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i, NOTICE OF REMOVAL! DAVIS BROS. > f I take the opportunity of tendering to their numerous Oustomers their best thanks for the kind support afforded them for the past 15 YEARS at No. 3, GEOBG STREET, and respectfully solicit. a con- tinuance of the %ame in their I NEW ESTABLISHMENT, oJ 6, GEORGE-STREET, PONTYPOOL. ¡If. ;r. THEIR BUSINESS I W. & A. GILBEY'S WINES & SPIRITS, ROGERS' ALES (IN CASK), WHITBREAD & CO.'S BOTTLED ALES AND STOUT, it" WILL BE CARRIED ON AS USUAL AT THE .c: OLD ADDRESS. Sole Wholesale and Retail Agents, for the Celebrated N ATTEE BLEND OF TEAS. li'r .f:+< -{'=- INMAN LINE- .r Mati Steamers is WeW York. I KUAN AND INTERNATIONAL STEAM t SHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. Stoat LIVERPOOL Every WEDNESDAY, Ð8DiDg at Qaeenstown every Thursday. Moderate Saloon and Second Cabin Fares. ^Steerage Fare an low as by may other FUV"LA= Through Bookings to any part of the STATES tiUIADA, including Manitoba and North and ■gm&-wegt Territory. APPLY to RICHAUDSOK, SPANGS, A Co, 22, Water- -etreet, Liverpool; or to John Morgan, Post-office, Pontypool. Jmhna F. Evans, Stationmaster, Pontnewydd 5S«t Tilney, G.W. Railway Station, Cwmbran m«wy Brain, Poetmaster, Aberaychan. Thee. Bevan, 6, Philip-street, Blaenavon. D. H. Pugh, Post-office, Orumlin. Thomas Yendall, Pioneer Stores, Risca. IIr A. H. Thomas. News Aarent, &c., Blaina. i- ALLAN LINE ROYAL MAIL STIAKBBS TO UNITED STATES & CANADA. .(Under contract withthe Canadian G^erament for conveyance of the Canadian Mails.) FROM LIVERPOOL. Namldian For Quebec and Montreal..Oct. 29 Circassian: For Portland (direct); -Nov. 5 Sardinian .For Halifax and Baltimore. -N-. 10 PuMu Fa £ T?ortland (dieeet) Nov. 19 Cartbag intiln.. -IFer H&Hfaz=d Baltimore..Nov.24 xongolian ForPorUaad (direct) Dec. 3 OCEAN RATES: «a!ooa. 10 to 18 Qwneast Intermediate, £ 6 fe| STEERAGE AT LOWEST RATES. WhZZmeen are landed on the railroad wharf and«M» to trrin without any 25[>gpenae. The oompanf's special oonduetor ac ^«uiia« Weat-bonnd passengers. Note.—This line provides the cheapest ana nMb convenient route to all parts of Canada, ilani- 8K SS the North-WeatPmriacas, British Columbia, JSflie Western States ofWmenca. n TOURISTS, BPOMT8MJSX, on* inner*.— Bound Trip Tiekete combining^ExcursioM to Niagara ■Swthe wonderful scenery ag^SporUng Dstnet* J VTE. "R/vVv Mountains and Bntieh Columbia and! of totewrt i. IdM Mi «d Programme of tours on appheation. delepteR new reports and all the latest maps aacl pamphlets free. Direct service from Glasgow to New York and Boston Philadelphia all the year roana. fail particulars on application to ALLAN BROTHERS CO., James Street, LITEBTOOI. xu BRAIN, Post-office, AbersyChM. M& A. H. THOMAS, News Agent, Ac., Blaina. JAS. ROBERTS, Graig Post Office, Pontypridd. FREDK. ALLEN, 15, Flannel-st. Aber- gavenny. AMERICAN LINE. rrwnTCD STATES MAIL STEAMERS. Ll EVERY WEDNESDAY. -CHnt-class, full-powered iron Steamships* for passengers, equal to any £ S»ean Line. and Mods landed ^pffidelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania 04. Second Cabin Passage, A6 6B. «m»«M ie the SHORTEST WIO BBST KOTJTB to th.6 wST-ApplJ to MCHAEDSON. SPENCK, «d CrTli »ni «*. W.Mt Street, I*rarfHi. Local Agents J. MOMAN, Pontypool. S H. BKAIW, Post-office, Abersychan. A. H. THOMAS, News