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VOLUNTEER PRIZE DISTRIBU- TIONS. «A" COMPANY 3kD V.B. S.W. BORDERERS. Tilt; annual ptize distribution in connection with this Company was held at ttra Clarence Hotel, Pontypool, on Wednesday evening week.. After a march through town, headed by their fine band, the members of the Company and a few friends assembled in the brg room, where tables had been arranged on wbtich ware dis- played a tempting lot of geese, ducks, fowls bottles of spirits, &c. The cb?ir was occupied by Mai or 1). M. Lleweilin, wl?>> was -Mippoi ted by Capt H. J. Parkharst, G»pt. D. S. Divies {Abersychan), Surgeon J. R. Essex, 'and Sergt.- jnajor Johnston. At the outset, the Chairman said ne regcetteu "very much tbat'CoL Jacob aua jor Mitchell were not present to distribc-te theorizes. He had. masked them 'to corle, and had had avery kind letter from Major Mitchell sa3riog he could not be present, Colsnel Jaob said ne wotdd come, but he had not arrived, acid no doubt omething lad prevented him from. being raresefft. It there- fore devolved u pon hies, (the yhairnrin) todis- tribute the .prizes. If those i>entle*aen had at- tended, they might have tokl them more .*bout the inside working of the brigade than he? ould. As regarded their brigade camp, all he cou&d ten them was that from ?/eports whicb came down. General Fr«-emantte spoke very kughly ct them as a brigade. (Applause.) Without saving tui- ther, he (the ehaK-man) would distribute the prizes, and .call upoo. the ftiembcs to oome for- ward. according to their names. The prises were then distributed as follows REM, U- ITS PIUZ: E. C. Guttter, < s S i T.Wil-i liams, 5s; Jack Lewi*, Willie Morgan, atid William Jervisr5k (3d each. C'ORPS PRIZES. •-Sergt. €. Humphreys. £ 2; Bfend'sergt. G. Jerri?.' £llÙs: Ser-rt. 1:Y. Llcryd, -1;;1 5s Pte. E. Jordan. £ 1 Corpl. f. James, A2.">S Bandsman W. Watkhw, -12s fid: Drum-major A. Jarvis.'Q uartermadter-ser.L't. A. Lew is. Bandsmen E. Osborne aiu-I D. Bowen, Sercrt. H. J. Pasbhurec. Pte. C. Field. Bandsmec. J. 'Watkins. W. Maseley. W. Kisir. and'E. J. Roderick. 108 each.—Bandsmen E. C. G-,unter PLn Hiley. Ben •George. W. Howell; Pte. J. Barnes, landman .la-k Bowen. Bugler F.-Brace. Lance-corporal M. "Waite. Pte. Wm. Merediih. and. Bandsman T. Adev, 7e :d each.-Coril. Joe Edwards, Ptes. E. Phillips, J. Brown. Bandsman G. Whitfield, Bandmaster S. T. Roderick, Corpl.T.Moore, and Senrt. R. Jonclan. 5s each.—Ptw~. T. Prosser, J. Lewis. Wm. Morgan, Bandsmen A. J. Harris, D. R. Hiley, W. H. Janes, and T. George. >-6d each. The Chairman next called upon Surgeon Essex to present tbe -band prixf-s. Surgeon Essex said he would like to say how pleased he was with the band this year, and how pleased the officers bad been. The attendances had been so exceedingly good,.and the men had been an example to the regiment. He could en- -dorse fully the words of the commanding officer when he left the camp at Ewenuy With re- gard to the lrind, they have always given the .greatest satisfaction, and always been a guod example in their attendances and discipline on .all ocasions." He .(Surgeon Essex) would like to point out that out of a possible 110 attendances for practice and parade, Bandsman B. George had attended 107—only missing three times—and most of the hand had attended 90 times. (Ap- plause.) He thought that was saying a good deal. It was no use having-a band unless they attended well and stuck together, and at all times tried to work as one. He was very pleased last year., and, if anything, was better pleased this year- For a man to attend 107 out •of 110 times was a most creditable thing, and one which all who had an interest in volunteering must be very pleased with. '(Hear, hear.) With regard to the prizes, he wished they were more. They were got up under adeal of difficulty, as the band fund this year was at a low ebb. Owing to the inclement weather, they were only able to play 11 times in the Italian Gardens during the summer, and the expenses exceeded the receipts by £ 35, so that really thexe would have been no prizes whatever only for one or two kind friends. He (the speaker) found the town bad been dunned so much that they could not go to people again, but fortunately, as he said, one or two kind people came forward and gave the money, but really on the distinct understanding that the band would work well together next summer. Surgeon Essex then presented the prizes, as fol- lows BAXD PRIZES. B. George, £ 2 lOs; J. Watkins, Y.1 10s; Sern-t Jarvis, n 5s E. Adey, £ 1 J. Bowen, 16s Wm. George, 14s W. King'. 