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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

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FLINT GRAND EISTEDDFOD AND MUSICAL FESTIVAL. THIS EISTEDDFOD will be held within the Walls ef the ancient Castle of Flint on the'13th and'14th of August next. Cheap trains will run on the occas ion. R D. ROBERTS, (MWROG.) Secretary. CROMWELL PERMANENT BENEFIT BUILDING SOCIETY. TRUSTEES. Mr. John Jones, 32, Castle-street. Mr. Henry Stuavt, Hope-street. Mr. John Robinson, Birkenhead. Mr. John Williams, Lord-street. PMSIDENT. Mr. John Toups, 32, Castle-street. !tR-EASURER.-Jo .seph Hartley, Obmmutation-row. COMMITTEE Richard Corish, Laurel Cottage, Smithdown-lane. William Brown, 22, Chapel-street James Collinson, 126, Bold-street. John Evans, Public Offices, Cornwallis-street, John Jones, 142, Vine-street. -Ittchard Janes,. 1,, Bridson-stree.t. C. Mitchell, jun., Duke's Dock. v Joseph Price, James-street. i John Reid, 17, Old H all-street. B. Pierce, 38, North John-street. M. Woodward, 54, Mill-street. The Meetings of this Society are held on the First Monday in each month in the office of the Secretary, from Six to Half-past Six o'clock in the evening. Withdrawals promptly paid. Dividends payable on the first Monday in July. At the end or last year a dividend of 7 per cent. was paid. Preference Shares granted at a fixed rate of inter- est, payable as may be agreed. Copies of the Rules, Annual Repfcrt, and a other information, may be obtained, and shares taken, on application to the Secretary, j EDWARD CROSLAND, Accountant, 21, Harrington-street. 10 AAIEPUICA., SWYDui-'A YMFUDOL GYMBBlti. SIMON JAMES, 25, UNION STREET, LIVERPOOL; ADDYMUNA ddatgan ei deimladau diolchgar am y gefnogaeth y mae wedi ei gael; hefyd a ddyniuna wneuthur yn hysbys ei fod yn parhau i Bookio gyda'r Ager- a'r Hwyl-longau i America, Awstralia, &c., am y prisoedd iselaf yn Liverpool. Gellir cael pob hysbysrwydd am y clud-dal, a,mser hwylio, ymborth, &c., trwy ddanfon llythyr yn cynwys un stamp i'r cyfeiriad uchod. Bydd i'r sawl a ewytlysio le cyfleus i drin ymborth eu imnain, yn nghyda Uety cysurus, am y prisiau iselaf yn Liverpool. Hefyd, lie i gadw eu luggage yn rhad. Yr ydym ni y rhai y mae ein henwau isod, yn dymuno tymeradwyo Mr. James yn galonog i sylw Ymfadw/r, gan gwbl gredu y bydd iddo. roddi pob bo(I.-Il-,rwydd i'r cyhoedd. Parchedigion W. Thomas, Liverpool T. E. James, Glynnedd Rees Evans, eto W. Roberts, Blaenau W. Harris, Heolyfelin J. G. Owen, Rhyl Dr.J.E.Jones,M.A.,Merthyr W. Morgan, D.D., Caergybi E. Evans, Dowlais D. Price, Blaenfios B. James, Pyle J. Lloyd, Merthyr E. Thomas, Casnewydd J. Jones (Mathetes)Rhymni W. Roberts, Penyparc R. A. Jones, Abertawy Gweinidogion y Bedyddwyr. Oddiar fy ngwybodaeth o'r Gweinidogion uchod, yn gystal a Llythyrau Cymeradwyaeth i dy tawel Mr. James, y mae genyf yr hyfrydwch o'i gymeradwyo i sylw Ymfudwyr o Gymru. THOMAS PRICE, M.A., PH.D., Aberdar. PURE AERATED WATERS. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, SODA WATER. ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, POTASS WATER. ::ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, SELTZER WATER. 'ELLIS'S, RUTHIN, LEMONADE. ELLIS'S LITMIA AND POTASS WATER. AN EXCELLENT IN FERNAL REMEDY FOR GOUT. THE Public are particularly requested to observe that every Cork is branded "R. Ellis and Son, Ruthin without which none is genuine. 