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I BEN. EVANS' (MI WINTER m ,WILL COMMENCE On FRIDAY, JANUARY 4th, And will continue DAILY During the Month. NO CATALOGUE WILL BE ISSUED, but Customers may rely upon having one of the Largest Stocks in the Provinces to select from and the Prices Being: SUBSTANTIALLY Reduced. POST ORDERS CAREFULLY EXECUTED. Ben. Evans & Co., Ltd., Swansea. GOFALWCH am EICH LLYGAID TSich llygaid ydyw rhodd werthfawrocaf Natur, gan y byddai hanner prydferthwch y ddaiar ar goll i ddyn oni bai am y Llygaid. Hawdd ydyw gwella man anhwylderau y golygon, ond os esgeulusir hwy, ant yn beryglus yn fuan. Ai nid ydych yn meddwl ei bod yn well i chwi dalu sylw iddynt YN AWR, cyn yr elont yn waeth, ao yn fwy anhawda eu gwella ? There is no extra charge for sight testing. I supply a 14c. Gold Filled Frame, with Lenses and Case, for 10/6, guaranteed to retain its colour for a life time. D. KING MORGAN, M.P.S., Qualified Chemist and Optician, KING STBEET, CARMARTHEN. Fruit Trees. Fruit Trees. ALL the best sorts—all ages—right prioea—one quality—Best. Large Stock of good clean Apple, Pear and Plum Trees grown in endless varieties, 1/8 to 2f3 each, 18/- to 2P/- dozen. For Gooseberry and Currant Bushes I claim I got the finest clean stook in Wales. Gooseberry bashes extra strong, of Whinham's industry and Keepsake, 9d. each. 8/- doz.; smaller, 6d. each, 5/6 doz. Currant bushes, extra strong, Boskoop Grant and Carter's Black Champion, largest arsrteties grown, 8d. each, 7/6 dozen. Also large stock of Roses, Ornamental Trees, and Shrubs. Brivets a to 2 ft., per 616 100; Thoma for hedging. a to 2 ft., 3/9 per 100. All the stools is hardy and well acclimatized. Save your carriage bill by buying from a Glamorganshire nursery Early planting means suooess to every tree. It will be a good investment. A small sum expended in the purchase of Fruit Trees will produce each year an inareasing return, enabling you to economise and increase the home Food Supply. Packing free. Cash with Order. W EWART THOMAS. F.R.H.S., The Nurseries Waun Road, Loughor, Glam. public lrotices. CARMARTHENSHIRE WOMEN'S WAR AGRICUL- TURAL COMMITTEE. A PUBLIC MEETING, in connection with the above, wSl be held at the SHIRE HALL, CARMARTHEN, on SATURDAY, January 5th, 1918. The Chair will be taken at 2 p.m. by Mrs. LEWIS PHIUPPS, Clyngwynnd. Badges will be distributed by Mas. H. JONES-DA VIES, Glyneiddan. All interested are cordially invited to attend. FLORENCE M. JONES, LB61-4 :1) Organising Secretary. ucatton Carmarthen County Schools. THE GRAMMAR (SCHOOL. HBADMAITM—E. B. ALLEN. M.A. (OaoWki. as,abunKmsmw-M I Isis B. A. BCKMI, M.A. Late Open Boholar of Girton Collep. Cambridge. Fees, 1 VL per term. Reduction when there are two or more children from the Mine f mily- The next Term begins Wednesday, January 9th. The Headmistress (at the Girls School) and the Headmaster (at the Boys' School) will be pleased to see the parents of new pupils on Saturday* January 5th, from 11 a.m. to 1. Boarders can be received at the Grammar School. The Grammar School, PENOADER, CARMARTHEN. BOARDING AND DAY SCHOOL FOR BOYS AND GIRLS. HHADMABTER J. R. SAUNDERS, M.A. (Cantab), (Emmanuel College), Assisted by a highly qualified Staff of Resident and visiting Masters. Preparation for all Examinations. Special 1 individual attention in single subjects. Foi ferma and particulars, apply to the Headmaster. IIA High School for