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OPXisrxnrGh OF THE PRIORY HYGIENIC STEAM LAUNDRY A LAUNDRY DE LUXE. The most modern of modern Laundries, being- fitted with the very latest and most up-to-date Machinery and appliances for securing the very finest work with expediency of delivery. SYSTEMIZED, so that each Customers' wash goes through the various processes and carried to the despatching department without the loss of any Article. A separate room for every process thus ensuring Sanitation, Personal Supervision, fin Expert Manageress, and a staff of Expert Laundry workers. Expeditious delivery to all parts by Motor Van. Send a card to the management and the Van will call. Price List on application. Receiving Depots in every village. Your kind patronage is solicited. Empire Theatre BLUE STREET, CARMARTHEN. Proprietors-GRIFFITHS, PHILLIPS & BOLTON. Resident Manager—HORACE W. BOLTON. Grand Program me of Exclusive Pictures and Variety FOR WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY, MAY 18th, 1914. SPECIAL AND EXPENSIVE ENGAGEMENT OF Harmony, Direct from the THE ACCOMPLISHED LADY VOCALIST MUSlCUS..Principal London Halls. TIIE UE5IMZJI3!C2XM^^ INSTRUMENTALIST. EXCLUSIVE STAR PICTURE EXCLUSIVE STAR PICTURE, MONDAY, TUESDAY, & WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, & SATURDAY, 1 inmiiiTiAu nr Tiir natmr Management have secured at great In THE FASCHIATION OF THE DANCE cost, by Special Arrangement with Pathe C, t>. ,T it,- i Feres Co., that most beautiful Coloured A Dramalic Story of Love and Brigandage J)RAMA by Special Arrangement with Jury's r ma' t4TUC piiDCC fiC U/AD" Imperial Pictures. UUnuL Ur WAn (3,000 feet). —— The finest Coloured Picture ever exhibited. U/UH U/|| | MADDV MAPV 9" I marve^ous splendour of the concluding Wall WILL nlAnni I"AilT j scene is the acme of perfection in Kinemato- Series V. graphic Art. n AND MANY OTHER FINE DRAMATIC, COMIC AND TRAVEL PICTURES. TWICE NIGHTLY AT 7 and 9. MATINEE SATURDAY, 2.30 p.m. Popular Prices Circle, 6d., and 9d FULL PROGRAMME—Children Id., 2d., Pit, 3d., 4d., Ordinary Doors, 6.45 and 8.50 and 3d. Don't forget to book your seats for The Curse of War." Telephone No. 33. 11 y -1 MAR QU EE S And Complete Catering Outfits on Hire. CROWN RESTAURANT, public notices NOTICE OF MAKING OF ORDER. SHOPS ACT, 1912 NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Counci hare made a Closing Order of which a Cop3 is annexed hereto and have submitted the Ordei to the Secretary of State for confirmation. A Copy of the Order may be obtained by any Person whom it may concern on application at the Town Clerk's Office, Carmarthen. If any person desires to make any objection to the provisions of the Order ha should address a written statement to the Secretary of State, Home Depart- ment. London, within one month from the date henot, i.e., before he 17th day of June, 1914. Dated this 13th day of May, 1914. H. BRUNEL W- ITE, Clerk to the Council. ORDER. TTie Carmarthen Urban Sanitary Authority in pursuance of the Powers conferred upon them by the Sfeope Act, 1912, and after due compliance with the provisions do hereby order aa follows:— 1. This Order may be cited as the Carmarthen If*. 2 Closing Order, and applies to all Shops in which the Re-nil Trade or Business of a Meat Salesman is carried on. 2. All Shops to which this Order applies shall be closed for Serving Customers on the several days of the week at and after the following hours respectively:- DAY OF WEEK. CLOSING HOUR. Monday. Tuesday and Wednesday 8 p.m. Thursday 2 p.m. Friday 9 p.m. Saturday 11 p.m. Excepting the following days:— Thursday before Good Friday 8 p.m. Fairs falling on a Thursday 9 p.m. Christmas Eve 10 p.m. New Year's Eve 9 p.m. Provided that where the occupier of a Shop elects to elose his Shop for the Weekly Half Holiday on Saturday instead of on Thursday, the closing hour in it Thirrsday shall be 7 p.m. Where any Trade or Business other than the speci- fied Trade or Business mentioned in Article 1 is carried on in any Shop to which this Order applies, such Shop may be kept open after the closing hour mentioned in Article 2 of this Order for the pur- pose of such other Trade or Business alone, provided that (a) after the said closing hour there shall be exhibited in some conspicuous place on the exterior ,md in the interior of such Shop notices in letters of the size of not less than Two Inches containing The foHowing words:—"Shops Act, i912. This Shop is closed for to-day except for the Trade or Business of (horo state the Trade or Business carried on other than the specified Trade or Business); (b) So far as reasonably practicable no goods in connection with tho Trade or Business for which the Shop is reqmired t-o,be closed shall be exhibited either inside or outside the Shep. The Common Sead of the Council of the Car- i L.S. ) v y marthen Urban Sanitary Authority was hereunto affixed the 12th day of May, 1914, in the presence of JOHN LEWIS, Mayor. H. BRUNEL WHITE, I Town Clerk. THE REV. DH. GOMER LEWI. At the time of going to press we are glad to k I that Dr. Corner Lewis, of Swansea, nephew of Ald.; in J. Lewis..T.P., Meiro- Hall. is slightly improving. A rumour srot abroad that he had passed away, but iertunatelv it was untrue. -:c- IN THE PARISH OF MANORDEIFY. IN THE COUNTY OF PEMBROKE. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD PROPERTY \| K. JOHN EVANS, F.A.I., will offer for SALE at the Angel Hotel, Cardigan, on SATUR- DAY. the 30th day of May. 1914, at 2.30 p.m., the following Lots of Freehold Property:— Lot 1.—Tho Very Desirable Farm and Lands. known as FORGE CYCH Comprising a comfortable Dwelling House with a large range of Outbuildings, a woll-equipped CORN MILL, a WOOLLEN FACTORY, and 14;b acres of exceptionally rich Meadow Land; all of which premises are situate in the centre of Abercych Vil- lage, and form an outlying portion of the Clynfiew Estate, and are in the present occupation of Mr. John Lewis on a yearly tenancy. which he has gvien notice to determine at Michaelmas next. N.B.—The Vendor is prepared by arrangement with the purchaser to allow two-thirds of the pur- chase money to remain on mortgage at JE3 15s. per cent. Lot 2.-All that Building known and called by the name of MANORDEIFY LOWER SCHOOL. Situate in the Village of Abercych. formerly used as a school, but now vacant. ("Further Particulars and inspection of the Plan may be acquired from the Auctioneer. High Street, Cardi- gan. or from the Vendor's Solicitors. MESSRS. MORGAN & RICHARDSON. 3107\ Solicitors, Cardigan.

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