'May be obtained from all respectable Chemists, Con- fectioners, and Hotel-keepers; and Wholesale only from R. Ellis and Son, Ruthin, North Wales. .MStIII- WA T CHES! TVA T CH-ES! CLOCKS! CLOCKS! ANTHONY WHITE, Gwueuthurwr Cyfanwerthol Oriorau ac Awrleisiau 10, PARADISE STREET, LIVERPOOL, ADDYMUNA yri barchus hysbysu y cyhoedd trwy Gymru, ei fod wedi prynu am arian parod, gyda gostvngiad dirfawr yn y prisiau arferol yr Oriaduron a'r Awrleisiau canlynol:— 500 0 WATCHES ARIAH HORIZONTAL, wedi eu gemu mewn pedwar o dyllau, am 31s., yn rhaa drwy y Il3'thyrfa i unrhyw barth o'r wlad. Ni werthwyd yr Or- iorau hyn erioed o dan ddau gini, a gwarentir hwy am bum' mlynedd. 300 0 WATCHES HUNTIO mewn cauadau dwbl trymion, am 42s., gwerth 50s., gwarantedig am 5 mlyn- 3000 PATENT LEVER WATCHES Seisnig o'r gwneuthui'iad goreu, wedi eu gemu a'u capio, am £ 310s. eithaf gwerth £ 4 4s,, a chyda chauadau huntio dwbl am £ 3 11s. gwerth £4 10s. Rhoddir gwarantiad ysgrifen- edig am 10 mlyned gyda'r oriorau hyn Hefyd tua 700 o GLOCIAU ALARWM, mewn cau- adau Mahogany a Rosewood, yn dangos yr amser ao hefyd yn alarwm, am 3s. 9c., 5s. 6c., 6s. 6c., 8s. 6c., a 10s. 6c. Y mae yr awrleisiau y rhai rhataf a goreu a gynygiwyd erioed. Anfonir yr oriaduron yn rhad a dyogel trwy y lly. thyrfa ar dderbyniad Post Office, taledig i ANTHONY WHITE, 10, PARADISE STREET, LIVERPOOL, SEFYDLWYD 50 MLYNEDD. Gellir cael rhestr o Watches, Clociau, Gemau, &c., yn rhad drwy y Post. Gwerthir yn gyfanwerthol i fas- aachwyr. [1- ) P. ITYAVS "VTEW ILLUSTRATED BOOK <M GENERAL IN ATTIRE, containing 120 Engravings of the prevailing styles in Gentlemen's, Youths' and Boys' Dress, designed by first-rate artists, suitable to every age, rank, and station, and on all occasions. The above contains a Guide for Self-Measurement. Sent post free, or can be had at B. HYAM'S, 97, LORD STREET, LIVERPOOL. HYAM'S NEW 20sl COAT, 1807 JQ, jn mixe(i Meltons. HYAM'S NEW 20s^ COAT, JD. In Fancy Meltons. 1Q<W T> HYAM'S NEW 29sl COAT~ JD. In Plain Coatings. TZTj) HYAM'S NEW 20s. COAT 8 JD. In Mixed Coatings. HYAM'S NEW 20^ COAT, r' In Fancy Coatings. i Qr.ry T) HYAM'S NEW 20s^ COAT. X). In Plain Doeskins. -a-_ T> HYAM'S NEW 14s. TROUSERS, X). In all the Newest Materials. I-IYAM'S NEW lis. TROUSI,IiS. JJ. In Diagonal Trouserings. "1aP7 "D HYAM'S NEW 14s. TROUSERS, i). In Striped Trouserings.- 1Rr7 T> HYAM'S NEW 14s. t^OUiEliS, i). In Check Trouserings. ,R T) HYAM'S NEW 14s- TROUSERS, _D. In Mixture Trouserings. T> HYAM'S NEW 14s. TROUSERS. b 13. In all the Fancy Trouserings. 1, IOA_ -Q HYAM'S NEW 6s. VEST.. JD. Ib all the Newest Materials. "p sHYAM'S NEW 6s] VEST, 1867 J), To Match Trousers. "D HYAM'S ~NEW 6s! VEST, 1867 B., To Match Coat. HYAM'S NEW 6s." VEST, 1867. Made from Mixed Tweeds. HYAM'S NEW Gs. VEST, JJ. Made from Mixed Tweeds. HYAM'S NEW 6s. VEST, 1801 J3 Made from Black Cloth. CAUTION.—Be certain you are at the Establish- ment of B. HYAM before you purchase-.Ob- serve, the Trade Mark is a Star printed to a ticket attached to each Garment. B. HYAM is compelled to give this notice, as many of his customers have bought elsewhere to their great disappointment and loss. B. HYAM has only one Establishment in Liver- pool, 97, Lord Street, and 7, Whitechapel; and his Branches are:— r- MANCHESTER. 