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THE "PONTYPOOL FREE PRESS' IS SOLD BY THB FOLLOWING AGENTS iHPn«vPHiv TMR BRAIN, Post Officc. ABiiKbYLHAN. *[MrsTH0MAS)nri RaiL station ABERTILLERY Mr HtGGS, Stationer Mrs REES, Post Office BLAENA YON < Mr PROBERT, Stationer Mr 1. MORGAN, News Agent CWMBRAN Mrs SAMUEL, Grocer, GARNDIFFAITH Mr CHAS. HERBERT GRIFFITHSTOWN Mr H. PEACH, Gen. Dealer PONTNEWYDD Mr FRANCIS, Bookseller. PONTNEWYNYDD f Mrs JONES, Post Office ( MRS JENKINS. Mr H. HUGHES, Bookseller Messrs JONES & EDWARDS, PUNTYPOOL Booksellers Mrs FARR, High-street Mr H. JONES, Trosnant PONTYPOOL ROAD, MESSRS W. H. SMITH & SON TALYWAIN Mrs STONE, News Agent DISPATCH OF MAILS TO AMERICA AND AUSTRALIA. The dates given are those of the mails being made up in London. It is recommended to post letters in the country a day or two before, and to write the route on he envelope distinct from the address. AMERICA-UNITED STATES. Letters Registered àoz. newspapers. Every Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday. 21d. Id. 4os, CANADA. Every Thursday 2 £ d. Id. » AUSTRALIA AND NEW ZEALAND. Aug. 21. Victoria, South Australia, Western Australia, Tas- me,nia(viaSoiitliaiiiptoii) 6d. Id. „ „ Queensland, Now South Wales, New Zealand (via S.ampton cj Melbourne) 6d. Id PONTYPOOL POST OFFICE. DELIVERY OF LETTERS, &C. About. 8.0 am., 10.15 a.m., and 4.15 p.m DAILY MAILS FROM PONTYPOOL. For London & all parts.11.0 a.m, 4.30 p.m, 7.0 p.m With additional stamp. 11-10 „ 4.40 „ 7.30 For Pontypool and neighbourhood 9.0 „ MONEY ORDER AND SAVINGS BANK BUSINESS. From.9.0 a.m to 5.0 p.m TELEGRAMS. From 8.0 a-m to 8.0 p.m. Sundays, 8.0 a.m to 10 a.m SAILINGS OF THE WELSH PRINGE FROM NEWPORT August 15 (to Bristol) 2.30 afternoon August 18 „ 5.30 afternoon August 20 (to and fro) 6.30 morning August 21 (to and fro) 6.45 morning August 22 7.15 morning FROM BRISTOL August 18 (to Newport, to&frol 6.30 morning August 19 „ 6.30 afternoon August 20 7.15 afternoon August 21 „ 7.30 afternoon TRAINS. From Crane-atreet Station, M. R. & C. Co. To Blaenavon, at— | Sunday 9.45 I 12.45 | 3.45 6.35 | 9.0 | 10.0 I 8.«5 I An extra train on Saturday only at 8.45 to Abersycban. To Newport, at I Sunday >.50 11.28 | 2.3 | 4.55 | 7.40 | 8.8 I 5.10 An extra train oa Saturday only at 3.55. ,n An extrt train on Saturday only from Newport at l.ou, ar five at Pontypool 2.20 and stop. From Pontypool Town Station, Trosnant. G.W.R. Co. „ 0 To Cruwlin, at— I t,un ,ay„ 8,57 I 2.16 | 6.1 • 8>57 I 6-13 To Pontypool Road, at- r „ 10.16 11.44 ) 5.43 ) 11.8 ) 9.14 From Pontypool Boad. To Hereford at- I 7.40 1 10.80 I 11 29 2.10 I 3.43 I 6.5 8.45 I 6.5 An extra train to Abergavenny at 11.23 a.m. To Monmouth, at- 7.45 I 11.35 ) 2.15 f 6.10 An extra train to Usk at 8.40 a.m. To Newport, at— I 8.35]11.17|12.25|2.0 |3.50l5.52| 8.1018.35(9.3 [ u.18 | 9.26 ■ i The only DIRECT Line of Steamers to PHILADEL PitIA is the AMERICAN LINE UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. LIVERPOOL TO PHILADELPHIA %|A5aV EVERY WEDNESDAY, Calling atQuEENsTowN every THURSDAY First-class, full-powered Iron Steam- ships are appointed to Sail *BRITISH EMPiRfiAug. 16 | OHIO Aug. 30 INDIANA Aug. 20 PENNSYLVANIA Sep. 10 *LORD GOUGH.. Aug. 27 | *LORD CLIVE Sept. 17 No Intermediate Passengers carried on voyage marked thus* The only TRANS-ATLANTIC LINE sailing under the UNITED STATES FLAG, and carrying the American Rafts for saving life, besides the usual complement of Lifeboats and an extra number of Life Preservers. The accommodation for all classes of passengers is equal to \ny ot the European Steamship Lines. Every Steamer carries a Surgeon and Stewardess. Passengers and eoods are landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Railroad Company, which has the shortest and most direct route to all places in the Western