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JONES'S GREAT CLEARANCE SALE OF DRAPERY AND OUTFITTING ————— WILL COMMEKCE TO-MORROW, SATURDAY, JANUARY 2ND, 1892. Our'Stocks in all Departments are very large, and Startling Reductions will be made. MANCHESTER HOUSE, CRANE STREET & MARKET STREET, PONTYPOOL. i v I——i^— — Cheap Scale of Charges for PREPAID Advertisements, of the Wanted," "For Sale," and "To Let" Class. THREE I INSERTION I INSERTIONS 20 Words 6d. Is. 3d. 28 Words 9d. Is. 9d. 86 Words Is. 2s. 3d. 44 Words Is. 3d. 2s. 9d. 52 Words. Is. 6d. 3s. 6d. $maniro. -_v- WANTED, a good General SEBYANT (16 or 17) for general housework, and assist with children good •wages.—71, Broad-street, Blaenavon. 18P WANTED, SHEDDING, or enclosure for a few sheep ;~ateo, tack for a few others. Address, A.B.C., }'j'ee jPrew Office. rp WANTED, a HOUSEMAID—Apply, Mrs MULLIGAN', The Hawthorns, Abersyehan, between the hours of 10 and 12 o clock. ta WANTED, GIRLS to learn Fitting and Machining, Machines driven by steam power also BOYS, to learn Rivetting and Finishing.—Apply, South Wales Boot Works, Abersyclian. ta Q ROCERY AND PROVISIONS.—Wanted' a smart J UISIOR: one accustomed to soli- ting preferred. — Address, giving references d stating salary required, to "GROCER," Free jef e*s Office. ta U T A N T E D, two respectable General SERVANTS.-Apply WAVERLEY HOTEL, P™ WANTED immediately, a young genera1 w SERVANT.—Apply, Mn. ROGERS, 29' CqmBBL rciai-street, Pontypool. rp NTED, experienced general SERVANT —boy kept for knives, boots, etc.—Mrs. CHARES 'BUNKING, Upper Trosnant House, Poatypg* £ £ 2_ -rirAm ?nx respectable MAN, to drive out sat 1 In;1*i;e himself generally useful.— CHARLES £ INNING, Ironmonger, Pontypool. rp WÅ:l.D; t once: strœ1 LAD as Porter. — Av p.) JONES, Manchester House, Pontypool. rta Wa "VTTTT^ Laundress to take a small TTAMTf <Y'S WASHING, weekly; no shirts.—Apply, Mrs. WOOLLEY, Lower Park- terraee. rcp WANTED i± once' ? GI,RL; ^ears> as General fe -ervant.-Appiy, Mrs. ROSSER, 12- Mereton-streai:, *■ °ufryP°oi- rcP WANTED at once, a good respecctable GIRL, wiHit '? tc> 5?sist in shop.-Apply personally to T. S&L. lir-S, Butcher, Blaenavon.i „ rtajt WANTED, APP J TICES and IM- PROVERS 4o ti >e dressmaking.—Apply, Miss E. PROTHEROS, P. aspect House, Ponty- pooL ■ 129ta XXTANTED, by Januai 7J8th, clean, steady VV Girl as General SE1 *YANT one able to wa$b*— Mrs. WATKIXS, Prin '■» of Wales, Ponty- moil. Hp ~%X7 ANTED, in or near Osborne Road, TWO VV FURNISHED ROOMS' immediately.— Apply by letter, stating terms, vto J.J.M.S,'V Pontypool Free Pre*.? Office. rp "V*?" AN TED, in middle of January, a good, T V general SERVANT, who '.understands cooking and hoise-,vork.-Apply, by letter, or personally, to Hl7GIlJ:i, Penygai n, Ponty- ,pooi. ta \\J~ ANTED, at once.HOUSEMAID.—Apply, f T Crown Hotel, Pontypool. rta POXTYPOQti Gas & Water Co.-W-A-NLTED, JL :t COLLECTOil. Applications, giving- references and salary verjnhod, to be sent to the SECRETARY, Gas and "Waiter Offices. Mill-road, Pontypool, on or before the 1st January, 1892. eta TtrANTED, by the 28th December; a. trust- 1" ▼ worthy and reliable "onoral SERVANT, fc- the country.—Apply, by letter, to Miss O A VIES, Brynor.en, Varteg, near PontypooL, eta TXTANTErTa suon- LAO as API^REN- T ▼ TICE to the Tin Shop.