86 and 88, Market Street. GLASGOW. 48, Argyle Street. GLASGOW. 1, alillor -Street. EDINBURGH .124, High Street. EDINBURGH. 2, Hunter Square. DUBLIN 30, Dame Street. DUBLIN 4, Dame Lane. B HYAM'S BUSINESS REGULATIONSAlT .• Goods are marked in. plain figures the lowesi selling price, from which no abatement can be made. Any Garment bought and taken away, if not satis. factory, will be exchanged, if not worn or injured. On Saturdays the Establishment is closed until '¡k when Business is' resumed until 11 o'clock. 1;1-52] THE WORLD RENOWNED WHEELER AND WILSON FAMILY SEWING MACHINES. Have taken the GOLD MEDAL at the PARIS EXHIBITION. The ONLY Gold Medal awarded to Sewing Machines. EIGHTY-TWO COMPETITORS. Every system of stitching by machinery was repre- sented and fully tested. These Machines are capable of doing a greater variety of work than any other Sewing Machine made, and in a better manner. None so simple. None so popular. None so easily kept in order. Everybody has or is getting them. Ov er 250,000 have been made and sold. All M achines Warranted. Instruction gratis. Pr ospectus and Samples sent post free. 73, BOLD STREET, LIVERPOOL. TRAETHODAU, PREGETHAU, AC EGLURIAD- AU Y3GRYTHYROL, gan J. THO:,IAS, .LIVERPOOL. Gwerthwyd yn agos i 3000 o gyfrolau o'r llyfr uchod mewn amser byr. Mae gan yr Awdwr 50 o gopiau ar law, a gellir eu cael am 4s. y gyfrol ond anfon ato, ueu i Swyddfa Y TYST CYMREIG. [1-) CYMANFAOEDD YR ANNIBYNWYR, yn cynwys eu hanes a'r Llythyrau o'r dechreu hyd yn ddi- weddar, trwy Dde a Gogledd Cymru, i ymddangos mewn tua 5 Rhan, Swllt y Rhan. Mae y ddwy Ran gyntaf yn barod, ac anfonir hwynt yn ddidraul gyda'r post am eu gwerth mewn stamps. Rhoddir yr elw arferol i ddos- parthwyr. Pob archebion (orders) a thaliadau i'w cyfeirio 1 :-Rev. J. Ll. James, Whitchurch, Cardiff. T1-J ESTABLISHED 1858. OXTON AND CO., Importers and Exporters of ALL KINDS OF SEWING MACHINES, 122, BOLD ST., LIVERPOOL. Hand Sewing Machines, Hemming-, ) f.. Felling. Tuckings^&c. 8 j £ 4- 4s' Willcox & Gibbs Noiseless Family ) pc Machines. j NEEDLES, SPRINGS, THREADS, TO SUIT ALL MACHINES. MACHINES REPAIRED. AGENTS WANTED. INVISIBLE WORLDS t THE MICROSCOPE SIMPLIFIED!! INSTRUCTION MADE EASY RAE'S NKWLV-INVKNTKB PRIZE MIC R O S # OPES Are the wonder of the whole scientific world.. Gained a prize at the Dudley and Midland Fine Arts and tn- dustrial Exhibition, 1866; also awarded a prize at York Exhibition, 1866. Awarded highest prize Medal at Leeds Exhibition, 1867. See Opinions of the Press below. T The Birmingham Daily Gazette, August 6, 1866, says:— In the Front Room (Dudley and Midland Exhibition) we notice a singularly powerful Microscope, exhibited by Mr. RAE, of Glasgow. Its magnifying power is 90,000. times, and its cheapnes's and durability must make it a most desirable ob- ject for the working classes-who care for scientific pursuits- to obtain possession-pf." The Dumfries-shire and Galloway Herald and Register, August 10, 186G, says We have just had the opportunity of examining one of the beautiful little Microscopes made by Mr. RAE, &vT«xkibited at the late Glasgow Industrial Exhi- bition. Its astonishing small compass, and great magnifying power, combined with complete distinctness, together with its cheapness, are its most prominent properties. It magnifies, we are informed, no less than 