Girls, CARMARTHEN. PRESEDBWT or TIIR COUNCIT. THE LORD BISHOP OF ST, DAVID'S. HEAD MISTRESS: Miss E. I. SCTTON, B.A., Honours London University (First Class in Classical. TTTW- School gives an Excellent Education on very Moderate Terms. Admirable Accommodation for Boarders. Pupils prepared for LONDON MATRI- CTT1 ATION and other Public Examinations. Bovs as well as girls can be received in the Preparatory Class and tie KINDER- GARTEN DEPARTMENT. Next Term begins Thursday, January 7th. Boarders return Wedneday, January 6th. For full particulars, apply to the Head- J unstress, High School, Carmarthen. *OLD COLLEGE SCHOOL, CARMARTHEN Facing the beautiful Vale of Towy). Boarders Kept :0 Girls Admitted Pupils Registered at any time. Charged pro rata. TYPEWRITING, BOOK KEEPING, SHORTHAND, &c, TAUGHT. For Report of Grand Successes, apply to Head Master. REV. J. B. THOMAS, Undergrad. London University. Open Exhibitioner Cardiff University, 1st Prizeman Treveoca College, Holder 10 Certificates South Kensington. Duties will be resumed after Christmas on January 8th, 1918. CARMARTHEN School of Art and Crafts. THE SPRING TERM begins MONDAY, A the 7th of JANUARY. (L569-5:1 jftnanctal. IONDON & PROVINCES DISCOUNT J Oo.. LTD. IMMEDIATE CASH ADVANCES. £10 to £1,000 are privately oompleted at 14 hours' notice an your simple promiM to repay, without preliminary fees. Call or write to the Manager, W. SHIRLEY, 41. Stokes Oroft, Bristol. (8499-23 :2 Advances £5 to £ 5,000. ON YOUR WRITIEN PROMISE TO REPAY AT A MUTUALLY AGREED INTEREST. M1 for IS monthly payments of 6L Bd. Nis II t. 1-ic d. B20 „ „ „ ill 6s. 8d. and so on pro rata. Loans over a period of two years or more by arrangement A gentleman will call if deeired and ad- Iranoo cash at applicant's house. NO SURETIES REQUIRED. Promptness and Privacy. NO CHARGE OF ANY KIND UNLESS BUSINj^o DONE. Distance immaterial to the actual lenders. Write or oall. F. LAWRENCE, LTD. (The Oldest West of England Company), DON CIIAMBERS, CHEESEMAROT, WINJI STREET, BRISTOL, Telephone 1791. Telegrame- Approved." Bristol. (N6 SWANSEA MERCANTILE CO., Ltd Of 18, PARK ST., SWANSEA; Make Cash Advances Trots £ io to £ 1,000 To Commeroial Gentlemen, Tradesmen, Farmers, and Respectable Householders on their own Note of Hand, at • low rate of Interest. STRICTLY PRIVATE. COWIOEMTIAT. For further particulars apply H. B. JONES, 18, Park Street, Swansea. (LTO • TRUanteD When replying to advertismenfa please mention1 Carmarthen Journal" QBORTHAND-TYPIST, &o.—.There is a vacancy at the Journal Office for a lady pupil to learn shorthand, typewriting, and general office routine. Only applicants who have been well trained in an interme- diate school will be entertained. WANTED, in January, good Cook- General, other maid klept.—Apply, stating age and full particulars, to Mrs. Davies, Cwm, Caerphilly. (8559-5:1 WANTED, Elm, Ash and Poplar Trees, quote price on rail nearest railway station to C. Jenkins and Son, PortH, Rhondda. (S556—25 1 WANTED, Antique Crewel Work, Cur- tains, Quilt, Odd Pieces; also Samplers and Wool Work. Also Antique Chinese Lacquer, Pole Fire Screens, Hand Screens, Boxes, etc.—Mrs. Benyon, Islip, Thrapston. -25.1 w AN-TED, a good Housemaid.—Apply, » » Mrs. Gwynne Hughes. Glancothv, Nantgaredig, R.S.O., Carmarthenshire. (L560 T° POULTRY DEALERS.—Wanted, JL Weekly Supplies of Live Fowls; state price; cash weekly.