States. Passengers by this Line can pass direct into the Rail- road Cars without leaving the Landing Wharf, and ■Jnder the same roof, there are REFRESHMENT ROOM, United States Letter Box, Telegraph Office, Exchange Office, and Baggage Express Office. CABIN PASSAGE, 12 to 18 Guineas. Return Tickets, at reduced rates. STEERAGE PASSAGE as low as by any other FAST line, including an ample supply of Provisions. Steerage Passengers are forwarded to New York or Boston with- out additional charge. INTERMEDIATE PASSAGE, including Beds, Bedding, and all necessary Utensils, and separate table, JE8 8s. Apply tn Philadelphia, to Peter Wright and Sons, General Agents, 307, Walnut-street; in Queenstown, t. N. & J. Cummins & Brothers; and in Liverpool, to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, & CO., 17 and 19, Water-street. J. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool. W. H. BANKS, Blaenavon. THOS. H. THOMAS, High-st., Tenby. JNO. THOMAS, Church-st., Tredegar. LLAN LINK SHORTEST OCEAN PASSAGE TO AMERICA. Halifax, Canadian, and United States Mail. COMPOSED or TWENTY FIRST-CLASS STEAMERS. leaving LIVERPOOL every THURSDAY, and LONDONDERRY every FRIDAY for HALIFAX, QUEBEC, PORTLAND, & BALTIMORE. Through Tickets to BOSTON, NEW YORK, PHILADEL- PHIA, and to all points in CANADA & the STATES. Low Fares and excellent Accommodation. Passengers who secure their Tickets before leaving home are met at the Railway Station by an appointed Agent of the Company, who takes charge of them until they go on board the steamer. THE CANADIAN GOVERNMENT grants ASSISTED PAS- SAGES by the ALLAN LINE. Ø" Write for the Pamphlet" LORD DUFFERIN IN MANITOBA." Apply to ALLAN BROTHERS & Co., Liverpool or Londonderry, or to J. R. MORGAN, Post Office, Pontypool. PIANOFORTES, By COLLARD & COLLARD, KIRKMAN, and other Best Makers, at 20 per Cent off their List Prices, FOR CASH. THE BEST and CHEAPEST PIANOFORTES and i HARMONIUMS IN THE WORLD can be obtained at W. H. HASKINS' MUSIC WAREHOUSES, COMMERCIAL STREET AND CLUB BUILDINGS, PONTYPOOL. Price Lists free by post on application Ø" Send for List, and compare prices with those of other Houses. 7-octave Pianoforte,in solid walnut 1 ,n case J 19 guineas- The Royal Pianoforte (7 octaves), 4ft. high by 4ft. 6in. wide, in fine ( oti Italian walnut,with ivory-fronted I guineas, keys, and warranted for 10 years Harmoniums from 94. W. H. HASKINS, AGENT FOR MESSRS J. BRINSMEAD & SONS' GOLD MEDAL PIANOS, And for MESSRS. NEUMEYER & Co.s DOUBLE OVERSTRUNG IRON UPRIGHT GRANDS; Also for MESSRS GEO. WOOD & Co.'s AMERICAN ORGANS. These justly-celebrated Instruments are always kept in stock, and may be obtained on very advan- tageous terms. Instruments tuned, regulated, and repaired by skilful London workmen. PIANOS LET ON HIRE, TAKEN IN EXCHANGE, AND SUPPLIED ON THE THREE YEARS' SYSTEM. Great Bargains in Second-hand Pianos-which have been let on hire and but little used-at very little more than Half-price. USK GRAMMAR SCHOOL. HEAD IIASTER: B. FARQUHAR M'KERROW. Preparation for the Universities, Public Schools, and the Civil Service. IN his report upon the School after the Examination i. recently conducted by him, the Rev. DAVID JONES DAVIES, M.A. (Fellow of Emmanuel College, Cam- bridge), says :—" The majority of your scholars passed a creditable examination in all the subjects they took up. The amount of work prepared in French was more than is usually expected from boys of their age. The translation from French to English was very good. The arithmetic was satisfactory." Mr. F. G. Bampfylde, M.A., Classical Assistant to the Head Master of Merchant Taylor's School, also reported favourably last year. The Instruction embraces the following subjects:— English, French, German, Latin, Greek, Divinity, Mathematics, Drawing. Terms for Boarders: R,48 per annum. No EXTRAS