13s; W. Watkins, 12s A. J. Harris, 10s G. Whitfield, 8s 6d; J. Lewis, 7s (id A. Moses. 5s D. R. Hi-hley, 4s; E. J. Roderick, 3s; -0. Munday, 3s W. James, 3a. The Chairman said the next was what he con- fiidered the most important prize of all, and that was Mr. Hanbury's, who had always been .kind in giving the prize, as also did his father before him, the late Mr. Hanbury Leigh. (Ap- plause.) It was to encourage shooting, which was essential in every respect. It was, however, much better to have good average shooting than to have two or three crack shots. It was very Mud of Mr Hanbury to present the £ 10 annually, and he hoped their worthy Squire would long -continue to do so. (Applause.) The winners of the Marksmen's Prizes were as follows :— MR. J. C. HANBURY'S PRIZE. iColour-sergt. G. A. Macdonald (40 points) £ 10 MAJOR D. M. LLEWEjLLTN'S PRIZE. gt..major Johnstone (3-t poises) £3 The recipients were loudly applauded on step- ping forward. Capt. H. J. Parkhurst, after apologising for being present in mufti, said he had attended every presentation of prizes since he had bad the honour of belonging 'to the bs ttalion, excepting -once, in 1887, when he was ill bed. They had heard him very often in that room and other places, but it never gave him more pleasure than to. propose a hearty vote of thanks to the donors of the prizes. (Applause.) Tliere were many about them. and he could testify from experi- ence that when they appealed their friends they hardly ever got, a rebuff. They always gave, and save willingly, and he only wished that all the companies in the county were as well sup- ported with prizes as the "A 7 Company of their battalion. (Hear, heir.) Vabiabk. money prizes were given them by Mr. Hanbury and Major LleweUin: and many friends contributed in kind. Mr. Hanbury contributed tlO aimually ever since 186ft and when be (tbe speaker) wrote him in 1874, Mr. Hanbury kindly told him that the prize should be contInued. Long might he live to give it. (Applause.) Next to Mr. Hanbury, their worthy Major and his -esteemed father had given a second prize, so that the members had a chance of two prizes. He asked them to give a hearty vote of thanks to Mr. Banbury for his prize, and for his kindness in giving the use of the Italian Gardens for the Thursday, evening concerts also to Major Elewellin and eie other .donors ofypsrizes. (Hear, hear.) Surgeon-Essex said he would like to support the proposition thoroughly in 4wery way, as he felt, representing the band, that they owed a .great debt.of Gratitude. Flrstf all the band were greatly ijiaebted to Mr. B-aabury for allow- ing the use. of the Italian Garden* on Thursday .evenings throughout the summer, v and he .-as wire the people of Pontypool also Belt the 'boon very much. They were also uwifebted to 51r. Pegler for hi-3 veW handsome aid, aad to Mr- E. Jones and Mr. Butler. (Applause.j)- The proposition t?as carried with .acclamation and three cheers. The Chairman anscounced that the Christmas prizes would now be«listributed, adding that Mr. Wm. Parkhouse had kindly predated a pair of K boots, valued at 30s, whch would be -changed if they did not fit the winner. C!3!B3S33ftiS PRIZES. pt, Vaughan. pair of "K boots: Col.-sergt. 3IeDoui»ell, Corpl. C. Morgan.Serprts. C. Humphries. Ser«t.-major J. Johnstone, Band-sergt. G. Jarvis, Pte? A. Moxley- Ser;jrt. W. I^oyd, Pte. E. Jordan, -Corpl. J. James, Bdiidsmipa \V. IL Jarvis. Pte. W. fiearciu -Bandsman -ilv. VVaatins, Drum-major A. Jarvis. Pte. A. Mor E. Osboraae, D. Bowen. Jaanee-corpL G. Sergrt. H. J. Park- Jwrr#t.Baiiueiuan J.Wa,tkiX^ .Field, Bands- ram W. Ki^ir, W. Mosc-l^v. Pie, W. Wdljams, Baads- men E. J. Roderick. Ll. Giinter. F^. troose each.—Bandsmen D. Hij-y, -B-George. "W. Howells, Pte. J. Barnes. Bandsman J, Botfen. Pte, J. Williams. Bu-ler F. Brace. Corpl. Wait*, Pte. W. Meredith. Bandsman E. Adev, Corpl. J. Edwards, Ptes. G. Phillip. J. Browsi, Bandsman G. Whitfield, Bandmaster »S. T. Roderick. LorjUa^yhoa. Moore, R. Jordan. Ptes. T, Prosser, • .,ew3 Morgan. Bandsaien A. J. Hans«, D. K. Hil^y W.-H, Jones,T. (jeorjrft Ptes. W.Harvey, W BL Jarvis, J. Munday. a duolc each.