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MP M LA RG EST F SALE H) OF AST 'r ,f,' PACKET- u'lOd. "V TEA. 7 & .2s, 2s. 4d. V ,JA KOTUU;: i "V 2s. lOd. — V 1 SOLE IY -DAVIS BROS. POtftYPOOL;1 ( f., I j Handy Pocket Diariesfo oacTi Purchaser. ..L. INMAN LINE- Rogml Mail Steamers to New York. INMAN AND INTERNATIONAL STEAM i. SHIP COMPANY, LIMITED. From LIVERPOOL Every WEDNESDAY, Honing at Queenstown every Thursday. Moderate Saloon and Second Cabin f area- peerage Fare as low as by any other First-class Use. Through Bookings to any part of the STATES fw CANADA, including Manitoba and North and South-west Territory. APPLY to RICHARDSON, S PJCNCE, & Co, 22. Water- ■twCUwrpool; or to John Morgan, Post-office, PontypooL Joshua F. Evans, Stationmaster, Pontnewydd BobeitTilney, G.W. Railway Station, Cwmbran Henry Brain, Postmaster, Abersychan. Thoe. Bevan, 6, Philip-street, Blaenavon. D. H. Pugh, Post-office, Crumlin. Thomas Yendall, Pioneer Stores, Risca. Mr A. H. Thomas. Newe Ascent. &c.. Blaina. ALLAN LINE ROYAL MAIL 8TEAMEBS TO UNITED STATES & CANADA. (enter contmetwith the Canadian Government for conveyance of the Canadian Mails.) FROM LIVERPOOL. Nnmidian For Portland (Direct) Dec. 17 CirCMsfan For Halifax and Baltimore Dec. 22 rarisian For Portland (Direct). Dec. 31 MWolian For Halifax and Baltimore Jan. 5 I. For Sortland «ie«t) J.H OCEAN RATES: Saloon, 10 to 18 Guineas; Second Cabin, £ fi 681 BTEERAGB AT LOWEST RATES. Through Tickets to all Stations at Special Bates uftld&dod on the nulroiid wharf and twos «J!«Sa from ship to train without any inconvenience aj&jnupense.The company's special oonduotor so* <n3@TOes West-bound passengers. m/r Note.—This Line provides the cheapest and «ost oouvenient route to all parts of Canada, Mani. Stft. and the Jforth- West- P ro*in-c^e, British Columbia, adsttte Western States of America. J4? TOURISIS, SPORTSMEy, and Others.- Sound Trip Tickets combining'Excursions to Niagara the wonderful scenery am} Sporting Districts e Rocky Mountains and JBritish Columbia and anSU&ther places of interest in United States and CamSda. Programme of tours on application. British delegates new reports and all the latest maps and pamphlets free. Direct service from Glaejrow to New York and Boston gnu Philadelphia all tho year round. "I wtiontan on application to ALLAN BROTHERS 4 CO., James Street, LIVERPOOL. r Mb BRAIN, Post-office, Abersychan. MB A. H. THOMAS, News Agent,, Ac., Blaina. J AS. ROBERTS, Graig Post Office, Pontypridd. FREDK. ALLEN, 15, Flannel-st. Aber- gavenny. AMERICAN LINE. UNITED STATES MAIL STEAMERS. LlVERPOOLtoPHILADELPHIA EVERY WEDNESDAY. FicA&class, full-powered iron Steamships* Aaamoodation for passengers, equal to any European Line. Passengers and goods landed at Philadelphia on the Wharf of the Pennsylvania Bailroad. Second Cabin Passage, e6 6s. This is the SHORTEST and BEST EOVTB to the W.sT.-Apply to RICHARDSON, SPENCE, and e)., 19 and 22, Water Street, Liverpool. i>«>cfl.l b.;gents: J. MORGAN, Pontvpool. r fT. Post-officr, Abersydifin. r X.'v, p s (li j, ■"wO- t. -t ."Jia. «J. i » >. v u. u.