except Music, Stationery, and Books. HOUSE SCHOLARSHIPS Of the value of j615 a year are offered to boys passing on entrance, a satisfactory Examination in English' Arithmetic, Euclid, and either Latin, Greek, French,' or German. SCHOOL DUTIES were RESUMED on THURS- DAY, the 31st of JULY. Caerau Park Collegiate School, NEWPORT, MON. HEAD MASTER: Rev. T. MORTIMER GREEN. MASTER OF MODERN LANGUAGES: Mons. A. MOSER, B.A., Ecole Noffliale, Paris. Special Classes conduoted by efficient Non-resident Masters. PUPILS are prepared for Commercial pursuits, the University Matriculation and Local Examinations, and the Medical and Law Preliminary Examinations. Excellent accommodation for boarders. Next Term commences WEDNESDAY, 10th SEPTEM- BER, 1879. For prospectuses, &c., apply to the Head Master. COEDCAE, PONTYPOOL. C. LAWRENCE, New and Old Iron Merchant, METAL & MACHINERY BROKER. Bars, Plates, Sheets, Brass and Lead, also Old Rails Tyres, Axles, and every description of Scrap. Also, for Sale, Portable Forges, Lifting Jacks, Punching and Shearing Machines, Smiths' Tools, Taps and Dies, Injectors, Colliery, Turntables, Lea- ther and Rubber Belts, &c. The Oldest Wholesale and Retail Provision & Family Grocery Trade, CRANE-STREET, PONTYPOOL, (AND GRIFFITHSTOWN,) ESTABLISHED 1787. JOHN DANIEL, Late DANIEL It JONES. MONEY. NO LAW COST S.—Loans from £ 10 to £ 2000 granted daily to Farmers, Householders, Trades- men, Gentlemen, and others, on their Stock, Crops, Household Furniture, &c., repayable by easy instalments to suit Borrowers.—Apply by letter, or personally, to W. H. LLEWELLYN, Accountant, &c., l, Flannel-st., Abergavenny. CASH ADVANCED IX A FEW HOURS' NO- TICE !—The Monmouthshire Loan & Discount Co. advance money daily, from X2 to L2,000, to Trades- men, Farmers, Mechanics, and others, on their Stock- in-trade, Furniture, &c., without removal or incon- venience in anyway; repayable by easy instalments; distance no object; all applications punctually attended to strictly private.—Apply personally, or by letter, to The Cross, Pontypool; or Abbey Row, Cwmbran. A WORD TO THE NEEDY.—MONEY LENT to all classes without sureties, on their Household Furniture or otherwise, from j62 to JMOO Re-payments to suit Borrowers.—Apply personally or by letter to M. S. JOHNSON, Agent, Montague Terrace, near Railway Station, Pontypool or Albert Street, Blaenavon. MONEY ADVANCES, from £ 10 to £1000, can now JJjL be obtained at a few hours' notice. No law costs; strictest secrecy. For particulars, apply to Mr. A BLOOM, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, &c., George-street Pontypool FITS.-EPILEPTic FITS OR FALLING SICKNESS.—A certain method of cure has been discovered for this dis- tressing complaint by a physician, who is desirous that HE sufferers may benefit from this providential disco- very it is never known to fail, and will cure the most hopeless case after all other means have been tried. Full particulars will be sent by post to any person free of charge.—Address Mr WILLIAMS, 10, Oxford Terrace, Hyde Park, London. THE Pontypool General Furnishing Warehouses, CLARENCE-STREET, PONTYPOOL. "f''I' TOHN BEVAN respectfully announces that Purchasers will find in his New and If Spacious Warehouses a very large Stock of Dining, Drawing, and Bedroom Suites, Iron and Wood Bedsteads, Palliasses, Spring & Millpuff Mattresses, Feather & Millpuff Beds, & every description of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, Pianofortes, Harmoniums, Carpets, Matting, Floor Cloth, Door Mats, Hearth Rugs, Cntlery, Dinner Tea, and Toilet Sets, Cooking Utensils, &c., &c. :): .3' A large proportion of Goods being Home-made, the quality may be relied upon. No effort is spared to give entire satisfaction. r Goods delivered per Cart or Covered Van, free of expense. SUMMER SEASON 1879 CLARETS