—Apply, "Poultry," Journal" Office. Carmarthen. (S561—12 :I V\^ANTED, Experienced Cook-General; two in family; two maids kept.— Apply, references, stating wages, to Mrs. Elton, Glen view, Llandovery. (568—11:1 Mantefc. WANTED, Welsh Trapped Rabbits; TV any quantity; best price paid; and Eggs (together or separate).—Apply. 16, Dutfryn Street, Mountain Ash. (S571—18:1 URGENTLY Wanted, 1,000 Qualified Wireless Operators; we can guarantee situations to our students immediatey they qualify; we can accept youths between the au'e of 15i and 18; owing to the new ship- ping laiws we are extending our colleges to help us fill these vacancies; the re- muneration is irom E100, rising to L250 pea* annum; the operator ranks ,as tin officer.-Apply for prospectus, Wireless Training College, St. Mary Street, Cardiff, and Castle Street, Swansea. (S542—30:3 SITTING ROOM and Bedroom required by Two »I<ady Cleijks.i—Apply, Rooms," c/o The Journal" Offices, Carmarthen. (L569 "W\7ANTED, by January 17th, 1918, ▼ » Housemaid; wag-es, £ 16 and uni- form. Age not under 16 years. Previous experience not necessary.—Apply by letter, enclosing references, to Matron, I airwood Isolation Hospital, Killav, near Swansea. 576-.4 1 WANTED, House-Parlourmaid; family, two.—Mrs. Kenshole, The Park, Aberdare. (8581-4 1 WANTED, a capable General immedi- ately for Cardiff; Welsh-spoken pre- ferred; good wages given; no washing; firood outings—Apply, by letter, Mrs. Owen, 5, Colchester Avenue, Penylan, Cardiff. (S579 9 •2 WANTED, strong Pony, from li to 13 TV h.h., must. be reliable in harness.— Apply, Evans, Glaspant, Newcastle-Emlvn. (S578—19:1 WANTED, Starlight and Clean Ash units, 10 ijv. Girth Cup; also Oak Butts, 12" Qr Girth Cup.—Apply, "X. "Carmarthen Journal." (580—25:1 Jfor Sale Buy POWELL'S BISCUITS. Sold every- where. Made by Powell's Biscuits, Ltd Preston. (S519-23 :2 PIANOS & ORGANS, New and Second- hand at bargain prices. Violins, Ao- cordians, Mouth-organs, etc. Particulars free.-D. J. Snell, 21-22, High Street Arcade. Swansea. USERS of Karswood Spice are getting double the eggs they did before. 2d., 6d., 1/- Packet-StV Tea Co., Ltd., Car- marthen. (S573-4:1 (1RAMAPHONES from £ 3. 'New JT Double-sided Records from Is. each. Welsh Records a speciality. Gramaphones repaired. List's free.—D. J. Snell, 21-22, High Street Arcade, Swansea. (N20-30:2 OOD RATS are the rats that have JT been rationed with Rodme. It makes the final rat ration. Safe, sure and speedy. 6d., 1i-, 2/ 3/ 5/ post 3d. Harley, Chemists. Perth. Agen -NV- Lloyd, Chemist, Carmarthen; rJ. M. Davies, Chemist, Llandilo; J. Nicholas, Dru5 Stores, Llandovery; J. J. Davies, Llany- byttier; D. Rqgers. Chemist, St. Clears; D. J. Lewis, Chemist, Llandebie. ]\jg5 21:12 SPECIAL, Strong 50-Gallon Galvanized Oil Tank, with loose cover and brass tap; 52/6 carriage paid.—A. E. Harries, Llandilo. HENS which don't lay don't pay. Kars- wood Harmless Spice ensures eg^s. Packets 2d., 6d., 1/ from Griffiths, Grocer, Brynhafod Shop, Maesvcrugiau. ( £ >573—4:1 COB. FOR SALE, 13.2, 4 year-old; I,-) guaranteed quiet in all harness.— Particulars on application to Evans, Glas- pant, Newcastle-Emlyn. (S549—14:2 PIANO BARGAINS.-Collard & Collard Up- right (when new, 75 guineas), ^46 Farrand Upright, '£42: Weber Upright Grand in Rosewood case (when new, 75 guineas), ^55 Pleyel Upright, £ 38; Farrand "Pianola" Piano, ^80. All instruments deli- vered carriage paid. Write for complete Catalogue and Bargain list to C. MILSOM & SON, Ltd., The Great West of England Piano House, 15, Milsom Street. Bath. L 407 "177OR SALE Cheap, a Thrashing Machine, £ ? in good working order, only been little in use.