—Baaasinen A. Moue», J. Thomas, J. RubdaT. D. Franoio--a fowl each. A secondseloeiieti was made by the first dozen, each receiving a bQttle of brandy or whisky. The Chairman having proposed the toast of .4t The Queen," wbieii was loyally honoured, jbe next proposed "Tlie bealths of Qmrteim2Lanter t Lewis and Corporal W. H. Jones," whv had got together the poultry prizes. Thr, toast was cordially drunk, and Quarter- master-sergeant Lewis and Corporal Jones suit- .-blv rnded.. pt. P. S. Davies next proposed The health fj&pi. PArkil urst," who, he said, on fot rffnitely -^ii«out to leave tbe regiment. HehadJcnowa Parkhurst for about 21 years, and did not thi €) ever a better quartei'- toast drunk with musical honours and tklSpte1?Parkhui^t. in reply, said he thought there was only one iSfwt m the battanon who «*c«eded hm «H wroce. th^t waa Lieut.-Colonel Jacob. His term of service wn^ nearly 30 years, and lie had spent those years in great pleasure and happiness amongst the oat- talion. Time tola upon all men, and he fylt he ought to have one long before. ("No, no. ). He knew masy of them thought what a surly beggar lie was. (Laughter.) Nevertheless, he did it for theis good. (Hear, hear.) A lot of work had been done both on parade and m camp that appertamed so the good of the company, without anyone ;ing it. Sometimes they had fouild him in serving out their r.v<10ns not quite satisfactory. StiM, he did the best for thewi, and he ttiought they would beaT comparison if they were not at the too of the ttee-with aT--y other battalion in the surrounding counties, for the rations the* H*.d supplied to t'jent in ciunp. \Ap- glause^) fie could^omly thank Laptain Davies, who was a voting orticer., for his kind remarks. Captain BaVies w;ts a very jolly fellow, and look- ino, at him;tlleli, lie was a very jolly command- iug EL c(,A-pany. (H<>ar, he^r.) He had raised a ce mpany ill a very-short time, and had been ■gazetted as the captain of 'the company. (Hettt, h«ar.) He ( £ he speacker) laoped he would 1300K lbecc) amarjoc, it not a of ttie :battali<in. (Applause) This was in all probability the last time he (the speaker) would address them as an officer of the corps, and he (MtuldiRot let the opportunity *pass without allu- ding'to the woi-th of one <of their officers, viz., I- rr4, .r Johnstone. (Applause.) He had had ma: v years of close ivork with him, aud had ireeeivu<i many hifits which bad put him in the "way 0!' -workiiio, :for their comfort and the ■comfort of ethe whole ;battalion and to Sergt.- 'm'or Jokistone lie tendered his very sincere thanks. To his brother officers, from whom he had receive< i great kindness, he also tendered his grateful txanks; and to the men of the battalion he would say, that whether he had pleased them €ir not, ht had done his best for tbm. He wished them all-a happy Christmas and many years of prosperity with the battalion. (Applause.) Surgeon Essex proposed the next toast, that of Sergeant-mail or Johnstone, whom he highly eulogised for the manner in which he had dis- charged l is duties for many years. The toast was druak with musical honours, and three cheera. Sei^t.-major Johestone returned thanks for the compliment paid him, and said he believed Surgeon Essex had spoken more highly of him than he deserved. ("No, no.") However, he had endeavoured to do his best, and tried to do it for the benefit of one and all, irrespective of rank. (Hear, hear.) He would advise the mem- bers of the company to keep their work up to the mark. It was the rule of the presen*; day, and if they did not do it they would throw the work 011 someone else's shoulders. Like Captain Parkhurst. he felt that his military age was drawing to a close, and he could only thapk everyone, from the private to the General, for the help accorded him in times past. (Ap- j plause.) I The Chairman next proposed The health of Surgeon Essex and Bandmaster Roderick, who, he said had taken a great interest in the band, and brought it to its present state of efficiency. (Applause.) The toast was cordially drunk, and Surgeon Essex and Bandmaster Roderick responded. The remaining toasts were "The health of Captain Davies and The- Chairman," which were heartily drunk and duly acknowledged, after which the company broke up with mutual wishes for "A merrie Christmas."

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