< i ^1-rotov. i AMERICA. CUNARD LINE ROYAL MAIL STEAMERS. The Steamers of this Line follow the specified Outward and Homeward Tracks adopted by the leading Liverpool and New York Steamship Companies, the Boston Steam- ers leaving the outward and rejoining the homeward route at defined points. PROM LIVERPOOL VIA QUEENSTO".il LO NSW \ORIC TO BOSTON £ HBRIA Sat Jau, 2 PALMYRA Thur., Dee 31 OAilJA.Sat,Jan. 91 PAVONTA Thur., Jan. 7 ETRUJii^ gat., Jan. 1-6 ALEPPO Thur., Jan. 14 SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION at moderate fares for FIRST and SECOND Class Passengers; also through to CHINA, JAPAN, NEW ZEALAND, and AUSTRALIA. STEERAGE PASSENGERS to all parte of America and Canada at Low Rates; those by Boston Steamers booked to NEW YORK without extra. charge. THE CUNARD STEAMSHIP COMPANY, LIMITED, 8, Water Street, Liverpool; OR TO THEIR AGENT, JOSEPH R. MORGAN, Post Office, PontypooL BESPOKE TAILORING. DAVID DA VIES (Upwards a 20 years with Messrs. Fowler) IS now shewing a splendid assortment of NEW WOOLLENS for OVERCOATS, WINTER SUITS, TROUSERINGS, &c., made to measure, at very reasonable prices. MOURNING at SHORT NOTICIJ. WATEBPROOF8 OF BEST MAKE. 19, Nicholas Street, PONTYPOOL. 3 doors from Albion Road. TEC pONTYPOOL "REE pRESS IS THE BEST MEDIUM FOR ADVERTISERS, AND HAS A LARGER AND WIDER CIRCULATION Than any other Newspaper published within th Northern Division of Monmouthshire. OFFICES OSBORNE ROAD, PONTYPOOL. The Star of Soaps that out-shines all others is VENUS WF It Saves OAA n Rubbing. wOAP Washes the Clothes in double-quick time BY BOILING & RINSING ONLY. C A "VT* T'Mr MONEY p< v/fcu "'G/'H "• V, rf 1::t1 i-oft \1. "rc.f hi vrzj for all Household Purposes I T. FREDERICK, CABINET MAKER, UPHOLSTERER, AND CARPET FACTOR, COMMERCIAL BUILDINGS, NEWPORT, MON. THE LARGEST MANUFACTORY AND SHOW ROOM IN SOUTH WALES. Special Delivery ot CARPETS and FLOOR CLOTHS! Special Delivery of Carpets and Floor Cloths, in the Latest Designs, for the Present Season. U B N I T U R E MADE TOO R D E R. Every Article Warranted. Pricee for good, substantial Furniture not tie be equalled. All Good, Delivered Free of Charge, m Spring Vtms, to Pmtypool and District. — FURNITURE REMOVED. N. OPPOSITE ST. PAUL'S CHURCH, COMMERCIAL-STREET, 'i' NEWPORT, MON. {'" ,) A I ■in"" "BE WISE IN TIME." FOR INFLUENZA, COUGHS, COLDS, &c., &c., USE ONLY WOOD'S "BALSAM OF LOBELIA." Avoid medicines offered for sale by in perienced vendors, who do not understand the compounding of such remedies, a Chemist being the .Qab'. person qualified to supply the public with a reliable article. (1 ———————. The following are a selection from the many testimonials received: Golynos, Nr. Pontypool, i, x July 11th, 1881 Mr. Wood. TVftr Sir* I«n very pleased to staU that tha "Batoani of Lobelia," whioh you advised mo to try for bronatutis has thoroughly cured me. Heartily thanking you for your JandnesB, I remain, Yours truly, WILLIAM PLLIATBD- TJvoer Pontnewydd, Nr. Newport, Mon., j October 24th, 18»1 C Wood. Gentlemen, Having suffered for some years from tne effects of a weak chest with a cough, aid bronchitis, &c, I have tried a host of things, but nothing gave me so much relief as your Balsam of Lobelia." Yours sincerely, A SUFFERER. (T.S.) High Street, PontypooL Messrs. W. 4 G. C. Wood. Dear Sirs, „ I