FOR EVERY-DAY USE, PURE, WHOLESOME, BEVERAGE WINES OF FRANCE Shipped by W & A Gilbey direct from their Establishment in the Medoc to their Stores in London, and sold by their Agents throughout the United Kingdom: Per Bottlo Per Dozen Castle A CLARET These four Clarets were bought by W & A\ \f 12/ • £ Gilbey on the estates of the Medoc. Although fact-la B r> T A n TT i I quoted at such moderate prices they are of J i in lKl t-rclSUc LiUVtVli 1 1 remarkable quality and value, and are as f ««• A/w 10/ •; < pure and wholesome as the choicest Clarets > Castle C CLARET 1 produced. They are suitable either for use 1 \!Q 18/ I at meals, diluted with water, or for general 1 ,i. t\ ox > Ttr-irrt & consumption, and have been upwards of a-vear I n, Castle D CLARET Wbottu. j 21 24/ L Bottle* charged 1/ per dozen, which 18 allowed when returned, W & A Gilbey have accumulated on their estate of Chateau Loudenne, in addition to the pwxfaee of the estate, from 8,000 to 10,000 hogsheads of Claret, representing all the various growths of the Medoc district Chateau Loudenne offers the exceptional advantage of direct communication between the most favored wine-producing districts of France and this country, being situated in the neighbourhood of some of the finest vineyards of the Medoc, on the river Gironde, and between Bordeaux and the sea, so that wines can be shipped almost direct from the various estates without having first to incur the expenses of transport up to Bordeaux, and the charges incidental to landing, storing, and re-shipping from thence. The stores erected at Loudenne by W & A Gilbey, with the adjoining buildings, are among the most striking objects on the Gironde, and are of a magnitude and completeness not hitherto attempted in any wine-producing country while by the above arrangements W & A Gilbey have placed the English consumer in a better position than even the inhabitants of Paris, or any of the larger towns of France, for procuring pure, genuine, and moderate-priced Clarets. SPARKLING 46 BRUT-SAUMUR)-$- CHAMPAGNE FROM FRANCE-FIRST QUALITY FIRST SHIPMENT RECEIVED IN MARCH, 1879 It meets for invalids a want that has long been felt by the medical profession, but which perhaps previously has not been within general grasp, viz., that of a light, pure, sparkling, and moderately stimulating beverage at a reasonable price. The man in perfect health may drink which he likes' best, without fear of the small quantity of sugar in the ordinary wine but if he prefers a drier wine, here it is. We will only add that the importers of this Sparkling Brut-Saumur are the same wine merchants who originally introduced the ordinary Sparkling Saumur Wines into England, viz.—Messrs. W & A Gilbey, of the Pantheon, Oxford Street. "Vedical Times 4r Gazette, March 29, 1879. BRAND ON CORK IN CASES A CTI C Per Dozen Per Dozen vMO I laC. 1. •> j» Bottles Half-Bottle* BRUT -CastIe "BRUT-SAUMUR"—A Pure> kgnt, and moderately <*■ SAUMUR stimulating Sparkling Wine, entirely free from added saccharine I 33/ 18/0 .wjr since the completion of fermentation, and especially suited for 1 invalids from its peculiar dryness and tonic qualities. SPARKLING SAUMUR CHAMPAGNES Champagnes (rom thé vineyards. of Saumur long The introduction by W & A Gilbey of these Champagnes from the vineyards of Saumur, long i iAie> known for producing genuine wine m abundance, I A^/O has, owing to the-favorable opinion of the Medical Profession as to their excellent quality, and W & A I 30/ 17/ Gilbey's arrangements for offering them at veiV J 1 low prices, led to an almost unprecedented demand. Sample Nottln-or my quantity bearing W A Gilbey1* Seals and Labels can be rttalatf from their AGENT- F. PHILLIPS, Grocer, Commercial Street PONTYPOOL SELLING OFF I SELLING OFF CLEARING OUT THE REMAINING PART OF SUMMER STOCK in At a Great Sacrifice. 