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3E3jm OF THE PRIORY HYGIENIC STEAM LAUNDRY A LAUNDHY DE LUXE. The most modern of modern Laundries, being fitted with the very latest and most up-to-date Machinery and appliances for securing the very finest work with expediency of delivery.. SYSTEMIZED, so that each Customers' wash goes through the various processes and carried to the despatching department without the loss of any Article. A separate room for every process thus ensuring Sanitation. Personal Supervision, an Expert'ereSS, and a staff of Expert Laundry workers. Expeditious delivery to all parts by Motor Van. Send a card to the management and the Van will call. Price List on application. Receiving Depots in every village. Your kind patronage is solicited. b b 0 Empire Theatre BLUE STREET, CARMARTHEN. Proprietors—GRIFFITHS, PHILLIPS t BOLTON. Reaident Manager-HORACE W. BOLTON. Granll Proqi-a)nme of Exclit-s-,ire Pictures and I'ariety FOR WEEK COMMENCING MONDAY, MAY 25th, 1914. STARRING AND IMPORTANT ENGAGEMENT OF PAUL RELPH,SMOF UTTLE T)CH ??&y EXPENSIVE ENGAGEMENT OF THE RENOWNED SOPRANO The Quaker GirL EXCLUSIVE STAR PICTUREiEXCLUSIVE STAR PICTURE, MONDAY, TUESDAY, & WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, FRIDAY, o. SATURDAY, By Special Arrangement with Jury'3 Im-jBy Special Arrangement with the United In n peria.1 Pictures, Ltd., Kmgdom Film Co. The Great Sensational FOR ANOTHER'S CUtLI ??"? An exceedingly pathetic Drama in three TnRUUL)H FmE AMD WATER, parts. jOne of the most powerful love dramas ever iproduced. WHO WtLL MARRY MARY THE CLOSED DOOR. The concluding series. A beautiful Two-part Dramatic production. AND MANY OTHER FINE DRAMATIC, COMIC AND TRAVEL PICTURES. TWICE NIGHTLY AT 7 and 9. MATINEE SATURDAY, 230pm Popular Prices Circle, 6d., and 9d FULL PROGRAMME-Children Id 2d., Pit, 3d., 4d., Ordinary Doors, 6.45 and 8.50 and 3d Telephone No. 33. MARQUEES Aii(I Coiitplete Catering Oltfits ojt, Hirre. CROWN RESTAURANT, ???n? financial ZIO to A10,000 To Lend by the Oldest West of England Firm, F. Lawrence Ltd., on wTÏtten promise to repay Life Policies, Furniture. Farm Stock, or other security. Principal remains, or can be repaid by easy instalments Promptoess and Privacy. A gntleman will call and hand you cash at your If Distance no Do not expose your locally. Write E. Vtcros HAMILTON, Don Chambers, Wine Street, Bristol Sales bV Ruction SALE ON THURSDAY NEXT. PARKYRHENDY, LLANYBRI, NEAR LLANSTEPHAN. Sale of Cross-bred Shorthorn Cows, with Calves at heels, Pony. Governor Car. and Harness com- plete, Implements, Dairy Utensils, a Portion of the Household Furniture and other ESecta, Leghorn and other Fowls, etc.; also Letting of Land. 1i,nSSRS. J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON are instructed: by Mr. James Thomas (who is leaving) to SELL by AUCTION on the Premises as above on THURSDAY. May 28th, f914, the following Live Stock, Implements, Dairy Utensils, etc., viz. :—2 excellent Cross-bred Shorthorn Cows with Calves at heela, Pony with Governess Car and Harness complete, small Spring Gambo, Chaff- cutter, quantity of Timber, Zino Sheets, Wire Netting, Whelbarrow, large Iron Boiler, Egg Boxes. Churn and other Dairy Utensils, and a Portion of the Household Furniture, etc. Also a. number of Leghorn and other Fowls. Th<< Land. comprising about 10 Acres, will be LET by AUCTION for Grazing up to the 29th of September next. The Sale to commence promptly at 2.30 o'clock. Credit on Conditions. CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF SAINT PETER'S. Preliminary Announement of a Sale of a High- class Dairy Farm. MESSRS. J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON have I received instructions to SELL by AUCTION co SATURDAY. June 27th, 1914, all that High- class Dairy Farm. known M "TREBERSED." and situate within li miles of the Town of Car- marthen. The Farm will be sold in four different I<jte. full pitrticLii<).rs of which v.'ill duly appear, and in the meantime may be obtained of the Auctioneer*, St. Mary Street, Carmarthen; of Messrs. Morris and Morris, Soicitors. Quay Street, Carmarthen; or of P. B. Skeela. F- Solicitor. 1. Gresh.Mn Build- ings, Baa'n.ghall Street. London. E.G. (31S8 TOWN OF CARMARTHEN. PARISH OF ST. PETER'S. Important Sale of Three Valuable Freehold Fields' of Paature Land, situate close to and below the Great Western Railway Goods Station. T?TESSRS. J HOWELL THOMAS & SON are -?