have for many years been affected witn a distressing oongh, and dimciilfey of, and was induced to try your Balsam of Lobelia," which I have found of the very greatest benefit, and can confidentty recommend it to anyone suffering from any affection or the chest. Yours faithfully, R. TYLBB. Prepared from the Recipe of the late EDWIN WOOD, only by W. & G. C. WOOD, Chemists by Examination, STAMP OFFICE, PONTYPOOL. Sold in Bottles, Is. and Is. 9d. each. Sent by Post for Is. 3d. and 2s. 1 D. BERESFORD, 28, CLARENCE STREET, PONTYPOOL. Every class of disease treated by HERBAL MEDICINE. Wonderful cures in Wrexham, Merthyr, Tre- degar, New Tredegar and Aberdare, of Rheu- matism, Bronchitis, Asthma, Gravel, Dropsy, Indigestion, Liver Complaint, Jaundice, Coughs of all kinds, Nervous Affections, Palpitation of the Heart, Abscesses, Ulcers, Bad Legs of long standing, and in fact most forms of disease that flesh is heir to. All kinds of WORMS ERADICATED WITHOUT FAIL. ———-———————— Advice given free in all cases. IMPORTANT NOTICE I MR. W. MARSHALL, AUCTIONEER, YALUEP^A GENERAL COMMISSION AGENT, OF 30, CASTLE STREET, TREDEGAR, BEGS TO AJCNOUNCE THAT HE J&&S ESTABLISHED AJNE RANCH OF HIS Busnmss, As above, at 3, JOHN STREET, and the SrflP HOTEL, PONTYPOOL, All Commmucations ildaresoed -a";ubre" wi-ii r6mive prompt attention. Terms :staictly -settlements guaranteed. PERSONAL EVERY SATURDAY. DlPOJrr ANT NOTICE. THOMAS CARTER, Of the NEW INN, "T> BQS t<5 Ifeank tbp, inhabibmto ot New Ion and the surrouading district for the kimd support they lave rendered him in procuring a WINE and SPIRIT LICENCE for his Rouse at New Inn, and begs t-0 assune them that nothing shatt be left andone on his part to supply WINES and SPIRITS of the best brands at reasonable prices, trusting that by so doing he will secure a share of pablic i patronage. WINES AND SPIRITS Of the beii quality, in bottles from HALF PINTS upwards, will be supplied at the moat tnoderate rates. GOOD STABLING ACCOMMODATION• AWARDED First PRIZB MEDAL; Adelaide Jubilee Exhibition, 1887, and Sydney Centenary Exhibition, 1888. 0) TO PICTURE FRAME MAKERS AND DECORATORS puBAPGST Hondo ill London for Bngliah and Foreign VS Picture Frame and Room all the nevest designs. Two million feet always in stock. Veneered £ Fancy Wood Mouldings, die.; Picture Frames of every description, Oleographs, See. Further reduction in prices. Wholesale Carver fin" GtM" re,- tail, 4r>r wid exportation. ""t;. 1 n.ti l "AU F, *■" • ir q • te. ''XJK ",1 & oft; ,f 4U "P'J M l»: "in- pr-ci, -'tin. -It '• '«> '► OfAH ■• t' Ij >lst.. «. J-U— Li»t« ttiid Privet* of OUM> luontu.y, oo *y,»ue<»t«»u. KP* Pleue note the Address. 17 and let. HENRY PEACH, (LATs PBGLE-R), Importer & Wholesale Dealer in Wines and Spirits COMMERCIAL STREET. PONTYPOOL. WINDs sold from the wood, genume as imported, at following prices, for Caah only, Ym. Vf WINES (by Imperial Measure.) per GtIJ. per Dex. per Bottk PORT-Good & 188 Is 6d » Good Fruity Wine 108 22s Is 10d, M Fine Old Wine 14s 30a 2s 6d II, Sttperior Old Dry Wine. 19& 9d 42s St 6d SHXSBT 88 18a Is 6d M Good Dinner Wine. 14s 808 2s 6d » Superior Old 19s fid 42s 3s 6d SPANISH POST in Bottle Is 6d CLAErr ditto 18. Is Is 6d., Is 9d., 2B., 2S 3d., 2e 6d., Ae. EOUSILLON ditto le ed BUBOUNDT ditto 2a., 2s Gd., & 8s. CHAMPAONS, Quarts and Pints Moet's Giesler's, Heidsieck's, Ac. SPIRITS (by Imperial Measure.) per Get. per Do*. per Bollle. BRANDT—Imperial. 