Agent, &c., Blaina. TBOS. BBVAN Blaenavon. J. THOMAS,] .Commercial-road Tredegar. AMERICA. CUNARD LINE ROYAL JLUL STEAMERS. The Steamers of this line follow the specified Outward and Homeward Tracks adopted by the leading Liverpool and New York Steamship Companies, the Boston Steam- ers leaving the outward and rejoining the homeward route at defined points. FROM LIVERPOOL VIA. QUEENSTOWN-I tT,lo NBW \OBK To BOSTON UMBRIA .Sat, Nov. 28 IPAVONIA ..Thur.,Nov 26 SEBVIA Sat, Dec. 5 SCYTHJA .Thur.J)ec. 3 ETRUBIA Sat Dec, 12 CATALONIA,Thnrs., Dec 10 f SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION at moderate fares for FIRST and SECOND Class Passengers; also through to CHINA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, and AUSTRALIA. STEERAGE PASSENGERS to all parts of America and Canada at Low Rates; those by Boston Steamers booked to NEW YORK without extra charge. THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED, 8, Water Street, Liverpool; OR TO THEIR AGENT, JOSEPH R, MORGAN, Post Office. PontypooL BESPOKE TAILORING. DAVID DA VIES (Upuwrds of w years with Messrs. P-ler)i IS now shewing a splendid assortment of NEW WOOLLENS for OVERCOATS WINTER SUITS, TROUSERINGS, &C.\ made to measure, at very reasonable prioes. MOURNING at SHORT NOTICE. WATERPROOFS OF BEST MAKE. 19, Nicholas Street, PONTYPOOL. 3 doors from Albion Road. THE pONTYPOOL FREE pREsS IS THE BEST MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISERS, AND. HAS A LARGER AND WIDER CIRCULATION Than any other Newspaper published within th Northern Division of Monmouthshire. OFFICES OSBORNE ROAD, PONTYPOOL. Vhe Star of Soaps that out-shines all othen is It Saves AAAB Rubbing. SOAP VENUS Washes the Clothes in double-quick tim BY BOILING & RINSING ONLY. Q A\/|TO T,ME MONEY WMVTO WEAR ft TEAR. Can be used in the ordinary way for all Household Furposes T. Frederick, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, AND CARPET FACTOR, COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, NEWPORT, MON. THE LARGEST MANUFACTORY AND SHOW ROOM IN SOUTH WALES. Special Delivery of CARPETS and FLOOR CLOTHS! Special Delivery of Carpets and Floor Cloths, in the Latest Designs, for the Present Season. FURNITURE MA DE, T 0 ORDER. Every Article Warranted. Prices for good, substantial Furniture not to be equalled. —— All Goods Delivered Free of Charge, t» Spring Vans, to Pontypool and District. — FURNITURE REMOVED. opposrzz or., PAUL'S CHURCH, COMMERCIAL-STREET, ,,1'" NEWPORT, MON. "BE WISE IN TIME." FOR INFLUENZA, COUGHS, COLDS, &c., &c., USE ONLY WOOD'S "BALSAM OF LOBELIA." Avoid medicines offered for sale by inex- perienced vendors, who do not understand the compounding of such remedies, a Chemist being the ionly person qualified to supply the public with a reliable article. The following are a selection from the many testimonials received: Golynos, Nr. PontypooL July Hth, 1891 Mr. Wood. Dear Sir, I am very pleased to state that the "Balsam of Lobelia," which you advised me to try for bronchitis has thoroughly oured me. Heartily thanking yon for your kindness, I remain, Yours truly, WILLIAM PLAISTBD. Upper Pontnewydd, Nr. Newport, Mon., October 24th, 1891 Messrs. W. & G. C. Wood. Gentlemen, Having suffered for some years from the effects of a weak chest with a cough, and bronchitis, Ac., I have tried a