- instructed to oner for SALE by AUCTION &t the St. Mary a Auction Mart, Carmarthen on SATURDAY, May 3Cth, 1914, at 2.30 o'clock in the afternoon, the ValuaMe FREEHOLD FIELDS, situ- aEe below the Great Western Railway Goods Station, in the Parish of St. Peter's, in the County of the Borough of Carmarthen, in the occupation of Mr Thoe. Williams. Slate Merchant. They comprise three excellent Fields of First-class Pasture Land. and contain by admeasureinent lOa. 2r. 24p., or tIF'rpabn:1h. nr)d arc h'r a.t tho very low annual rental of J632. the landlord paying rates and taxes. Further particulars and all other information mav be obtained of the Auctioneers, at their OSces, St. Mary Street. Carmarthen: or of Mr. T. HoweII Davies. Solicitor, King Street, Carmarthen. (311B Sates bp Suction CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF ABERGWILI. Important Sale of a Valuable Freehold Farm, Small Holding and Allotment, situate about 2g Miles from the Town of Carmarthen. IAIESSRS. J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON are instructed to oSer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, at the Saint Mary's Auction M*t, Carmarthen, on SATURDAY, 30th day of May, 1914, at 2.50 delock in the Afternoon punctually (subject to such Conditions of Sale as shall be there and then produced), the following Freehold Farm, Small Holding and Allotment, -viz:— Lot l.—Tbe very useful Freehold jr'arm known as MACHOLWS," situate in the Parish of Aber- gwili, in the County of Carmarthen, in the occu- pation of Mr John Scurlock at the annual rental of JE80, the tenant paying the rates and the land- lord the tithe. The Farm consists of a substantially-built Home- stead and extensive Outbuildings, and 69a. 3r. 26p.. or thereabouts, of excellent Pasture and Arabic Land, principally the former. Lot 2.—All that valuable Freehold Holding called "PENLLAINE," situate in the said Parish of Abergwili, in the said County of Carmarthen, and adjoining the last-mentioned lot. The Property is held by Mr. Henry Jones at the yearly rental of JB10, the tenant paying the rates and taxes and the tithe, and comprises a good Dwelling House and a. large Hay Shed and other suitable Outbuildings, together with about 6a. lr. 33p. of useful land. Lot 3.—The Freehold Allotment known as BRYNAMLWG, situate in the above Parish and County, containing 4a. Or. 24p., or thereabouts, and now let to Mr. Wm. Thomas at a rent of jM per annum, the jtenant paying the rates, and the landlord the tithe. Plans of the Properties have been prepared, and can be inspected at the Offices of the Auctioneers. Further Particulars and all information may be obtained of the Auctioneers, at their Omces, Saint Mary Street, Carmarthen; of Messrs. Perrv. Son and Richards. Solicitors. 126. Colmorc Row. Bir- mingham; or of Messrs. Morris and Morris, Solici- tors, Quay Street, Carmarthen. CATHLAWDOR, GOLDEN GROVE. TOHN FRANCIS & SON are instructed bv ? Mr. Henry Davies (who is leaving) to SELL by AUCTION, at the above place, on TUESDAY, 26th May, 1914- 1 ? CATTLE, inclHding 6 milch cows in full JLC? pro&t, barren cnw. 4 yearling heifers. 7 steer and heifer calves. Three-year-old collier marc. good worker: chest- nuu mare, expected to foal before day of Sale. good worker in all harness. PIGS—60 head of poultry. The whole of the Implements, which are all prac- tically new; Dairy Utensils. and a portion of the. Household Furniture, and a number of useful lots. Also a quantity of farmyard Manure. Sale to commence at 1.30 p.m. About 50 Acres of LAND win be LET for Ha.y or Grazing Purpoaea. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISHES OF LLANDEFEILOG AND ST. ISHMAEL. TOHN FRANCIS & SON have received instruc- ? lions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUC- TION, at an early date, the Valuable Freehold Farms, known as ''TYRMABLY," Croesyceilog. Carmarthen, containing 41a. lr. 37p., Moro or less held by Mr. Gibbon. Also CWMBURRY," near Ferryside, contain- mg 57 acres, or thereabouts, held by Mr. Williams. Further particulars will duly appear and may be obtained as to Tirmably Farm from Messrs. WH- ters and Williams, Solicitors, Carmarthen, and as to both properties from Mr. T. HoweU Davies, Solnntor, Carmarthen, and the Auctioneers. 5atce b)1 Huctton CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANDDAROG. fOHN FRANCIS & SON will offer for SALE ? by PUBLIC AUCTION at an early date the Valuable Freehold Farm, known as FELINFACH situate near the Village of Porthyrhyd, containing 48a. 3r. 18p.. more or less, of good pasture and arable land, and now in the occupation of Mr. David Stephens aa yearly tenant. Further particulars will duly appear and in the meantime may be obtained of the Auctioneers, Car- marthen or of MESSRS. MORRIS & MORRIS. 