168.. 338 2s lOd Good French (Pale or Brown) 208.. 42s 8s 6d Finest Selected Old. 26a 543 4a 6d Martell's, Hennessy's, and other cased Brandies, per case or bottle, af lowest prices. WIIIIXT-Good Irish 168.. 83s Ie lad DubliJ) Old 188 36e 8s Od Old Malt, 10 years old 22a 48s 4e Od highland geotc-li 208.. 42s 8s 6d GiN-Fine londqu 13s 27s 2s 4d Very Best (Nicholson's) 148 30s 2s 6d Hollands (Original Cases) 80s 2s 6d Bun—Fine Strong 14s.. 80s .6d Finest Jamaica (Old). 168.. 8Ss 2s 9d AGIINT for Messrs lia B4 Coo's Burton Ales and Stout, on draught, in casks and bottles Watkins A Son's (Hereford) Famous Household Ales, Golden SunEght. &c.; Guinness's Stout on draught, in cask, or in bottle. Bottlee and jars charged; full price allowed on return. Prices Quoted for Wines and Spirits by Cask, in bond, upon application. HENRY PEACH (late PEGLER), NOTED OLD WINE & SPIRIT HOUSE, COMMERCIAL-ST^^TONTYPOOL. .——Ti-K. .)"r ,,1,. GENtiRAt iSlHYLY1 STOK £ &^ v PONTNEWYNYDD & CWMFPRWDOB^, .[ > -V r»i' .J' .7" roR IIFIND GOOD CAKE er WALL'S CURRANT, SEED, OR SULTANA, UNEQUALLED AT THE PRICE. TO COMMITTEES & SUPERINTENDENTS} OF SCHOOLS— GIVE WALL'S CAKE ONE TRIAL. Sure to please and give every satisfaction, and save your funds. I" NOTE ADDRESS W. G. WALL'S SUPPLY STORES PONTNEWYNYDD. ALL ORDERS RECEIVE PROMPT AND PUNCTUAL ATTENTION. IZEBRA ts Pot ,h N 0 H-a- r CROWN HOTEL, PONTYPOOL. B. tanner, PROPRIETOR. WHOLESALE AND BOTTLE DEPARTMENT. SPIRITS SCUTCH WHISKY— GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Good > 16/- 32/ 2/9 Old 18/- 36/- 3/2 Veiy Choice and Old 241- 481- 4/2 IRISH WHISKY— GAL. Doz. BTL E Good (Half-proof) 10/6 21/- 119 Extra Quality (Strong) 15/- 30/- 2/8 Very Fine 20/- 40/- 3/6 Fine Old Dublin (Choice) 22/- 44/- 3/10 LONDON GIN- GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Half proof 9/- 18/- 1/6 Fine Loudon 12/6 26/- 2/3 Nicholson's Superior 141- 28/- 2/6 BRANDIES— GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Good Soued 16/- 33/- 2/9 Ftiench 19/- 38/- 3/2 Very Fine Old 27/- HI- 4/6 Martell's and Henn&me,if* 0 00 o at Store Priee*. RUM— GAL. VOZO BTLE. Half-proof 10/6 21/- 1/9 Good 15/- 30/- 2/6 Fine OM Jamaica 16/- 32/- 2/9 PORTS— GAL. DOZ. BTLE. Nice Fruity Wine 10/s 21/- 1/10 Goodluvaud (Sandeman's*) 16/- 33/- 2/10 Fine Old Crusted Ports, in Great Variety, from 361- per Dozev* SHERRIES- Carefully Selected Pale and Gold from 1/2 per Bottle to 5/- CLARETS- From 1/- per Bottle to 6/ Pints, 2/- per Double Dozen Extra. J I have madt 1 life-long study of the disease of rtts, Epilepsy, or t'.illinil "ic-<n<■nil when I say CURE, I do not jnean merely 1 D (or in aad liave them rev *ru "ure. K '■ -> nil- n-1.. tt 1 or't ,t <. nth. ive I.e. 'o f > !> rfit V v >•! "!>;>. **r. S«y, «t •!■«.