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Empire Theatre BLUE STREET, C ARMARTHEN. Proprietors-GRIFFITHS, PHILLIPS & BOLTON. Resident Manager-HORACE W. BOLTON. Grand Programme of Exclitsive Pictures and Variety FOR WEEK COMMENCING TONDA Y, MAY tfth, 1914. Expensive Engagement of Betty Brown in her latest impersonations the Incomparable H. Y DTP W II of famous London Stars. Special Engagement of Dela fa Novelty Juggler. cl n no EXCLUSIVE STAR PICTURE MONDAY, TUESDAY, & WEDNESDAY, "THE SHAKE DANGER" A most fascinating Drama of great power and pathos, three parts, shown by Special Arrangement with Jury's Imperial Pictures, Ltd'« WHO WILL MARRY MARY ?" Series IV. EXCLUSIVE STAR PICTURE, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY, THE MILLIONAIRESS" A Powerful Three-part *Draniatic Produc- tion, illustrating the worthlessness of Wealth C) without Love shown by Special Arrange- ment with the United Kingdom Exclusive Film Co., Ltd. AND MANY OTHER FINE DRAMATIC, COMIC AND TRAVEL PICTURES. TWICE NIGHTLY AT 7 and 9. MATINEE SATURDAY, 2.30 p.m. Popular Prices Circle, 6d., and 9d ) FULL PROGRAMME-Children Id., 2d., Pit, 3d., 4d., Ordinary Doors, 6.45 and 8.50 and 3d. Don't forget to book your seats. Telephone No. 33. UPTON, Limited, I CARMARTHEN. GROCERIES for NOTHING f ALL CHECKS TO BE RETURNED. I Come in your thousands. THE LIFEBOAT COFFEE TAVERN COMMERCIAL & PRIVATE HOTEL, FERRYSIDE One Minutes' Walk from the Station to the Beach. Proprietor-.W. JAMES. Well Aired Beds for Summer Holidays. ACCOMMODATION FOR CYCLISTS. Caterer for Schools & Picnic Parties. MODERATE CHARGES. Sales big Huction CARMARTHENSHIRE. Important Sale of an exceedingly Desirable Free- hold Farm. "M/fR. T. L. HARRIES will offer for SALE by Itl PUBLIC AUCTION (unless previously dis- posed of by Private Treaty), at the Boar's Head H )tel, Carmarthen, during the early part of June next. all that exceptionally compact Freehold Farm, known aa PANTE situate within j mile of Bronwydd Arms Railway Station and 2 miles of the Town of Carmarthen, abutting the main road from Carmarthen to Conwil, containing an area of 97 acres 3 rds. 28 perches, or thereabouts, of first-class meadow, pasture and arable land, together with most compact Dwelling House and Outbuildings in excellent state of re- pair. For further particulars apply Auctioneer at Llan- dilo. LAMPETER AUCTION MART. ij ——— The next SALE will be held on TUESDAY, May 12th, 1914. This is undoubtedly the bt-st. market in CarJigan- Jiire for disposal of Fat Stock: also Store Cattle. A large number of Butchers and DEALERS attend regularly. Sale commences with Store Cattle at 11.30 sharp. Early entries solicited. DANIEL 1. REES, Auctioneer, 30M Lampeter. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. I CARMARTHEN. PARISH OF ST. PETER'S. T LOYD & THOMAS are favoured with instroo- -Li tions to offer for SALE by AUCTION at the Boar's Head Hotel. Carmarthen, on SATURDAY, the 6th day of June, 1914, at 2.30 p.m., those two excediengly valuable and compact Freehold Dairy Farms, known as CWMAUBAOH and CILLEFWR, situate dose to Carmarthen Town, and now held by Messrs. Thomas Thomas and the Repreeentatrrea of the late Edward Lewis respectively. Also that Valuable Freehold Marsh, known as MORFABUGAIL, situate in the Parish of Llangunnor, close to Car- marthen Junction Station, and now held by Mr. Thomas Jones. Further Particulars will duly appear, and in the meantime may be obtained of the Auctioneers, 5, Quay Street, Carmarthen; Messrs. Barker, Morria and Owen, Solicitors, Carmarthen; or of Messs. ELLIS, PIERS & Co., Solicitors, 17, Albemarle Street, London PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISHES OF LLANDEFEILOG AND ST. ISHMAEL. LLOYD & THOMAS are favoured with instruc- tions to offer for SALE by AUCTION, early in June next, the outlying portions of the ISCOED ESTATE. comprising the Farms of Trecor, Tresilwood, Rotten Piil. Bronyn, Panteg, and a Marsh at Kidwelly, jll situate as above. Ekirfcher particuara wll duly uppeuk Sales big auction EDWINSFORD, Distant about 9 Miles from LLANDILO. Important Letting of High-class Grazing Land. HyfESSRS. J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON will ivJL LET bv AUCTION at the Home Farm, Edwinsford. on WEDNESDAY, May 13th, 1914, about 200 ACRES of very Rich GRAZING LAND, which will be let in Fields, to suit takers, up to Christmas, 1914. Letting to commence at 3 o'clock punctually. For further particulars see Posters. (3074 COUNTY OF CARMARTHEN. Important Sale of a Valuable Freehold Farm, Small Holding, and Allotment, all situate in the Parish of Abergwili, in the above County. ]\/f&SSRS. J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON will lfJL SELL by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Saint Mary's Auction Mart, Carmarthen, on SATURDAY, May 30th, 1914, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, punctually, the undermentioned Freehold Farm, Small Holding, and Allotment, viz.:— Lot 1.