host of things, but nothing gave meao much relief as your "Balaam of Lobelia." Yours sincerely, (Y S ) t A SUFFERER. (Y.S.) Sigh Street, PontypooL Messrs. W. A G. C. Wood. Dear Sirs, I have for many yean been affected with .a distressing cough, and. difficulty of bravtifeingr and w»s induced to try Your 16,beH found of the very greatest benefit, and can oonfldeatly recommend it to anyone suffering from any affeeboa of the chest « Yours FAITHRUJG, Prepared frtm the Mtcipe of the lots SDWIN r WOOD, only by W. & G. C. WOOD, Chemists by Examination, STAMP OFFICE, PONTYT u. Seld in Bottles, 1L and Is.$jint by Post for Is. 3d. r # it." D. BERES » CMJMJNCE G-RAJG |JTOOL. Every class of dist by HERBAL M .CINE. 1 induced to try your" Balaam of Lobelia^ WWoh Ih**o found of the very greatest benefit, and can oonfldeatly recommend it to anyone suffering from any affeeboa of the chest « Yours FAITHRUJG, Prepared frtm the Mtcipe of the lots SDWIN r WOOD, only by W. & G. C. WOOD, Chemists by Examination, STAMP OFFICE, PONTYT u. Seld in Bottles, Is. and Is.$jint by Post for Is. 3d. r # D. BERES » CMJMJNCE G-RAJG |JTOOL. Every class of dist wd by HERBAL M .CINE. • Wonderful cures in" Wrexham, Merthyr, Tre- degar, New Tredegar and Aberdare, of Rheu- matism. Bronchitis, Asthma, Gravel, Dropsy, Indigestion, Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Coughs OTOS kinds, Nervous Affections, Palpitation of the Heart, Abscesses, Ulcers, Bad Legs of long standing, apd in fact most forms of disease that flesh is heir to. All kinds of WORMS ERADICATED WITHOUT FAIL. Advice given free in all cases. DAOTEL'8 *SA? Rotal D^1-'8 ROTA1C^8 JJANIEL'S 8^gJsS0d f°r Jt^^QAKBS* DANIEL'S q T> OYAL Z^IAKES They are U, T^ANIELS factured *ith TYOTAL /^AKESJ I I *reat care, from. XV> I# R0TAI0UCE8; JJANIEL'S materials. J^OYAt 0AKES- standing, and in fact most forms of disease that flesh is heir to. All kinds of WORMS ERADICATED WITHOUT FAIL. Advice given free in all cases. DAOTEL'8 *SA? Rotal D^1-'8 ROTA1C^8 JJANIEL'S 8^gJsS0d f°r Jt^^QAKBS* DANIEL'S q T> OYAL Z^IAKES They are U, T^ANIELS factured *ith TYOTAL /^AKESJ I I *reat care, from. XV> I# R0TAI0UCE8; JJANIEL'S materials. J^OYAt 0AKES- 13 materials. J^OYAt 0AKES- DANIEL'8 jQANIEL'S his branches. ROYAL c AKES bw obtained at aU Daniel, Family Grocer, Pontypool. IMPORTANT NOTICE. THOMAS CARTER, Of the NEW INN, BEGS to thank the inhabitants of New Inn and the surrounding district for the kind support they have rendered him in procuring a WINE and SPIRIT LICENCE. for his house at New Inn, and begs to assure them that nothing shall be left undone on his part to supply WINES and SPIRITS of the best brands at reasonable prices, trusting, that by so doing he will secure a share of public patronage. WINES AND SPIRITS Of the best quality, in bottles from HALF PINTS upwards, will be supplied at the most moderate rates. GOOD STABLING ACCOMMODATION- Awarded First PRIZB MEDAL, Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition, 1887, and Sydney Centenarv Exhibition, 1888. TO PICTURE FRAME MAKERS AND DECOBATOBS fenAHMT House in LeadenJu;*»««*.and Foreign miar-T^y!j.L.Kgtar* TT?7 de8Cription' andffitisr. Bvery i«q«iaitefor tajdeand exportation! •pjW rttaatioato Country Oritor". Fall partteulars in New «ad Catalogue* (MM^^jpemy,j*ri«ed fat 1S91) tor three penny stamp*H. MORBLL, *17 and IS. flwat M. AadN« SteMt, BlWMbury, Lotion.