«. fu> .v » "EAT Ui "lii"3. "Of" of r.. ii.e. it yvO uotiuus a tr ai, H..U lT WiLi- CURE I Dr. H. O- ROOT, 28, Sadeleigh Qardsixs, i.ualou El, LonAoa^ BiW, CHAFF CUTTERS von COACH-HOUSE AND COLLIERY. Prices, &c., from J. S. STONE, Clarence Place Works, NEWPORT, MON. PONTYPOOL PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY, PONTYPOOL. PROSPECTUS. TRUSTEES. (For the purposes authorised by the Act of Parliament, 37 an d 38 Vict. c. 42, g. 25 & 28. Mr. William Collins, Mr. Edward Jones, J.P., Mr. Edward James Phillips, J.P., Mr. Alfred A. Williams, J.P. DIRECTORS. Mr. A. A. Williams, J.P., MaesderwenJ Chairman of Directors. Mr. B. Fowler,SPontypool, Vice-Chairman"ofl)irecton. Lieut-^ol. J. K. Wright, J.P. Gowerton. Mr Isaac Butler, J.P.,Panteg Mr. W. Collins, PontypooL Mr. W. H. Davies, Abersy- gychan. Mr. C. DaAis, PontypooL Mr. H. Feather, Griffiths- town. Mr. E. B. Ford. PontvDooL Mr. J. Goodenough, Pan teg. Mr. W. H. Haskins, Ponty- pool. Mr. J. Morgan, Pontnew- ynydd. Mr. H. A Saunders, Pan teg. Mr. D. E. Williams, Panteg Mr. J. W. Upstone Ponty- moiL [pooL Mr. W. R. Williams, Ponty- BANKERS. The Bristol and West of England B&nk, Limited, PontypooL SOLICITORS. Me&jrsJEdwards^Le Brasseur, & Bowen, PontypooL SECRETARY. Mr. John Walters,GrifFitkstown. TREASURER. Mr. William Collins, PontypooL ARBITRATORS. colonel Byrde, csoytrey. Mr. Ll. Llewelyn, Abersyeban Mr. D. M. Llewellin, PonrypooL Mr. W. L.Pratt, J.P., Pontnewynydd. Mr. David Williams,Pontnewynydd OBJECTS OF THE SOCIETY: To offer a means of fnvesting large or small sums by monthly subscriptions, or otherwise, at a good rate of interest, and To lend the monies so accumulated for the purpose of purchasing or building houses redeeming mortgages, &c. MONEY NOW READY TO ADTANCE. For further information, reports, &c., apply to the SECRETARY or the MANAGER, Bristol and West of England Bank, Pontypool A WONDERFUL MEDIC XNE. BEECHAM'S PILLS ABE universally admitted to be worth aOuinM ft bo* tat Bilious «o<1 Nervous Disorders, such u wind and pain in the stomachy sfafc headaefae, giddiness, fulness and swelling after meals, diseateua and disewsineee, cold ddits, flushings o heat, loss ot .peCite. ghortneae of breath, eostiveneas, scurvy blotdkes on the skin, disturbed sleep,' ftighful dreamt and all nervous and tsembling sensations, fte. The first doss will give relief in twenty jninutes. JErerr suiferer te earnestly invitoa to try ««e box^of tktw fOls, and they win be edgecl to be WORTH A GUINEA. A BOX. For Sawal- of all ages these Pills are invaluable, aa a few 4d8e8 fill the oarry all humours, and bring about all that is ecquaafi- No female should be without them. There is no nudiaM co be found to equal Beeeham'c Pills for ntanov- ing any -efcttruction or irregularity of the system. If taken aooordiss A* the directions given with each box, they will soon restore females of all ages to sound and robust health. For a w-.k stomach, impaired digestion, and all disorders ot the liver, they act like "MAGIC," and a few d,,)sm will be found te wonk wonders upon the most important organs in the hnmurt miirtiMve. They s&engthen the whole musculai system, restore tkc iongrlost oomplcsson, bring back the keen edge oi appetite. into aecion with the ROSEBUD of hettttb the whole pbysi«al energy of the human frame. These are FACTS testified continually by members of all olasses ol Society; and one ot■ the beet guarantees to the