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Carmarthen has at last decided to, make seme fitting acknowledgment of her soldiers while they are still alive, instead of waiting to acknowledge their heroism after they arc dead. Those who have earned distinctions on the field of battle are to be offered fur- ther recognition at home in the shape of .freedom of the borough and certain gifts which no doubt will afford them some plea- sant proof of the esteem of their fellow- townsmen. There will still remain, how- ever, the absence of official or public wel- come to those of Carmarthen's soldiers who have not been fortunate enough to gain re- cognition on the field. Nothing, apparently, will be done to hearten and cheer them when they go back to the trenches after their leave as expired. The opinion seems to be that as Carmarthen has so large a number of young men fighting there are not sufficient funds .available for this purpose. Anyhow it ought 10 be done, and if the Corporation or any representative committee do not see their way to attempt it, the churches ought to do it. Here is a golden opportunity for the Church which ought not to be missed. At any rate, we are for the moment satisfied, and we are glad to think that we have not written so much upon this subject in vain. The Premier's masterly restatement of British "^var Aims has had an instantaneous effect in consolidating opinion among all classes of the community. Mr. Lloyd George has never shown finer leadership. In one bold, courageous speech, he has re- moved suspicions and misunderstandings at home, shattered the German-inspired calum- nies in the countries of our Allies, and forced upon the enemy the onus of the next move. Both Labour in this country and the Bolshevik Government in Russia appreciate better to-day than ever before that aims of conquest find no place in the British Govern- ment's peace conditions, and that we are fighting for a clean peace, a demooratic peace, a permanent peace. The declaration, too, is as authoritative as it is detailed; for the Premier, having consulted the Labour leaders, Mr. Asquith and others, spoke not merely the mind of the Government or in- deed the nation, but the mind of the Empire ar, a whole. The speech has made a deep and lasting impression. Will it 6ave Russia from the catastrophe of a separate peace? It may. The Bolsheviks have repeatedly claimed that what they seek is not a separate peace but a general peace on a democratic basis. The Russians have, with their own ears, heard the German heart of prey imi- tate the bleeding of the lamb, and that ex- perience, together with Mr. Lloyd George's frank and transparently honest declaration of policy may bring about a new situation.

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