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# The" Freedom." TOWN COUNCIL TAKE STEPS TO HONOUR CARMARTHEN BOYS. PROVISION OF MORE ALLOTMENTS. The Mayor (Aid. Wm, Evans) presided over a monthly meeting of the Carmarthen Town Council on Tuesday night. Referring to a resolution passed some- time ago by the council to confer the free- dom of the borough on Carmarthen men winning distinctions in the war, the Town Clerk (Mr. H. B. White) said that the father of Ernest Emrys Isaac, R.A.MuC., who had been awarded the Military Cross and a bar, called upon him and said that the captain was about to visit Carmarthen. Mr. E. V. Collier formally moved that Capt. Isaac be admitted an honorory free- man of the borough. He did not think the town could do itself greater honour than by admitting Carmarthen men who 6 had won distinctions and who had done so much for them—leaving those at home in comfort whilst they went through all kinds of hardships. Capt. Isaac was awar- ded the Military Crpss for gallantry and devotion to duty at Delvil^ Wood, and since then he had been awarded a bar to the TOSS. Capt Isaac was one of the few men possessing both the M.C. and the bar. Mr. Collier said they should confer the freedom on all the Carmarthen men to- gether, and he read out the following list of fourteen which probably, he said, was not complete:—Capt. Isaac, M.C.; Capt. L'vans, M.C., Bridge street; Major Arthur Rowland Davies, M.C., Guildhall-square; I ieut. Jack Richards, M.(' Francis Well; Sergt. Archie Morris, D.C.M. (a distinction which 11 r, CoUier pointed out was higher thafn the M.C1.); Sergt. Helnny Ettens, M.M., Richmond-terrace; Corpl. E. J Wil- liams. M.M and Italian Bronze Medal. County Police Station; Co. Sergt,- Maj or W. H. Williams, of Pictop-place, Medaille Militaire f which lr. CoHier characterised as the highest distinction of the lot); Signaller W. T. Jones, M.M., Manoravon, Tanerdy; Sergt. James Orman, D.C.M., of Glannant-road; Corpl. Dewy Evans, M.M., employed at Towy Works: Ccrpi. Jeremy, M.M Tanerdv-lane; Co. -Setrgt. Major H. Burnhill, M.M., son qf ex-P.C. Burnhill; and Corpl. Harold Norton, M.M. Mr. David Williams said since it was de- cided to grant the freedom of the borough to these men he thought the council had gone to sleep, because several of the men had come home and had gone back to the front without being noticed. "I think we are very slack In this matter," he added. We should do all we can for these men, and not only give them the free- dom of the borough but something more substantial. I second Mr. Collier." Aid. J. B Arthur asked whose fault was it that these men came home without notice being taken of them? If Mr. Williams knew that they were home, he ought to have acquainted the Town Clerk of the fact in order that the matter could be brought before the council. It was hard that any of the men should come home and return without being noticed, and it was the dllt., of each member of the council, when he knew of anyone home on leave, to mention the fact to the proper .uarters. They were proud) that Capt. Isaao. as an old St. Peter's bev, had won the coveted distinc tion. Capt Isaac was a son of one of the most respected citizens of Carmarthen, who was formerly a member of that council. The distinction reflected great credit on Capt. Isaac and oil the town. Mr. David Williams said a co.TTt't^tee was appointed some time ago to mako arrange- ments for the conferring of the freedom and that MS the reason he did rot nr/tlfv anyone of the home-coming of the men. Mtr. D. J. Davies said in addition to the freedom of the borough the men were entitled to a donation as well, as was given i:i other places. From a private's point of view, perhaps a donation would be ir- re acceptable than the freedom. It »v">ul<! help the \< ar savings association, vvinch was doing so well in the town, if tvtr savings certificates were presented to tie help the ar savings association, winch was doing so well in the town, if tvtr TI savings certificates were presented to tie men. If the Mayor opened a subscription lift Mr. Davies was sure he would he -.ell supported by the townspeople. He sug- gested also a house-to-house collection. It was stated that Capt. Isaac was ex- pected to arrive in Carmarthen that ivght, and the motion to confer upon him the freedom of the borough was carried. As the names of the otfliers were not on the. agenda, it was decided, in order to cjr.iply with the standing orders to put their names on the agenda of the next meeting. Mr. Martin thought Sunday would he the most suitable day to confer the free- dom on Ca\pt, ltiaac as the public wv.ult! have a better opportunty on that Jav r f attending the ceremony.The matter of f.MUK the dav of the ceremony was left in t!ie rands of the Mayor and Mr, Collier.. CHRISTMAS DAY COLLECTION. Mr. Fred Humphreys wrote stating that the Christmas Day collection for the chil- dren of blinded soldiers and sailors totalled JB49 14s. Id.—Replying to questions, Mr. E. V. Collier said, the previous Christmas Day collection for the Sorbians realised over £100, and the Christmas Day collec- tion before that totalled £112. This Chjristmas the arranging of the collection was dqne rather hurriedly.—Rev. Fuller Mills said a great many envelopes were this yaar sent by post to certain individuals and scores subscribed in that way before Christmas Day.. I ALLOTMENTS WANTED. The Mayor said a gentleman had called upon him and offered to the council land for allotments at a very nominal rent or peAaps free. The land was near Conwil station.—Mr. David Williams said it was very good of the gentleman to offer the land. It was a pity it was not nearer the town.—Mr. George James said possibly theire were some people in the town who woul 1 avail themselves of the offer.-Mr. W. J. Martin asked the Surveyor if nc had received fresh applications for allotments.— The Surveyor (Mr. F. J. Finglah) replied that he had received about eighteen formal applications, all of which, with the excep- tion of two, were in the district of Pare- main-street and the park. There were no plots available now; none of the old had oeen given back.—Aid. J. B. Arthur said ho would be sorry to spe anyone wishing to have a plot going without one. and he suggested that the council should look about for land.—On the motion of \1-1r. W. J. Martin, the committee appointed last year to deal with the question of providing land was re-appointed for the same pur- pose. THE DISINFECTOR. Rev. Fuller Mills said that at the county health committee that afternoon, the ques- tion of a disinfecting chamber was raised by the county medical offioer, who stated t,hat one of the great difficulties in grap- pling with disease in the county was that garments and other things that had been used in the case of sufferers were not dis- infected because there was no provision made. Mr. Mills suggested that if should be made known that there was a disin- fectcr in Carmarthen which other public bodies might utilise, at a certain charge.— Dr. Bowen Jones, borough medical officer, said the fact was the country was not edu- cated up to what was needed. In the rural district they had the greatest difficulty in getting people to bring the clothes to be disinfected at Carmarthen. It was, how- ever, done in his own district.—Aid. John Lew was re-elected to represent the council on the Court of Governors of the University College of South Wales.—It was decided to provide a centre in Carmarthen under the Notification of Births Act, the cost to be JM1 a year. j

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