—Apply to Ð_VŒ & SANDI^ROOK. Pon,.) pJoI. ta jfOt itlf. A RASE OPPORTUNITY occurs for a couple iiHciidine to commence house- keeping.—A Six-roomed HOUSE TO LET aad FURNITURE to be DISPOSED OF; part cash dov.-n, the remainuer by easy instal- ments.—Address, for lull particulars, to Box," Free Press Oitice. 15cp _.e_' A full comixiss, organ-shaped jLt- ca-es. and warranted lo*- ten years, from X3 175 'id o;y. BEVAN oe Co.. Limited, Farnisiiei's and Music Warehousemen, Ponty- pool. FOR SALr., Prime Home-cirred HAMS.— Apply, F. LEWIS, BiUcher, High-street, Pontypool. 11 op HEAP NEW WAGONETTii, suitable for posting, seat 9 or 10 ulse. thirty new DOGCARTS, &c.—AVEKY, Caxriage Buuder, Newport. 181) LLMARK'S NEW YEAR GIFTS — Ai.LMAKIC, Crane-street,Pontypool. lip 7- u- OUNS FOR SLE.-Several B ree ojthloadng GUNS curly Damascus and fine English twist iMiruli' -jheap sent on approval.^—Apply, J. JEJoiKL\5, Ilp Jk- LLMARK'S NEW YEAR GIFTS.— ■'jflL ALLMAUR. 'Crane-street, Pontypool. lip BENSON'S LEVER WATCHES at 50s. are unsurpassed rcr time-keeping, durability, and strength, and cannot be obtained elsewhere for double the price. AGENTS STILL "WANTED for the supply of these and other watches, clocks, jewellery, phue. cutlery, etc., etc. TFery liberal terms. Full particulars post free.— J. W. BENSON'S Steam Faetorv, <52 and 64, Lud- te HIll, London, E.C. 25ta A LLMARKS r NEW YEAR GIFTS.— jnL Alt.jM.RK, Crane-street, Pomypool. lip «)A GUINEA BELL" ORGAN 10 ttops AV knee levers (nearly new), 12guineas, or on easy payments. Cabinet-top "Karn" Organs, 0 stops and knee-sweii; maker's price, £ 17—cabh, X9 15s., or on (,'i.,sY Pa:yments.- Harms' N & Co., Ciuie-siieet Music Stores, Pontyj' oi. ta -?.i HARMONIUMS—walnut, by c«wr<m; 7! stops equal to now. Cash, ±7 lQfc., or on easy pay me/, is. Capital Cabinet Organ Har- monium, 7 stops aiid 2 knee levors cash, £5 15s, or on ea:?y j-ryniciite,—Harmston & Co., Music Stores, PoKtjpcoi. ta MELODEONS, Concertinas, Violins, &C- JjLL Large selection, at specially low prices. HAKJL-STOK & C(,i Music Stores, Crane-street, Pontypool. ta -s'iNUrNE Five Guinea English Lever V ATCHES. capped and jewelled, for 52s. Five years warranty with each.—ALLMAKK, CraneTstreet. Pontypooi. T E R L I N G Silver full-plate Lever o WATCHES, offered ?»2s.. not to be obtained elsewhere under 63s.—A_LL.\IARK, Crane-strut Pontypool. ^|TERLlNG Silver Getseva. WATCiT ,£"š: M? Hail-marked cases, 12s 16s., 21s.; T lorth mtmb'e warranted 2 year* — ALLMA" rk, 2, Pontypooi. ALLMARlv'S NEW YEA BL ^JRLFTS.— AL:MAUK, Crane-street, Pon Wt'ool. F" OR SAL £ prime Lot of CARROTS: ilso, prime Lot of English POTATOES for Cooking.—Apply, H. KNIPK, Coedygric Farm, Griffithstown, near Newport. ta TX)R SALE, Magnificent AMERICAN ORGAN, quite new, in handsome walnut case, richly 0 carved, 10 stops, two knee-swells. Price 13 guineas; carriage paid both ways if returned ten years warrantee. — W. MASON, LJft.A.M., Old Manor, Hereford. ta q CARAT ENGLISH HUNTING AO WATCH, J plate, jewelled movement, £ 8 15s.—ALLMARK, Crane-street, FOR SALE, VIOLIN, Bow, Case, Resin, extra set of Strings, and Instruction Book. Sent carriage paid, on receipt of P.O. for £118. N.R-Money returned if not approved. W. MASON, L.R.A.M., Hereford. ta HAIR DYE, black, dark brown, light brown, golden, or auburn perfectly harmless permanent, clear, and without sediment; in Is., Is. 6d., 2s., and 2s. 6d., bottles, to be had only at H. Fox s, Hairdresser, Pontypool. 