30,000 times, and it is quite suitable for-the examination of the minvrtesfr objects', such as animalculaa, wings and anteme of insects, chemical crystals, &c., &c. Along with the instrument, Ntr. RAE supplies a book of instructions, which will serve as a guide to the observer." The Dudley Guardian, August 15, 1866, devotes thirty lines of its valuable space to the praise of RAE'S new Microscope, and ends by saying" This adwirable Microscope, which. is of a, high magnifying power, will be found most useful and enter- taining; and, we may add, that a great variety of experiments may be carried out by using, this invaluable vade mecum, the price of which, 2s. 6d.; places it within the power of almost the poorest of the working classes." The Yorkshire Gazette, October 6, 1866, in giving a descrip- tion of the Yorkshire Exhibition, says:—"A great boon to the public has been afforded by means of Mr, RAE'S newly-invented Microscope. The latter instrument has until recently only been in the hands of experts or students; their complexity of construction and elaborate workmanship in most cases causing a costliness which utterly placed them out of the reach of a working man, who would otherwise have delighted to amuse himself and family with those glimpses of the won- derful and invisible world, attractive alike to the lettered and unlettered. The Microscope in question is a very insignificant piece of mechanism, easily adjusted, simple in its construction, scarcely liable to derangement, and we can truly vouch for their immense magnifying power. A small monad, is made to look very large indeed, and the action of the internal organs of the vorticella can be clearly defined. This little instrument rejects all the complexity of rack and pinion, screws, con- densers, stages, reflectors, forceps, and the other mysterious; appliances of a compound microscope; for the spectator has simply to place his object-say a cheese mite-on around piece of glass about the size of a shilling, screw on a brass cap, look through a very small hole, in which is a highly polished glass lense. and then the object is perceived, magnified at least 30,000 times. The price is but 2s. 6d., and we can, from actual use of them, strongly recommend them to our readers." The above Instrument may be had from the Maker at 2s. 6d. each, or free by post for 37 stamps, with Book of Instructions. RAE'S NEW PRIZE ACHROMATIC FIELD GLASS (Binocular), with leather case, complete. Price, 14s. 6d.; free by parcel, 15s. Gd. RAE'S NEW TOURIST'S TELESCOPE (Achromatic). Price, 4s. 6d. and 6s. 6d.; carriage Is. extra. RAE'S (OWN MAKE) LADY'S GOLD HORIZONTAL WATCH, t3 10s. GENTLEMAN'S GOLD LEVER, Jewelled in 10 actions, warranted for two years, X6 6s. FIRST-CLASS SILVER WATCH, S3 2s., warranted, carriage free and in- sured. N.B.—All kinds of Optical Instruments at half the ordinary prices. Printed Lists of upwards of One Thousand Testimonials may be had by sending stamped directed envelope. THE ADDRKSS— •' r-iE & CO., •M—NUFACTURING OPTICIANS, WATCHMAKERS AI?D JEWELLERS, No. IS. ENGUSH STBUiET, CARLISLE. N —: .— ;■ ;4- IPABKYV F.LYET ACADEMY, CARMARTHEN. MASTER MR. THOS. LEWIS,' FIRST B.A. (LONDON). Duties will be resumed on Tuesday, August 13. 