1 MRS. POTTE R, ALBION HOUSE, GEORGE STREET, PONTYPOOL, RESPECTFULLY INFORMS HER CUSTOMERS THAT HER Half-Yearly Sale, previous to Stock-Taking, WILL COMMENCE ON SATURDAY, AUGUST 10. 4W Do not forget that this is a SPECIAL OPPORTUNITY given to the Public TWICE A YEAR, when Mrs. POTTER would recommend all to come and see for themselves. Panteg & Llanvrechva Permanent Building Society. SHARES from 2s. a month upwards. Deposits received at 5 per cent, interest. Money ready to advance on mortgage. Shares may be taken, de- posits made, and further information obtained, at the regular subscription meetings, between the hours of 7.30 and 8.30 p.m., on the first Tuesday in the month, at the Town Hall, Pontypool, and Me- chanics' Institute, Griffithstown; or daily at the following addresses :—W. G. DOWDEN, Blaenavon Iron Works, Blaenavon; G. W. JONES, Agent, Cwmbran; and B. H. MADGE, Secretary, Panteg Steel Works, Panteg. PROMENADE CONCERTS, ITALIAN GARDENS, PONTYPOOL PARK. BY THE KIND PERMISSION OF J. C. HANBURY, ESQ. THE Pontypool Amateur Musical SOCIETY RESPECTFULLY inform the Clergy, Gentry, Professional Gentlemen, and Tradesmen of the neighbourhood that THE PONTYPOOL AMATEUR REED BAND will perform in the above Gardens EVERY THURSDAY EVENING during the Summer months, at 6.30. To these performances, the So- ciety's Complimentary Ticket will admit the whole of a family, FREE OF CHARGE. I A .B.—The Society regret to say that a report has obtained circulation, to the effect that their Tickets would be chargedfor, and they par- ticularly wish it to be understood that it is without foundation. If any Subscriptions are required, they will be asked for through the FREE PRESS. No persons will be asked individually to subscribe. The amount of subscription will be left entirely at the option of those kind friends who may be good enough to help us. A number of these Complimentary Tickets h.ave already been sent out, but as it is feared that many friends have been overlooked, the committee beg to say that they may be obtained on application to Mr F. PHILLIPS, Grocer, Pontypool; or Mr W. SEWELL, Clarence Hotel, Trosnant. IMPORTANT to the PUBLIC. MR. ALEXANDER, THE celebrated American Aurist, at the earnest re- quest of his many friends in Great Britain, has established a Depot for the sale of his far-famed Virginia Elixir," A sure cure for Deafness and Singing in the Ears, no matter of how long standing. Thousands of Testimo- nials from all parts of the world prove the wonderful efficacy of this Elixir, which has never been known to fail in effecting a cure in a short time. A member of the Malvern Club (who had been as deaf as a post for 15 years) writes to say he was induced upon the advice of a friend to give Mr Alexander's Elixir a trial, which completely cured him in six weeks, after spending hun- dreds of pounds to no purpose in consulting all the cele- brated Aurists in Great Britain and on the Continent. A single bottle (which will prove its value) will be for- warded, free of post, upon receipt of 15 or 29 Stamps. In bottles of Is. ld. and 2s. 6d., to be had of all respect- able Chemists.—See that each bottle bears the Govern- ment Stamp.—Sole Wholesale Agents, II. BRADY and COMFY., 17, Crown Street, and 2, Little Woolton Street, Liverpool. COMMERCIAL ST., PONTYPOOL. ESTABLISHED 1825. (Formerly occupied by Mr James Weare, and Mr Jas. Brown.) G. GORRELL, Saddler, Gig, Carriage, and Cart Harness Manufacturer, BEGS to solicit a continuance of the liberal support -D he has many years been favoured with, and to assure the Public generally that no effort shall be wanting on his part to maintain the High Reputation for Hunting Saddles, 8f all kinds of Horse Clothing for Summer$Winter Wear. PORTMANTEAUS & LADIES' BAGS.