3075) Solicitors, Carmarthen. CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANGENDEIRNE. T?OR SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION the Fi-ee- -?' hold Sm?II Holdings, Land, a/nd Cottages— Lot l.—TYNEWYDD, close to Pontantwn. 15a. Or. 39p. Lot 2.—TYCAM, near Minke. lla. Ir. 32p Lot 3.—LLWYNGLAS. adjoining Lot 2. Lot 4.—FREEHOLD FIELD clo«c to Mansatit, la. 2r. 6p. Further Particulars may be obtained of Messrs. Walters and Williams, Solicitors, Carmarthen CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISHES or ST. PETER'S & LLANGUNNOR, and Close to Carmarthen Town. T LOYD & THOMAS are favoured with inatrao- JLJ lions to oSer for SALE by AUCTION at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, on SATURDAY, 6th June, 1914. at 2.30 p.m.. the following exception- ally valuable Freehold Farms, comprising:— LOT l.—That valuable Freehold Dairy Farm, known as "CILLEFWR," situate in the parish of St. Peter's, Carmarthen, intersected by the Carmar- then to LIangunnock Road (called AMtycnap Road) and within 1 mile of Carmarthen Town, containing 64 acres 2 roods 8 perches, or thereabouts. LOT 2.—That Valuable Freehold Field, known as SHERIFF'S .FIELD." situate adjoining Lot 1, and being a'djacent to AIltycnap Road, containing 2 acre- 1 rood 30 perches, more or less. Lot-. 1 and 2 arc held by the Representatives of the late Mr. Ed. Lf-wi- at the annual rent of" £190. the landlord paving all outgoings. LOT 3.—That valuable and desirable Freehold Dairy Farm known as "CWMAU-BACH, together with thp Holding thereon, known as WAUN- DOLAU." all situate In the parish of St. Peter's, within three miles of Carmarthen Ctation, and ap- proached by the road leading from Travellers' Rest to the Kennels, containing by a-dmeasurement 206 acres 0 roods 10 perches, or thereabouts, now held by Mr. Thomas Thomas as yearly tenant, at the annual rental of jB258. LOT 4.-That Valuable Freehold Marsh known as ":VORFA.BUGAIL, situate in the Parish of LIan. gunnor. and adjacent to Carmarthen Junction Station, containing 10 acr?s 3 roods 6 perches, or thereabouts, of rich Meadow land, and now held by Mr..Thomas Jones, as yearly tenant, at the annual rental of 'JB26. Particulars, Plans, and Conditions of Sale ruay be obtained of the Auctioneers, 5, Quay Street, Car- marthen; or of the Vendor's Solicitors, Messrs. Morris and Owen, Nott's Square, Carmarthen; and Messrs. Ellis. Peirs & Co., 17, Abermarle Street, London. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. CARMARTHENSHIRE. FERRYSIDE The Popular Seaside Resort on the G.W. Railway Main Line. LLOYD & THOMAS are favoured with instruc- -LJ fion- tn oSer for SALE by AUCTION, :t the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel. Carmarthen, early in June next. the outlying portions of the ISCOED ESTATE. comprising the farms of Trccor, Tresilwood, Rotten Pil!, Bronyn. Panteg. and a Mar'-h at Kidwelly, and including EXQUISITE RESIDENTIAL BUILDING SITES (of 5 to o Acres and Plots with a frontag-e of 25 feet) <. commanding- fine views of Carmarthen Bay and picturesque Llanstephan, all situate at and near Ferryside. and in the Parishes of St. Ishmael and Llandefeilog. Particulars. Plan*- and 'Conditions of Sale may be obtained of the AUCTIONEERS, 5, Quay Street, Carmarthen: Messrs. RANDELL & Co., Bridgend; or of Messrs. AVISON. MORTON, PAXTON & Co., Solicitors, 5, Cook Street, Liverpool. 750 HORSES. 45 GUINEAS PRIZES. — FINAL WEEK FOR MAKING ENTRIES. NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. Tj?RANK LLOYD & SONS invite Entries for -r their GREAT JUNE SALES. Wednesday. June 3rd—Humters, Harness Horses, Hackneys, Coba and Poniea. Thursday, June 4th—Powerful Town Mares and Geldings. Friday. June 5th—Lurry Horses, Parcel Carters, Vatnners, and one, two &nd three year old Colts. At the recent March and April Sale<. Hunters were sold up to 240gst., Harness Horaea to lt4gs., and Waggon Geldings to 92gs., and there was a great clearance at advanced prices. Entries close Tuesday n.xt, May 26th. (3134 0 0 0 EPSOM RACES, DERBY" DAY, MAY 27. TUESDAY NIGHT, MAY 26. EXCURSION to LONDON for 1. 2, 4 or 3 davs, and to EPSOM for DAY TRIP. Leave Car- marthen 10.5 p.m.. Pcmbrey 10.56, Liandovery 6.45. Uamhio 7.25, Brynamman 6.0. GIanamman 6.9. Pantyn'ynnon 7.53. Pontardulais 8.5. LIan- elly 10.49. DAY FARES :-LONDON 9/6, EPSOM 14/3. For details see bills or send postcard to stations or o&cea. FRANK POTTER, General Manager. SEVERAL KINDS OF COALS have no been REDUCED IN PRICES. For particulars, apply T. BLAND DA VIES, at 8, QUAY .afREET, or at the STATION ROAD DEPOT, CARMARTHEN. I

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