—Apply, Mr. Evan Davies, Cwmsidan, Talley, Llandilo t: 8574-18 I FOR SALE, a few Pure-bred Light Sussex Cockerels, 9s. each.—Apply to Mrs. Del-ne Davies Evans, Penylan, Golden Grove. 6s. reward. (L564 "■EXCELLENT Pitwood and Aeroplane ) vvOod tor Sale, 16th January, at Llan- dovery. Long Credit —Apply for Auction Bills to Rogers, Llangadock, S582-4 :1 NOTICE —Send for advice to Mr. and Mrs Stewart. The Herbalists, Guinea Street, Bristol. (S572—30 ^3 STILL LEADING In Value, Variety, and Attention. JOHN STEPHENS, London House, Llandilo. Close Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, 7; Thursday, 1; Saturday, 8. TLO 1et. 0 LET, OAK HOUSE and OAK GARAGE, Priory Street, Carmar- a. tl,en.-Thoill s, Road Hill. (L552—4:1 zost Jfouttfc 5s. REWARD. LOST, on the 28th December, between Aberjrwili and Carmarthen, a Water- proof Tan-colored Canvas Rug, with strap and buckle.—Apply. Morris, Brynmyrddin, Abergwili. (L566 LOST, a Lemon and White Greyhound Dog. 18th December. Answers to the name "Spot." Information to David Thomas, 92, High Street, Tumble. Llanelly. S564—4:1 _L, -n_- Sales auction CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF ABERNANT. HyTESSRS. BEN EVANS &, EVANS are i.TjL instructed by L. A. L. Evans, Esq., to offer for SALE by AUCTION at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, on SATURDAY, January 12th, 1918. at 2 p.m., the following Valuable PITWOOD and TIMBER, viz.:— T.ot I.-All that well-grown Plantation of Oak and Larch Pitwood, Ash, etc., all of about 50 yeaxs' growth, including the Timber on the hedges surrounding the wood, being Nos. 1112 and 1113 O.S., con- taining 2 acres 1 rood 34 perches, standing on Cwmflowrog Farm, in the Parish of Abernant Lot 2.-All that fi'ne grown Plantation oi Larch Pitwood, Ash Poles (very suitable for tool handles, etc.) and other Trees, all of about 35 vears' growth, including the Timber on the hedges surrounding the wood, being No. 1504 O.S., containing 1 acre 3 roods 22 perches, standing on Pen- rheol Farm. Lot 3.—A small Plantation of fine Ash Timber and other Trees standing on the lower part of field No. 1549 O.S. on Pen- rheol Farm, also about 70 Ash and lother Timber. growing on the hedges and fields Nos. 1509 and 1549 below Penrheol Home- stead and on the Rickyard and Planta- tion hedge only on the roadside near Pen- Thøol, together with about 34 Ash, Elm, etc.. already cut and lvlOg" on the field ad- joining Penrheol. All the oak trees in this Lot are reserved Lot 4 —About 1! acres of Oak Pitwood and Ii acres of hearvv and valuable Oak Timber, including some fine Ash and Syca- more. standing on Poptviieha Farm, in the Parish of Abernant. The Timber on the upper part of the field from and including the oak tree marked with paint are re- served. Lot S.