—LONDON WHIPS, BITS, & SPURS. LEATHER MILLBANDS FOR ALL KINlJS OF MACHINERY, on the Shortest Notice. Experienced Workmen sent to any part of the Country. All Harness made on the Premises, and at Reduced Prices. Fine Art Embroidery. MATERIALS FOR CREWEL EMBROIDERY IN NEW DESIGNS, COMPRISING— The New Venetian Antimucassars, Brackets (Japanese ligures), Five o'clock" Tea Cloths, cS-c. Doyleys from 3d each, in damask, linen & oatmeal cloth. Crewels, Is 9d a doz.; Embroidery Silks, 2s a doz. Superior Ice Wool for Crochet, &c., 7 d per ball. Swiss Knitting Cotton in Balls. HUGHES & SON, Stationers, &c., PONTYPOOL. PONTYMOILE HOUSE, NEAR PONTYPOOL. TO BE LET, that very desirable, residence known 1 as "PONTYMOILE HOUSE," containing Dining, Drawing, and Breakfast Rooms, large Kitchen, Dairy, China Pantry, 4 best Bedrooms and Dressing Room, Servants' Bedrooms, and the usual Offices, together with a large Garden and Greenhouse, and (at option), 2 very excellent Paddock of about 8 acres. For particulars apply to H. J. PARKHURST, I Ebbw Vale Co.'s House Agent, Pontypool Works. KING'S HEAD HOTEL, CRANE-ST., PONTYPOOL. HENRY GALE BEGS to inform the Public that he. has TAKEN the above HOTEL, the ALTERATIONS in which are now COMPLETED. Bottled and Draught Ales WINES, SPIRITS, LIQUEURS, &c. WELL-AIRED BEDS. LAST WEEK. GREAT ANNUAL CLEARANCE SALE NOW TAKING PLACE. JONES, MANCHESTER HOUSE, CRANE STREET, PONTYPOOL. The London & Provincial Bank, Limited. AUTHORISED CAPITAL, £ 1,000,000. DIRECTORS. EDWIN .HENRY GALSWORTHY, ESQ. I COLONEL ALEXANDER MONCRIEFF, F.R.S. JAMES GOODSON, ESQ. BRINSLEY NIXON. ESQ. CHARLES EDWARD LEWIS, ESQ., M.P. CLARE SEWELL READ, Esq., M.P. RICHARD MICHELL, ESQ. I THOMAS COLLETT SANDARS, ESQ. LONDON AGENTS. MESSRS GLYN, MILLS, CURRIE, & Co. GENERAL MANAGER. JOHN WOOD ROW CROSS, ESQ. AUDITORS. ARTHUR COOPER, ESQ. I EDGAR SMALLF1ELD, ESQ. SECRETARY. ROBERT GARDEN, ESQ. HEAD OFFICE-7, BANK BUILDINGS, LOTHBURY, E.C. LONDON SUBURBAN BRANCHES. Manager. Manaqe r. ANERLEY, I Minden Terrace Wm. Hodgetts STOKE NEWINGTON, 163, High-st., N. E. G. Lewis BECKENHAM T. S. Day SURBITON J. G. Stewart BLACKHEATH Wm. Fisher SUTTON T. Bartlett EDGWARE ROAD, 163, EdgwareRd., W. G. P. Furrell TOTTENHAM W. S.Cottew KINGSLAND, 560, Kingsland Road., E. W. D. Young TWICKENHAM John Roe LEWISHAM W. H. Young W ALHAM GREEN W. M. Till RICHMOND Lloyd Evans WOOLWICH J. T. Drake SOUTH KENSINGTON C. D. Philpot COUNTRY BRANCHES. Branch. Manager. I Branch Manager ABERYSTWITH E. Jones Williams MERTHY R TYDFIL Thomas Griffiths BRIDGEND J. W. Pritchard MILFORDHAVEN J. Shettle BUILTH B. Davies NARBERTH G. P. Brewer CARDIFF W. B. Watkins NEATH George Marsh CARDIFF DOCKS E. W. Jones NEWPORT, Mon. E. W. Willey CARMARTHEN G. H. Quilter NORTH WALSHAM E. J. Donaldson CHATHAM B. Bentham NORWICH R. J.E.Morgan CHEPSTOW F. H. Horsey PEMBROKE. Wm. Fiske COWBRIDGE T. Hambly PEMBROKE DOCK R. Harwood DISS J. Humphries PONTYPOOL C. H. Copley EASTBOURNE R. E. Stuckey „ f Charles Bassett EAST DEREHAM H. W. Cobbald PRIDD M. R. Williams EYE F. Whaite PORTSEA R. J. Thompson FAKENHAM C. J. Pearson RHYL G. D. Burdett FISHGUARD J. Shettle ROCHESTER A. Hollister GRAVESEND T. R. Heygate RUTHIN David Thomas HALESWORTH A. J. Young ST. CLEARS G. P. Brewer HARLESTON W. Bryant TENBY H. Davies HAVERFORDWEST J. Shettle TREDEGAR A. W. Green KING'S LYNN G. W. Page USK Joseph Davies LLANELLY Wm. Roderick YARMOUTH Richard Cracknell LLANIDLOES Hugh Jones SUB-AGENCIES. CARLSHALTON ENFIELD, TREGARON, MAESTEG, LLANDRINDOD, CAERPHILLY, LLANTRISSANT, GRAYS GOSPORT, BUNGAY SAXMUNDHAM, DOWNHAM, HUNSTANTON, BRITON FERRY, ABERA VON, PENTRE, TREHERBERT, WELLS. THE LONDON AND PROVINCIAL BANK, LIMITED, opens- DRAWING ACCOUNTS, upon the plan usually adopted by other Bankers. DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS.