal Mail Steamers COLUMBA or ION A sail from GLASGOW DAILY at 7 a.m., from GREENOCK at 8.50 a.m., in connection with Express Trains from Cardiff and the South, conveying passengers for Oban, Fort William, Inverness, Lochawe, Stye, Gairloch, Staffa, Iona, Glencoe, Islay, Stornoway, Ac Official Guide, 3d Illustrated, 6d and Is. Time bills, with map and fares, free by post from the owner, David Macbrayne, 119, Hope-street, Glasgow. 155—6084 mouls. INKERS, 21 and 22, Broadmead. Plain Tea, 3d; or Breakfast, Meat and Bread, 4d. Good Beds, Is and Is bd. 1258 RJ^EETH TEETH TEETH M R K E ALL, SURGEON DENTIST 199, HIGH STREET, SWANSEA (Just below the Great Western Railway Station), Begs to intimate that be can produce a perfectly fitting Set of Teeth in one clear day. The very oest workman- ship guaranteed. Painless Dentistry by Gas, also by the new Ansesthetic Cocaine. Partial Sets from 6" per Tooth Upper or Lower Sets from Two Guineas. KEALL'S TONIC AND NEURALGIC MIXTURE, Sure and Speedy Cure for Neuralgia, Tic Doloreux, Rheums, Toothache, and all Nervous Pains. Is l*d and 2s 9d per Bottle. Through any Chemist Cardiff; Mr Munday, chemist, 1, Duke-street; Mr Robb, chemist, Roath. Newport; Messrs Garrett Bros., chemists, 171, Commercial-street. Neath: Mr J. G. Isaac (late Hayman), chemist. Llanelly Mr Gwiiym Evans. London Newbery and Son. 1038-14 SWANSEA OFFICE OF THE "SOUTH WALES DAILY NEWS," No. 2. COLLEGE-STREET. All orders from NEWSAGENTS will receive prompt attention, and be executed upon the same terms M from the Chief Office. The DAILY NEWS delivered to subscribers early every morning in any part of the town. ADVERTISEMENTS received up to Seven o'clock will secure insertion in the next morning's issne of the DAILY NBWS HBttsxmss ^ftregses. JMPORTANT NOTIOBI. H OWELL AND QOMPANY* ANNUAL smlMER SALE THIS j) AY: H & Co. respectfully beg to armoanoe that, with the exception of Cabinet Goods, the whole of their Stock, amounting to nearly £80,000, will be offered for Sale At Reduced and most favourable prices. T H I S D A y H & Co. believe that it is unnecessary to i 1 issue a Catalogue of detail for this sale, as it means.a Clearance at great Reductions from Manufacturers' Prices, not ordinary retail prices. THE FOLLOWING GOODS WILL BE JL SOLD AT VERY SPECIAL PRICES, AND SHOULD BE INSPECTED: MANTLES, JACKETS, DUST. CLOAKS COSTUMES, MILLINERY, STRAWS AND FLOWERS, LADIES' AND CHILDREN'S UNDER CLOTHING, UMBRELLAS, SUNSHADES, LAOES, TRIMMINGS, HOSIERY, RIBBONS, GLOVES, CALICOES, PRINTS. SHEETINGS, COUNTER PANES, BLANKETS AND FLANNELS. 300 PIECES REAL WELSE FLANNEL, FROM 4i PER YARD. 9 DRESS DEPARTMENT Will contain an endless variety, cleared for Casfe direct from Manufacturers, and Said at Prices that no other House can sell at. FURNISHING JJEPARTMENT IN NEW PREMISES IN WHARTON. STREET. LINEN AND COTTON SHEETINGS, CRETONNES, LACE AND TAPESTRY CURTAINS, TABLE COVERS, TABLE NAPKINS" LINEN CLOTHS, TOWELS, etc., ctç. RJP HIS J)A Y. Doors open at 10 o'clock, and close "at 8 pm, except on Friday and Saturday. H, & CO. cannot undertake, even with .t t their staff, to deliver all parcels on the day of purchase, but will do their best. PF OWELL AND COMPANY. THE CARDIFF DRAPERS," QARDIFF;