—The very useful Freehold Farm known as MARCHOLWS," situate in the above Parish, in the occupation of Mr. John Scurlock, containing Dwelling-house and Outbuildfngs, and about 70 Acres of excellent Land. Lot 2.-All that valuable Freehold Holding called ,f PENLLAINE," situate in the said Parish, ana adjoining the last lot, and now held by Mr. Hy. Jones, consisting of a Dwelling-house and Outbuildings, and 5! Acres or thereabouts of use- ful Land. Lot 3.—The Freehold Allotment known as BRYNAMLWG," situate in the said Parish, com- prising about 5 Acres, and now let to Mr. Wm. Thomas. Particulars and Conditions of Sale are in course of preparation, and in the meantime all informa- tion may be obtained of the Auctioneers at their Offices, Saint Mary Street, Carmarthen; of Messrs. Parry, Son and Richards, Solicitors, 126, Colmore Road, Birmingham; or of Messrs. Morris and Mor- ris. Solicitors. Quay Street, Carmarthen. (3092 BRYNARU, PANTEG, ABERGWILI. JOHN FRANCIS & SON have received instruc- tions by Mr H. Jones to LET by AUCTION, at the above place, on MONDAY NEXT, 11th May, 1914, about 40 Acres of LAND in lots to suit takers. Letting to commence at 5 p.m. IVY BUSH SALE ROOM, CARMARTHEN. JOHN (FRANCIS & SON have received instruc- I tions to remove to the above Sale Room and SELL by AUCTION, on THURSDAY. 14th May, 1914, a quantity of Valuable Household Furniture, comprising-Oak Dining Room Suite, Oak Hall Table, Drawing Room Suite, Seltzogene, i-plate Camera and accessories, "Singer's" Sewing Machine, Large Fire Guard, Brass Fender and Fire Irons, Stuffed Birds in Case, Carpets, Rugs, Knife Clean- ing Machine, Books, Palm and Plants, Walnut Bed- room Suite. Dressing Chest, Oak Dresser, Kitchen Utensils, Willow Plates, Dishes. Candlesticks, Garden Seats, Lady's Saddle, and a large number of useful lots. Also 2 Four-wheel Dog-carta to seat four by Messrs. Vesey and Co., Bath, indiarubber tyres; 'Bus to seat eight; 12 Ladders; and a Smith Premier Typewriter. Sale to commence at 2 o'cloeld TERMS—CASH. SOUTH WALES, CARMARTHENSHIRE. SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY, FREEHOLD RESIDENTIAL ESTATE, KNOWN AS ALLTYGOG in the parish of Abergwili, 4 miles from Carmar-1 then, comprising the Residence, whieh contains hall, 4 reception rooms, 12 bed and dressing rooms, and the stabling, coach-house, saddle-room, garden, grounds and wood adjoining; also gardener's and •oachman s cottages, the whole containing about 8 acres; including Fishing Rights. The property is charmingly situated, is close to the main road Carmarthen to Brecon, and within 1 £ miles of Nantgaredig Railway Station. Further particulars may be obtained of John Francis and Son, Estate Agents, Carmarthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE. TOWN OF LLANDILO. FOR SALE, by Private Treaty, the Valuable Freehold Premises, known as MYRDDIN HOTtfL containing 10 Bedrooms, 3 Reception Rooms, and the usual domestic offices. In the rear there are excellent stables and exten- sive outbuildings. Further particulars may be obtained of Joito Francis alld Son, Auctioneers, Carmarthen. I -A — "V PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISHES OF LLANDEFEILOG AND ST. ISHMABL. OHN IFRANCIS & SON have received instruc- tions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at an early date, the Valuable Freehold Farms, known as "TYRMABLY," Croesyceilog, Carmarthen, containing 41a. Ir. 37p., mar. or less, held by Mr. Gibbon. Also CWMBURRY," near Ferryside, contain- ing 57 acres, or thereabouts, held by Mr. Williams. Further particulars will duly appear and may be obtained as to Tirmably Faris from Messrs. Wil- ters and Williams, Solicitors, Carmarthen, and as to both properties from Mr. T. Howell Davies, Solicitor, Carmarthen, and the Auctioneers. l Sales by Huction CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANDDAROG. JOHN FRANCIS & SON will offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION at an early date the Valuable iFreehold Farm, known as FELINFACH situate near the Village of Porthyrhyd, containing 48a. 3r. 18p., more or less. of good pasture and arable land, and now in the occupation of Mr. David Stephens as yearly tenant. Further particulars will duly appear and in the meantime may be obtained of the Auctioneers, Car- marthen or of • MESSES. MORRIS & MORRIS, 3075, Solicitors, Carmarthen.

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