—Deposit Receipts for sums of Xlo and upwards will be issued to Customers and others for sums placed upon these accounts, and interest allowed at such rates and for such periods as may be agreed upon, reference being had to the state of the Money Market. THE BANK effects purchases and sales of British and Foreign Funds, Stocks, Shares, and Securities,— receives Dividends, &c., thereon,—and transacts every other description of Banking business. All payments of the Bank are made in Bank of England Notes and Bullion. Every Officer of the Bank is required to Sign a Declaration of Secrecy as to the transactions of any of its Customers. By Order of the Directors, J. W. CROSS, General Manager. = BALANCE SHEET OF THE LONDON & PROVINCIAL BANK, LIMITED. Dr. FOR THE HALF-YEAR ENDING 30TH JUNE, 1879. Cr. £ s d To Capital 225,440 0 0 By Cash at Head Office and Branches, 45,088 £10 Shares, 90 paid. and deposited on Call, and Cheques, „ Reserve Fund invested in 9124,656 &c., in transitu 452,771 6 2 14s. Id. New 3 per Cents. 116,825 6 4 Consols including zC24,764 10s. 3d. Amount due by Bank on Current, invested as security for accounts Deposit, and other Accounts.2,059,324 19 9 of H.M. Customs and of County „ Balance of last Profit XT a?d Boards, £ 104,421 17 6 and Loss Account £ 6,700 18 8 New 3 per Cents. (Reserve „ Gross Profit for half- „ y-ry- 116,825 6 4 year after making pro- British Colonial Govern- vision for Bad and „ 82,853 2 6 Doubtful Debts 52,501 10 9 English Railway Deben- 59,202 9 5 ture and Preference Stocks and Indian Railway Guaranteed Stocks 203,116 18 8 ——————— 507,217 5 0 By Amount due from Customers on Current Accounts, Bills of Ex- change, Promissory Notes, &c.1,430,554 8 4 Freehold and Leasehold Premises at Head Office and Branches; also Bauk Furniture and Fittings at Head Office and Branches 31,509 9 9 Current Expenses, including Income Tax, Salaries, Rent, &c., at Head Office and Branches, Directors' Re- muneration, and Auditors' Fees 27,968 8 8 In .—, —— Interest paid on Current and De- £ 2,460,792 15 6 posit Accounts, &c. 10,771 17 7 *The Bank gives no Acceptances. £ 2 460 792 15 6 Dr. PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT. Cr. s d ) £ s d To Current Expenses, as above 27,968 8 8 By Gross Profit, as above 59,202 9 5 Interest paid 17 7 Dividend, at 12j per cent. per annum on the Old Capital. (The New Capital ranks for Dividend from 30th June, 1879) 12,500 0 0 Rebate on Bills not due carried to New Account. 3,203 18 10 Balance carried forwa;ra 4,758 4 4 zC59,202 9 5 L59,202 9 5 We have compared the above Balance Sheet with the Books and Vouchers at the Head Office, and with the certified Returns from the several Branches, and have found it correct. (Signed) ARTHUR COOPER, 1 AUDITORS AK]) (Of Cooper Brothers & Co.) PUBLlc AccoUNTANTS. ltlt Jttly, 1879. EDGAR SMALLFIELD, J FrBLlC ACCOr"AM"' W R I N G TON A R II S, (LATE RAILWAY INN,) PONTYPOOL. Close to the Monmouthshire Railway Station, E. BEACHAM, IN thanking his numerous frends and supporters for their liberal patronage in the past, solicits a con- tinuance of their future support in his NEW ESTABLISHMENT. BURTON, PALE, AND OTHER ALES. LONDON AND IRISH STOUT, In Bottles and on Draught. BIRMINGHAM GOODS, for Auctioneers, Shop- D keepers, Hawkers, Tea Shops, &c. Agents Wanted. Wholesale Book, Post-free. Address, HENRY MAY, (285) Birmingham. PARTNERSHIP. BE- HTJO-HES, PRINTER, BOOKSELLER, STATIONER, &c., Oommercial-St., Pontypool, DESIRES to return his warm thanks for the -L' kind patronage received by him during the many years (upwards of 36) he has been in busi ness in Pontypool; and begs to announce that he has this day taken into Partnership his youngest Son, DAVID WILLIAM HUGHES, who has for many years taken an active part in the Business, which will in future be carried on under the name of HUGHES & SON. July 1st, 1879. HUGHES & SON Respectfully solicit a