- 8took IMrti w4 MOM of Ola* oa applieatioa. mr Wssssaoottfcs Adaw-I 1 HENKY PEACH, (LATJI PEGLER), Importer & Wholesale Dealer in Wines andSpirits COMMERCIAL STREET. PONTYPOOL. WINES sold from the weod, genuine as imported, at following prioes, for Cadi only, vie.:— WINES (by Imperial Measure.; per G*l per Dos. per JMtk PORT-Good so 188 Is 6d « Good Fruity Wine. 101( 22s lB lOd M Fine Old Wme 148 308 2s 6d Superior Old Dry Wine 19s 9d as u 6i SQaay Be 188 Is 6d Good Dinner Wine 148 90s 2s id „ Superior Old 19a 6d 3s 6d SPANISH POBT in Bottle i. 6d CLABST ditto It. 18 Is 6d., Is 8d., Ia., 18 3d., 2e 6d., kc. BOVSILLOK ditto IA GD BtjaeuwDT ditto 2s., 2s 6d„ A 3s. CHAXFAeira, Quarts and Pints Moefs Giealer's, Heidsieek's, Ac. t « SPOUTS (by Imperial Measure.) par 0*1. per Dm. per Bottle. BnANDT-Impeml 16b 83s 2s lOd Good French (Pile car Brown) 28B 42s 8s 6d Finest Selected Old. 26s 5U 4e 6d Martell's, Hennessy's, and other cased Brandies, per ease or bottle, at lowest pricee. WHISKY—Good lrish 1811. 2s lOd OWMal^ 10 year* old 22s 48s 4eOd Highland Scotch 20s 42s 3s 6d Girx-Fine London Me 27, 2s 4d Very Beat (Nichebms) 148.. 801 2e 6d Hollands (Original Cases) 80s 2s«d Bu*—Fin* Strong 14s 80s 2s til Innest Jania" (old).. 1" 818 fefd ASXKT ferJlesln B& eo:. Burton Ales and Stoat, on draught, la casks and bottles; Watkins A Son's (Hereford) Famous Hoasehold Ales, Golden Sunlight., ke. j GNinness's Stoat am. in mak, (m in bottle. Bottles and jars charged; foil price allow«d «i rctnra. Prices Quoted for Wine* and Spirits by Oask* is bond, upon application. HENRY PEAQH (late PIOLim), NOTED OLD WIlfB A RPTRTT IIOV81. COMMEBCIALOTBEET PONTYPOOL. GEMERAL S SToREs, PONTNEWYNYDD CWMFFRWDOER. — — GOOD CAKE WALL'S CURRANT, SEED, OR SULTANA, UNEQUALLED AT TUB PRICK. TO COMMITTEES & SUPERINTENDENTS OF SCHOOLS- GIVE WALL'S CAKE ONE TRIAL. Sure to please and give every satisfaction, and save your funds. NOTE ADDRESS W. G. WALL'S SUPPLY STORES PONTNEWYNYDD. ALL ORDERS RECEIVE PROMPT AND PUNCTUAL ATTENTION. uim Grate POli"sh. No Hat-d VVc)t-k. CROWN HOTEL, PONTYPOOL. B. TANNER, PROPRIETOR. WHOLESALE AND BOTTLE DEPARTMENT. SPIRITS SCOTCH WHISKY— GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Good 16/- 32/- 2/9 Old- 18/- 36/- 3/2 Very Choice and Old 24/- 48/- 4/2 IRISH WHISKY— GAL. DOZ. BTLE Good (Half-proof) 10/6 21/- 1/9 Extra Quality (Strong) 16/- 30/- 2/8 Very Fine 20/- 40/- 3/6 Fine Old Dublin (Choice) 22/- 44/- 3/10 LONDON GIN- GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Half-proof 9/- 18/- 1/6 Fine London 12/6 26/- 2/3 Nicholson's Superior 14/- 28/- 2/6 BRANDIES— GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Good Sound 16/- 33/- 2/9 French 19/- 38/- 3/2 Very Fine Old 27/- 54/- 4/6 MartelVs and Hennessey's 0 00 000 at Store Prices. RUM- GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Half-proof- 10/6 2V- 1/9 Good 15h •*> 2/6 Fine Old Jamaica 16/- 32/- 2/9 PORTS— GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Nice Fruity Wine 10/s 21/- 1/10 GoodInvaud<Sandeman's) 16/- 33/ 2/10 Fine Old Crusted Porti, i, Great Variety, from 36/- per Dozen. SHERRIES— Carefully Selected Pale and Gold from 112 per Bottle to 5/- CLARETS- From 1/- per Bottle to 6/ Pints, 2/- per Double Dozen Extra. I CURE FITS! I have made a life-long ttudy of