212p WEAK SIGHT.—Pamphlet given away gratis at H. Fox's, where the Largest and Best Selected Stock of SPECS, and FOLDERS are to be seen from Is. pair. Real Pebbles from 5s. at H. Fox's, Commercial-street, Pontypool.—Sole agent for the new patent frame. 212p TECHNICAL CLA.SSES.-Drawiug Instru- JL ments, in boxes, from Is. to 50b. T Squares from 6d.. Drawing Boards. Set Squares, Drawing Paper and Books, Oil and Water Colours, Sable and Camel Hair Pencils.—HUGHES & SON, Pontypool. ta FREEHOLD BUILDING LAND FOR SALE and on lease, in lets, for cottages and villas Machine Meadow, Pontnewynydd. J. DANIEL, Abersychan. ta TO be SOLD BY AUCTION by Mr J. YOUNG, on MONDAY, January 11, 1892, at 28, George-street, Pontypool, the whole of the STOCK—Grocery, confectionery, tea, cheese, sugar, etc., sweets of all kinds BAKEHOUSE UTENSILS and HOUSEHOLD FURNI- TURE, feather beds, millpuff beds, wool mat- tress, palliasses, half-tester and other bedsteads, piano, Stewing machine, washstands and dressing tables, bedroom ware, mahogany dining table (loose leaf), velvet pile carpet and hearthrug to match, fenders ana fireirons, horsehair sof^i chests of drawers, bureau, hangings, and bed- room carpets; a Quantity of Timber, Jelly Moulds, Savoy Moulds, Copper, 3 St. Bernard Dogs, &c. To bt let. O LET, HOUSE, SHOP, and BAKE- HOUSE, at present occupied by E. flutehings, who is retiringfrom business.—Apply to Mr. GUNN, Draper, George-street, Pontypool. — ILest. ^S. REWARDUr-LOST from Freehold Farm, O Pontnew^wpd, Two EWES—one English, black-fa«qd, dprt -Mil, pitch-marked u D in circle a&di^lffe Radnor. rp Y\X^^from""Danycaple Farm, Cwmavon, 14 3 EWES and 1 Black-faced LAMB, marked G.W. raddled across loins; lamb not raddled.—To anyone giving information, Owner will pay expenses. 115p :Jr OTRAYED to Court Farm, Lsavihangel- I Pontymoil, two WELSH RAMS, slitin iWfht ear. Unless claimed within seven days .ill be sold to defray expenses. 18p ^Vlfscellaneotts. SPECIAL NOTOE.—lie DR^ S CLAS-4 held » Park Terrace Board School RE-OPENS To-morrow (Saturday) at 14^jfj»ni. Subjects freehand,. Model,, and Geometry. Students should join at onoe. Fee till May next 2s. per subject. 13a GRAND United Order of Oddfelltwa, Hope of Llanvihangel Ledge, No. 3309. Kindly address all eonranuHi caJaons for the above Lod^e to Mr. Thomas Lindsay, Graham Terrace, Sevastopol, near Newport Mon. I>«. 28th, 1891. rta. REV. E. WILLIAMS, B.D. (late Principal.. Arnold College, Swansea), RECEIVES BOARDERS to prepare for examination er business, at Gresnmeadowr Newport. Fees, extremely moderate. ta OR FIRST-G&ASS BOOTS & SHOES^. made to order; also Repairs, go to* PURCHASE, 1, Kensington Terrace, Osborner Road, Pontypool. 115p DO you know that the only ALES Sold at PEACU'S, Greyhound Vaults, Pontypool,. are those brewed by Messrs. Bass <fc Co., Ltd., Burton on Trent ? The name is sufficient guarantee of the quality- Sent out in all sized, casks, from one shilling per gaMcn, m jugs frolJlt fvi. nr quart. ta ASS & CO.'S Celebrated SIXTY SHIL- LING ALE is. always to be had on draught, in excellent conditita, at PEACH'S, Greyhound V aults, Pontypool. None but Bass & Co.'s Alea- drawn. ta COLT BREAKING by WM. NEWMAN, Abar- k- sychan. Ladies and Gentlemen taught Riding and Driving. Horses bought and soldon Commission. Singeing and Clipping. ta ■ TO BUILDERS, &c. THE HAXBURY ASSEMBLY ROOMS COMPANY,LTD. TENDERS ARE INVITED for the EREC- TION of the NEW ASSEMBLY ROOM. SHOPS, and PREMISES. Amended plans and specifications can be seen at the Office of Mr. El. A. L A N s i) OWN F,, Architect, Newport, Moo. Tenders, endorsed" Hanbury Rooms," to ba sent to DAVID WILLIAMS, ESQ., Osborne House, Pontypool, on or before the 7th day of Jagoazy next. The lowest or any tender will Not neesa- sarily be accepted. By order of the Board. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Pontypool, December 22nd, 1891^ ;i LAU VED SPEE.,T HEt.sRY LAURANCE'S SPECTAC-LES, EYEGLASSES, &C. BEST J' EBBLE SPECTACLES 5/6 AND 8/6 GOOD PEBBLE SPECTACLES 3/6 BÊssr PANTOSCOPIC SPECTACLES 2/6- GOf JD Do. Do. r AND TESTIMONIALS IN THEIU FAVOUB:— v T. SmTH ROtVE, Eso., M.D., Margate, Senior Surgeon to the Royal Sea Bathing Infirmary, Margate, writes: I am more thaa satisfied with your Spectacles. My only regret is that I had not used them long «nc^ SIR JULIUS BENEDICT, 2, Manchester Square, London, W., writes: I have tried the principal Opticans in Lop.don without success, but your Spectacles suit me admirably, both for reading and walking. Tha clearness of yonr glasses, at compared with others, fe really snrprisiag. I shall at all times recommeu* them. SOLE AGENT FOB PQNTYPOOL: E. B. FORD, CHEMIST* times recommeDlf them. SOLE AGENT FOR PQNTYPOOL: E. B. FORD, CHEMIST. 3 BUY ALL YOUR ALES AND STOUT a FOR XMAS FROM H. WHITE AND SONS, BREWERS, PONTYPOOL. ALES from 9d. per Gallon, STOUT from Is. per Gallon; In 4t Gallon Casks, AND UPWARDS. Order DIRECT from the Brewery. No Agents. FC NOTE. The Entrance to the Brewery is now from the OSBORNE ROAD instead of George Street. PREPARE FOR CHRISTMAS SEASON BY VISITING pr WILLIAMS, BAKER AND CONFECTIONER, 31, COMMERCIAL ST., PONTYPOOL. A LARGE STOCK OF CAKE (OF EVERY DESCRIPTION), INCLUDING- CURRANT, SULTANA, SEED, MADEIRA, GENOA, FANCY, SPONGE, SYMNILL, And Sold at Lowest Possible Prices consistent with the excellent quality for which this old-established Business has ever been renowned. ',¡ J;JU¡;/Lr- A GOOD AND WIEEgLESoigia FAMILY CAKB AT 4D. PER LB. WEDDIHO* CAKES -p OF CONSIDERABLE VAKtTY ALWAYS IN STOCK. -1 -——<———— -————————— 'i v -■■■. "i 1 HOUSEKEEPERS BREAD Delivered Daily throughout the IWn and N, eigjibourhood. -==-=. C.Ul i-J. BEYONSHIRE BUTTER" CLOTTED CREAMY SAUSAGES, BRAWN, PORK PIES: DAILY. A Variety of Fancy Goods too, numerous to paiticwlaiise. -rxr^ST MONMO'TITH G3AMM5AR VV SCHOOL, PSNTYPOAIU Tweniy Entranae Scholarships o5 £ 10 anA £ 5 per annum. SPECIAL PBSPARAiTION fombe aboT« at PONTYPOOL HIGH SCHOOL. N.B.-Privat& Instruction during, the Heli- daya. The EASTER TERM aoaunencaa. Januar^lS, 1892. PONTYPOOL HIDH SCHOOL,. PARK-TBRRACE, (PAaK-T.EKKACE SUNDAY SPECML PREPARATION fcxstheUnivarsi- tiesfePr< )fesaional Examinatioiks, Civil Ser- vice, and .Co mmarcial Life. Hours-ef jlttendance—From 9304o 12.30; from 2. £ fl> ta 4.30s. Tuiticm Eee—Prom TWo Guineas per term.. Each. Sdhool Year consists of,'Three Terms. ————— ETEMNG CLASSES FOR ADULT,Sj, Iiw any subject desired. S HORTHAND most rapidly, and effitientlr taught by R;t;, MosEai- Tjjitioii Fee-For Two Lessoa&eswch Week, Ona j Guinea per Quarter. Pupils, may join these Classes, at anjrtime^aak the course oi Twenty Lessors- is reckoned fraco thenaJEn. The? EASTER TERM commences ^be. ISih v