Nervous and Debiitated 15. E8c'. Piiia have the Largest sale of mutt Patent dicine in the wortd. BEEC HAM'S MAGIC COUGH PILLS. As a remedy for CougLs in general, AATHM., Bronchia Affections, Hoarseness, Shortmtea of BI, Tightness and Oppression of -Chest, Wheezing. &c., these Pllig stand unrivalled They are the best ever offered to the public, and will speedily remove that sense of oppression and difficulty of breathing Which nightly deprive the patient of rest. Let anr person give OOTGH PIT.r.!i a ii .,v.1 C, -tl- ut- f' .FJ \> II L t Tt-; j», "<<• in. t: L. tie t- l.i. r" L. owe, • Hi, 1A.. U-t •» Sold by all Druggists and latent Medicine Dealers every ▼here. X £ rr*all (UnctMW M« g»TW Ttok neb bw. CHRISTMAS HOLIDAYS. ~PJ W. SIMPSON begs to inform his customers and the public g:eneE*II that his Establishment will be KEPT OPEN ON CHRISTMAS EVE till 10.30 p.m., and will be CLOSED December 25th, 26th and 28th, and RE-OPEN TUESDAY, Dec. 29th. USEFUL CHRISTMAS PRESENTS A Choice Stock of Silk Mufflers, Silk Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Neckties, Shirts, and Hosiery, suitable for Christmas and New Year Presents. ———————————— w A LARGE STOCK OF MEN'S, YOUTHS', AND BOYS' r OVERCOATS—NONE BETTER, G NEWEST STYLES AND SPLENDID VALUE IN EVERY DEPARTMENT. PLBASE NOTE ADDRESS: D. W. SIMPSON, CRANE STREET, PONTYPOO 4Z Buj your Furniture of Every Description, Bedsteads, Bedding, C trpets^ Floor Cloths, Linoleum, Hearthrugs, Fenders, Fire Irons, ? Instruments, &c., of BEVAN & COMPANY, LD., REGISTERED AS "THE CARDIFF FURNISI IERS," Whose immense Stock gives you the largest selection in th" fa pgj^ 0{ the country. An uninterrupted career of over Forty-one Yea rs qSLB n0+ on}y placed this Business in the first rank of the South W: .'ùcs Furnishing Firms, but their extensive operations enable the propr inters to supply thoroughly good and reliable Goods fully Twenty to ri .'hirtv i)er CeaL under the prices usually charged elsewhere. Write for a Catalogue (supplied gratis), or w alk: through the Showrooms and see the Prices before purchasing elseT ilh-ere at consider- ably more money. All Goods are Delivered, by Road or Rail, Free of Charge throughout the Principality and Border Counties. BEDROOM, DINING, AND DRAWING-ROOM SUITES. ,It: At all Prices, from, m 17s. 6d. to ma 158. Od., In Endless Variety, special attention being called to the PRINCESS SUITE f,10 12s. 6d., Covered in splendid Saddle Bags zand High Pile Velvet Bordrs of of various colours. Certainly one of the cheapest Suits ever offered and would last a lifetime BEVAN & COMPANY, LIMITED 21, DUKE-STREET & 97, ST. MARY-STREET, CARDIFF, AXD CLARENCE-STREET & HANBURY-ROAD, PONTYPOO L. NO CONNECTION WITH ANY OTHER ADDRESSES. j At the repeated request of many of our Newport customers, a New Branch will be Opened in that town early in the coming Spring we i having secured for that purpose the Premises, now in course of erection i opposite the Town Hall. i I EARTH E NWARE, CHINA, AND GLASS WAREHOUSE. 7 NOTED FOR SUPERIOR QUAUTY EST PRICES. IS LW Showing the LATEST DESIGNS in D:xvy\ 7r«.. J; .v/r 1 • ;Ii. r TAJI-LII AND FANCY GLA»&. 1 DINNER SETS (56 FITCES) FROM 16;6. TEA SETS (40 PIECES CHINA) S¿'o-