the disease of Fits, K^ilejay, ot Falling Sickness, and when I pay/CURE, I do not mbmi *atly to stop them for a dine and tn^n iiave tbeia return agaia, 1 a^aa a Radical Care. 1 have known my remedy to core (be wont cases. Because others have failed to core you is no «WM*r you should continue to luffer. Send at once for BIT TRRATISB M» laliwigh qariwtft lutcm dr. ..i w. j .,4 i NOMPINIL, CHAFF CUTTERS .1 FOR COACk-fiOlJSEY AND COLLIERY. Prices, &c., from J. S. STONE, Clarence Place Works, NEWPORT, MON. PONTYPOOL PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, PONTYPOOL. PROSPECTUS. TRUSTEES. faor the purposes authorised by the ActvfRtrHcment,S7 and 38 Vict.; c. 42, S.8S&28. Mr. William Collins; Mr. Edward Jones, J.P_ Mr. BAward James PbillipB, J.P., Mr. Alfred A. Williams, J.P. < DIRECTORS. Mr. A A Williams, JLP^ MaesderwenJChairman ot Directors. Mr. E. FDwlOrZPODtYP-L VietHThairmannof jDirectors. -Liout,-COL J. B. Wright, jjp. Mr. J. Goodenough, Pastes. Qowerton. J £ p. W. H. Haakins, Ponty- Mr Isaac Butler, JJPJPanteg pool. 5?" S'?ontyp°°l- Mr. J. Morgan, Pontnew- Mr. W. H. Da vies, Abersy- ynydd. „ syejian. Mr. H. A. Saunders Panteg. Xr<LD^vl8I *oa*ZPooL Mr. D. E. Williams, Vanteg Mr. H. Feather, Griffiths- Mr. J. W. Upstone Ponty- town. nkoiL [DOOL Mr. E. B. Ford, PontypooL Mr. W. R. Williams, PoAty- BANKEBSw The Bristol and West of TTngianft Bank, Limited, Pontypool. SOLICITOBS. Messrs.lEdward8,{Le Braaeesr, ft Bo wen, PontypooL SECBETART. I Mr. John WalterojGriffithstowm TREASURER. Mr. William Collins, PontypooL ARBITRATORS. Colonel Byrde G°ytrey Mr LL Llewelyn, Abersychan T t> ^?NTYPOOL- Mr. W. L. Pratt, J^Pontnewynydd. Mr. Dand Williams,Pontnewynydd OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY: To offer a means of investing large or small sums by monthly subscriptions, or otherwise, at a good rate of interest, and, To lend the monies so accumulated for the purpose of purchasing or building houses redeeming mortgages, &c. MONEY NOW READY TO ADYANCE. For further information, reports, &c., apply to the SECRETARY or the MANAGE^, Bristol and West of England Bank, Pontypool A WONDERFUL MEDITXNE. BEECHAM'S PILLS A a ftin" a bm to the bobmh?. awirt■che, giddiness, fulness aad mrelttns after yd drowsiness, cold chills, flashiags o heaU M« ot toesth, oostiTeness, searvr Notches <« »• «^ .^i»tarbed sleep, frighfal dreams, and will minutee. Every mAoer k earnestly ounrei. i BOX. Por fMSffri. *f *7,y^S Pills are inralnable, as a feir doses of tha gwry eg all humours, and bring aboat all that ad-00 FOMAIM abOWd be without them. Then is no mediaae to be foaad to eqa*] Beeeham's Pills for remoT- ing any ototruotom or irregularity ofthesysNm. If taken aeewdiag to the directiong gjT« ^th each box, they will soon restore females of *11 ages to sound and robust health. For a digestion, ani aU disorders of the lirer, they act like '1CAQIC," and a few doees will be iound to work WOMMS upon the most important organs in the human machine. They strengthen the whole muscular synbw. restore the tang-lost complexion, bring back the keen edjrecrf appetite, into action withthe BOSKBUD of the whole energy of the aumaa fnuae. These are "FACTS" testified continually by members of all classes ef I Dto =- iow of the best M to the jrwv"s Debited Rixs W th* Lar,„t 8»U of ami Patent *n