of January, 1892. ROBERT FARQUHAR McKERROW, White House, PoatypooL PHIJS^PAL.. "BRIMON. LUL WORTH HOUSE SCHOOL OiP MUSIC AND BOARDim- AXX> DAY SCHOOL FOB GIRLS. PRINCIPAL-MRS. ALFRED 3TFORB|&, L.RA.M. i This school has been enlarged and a Concert- room and Gymnasium 60 ft., by 22 ft. added. Tennis and Recreation Ground one acre. Accomodation will also be provided for addi- tional Boarders. English and Foreign resident Governesses. "Visiting Professors for Drawing, Painting, Geometry, Latin* Violin, &e. Students' ConoerU freenÜl e. Terms moderate and inclusive. Preparation for all Examinations.—'For Prospectus apply to the PrimedpM. it I' LADIES* SCHOOL, MCEiFORD HOUSE, NEWPORT, MON. PRINCIPALS THE MISSES BUCHANAN- p" UPILS have been -very successful in exam- inations during the pas £ year. One gained first place in England in English History, and another the prize given to the Newport centre by the London College of Music. Resident Foreign G ovwmen Comfortable Home for Boarders-Garden and Tennis lawn-Vacan(W for Governess Pupil. NEXT TEBTF BEGINS 19Tia JANUARY, MAESYCWMMER. HE SOUTH. WALES gCHOOL FOR GlRJuS, 'IELD ^UMMESFIELD HALL. BATBOKS, The Bight Honanrable Lord TJREBEGAR- Col. die, Hon. F. C. MORGAN, M.:?- Sir GEORGE WAXKEP_ Bart. Sir WILLIAM THOMAS LEWIS- ALFRED THOMAS, Esq., M.P. 1 School to, meet the- timesc good, cteap, and. com- foirtable; and situated in one of the healthiest and most picturesque apots in. the Pziacipality- Pi-ess. PRINCIPAL MRS. R. H JONES, Cftrtiileate—First Claaa (Government).. Advanced Art Carti dcatus—Drawing and Painting (South Kensington), Erst F°nn and Matriculatio«. Class: Miss K. DANIEL, B.A. (Load.) Senior English Form: Miss K. A. HANCOCK, A.A., Certi&ate-Sellior Oxford; and Science—South Kensington (Science and Art Department). Junior English Form: < Miss. 3L. ALLEN, Certificate-College of Preceptors. I Coaversatianal French; „ I MADAME DAN ISAAC DAYIES, We MIRAULT. Pianoforte and Voice Culture: PROFESSOR A- N. JAMES, R.A.M. Pianoforte and. Harmonv. Paiating and Drawing: Miss J. ATKINS, Ceirtficate-Senior Pianoforte aad Harmony, B-A31-. Art Certiftcate-South Kensington. Pianoforte: MISSi M. HOWARD. Pianoforte (Juifiora) Miss L. LLEWBLUN. English Literature and- Theory of Music: MR. R. fl., JONES (late Inspector of Schools). Danciag: Mr. F. G. ROBERTS, Cardiff. THE NEXT QUARTER WILL- BEGIN Oik TUESIViY, JANUARY 19TH, 183-J. FIVE EXHIBITIONS, of the value of 210 each, are OFFERED- ANNUALLY to the most successful stu dents. For 'Proxipect-ss and a Complete List of References, to the Parents of all the Girls who have been in thte School under the Present Management, apply to the Principal ABERGAVENNY GRAMMAR SCHOOL. BOARDERS RECEIYED b.y the Head- Master. Healthy locality, comfortable home* i thorough education. During last ten years ALL candidates have p?.ssed Cambridge Local Examination, 75 per ceat. in Honours; Two County Council Scholarships recently ob- tained by pupils of this school. Term begins 19TJII JANUARY. R "A" COMPANY, 3 V.B. S.W B. ALL ARMS, Gr ent Coats, and Pioneers' Equipment are to be RETURNED to Store immediate^- for inspection by the Adjutant. The Great Coa'ts in possession of the Band are 'not to be returned. It is particularly requested that this order be attended tov I*. M. LLEWELLIN, Major, Commanding "A" Company. FREEHOLD BUILDING L A N D To be SOLD, or LET