continuation of the support so long bestowed, and assure their Customers that every effort will be made to secure punctuality, despatch, and attention in the execution of orders for Printing, Stationery, &c., with which they may be favored. WEAK SIGHT. HENRY LAURANCE'S IMPROVED SPECTACLES. IR, E. B. FORD CHEMIST 4- OPTICIAN GEORGE ST., BEGS to inform those troubled with defective vision D that he has been appointed Sole Agent for Ponty- pool for HENRY LAURANCE'S IMPROVED SPECTACLES. These Spectacles are clear and cool, never tire the eye, and, whilst subduing all inflammatory symptoms. assist, strengthen, and preserve the sight. Hundreds of testimonials have been received testifying to the efficacy of these Spectacles, which have proved, in many cases, beneficial when all others have failed. Sir JULIUS BENEDICT, 2, Manchester Square, London, W., writes:—"I have tried the principal opticians in London with out success, but your spectacles suit me admirably, both for reading and walking. The clearness of your glasses, as com- pared with others, is really surprising. I shall at all times re- commend them." The Ven. Archdeacon PALMER, 17, Victoria-square, Clifton, writes:—"Henry Laurance's Spectacles are better than any I have had, especially for reading at night." C. B. RADCLIFF, Esq., M.D., 25, Cavendish-square, London, W., Consulting Physician to the Westminster Hospital, writes "Your Spectacles are highly appreciated by me, and are a great mpro vement on my old ones, and suit my sight better." Mr HENRY I,ATRANCE',S pamphlet, "Spectacles their iUse and Abuse," with a lengthened list of testimonials, can be had ORATIS on application to the ABOVE AGENT, from whom these Spectacles can only be obtained. All Spectaclcs stamped" H.L." 21 DAYS ONLY. Great Clearance Sale; GENERAL DRAPERY. London House, Pontypool, Messrs. WILLIAMS & Co. Beg most respectfully to announce that they are now offering their SURPLUS STOCK OF GENERAL DRAPERY AT AN ENORMOUS SACRIFICE. Having just made large Contracts, previous to the advance of Linens, Cottons, and Silks, they will be prepared to offer the same at Prices Lower than have ever been known. Circulars containing details, including particulars of Specialp urchases, to be had on application. Sale to commence on Saturday next, August 2nd, 1879. KINO'S First Visit to Pontypool z tv WILLIAMS i Co. LONDON HOUSE, PONTYPOOL, ARE THE SOLE AGENTS FOR KINO & CO., LONDON, Court, Naval, & Military Tailors, and Habit Makers. A large Quantity of Garments, MADE BY THIS FIRM, Have already been supplied to the Clergy, Gentry, and Nobility of this Neighbourhood through Messrs. W. R. WILLIAMS & CO. W. R. WILLIAMS&Co. Have this week received ANOTHER DELIVERY Of New Patterns of West of England, Cheviot, Scotch, and Chipping Norton Tweeds, Homespuns, &c., at Prices that must command further Increase in the Sale of these Goods. ORDERS ARE RESPECTFULLY SOLICITED FOR Kino's 12s 6d Trousers] Kino's 45s Suits Kino's 21s Overcoats Jj /s Gentlemen waited upon at their Residences. TERMS: Casli on Delivery. WILLIAMS & CO., London House. Pontypool. JOHN BERRIE, Dyer, French Cleaner, AND FINISHER, 14, OLDHAM STREET, MANCHESTER AGENTS FOR PONTYPOOL- W. R. WILLIAMS & Co., Drapers, London House. ABERDARE—D. Williams, Draper, 5, Commercial Place. CHEPSTOW—John Reynish, Clothier, &c. PONTYPRIDD-T. S. Jones, Draper, Albion House Every description of LADIES and GENTLEMEN'S DRESS, CURTAIN FABRICS of all materials, CHINTZ, CRETONNE, and DIMITY CURTAINS and COVERS Cleaned or Dyed, with the most complete and most recently-invented Machinery. SPECIAL ATTENTION Is called to the DRESSING of LACE CURTAINS, at ONE SHILLING PER PAIR, producing an INCOM- PARABLE FINISH whereby they hang much longer than by the usual method. The Most Extensive English Dyer WILLIAMS & CO., LONDON HOUSE, PONTYPOOL.