—All those 18 Ash Timber, 3 Sycamore, and 1 Beech standing- on the hedge adjoining the road from Troed- rhiwmeirch Farm, leading towards the woods. Particulars and Conditions of Saie may be obtained from the Auctioneers dt Pleader and Carmarthen. Sales bg Huction. BRTh"MELYN, CRWBIN, LLANGENDEIRNE. JOHN FRANCIS & SON have received instructions from the Representatives of the late Mrs. M. King to SELL by .AUCTION at the above place on FRIDAY, 11th January, 1918, the whole of the follow- ing valuable HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE and Effects, comprising:—Mahogany Draw- ing Room Suite upholstered in Horse Hair; Do. Chiffonier, Mahogany and Oak Tables, Chest of Drawers, Marble Top Washstand and Ware, Dressing Tables, Towel Rails, Commode. Mirrors and 'Overmantels, Largt Deal Cupboard, Corner Cupboard, Hospital oed vviwi spring and Hair Mattresses com- plete, Bed Chair, Brass and Iron Bedsteads, 5 Feather Beds, Mattresses, Pillows, Bol- sters, &o., Kitohen Table, Benches, Settle, Window Poles, Brass Rods Brass Candle- sticks, 6 Venetian Blinds, Fender and Fire Irons, Brackets, Linoleum. Oilcloth, Stair Carpet, &o., Mangle, Washing Tube, Clothes Horse. Ladder, &c.; and many other useful lotg: also 5 cwts. Potatoes. Sale td commence at 2.30 p.m. Llanybyther Auction Mart. By EVANS BROS., Auctioneerb. THE —— NEXT SALE Of all Kinds of STOCK will taloe place On Monday, January 7th, 1918. All Stock must be in the Yard by 10.30 a.m., and all Fat Cattle will be graded on the premises acording to New Regulations. Early Entries are Solicited. (All Fat Cattle to be at the weighbridge between 9.30 and 11.50 a.m.) —— A SPECIAL SALE OF Farmers' Horses (LIGHT AND HEAVY) Colts and Ponies WILL BE HtTLD ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 11, 1918 Commencing at 11.20 a.m Sharp. All Entries should be sent m early to' the Auctioneers, Llanybyther. Lampeter Auction Mart. THE NEXT SALE Will be held on Tuesday, January 8th, 1918. All fat cattle to be at Lampeter Station Weighbridge between 9.30 and 11.30 on Tuesday moAiing to be ,ed. a;nd weighed. DANIEL 1. REES & WILLIAMS, Auctioneers. Auction Marts BY LLOYD ( THOMAS AUOTi CARMARTHEN CAR-[ KTHEN, WEDNESDAY NEXT, JANUARY"9th. NEWCASTLE-EMLYN, FRIDAY, JANUARY llth. LLANDYSSUL, TUESDAY, JANUARY 15th. t The Auctioneers will be glad if Entriea are sent in as early as possible ST. CLEARS MART. LIVE STOCK CONTROL OWING to the New Law, which compels Farmers to dispose of their Cattle for Slaughter in a Registered Market only, it has now been decided to hold a Mart at St. Clears on the FIRST and THIRD TUES- DAYS in every month, therefore the next Mart will take place on JANUARY 15th, and Farmers are requested to send in their entries to the Auctioneers as soon as possible. IOJ. HOWELL THOMAS & SON Auctioneers,, St. Mary's Auction Mart, Carmarthen. STATION MART, LLANDYSSUL, Thomas Jones & Sons, AUCTIONEERS. —— OUR NEXT SALE WILL TAKE PLACB On Monday, January 14th, 1918 Entries for all kinds of Stocks should be sent early to the Auctioneers, Garthowen, Landyssul. MPIRP" THEATRE, Carmarthen. ■■■■ I THIS WEEK. THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY. One Touch of Nature Featuring GEORGE BEBAN, The American Chevalier. NEXT WEEK. MONDAY. TUESDAY & WEDNESDAY. The Profligate Sir Arthur Pinero's Great Social Drama. "Not a Success, but a Triumph ("Pall Mall Gazette"). "The Profligate is Pinero's best serious Work" (" The Globe"). THURSDAY. FRIDAY, & SATURDAY. Daughters of France A Broadwest Drama, full of Exciting Incidents. PEA^L OF THE ARMY EPl; )EI 10.—THE CONSPIRATORS. Mr. Harold Malkin, F.R.C.O., A.R.C.M. L.Mus.T.C.L. (Organist St. Peter's Church). LESSONS given in PIANOFORTE and ORGAN PLAYING. SINGING, HARMONY & COUNTERPOINT, kc. Resident Pupils Taken. Next Term begins on January 9th. 7, ESPLANADE, CARMARTHEN. (L568-25 1

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