6, Cambrian Place, Carmarthen. JUST ARRIVED. AND now discharging, a Prime cargo of Wood Goods from Quebec ex. Triton.' consisting of Red and Yellow Pine of large Scantling, Mast- pieces, Keelpieces, Gale, Elm, and Birch, Staves, Deals, Ends, &c„ &c. DAVIES & LOWTHEK, Bridge," Cardigan. ENAINT HOLLOW AY. HEN GLWYFAU, DOLURIAU, A CHORNWYDYDD Mae yr achosion mwyaf ystyfnig o gluniau tost, man- wynion, neu ddoluriau eraill, pe yn 20 mlynedd o aros- iad, yn cael elil gwella trwy gyd-ddefnyddio yr Enaint a'r Peleni. Y mae y rhai hyn drachefn yn rhoddi fynu yn i-iiiion o dan ddylanwad galluog yr Enaint. Y mae hefyd wedi bod yn nodedig o effeithiol mewn llawer o achosion o'r parlys. CLWY'R MARCHOGION. Gwna yr Enaint hwn wella yr achosion gwaethaf o Glwy'r Marchogion, os defnyddir ef yn ol y cyfarwydd- iadau argraffedig. TORIADAU YN Y CROEN. Mae tarddiadau, blorynod, a phob toriadau drwy y croen yn diflann ac yn myned :o'r golwg wedi defnyddio am ychydig enaint Holloway. Yn yr achosion hyn mae rhwystr cyriym yn anhebgorol. Mae llawer o'r toriadau cyffredin o weithrediad dwbl. Boheddigesau wedi eu hanafu ganglefydau y croen, allant yn rhwydd symud y doluriau ac adfer y croen i wrid a thynerweh naturiol drwy ddefnyddio y gwyrth-weithredydd dyogel a rhag- orol hwn. ANMHUREDD, Y GWAED. Yn fynych ddangosir mewn tarddiadau eas, cornwyd, chwyddiadau, manwynion, a doluriau allanol eraill. At yr holl ddoluriau gofidus a pheryglus hyn, mae Enaint Holloway yn berenaint gwellhaol hollol. Mae yn chwalu y materies morbi, neu hadau afiechyd yn y dirgelion mewnol, ac yn gwasgar yr enyniadau. Mae natur yn gwneud y gweddill. Mae profiad pob bod dynol sydd wedi gwneud prawf o'r Enaint yn gyffelyb. Nid yw erioed wedi methii. Dylid defnyddio yr Ena&nt a'r Peleni yn yr aehosion canlynol:— Cluniau drwg Dwylaw toredig Crydcymalau Bronau drwg Cyrn (meddal) Ysgaldiau Llosgiadau Dafaden wyllt DOIIIT y gwddf Bysgyrn Cymalau cyfflyd Pendduynod Brathiad y Mos- Elephantiasis Dolur ycroen quitoes a'r Fistulas Scurvy Cyllion Gout Crach pen Malaithiau Chwyddyn.y gwddf Toriadau mewnol Lloagod Lubag Toriadau allanol Llosg eira Archolliadau YR AREITHFA GYMREIG, SEF Cyfrol, yn cynnwys 42 o BREGETHAU, gan Weinidogion yr Annibynwyr. Pris mewn rhwymiad hardd, 5s. 6d.; yn ddid-raul gjrda'r Post, 6s. • Bala: cyhoeddwyd gan GRIFFITH JONES. [1—13 THE ZOOLOGICAL GARDENS ESTATES is now laid out in BUILDING PLOTS for the the erection of Dwelling Houses and Business Premises. Freehold. Advances will be made.— Apply to Messrs. Williams and Jones, Castle-street. [1— r USEFUL BOOKS FOR MINISTERS AND STUDENTS. VAN DOREN'S SUGGESTIVE AND HOMILET. ICAL COMMENTARY ON THE GOSPEL BY tllKK. 2 vols., small 8va," cloth ICCs. This is a Work much after our own heart. It answers well to its name. It is pre-eminently sug- gestive. Its brief critical Notes from., our best exegetis, are numerous, lucid, and apt they strike their light directly on the text. The author's anno- tations ar in the main admirable, they are all pith and. point, there is not a waste word, and many of his homiletic points expressed in a sentence or two are suggestive -enough to bring up Sermons to fertile souls. We heartily commend the Book."—Th& Homilist. THE HOMILIST. First Series. Edited by DR. THOMAS. 7 vols, 18s. 6d., pub. £2 8s., only a few; sets left of this highly important Work. Second Series. 