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,]. luzK .{ CUTTINGS FROM BOOKS. ttp ,u —— TTT* 07 NAi?oi.KON'd: E,CULI BRA NCES. -When irt/lbr.*? Emperor N»i»<>leon^ III. was writing his I-; fe of C«s*«r," 1 and was casting ambitious gliwii u* at, a ( liiyiilH^ilWAcaileiny, a poeb, whose tfttma llalt bo unknown to fame, wrote a few NsOftcq on the cniperurV work, referring to him tnrna the- greatest C«-*r of these later year-j.t Wiltt YeLiji-it, the oin|>eror sent him a splendid dia- iiu|» Hnil -fto inviltvlioii to call at the wtuilet-iefq. When Ibo poeb Callie the emperor V.reetJiveu trim, iuhJ after some conversation asked lie, "No sire." "And why «ndiM> fc See here. Would you a .IjhI-v, y^unii,' beautiful, of ardent dia- ttnei with « handaome dowry, if you t;:1D1, Huuh « una, wh« mrn»rwilling to have you I shuuM be only too happy." fteff .cn|uw here to inortow night at I wiU;'i*ea^it..yo«,t«; her." At Lhe ap- oa w*3 admitted to the Cial- |'i«*«noo.. oiii,i,eror was in street) J:,c;«t., .1-4. at OU ptJf; •<! a large cloak and a .b," lb., cn9ccak'i; lii^. identity, aiiii led tho poet -to a UOOT-, "i'iieie they entered a coach and were^d riven to :t, bijou villa that stood in the £ (Q«itj|d^ jriii a retired part of the city. ,My* ^Vriu,' said the emperor, Ajjuvy. ihe '.to, present .jM,- ——, who corner us a £ u*'fUur r'oi ypiu' liaivjl.1' Tljen be abruptly left The poet did not repent his bargain. t"Urtil the lady repdy, h& accept his wooing, td-iAiv], i-fi',wi.f,{f'lha|i the bt)i)erial favour depended *< *$>«)» Uits 'r«iiour be did not seek to learn her mnpm*h• ■liMeoryy-. 'i'liey. ww« married a few ^•<week-» i,rbri the bribe'sdowry being one hun- pot)ad#. The poeb was never J' '•j?* hivit'ed' to the Toilerfe* however, nor did cv'jr h<^aht riava 'a per^biral interview with Jf'thW e^ifieinr, iSrt^heeoon t'edeived, to his ear- prise, an appointruefnt Intlve diplomatic service i«» 1\; dintant».pi»rt of the wor'^1. This he accepted b 11 1 .u.lld n eui. there to live, his wife, of course, ac- Cu.HKiny i-i.;J* him, -His career there was a pros- I tie remained there until his ouatli, which occurred six years ago. His widow then returned ta'Pat ia and became tJl¡:J wi:"o of a Rukasiix* iipl>le*ian. On the occa- *'j BHM of the poei-'Iiplomat/ist A death a remark *jlwa9 urn* to by General Floury, the confidential /friend ami business agent pf the late Emperor. BJ He was a !uckychap," <aid F!eury, "to geb ■ such a wife a.nd it was a hard bib of luck for the e'.iiperor to have to pay'such a price to geb I?Yitr of so charming an dncumbrahce." A WARWIOS LEGBWD'A well-established jiraJitioii is, that "fam a ba d nois'd thro' every corner of the land, how that a dreadful and 8) monstrous beast, formed by mageck skill into jhe likeness of a cow, or rather a cow of vast twilk po**e88ed_ by some tempestuous spirit, did terrifie the neighbouring plains, destroying the cattle round about, and putting all their keepers into flight, being so strong and swifb V motion that ib was thought no human force n could have destroyed it; the monstrous de- icription of her, as followeth, is affirmed by authors of great integrity and