On Lease; situated on the uppar road between Pontypool and Pontncwrynydd For, tormo,,&Wy bo Mr. G. J. JEE, é" Pontypool. BLAENAVON. DESIRABLE LEASEHOLD PROPERTY FOR SALE. MR. PHILIP MORGAN HAS been instructed by the representative JLL of the late Mr. William Gough, to SELL BY AUCTION, at the CROWN HOTEL BLAEN- ATON, on MONDAY, the 18th day of JANUARY, 1892, at Three o'clock in the afternoon precisely (in the first instance in one lot, and if not so sold then in the following, or such other lots, as may be determined upon at the time of Sale, and subject to conditions of sale to be then pro- duced and read), the following valuable LEASEHOLD PROPERTIES, VIZ. ^ot lc~A DWELLING HOUSE, situate and being No. 5, Alma-street, Blaenavon, in the occupation of Mr. George Moss as monthly tenant. 2.-A DWELLING HOUSE, adjoining the last lot, situate and being No. 6, Alma-street, xJlaenavon, in the occupation of Mr. — Hughes as monthly tenant. Lot 3.-A DWELLING HOUSE adjoining the last lot, situate and being No. 7, Alma-street, Biaenavon, in the occupation of Mr. — Stokes as tenant. The houses are let at the very- low rent of Us. each per lunar month, and have for many years past been let on the same terms notwithstanding the great demand for houselil and increase of rents in the locality. The above Properties are held under a lease dated 10th July, 1869, for the residue of a term of 999 years from 1st May, 1869, at the ground rent of f.2 Is. per annum, which sum will be apportioned equally between each of the lots* The Houses are most eligibly situate, always command good tenants, and may be viewed on applying to the respective occupiers, and a ground plan may be inspected at the offices of the Solicitor to the Vendor. For further particulars, apply to the Auc- TIONEER, Abergavenny, or to Mr. H. JEFFREY JONES, Solicitor, Blaenavon and Abergavenny. IMPORTANT to Householders and others. l?" V Street, Garndiffaith. Mr. S. t *s leaving, has favoured Mr. HENRY JACOBS with instructions to Sell by Auction, iupon the, premises, as above, on MONDAY, January 4th, 1892, the appointments °^^Vrx £ £ £ ?erved and most useful Household FURNITURE, &C. For full particulars see posters. Sale to commence at 2 o'clock pjn. gharp. No Reserve.—Auctioneer and Valuer's Offices, Abersychan and Pontypool. WEST M ONMOUTH SCHOOL. THE BANQUET, TO CELEBRATE THE SELECTION OF PONTYPOOL AS THE SITE OF THE WEST MONMOUTH SCHOOL, WILL BE HELD AT THE CROWN HOTEL, PONTYPOOL, ON THURSDAY, JAN. 7, 1892, At 5 oclock p.m. TICKETS, 5s. EACH. Early application for Tickets should be made (as only a limited number can be issued) to the Hon. Sec., Mr. THOMAS WILLIAMS, Trosnant Wharf, Pontypool, on or before the 5th inst. "B" COMPANY, 4th V.B., ) COMPANY ORDERS. Pontypool, 31st Dec., 1891. A CLASS OF RECRUITS will be Formed for Drill on 11th Jaaiuaryr 1892, after which date recruitings for the above will be sus- pended. Eligible recruits desirous of joining should attend at the Armoury,, on Monday or Wednesday, at 8 p. before that date, to be enrolled. All Buff Ball Pouches to be returned to the ArIDouny (to be sent away for alteration) by Tuesday, 5th January,. 180,1- Members re- turning them after that date will be required to pay the cost of the alterations.. PERCY B. FORD, Lieat Commanding 4 B Co., 4th Y.BL, S.WJK









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