4 thick vols., cloth (a few sheets in vols. 1 & 2 wanting) price 18s., pub. at XI 12s. THE GENIUS OF THE GOSPEL; A HOMILET- ICAL COMMENTARY ON ST. MATTHEW, by REV, DR. THOMAS. Thick vol. 8vo., 6s. 6d., pub. 15s. SECKER'S NONSUCH PROFFESSOR AND THE WEDDING RING, 18mo., cloth 2s. Od. A most precious little Book. STURTEVANT'S PREACHER'S MANUAL, Fourth Edition. With an Introductory Essay by REV. A. M. HENDERSON, large 8vo vol. 9s. The best and most complete Work on the subject. TRAPP'S COMMENTORY ON THE OLD TESTAMENT, vol. 1. containing Genesis to 2 Chronicles. Price 12s. 6d. to Subscribers. R. O. DICKINSON, 92, FARRINGDON STREET, LONDON. JOHN THOMAS, Photographer, 53, ST. ANNE STREET, LIVERPOOL. (Private address 120 Breck Road.) Cymerir 3 Carte de Visite am 2s. 6d., neu ddwsin mewn dau eisteddiad, 5s. Am gopio Carte de Visite -is. y dwsin. Cyhoeddir Carte de Visite o'r Gweinidogion Cym- reig 6c. yr.un; hefyd y darluniau mawr-16.modfetid wrth 12-pris 2s, He., yn ddiogel a didraul drwy y Post ar dderbyniad stamps. Mae rhagoriaeth celfyddyd yn hynodi pob un o'r darluniau hyn, wrth weled yr eisteddiad naturiol, bywiogrwydd yr edrychiad, a chanfod y perffaith debygrwydd, yr hyn sydd anhebgorol i sicrhan gwir ddelw ac ennill cymmeradwyaeth. Adolygiad y Wasg arnynt" Yr ydym ar air a chydwybod yn gallu tystio na welsom enghreifltiau rhagorach yn y gangen hon o gelfyddyd erioed yn ein bywyd.Y Faner. Ni welsom eu rhagorach, os eu cystal erioed. Yr Herald Cytnraeg. Gellir cael rhastr o'r enwau ynghyd a'r telerau ond anfon at J. THOMAS, 53, St. Anne St., Liverpool. [1-53] CHATHAM PERMANENT BUILDING SOCIETY. Established December 12,1862. TRUSTEES. Jv-?- Mr. John Roberts, Mr. William Parry, | Mr. Chas. W. Boote. PRESIDENT—Mr. John Roberts, 61, Hope-street. TRFASUREI;L-M-r. Henry Williams, 190, Breck-road. The Soeiety was established four years last Christmas and, has always paid Seven per Cent. dividend. The Capital of the Society as per last Report was 9116,467; and amount outstanding on Mortgages 9129,680. ° s sco The balance of Profit, after paying the dividend and all expenses, was 210,889, and the financial position of the society improved during the year £ 1,277. Subscriptions received from Christmas to May 3rd, £ 32,000. Amount advanced on Mortgages during th6 same period, £ 34,195. In addition to the ordinary shares, preference shares are issued bearing a guaranteed fixed dividend of five and a half per cent. Copies of report and prospectus may be had, and shares taken at any time, on application to the See, rotary. J. LLOYD JONES, Accountant, 6, Lord-street [1-13] Y SWYDDFA YMFUDOL GYMREIG. -il BYDDED hysbys i'r Cymry a fwr- iadant ymfudo i America neu Awstralia, ein bod yn bookio am y prisiau isalaf yn Lerpwl gydag ager a hwyl-longau; gan hyny, gofelwch na thaloch eich blaendal i orucliwylwyr yn Nghymru. Os gwnewch, pAvy sydd i ofalu am danoch pan yn Lerpwl, lie y mae llawer yn byw ar yr hyn a ys- peiliant? Cewch bob hysbysrwydd trwy ddanfon llythyr a postage stamp at LAMB & EDWARDS, Brokers, 41, Union-street, Liverpool. Yr ydym ni, y rhai y mae ein henwau isod, yn dymuno i bob ymfudwr o Gymru ymddiried eu gofal i'r boneddigion uchod, am y gwyddom y cant bob chwareu tag tra dan eu gofal. THOMAS LEVI, Treforis. DAVID SAUNDERS, Liverpool, gynt o Aberdar, Gweinidog y Methodistiaid. JAMES OWENS, Liverpool, gynt o Aberdar, Gweinidog y Bedyddwyr. NOAH STEPHENS, Liverpool, gynt 0 Sirhowy, ,< Gweinidog yr Annibynwyr.