worth that she \.8S four yarjs in height, six In length, and had a head proportionable, armed with two sharp borns, growing direct, with eyes all red and t. fiery, which seemed to dart lightning from afar, *■' She being, of a dun colour, from whence she was na ;ied the Don Cow, and the place, nob '•many ifiiles distant from Warwick, where she "haunted, from that monstei' took the name of "4 • Dunsinore' Heath, which nattne it keeps to fcfiis day." This agreeable raoncter Guy of Warwick set forth to alaf, Khig Atheletan having offered knighthood and' gttta of greab worth to' her rdestroyer;* He fouttd her in a thfdteb of tt-fe<Jo "hent 1l1if1 had used to lodge," with carcases of men 4nd lying about. VJtoarhig borrfbiy ''a*»(#" t4H%kdfUl eyes" made for Guy, whrt, j.llme of the ex- w Jjetteigi) arelier8 in BngTfli^Av his bow of steel, and drawing an atTb#.tA- 4S*e hitad, let fly." ■d^BM ;NJ raboii it JW,. from-A life CcftrfsMDe as from of.- attacked her ..c11' hLs baK teJftwy aixJiwwiiideitiserninder the ear, the only place she was LOf being i^i'wouddsl ¡ Ui *'ta whereatui pwccriviu^ j tUab she &;groan; im "ob vMn her to JIIg, that through><&e*iimpanetraJ)le akin m; he; tenId; m Jtatz. ekpH,. rti^iy wRh^ftT horrid gtKwn^ si*e tjitoe- iaxpir'd;W<jQoe77'oA**fel»e ribs Vitrewifid; a«#iB)0iwlM»s^iltp(l4ir was hang may m>i$p-i»aam> ilwrff)!;<*•, itMu^Qry^usb be J414ru«k..H4jb Mieurn<>#V-,ft»riitl#»4o)^f«9#Ai9* of the S is a Scotch I d»! ari|iq«aoiatl/K^t1 days I*tW pdp -M.]p- of )»«% fifc to r»««Jiiffl|>^a^^itiaIe JL,'{-,M #HE A^M^I^JUCTERA, 3 r>jnepaated.' bahnw.-in 4^g(s^axpi^f ^Xtard, 1 (tliai»rk(.U»e»,-fpr /eiQ9vHt^ ^jT^s^v^k;ht. t Yr* Ku.g,410 J>u. Ht tha Mw, j^ y»a^(Wjl!iaai Tell shot the apple off, hi« toay r, *)*ely bi? al^wftd, to, be^eve in: o#r gj^r4ier^b, %l,m* (7. M TH« LawvKK'4 POBXBLMT;—»Au.paiaMo::iiiade wreat-i- ht a chm«oiAriattc >w^Hch Iwi. ;di^eovei-ed by acou n tr>r' i I a rtmrti I Ii^i' wttai tHe pOirtcM* of a lowyw- atwnelyr,.Whej W:¡ ade aal-good deal ul money; and:e«la«gflM >14 prdifc^i'1 ml MotlSy, 4rat vaopwifUow ,.had oot -ejilaitft^B^i ifeid re- spectability. Hill": por train nm Ifmh Jap >n| tlie mi f pa*kn»r as,4arge iMk-liift ThMe w VM#.very fI. and very true.—one hand in his breeches pocket is marked day-j-t'bW' f, »- country clients are called in—opinions are passed all cou»t)liiiieii,tary — such as/ "Jfever :sMW' ba vMch; .a likeness in the course ol all ojy born days. Aa li^a *u» as he can stare. Wall,' „i,««raenoogK there he i».V But at lati tl^re ifl f, dijpentient(. -Tiwyft-r 1^plj < Wa l^vyt,midd.I^^ge^ fai;nf^^ with rather a dry look about his mouUu bivi mor»t1 corner of h^s eye, who knew t|)e ^ttoi-iiey well. All eytii, Vero upon him. Kot. like^ fcoir not .lite? Say. where? "Why doq'b you see," said the man, '♦he's gob/his fy&tid iit Ihs breeclKjH pocket. It would a^irVr^ again if "JoI" he had hjs. hand k in noLÍlèr |iersoii The family portrait was removed, _^f>e«c:[klly ^sv< after this, many came on -e I 'PC; j, M the attorney was lawered, the faruier-iobtuin^d), the reputation of a connoisseur. ITJ" PXCTUKH; OF TBr DOCXQKJS,, .WIFE.