th* wortd. BEECHAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. As a remedy for Coughs in general, Asthma, Bronehie Affefitions, Bwwen^L Hhortasas ef Ttoi,4«.» uM Oppression of wheedng, *e-, these HUs <ted umtrallfed They are the best ever ofiered to the publie, an^ will BpeedOr remove that sense ot oppreesion ana of brtslkinc XaHtiss3*{st .c'jssfi Oough will in a sh«t time be removed. Prepared only, and sdd wholesale and retail, by the Pre- Ió14 by DnggiMe sad Patent Medidm TXstsU vi&T ,-yiB ill 10m m «tm mmmom I nrTTTXTTTT SX OZZ™ '■ D-W- SIMPSON YOUTHS' OvEBCOATS TS prepared to shew, for liEPABTKESl? u A J- the present and coming sea- JT>OYS UVERCOATS sons, an enormous stock of Goods, Is now replete wsOa MEN'S REEFERS in Men's, Youths' and Boys' WINTE& YOUTHS REEFERS OUTFITTING Boys' REEFERS WOOUJESS. MEN'S SUITS YOUTHS' SUITS For variety*styles, and cheapness, Rnv^' oTTTrno consistent with good value, EzperieBoedaadPncfiodr UOYS OUITS there is none better. Cotter and Wovkowa MEN'S TROUSERS <*»PI'RAAMA, YOUTHS' TROUSERS ——— BOYS' TROUSERS NOTICE. TRCNRRWRA MEN'S COATS & VESTS AIl Goods marked in plaa rfigures, ? YOUTHS' COATS & VESTS ONE PRICE. Cash peturneditf not To uma-re, 9^5, I'-if" MEN'S WATEEPBOOIS approftd oL 18A to MVL MEN'S SHIRTS ———— ——— YOUTHS' SHIRTS fWteUàreø: SUITS BOYS' SHIRTS D. W. SIMPSON, TCNE^S^ MENS UNDER VESTS YOUTHS' UNDER VESTS Crane-street ( BOYS' UNDER VESTS AND MEN'S CARDIGANS Market-street, OVERCOATS MEN'S HOSIERY P 0 N T Y PO 0 L.. To YOUTHS, Hosimy PONTYPOOL. BOYS' HOSIERY MEN'S HATS YOUTHS'HATS A krgestockof Hen'» m/X 0VEEC0AT8' 8IIIT8' JXLHN o VAfS AKD who is g>^ng evejy aafi&- YOUTHS CAPS TROUSERS BOYS CAPS "RRNP PVn 17__ Made on the Premises (equal to ORDERS WILE. KB JliTC., ILTC., HjTC.) hTC. bespoke) ready for wear. ESTEKXED. a tiiit iijjj HOME, SWEET HOME! If you want to make home happy, you cannot do bettft- than go to ;ot BEVAN SC COMPANY, LIMITED, REGISTERED AS "THE CARDIFF FURNISHERS* • FOR EITHER A GOOD HARMONIUM, 1 MF AMERICAN ORGAN. Or one of their Splendid Brass Wrest Plank, Iron- framed, Full-compass £ THIRTY GUINEA PIANOFORTES. ] These Instruments are Warranted for Ten Years, have handsome Walnut and Gold Cases, and are fully to those generally Sold by Music Warehousemen de- > pendent upon the Sale of Musical Instruments alooe, f for their large profits, at from Forty-five to Fifty j Guineas each. See it before purchasing elsewhere,, and t you will then admit, as hundreds of Customers have .c already admitted, that they are j MARVELLOUS INSTRUMENTS FOR THE MOK [ETV j In fact they have repeatedly been VALUED AT SIXTT I GUINEAS EACH. | • J COMMON PIANOS £12 10s., £17 10s., & JE21 EACH. "1 A Thoroughly Reliable Iron-framed Pianoforte (Ten Years Warranty) 926 5G. j Harmoniums, with Organ-shaped Tope, V; 178 6d. 1 AMERICAN ORGANS FROM 7 TO 35 GTJTVEAS BEVAN & COMPANY, LTD..s -1 PONTYPOOL AND CARDIFF. j The Largest, Best, and Cheapest Furnishers, in Monmmwt" j shire and South Wales. ILLUSTRATED CATALOGUES AND DELIVERY OF AT.T. OQOINA „R.™ OP CHARGE. WJOUA FKEB ) J • J I EARTHENWARE, CHINA, AND GLASS J WAREHOUSE. 010 NOTED FOR SUPERIOR QUALITY" A ..( O AD LOWEST PBICES. j ta I»Inow Showing the LATEST fSL DESIGNS in 1 DINNER, TEA, & BREAKFAST SETS, yr,h 1 AND ALL KINDS OF TABLE AND FANCY GLASS. DINNER BETS (56 PIECES) FROMTEA SETS (lit PIECES CBINA}I^-