—Tfiere is a charming story told about J)r.V >fol»^ Brown, who wrote Rab and His Friends," one of the nest delightful of books. Sir Daniel MaeK#0,v the celebrated painter, had inst fiuished a pic- j'* of Mrs. Brown, the .if^df's.. wife. /ri»«y ( c • were both old people then. The picture hftd been sent home, aiid the ,fIoctoj;. and fii* Friends went in to look ab. it. ]t ,^na hanging on tho Wall, and the. old man hø4 nti it for some time in sileitea. Hip nephew, a yottMg man jiisfc back from college, stood by hiui. 't, "A fine picture; but dari'fc.'y6urtUiitlt( un{lfe,p' It raLher flatters the old lady? k, ftippaiitly. The doctor* without! tflk;i»g m! eyes from the picture, put qnt iliif«d andj, »- drew tl»e boy to him. "My, boy," he .fi)niil, /it." Is the troth be.antifuUr.t.old." EPISCOPAL Wrr.The weU-KIIIOWSL ntl potts, Bishop of Exeter, its, 1,1. CI)LOl,rav.,of i.. versation at a diiuier party. menUoned 1lnb;, On one occasion years ainoe, whiie tivouU/iMiing, be lost his watch and chain, witivai I [to, |inip[io^ had been pulled ,fr«n» his pocket- by, the.lotfgb of a tree. Some time afl^i ^^i^U,, >^<1,; stay- f J tng in the same neighboAirhptMi, tWii ajst^lf' fcy. the side of the river, and C^gfljio rife "f secluded spob where he his valuables, and where, to his surprise ami, delight), he found them ujider^a'jbi^r. TTie" „ anecdote, vouched for by the wori^ astonished the coti^vuiy but <. to amuseiuQub by hid "son's ifiquirriig wlietjretf)i the watch, when it a3: fOlUld,. w!! gOIi¡: ■ MNo," replied the bielii)o; wtta. that it was not gone. '■ > -_="<h. PKNA»C £ EX»a'MiBI>INARY.v.' •ni i- Father !lie' twas r t. a priest. A huge, good-natured maay; ,wbp loved )'■ everybody, ami-Was, lov<d:uiir»tia*il bM all ffioi Ur ktiewhim, and by ^^, wh^Awl a4|. l0, faee shone all ;;AhnMo«uv Jind.^ia tailed to see what thMe is in dhria^i^ij jt« «an miserable. i(atlier,MM)()WWf an Irish- S)!' day a 1? ranc^B^ap,, s^yjfufa wiila' in Cork, went to Father M«<3,, Who iire .y Frenclimau told hiin. [twn What aye<ye f W*S jthe r Ah, monpere I aip, aCJWpatnl' yffi?p»Qunc<fli 'fI" id' yith, a f9.J;e,,çeq). frtrrdSfatoli? ar e "Mac, pt&i yes ¡, r>- "What d'ye mane 1 *1' aslo6<$p, ingpu»led.. i' C'(IV<J .yC ,■?* w So ye tould 1118 P _l1 ,(f "I will show to yon Ifany m>„ 1 "I Will ahow to Y()U.);" .(.' al;1 o¥!lfl1 man replied, and, drawing, '^V'.MjLfist 'ogt of tWfr confessional-box into the si^-a^le/ M DegaBF' T0f 1* distort, and contort, and tiri do various other lata of gymnaktic ",L ox "Oh, it's a tumbler ye are," said t09*ble? ,waa IMP ^hi«ievo^a«Sf: ^Ut thu ,hacl, »i>Pae ^W^u^aady^and; e ^Ut thu ,hacl, »i>Pae ^W^u^aady^and; »'• her two daughters," Wno hai„fi«jfyC1o lathee "•• .Mac also, were, teaiting, t and. #Mp"m»B&d<te so& the French tumbler carriiiift'.bn ai' jbeTaad ijaaf^ <!>•• ► > s Jfiinrna'8 face |eAitfi«iiea. affair, but the ytnant^'ladled #e"r^ •' although they did not dare 's^ lacTed Mitice. fit laat mawt^ia'V '{oifi e 1 lyjor.« 6lrIi>TN»aa^a« Tufa*, eii aii(Serf ;i&t<, lather Ya. is t. one of his merry moods. ?uppose—-well, did y°* ^\wW extraordinary •enauee he gave that po«tt k alwffn j »> J W.' 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