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VINEGAR! —— OUR TWO BRANDS I E. T. "In JU' Xm (Cask « • ( and (-619alted Bottle Write for Price List to the LARGEST Vinegar Manufacturers in Wales Emanuel Thomas and Son, Niagara Vinegar Brewery SWANSEA. ♦t ESTABLISHED 1877. (1937-16:1 J. POOLEY, CARDIGAN HOUSE, 52, WATER STREET (Also MARKET), CARMARTHEN. The Noted Shop for Cheapness. A large Stock of Ladies', 6 Gents' and Children's Kip Boots, Guaranteed to Wear. Gents' Heavy Brown and Black Boots. Prices Cannot he Beaten. Ladies' Footwear in all kinds' suitable for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS Large Selection of Suede Shoes in all shades from 20s. to 25s. per pair. Indies, Gents, and Children's Leather Carpet and Bedroom Slippers in great variety. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS. XHEAD, STOMACH, ANDX LIVER PILLS (P.J.F. 180). Pan fyddoch yn cael eich poeni gan y Gwynt; LlosgylLa; Diffyg ttrfaul; 14older ysbryd; Ysgafnder y pen; Pimples a Pen- ddynod; Bias cas yn y genau; Smell cryf gan yr anadl; Vomitio peth gwyrdd, a Phlegm; Breuddwydion ofnadwy ac ami; Gwrid mawr yn y gwyneh ar amserau; Chwydd yn y dwylaw, breuchiau, traed a'r coesau; Piles a Gravel. Neu rhyw anhwylderau eraill sydd yn per thy n i'r cyila, cymerwch y PILLS hyn, sydd yn cael cymaint clod gan y sawl sydd wedi eu profi, trwy hyny gallant eu cymera- dwyo; maent yn helpu y bwyd i gyrhaedd ei amcan priodol. MEWN BOXES-ls. RODERICK EVANS CHEMIST, (1305-14:11) LAMPETER. St. Dunstan's Hostel FOR THE BLIND. THREE Special Performances In Aid of the above Institution will be given by THE FROLICS CONCERT PARTY AT THE LYRIC, CARMARTHEN. On WEDNESDAY Next (NEW YEAR'S EYE). AFTERNOON at 2.30-3,!6 (Reserved), 2/4, and 1/3. EVENING at 6.30 and P>.30—2/4 (Reserved:, 1/3 and 9d. Seats may be reserved at Mr. Geo. Weaks. 121. Lammas Street, Carmarthen. Sympathetic Volunteers for the Sale of Tickets arc asked to help. Apply at To-vy Pharmacy, Carmarthen. For a deserving cause, the effc'rfc js justified, but it is YOUR presence .vhich makes that effort successful.' SAM JAMES has taken a number of large .Loose Boxes at the Maiket Plaee, Carmarthen, where all kinds of HORSES WILL BE TRAINED to Saddle and Harness. Hunters thoroughly schooled. Also a few taken in for Hunting- Seoson. (PA1514—9:1 WELCH HORSE. RE-UNION DINNER.' ALL N.C.O.'s and Men of the 1/lst Welsh Horse are invited to a Re-union Dinner to be held at Cardiff on Saturday, January 17th, 1920. For Tickets apply at once to- HON SEC., Welch Horse Re-union Dinner, Grand Hotel, 1283-9: 1) Cardiff. NOTICE TO ADVERTISERS PREPAID SCALE OF CHARGES. ThU it our deal* for Prepaid Ad-vertise muontm:- No of One Three dix Word. Insertion. Insertiona. Insertions. 20 18 Si It 2tj 16 < 6 4 b is I 0 4 f 1 6 44 :¿ 4 o 0 « When retiring to advertilloments please vmention "Carmarthen oIournal" Wanted. URGENTLY WANTED.—500 Students !LJ to Qualify for existing Vacancies. This is a splendid opportunity for a youth between the age of 17 and 24 to secure a permanent lucrative berth for life. Unem- ployed Demobilised Service Men with a knowledge of Wireless of the above age should write or call at once.—Wireless Train- ing College, Ltd., St. Mary Street, Cardiff, and Castle Street, Swansea. (P AI085-13 :12 LADY Clerk with Bank experience, fully qualified Book-keeper, -well-educated, seeks post as Accounts and General Clerk. Highly recommended.—Box 66, Journal Office, Carmarthen. CHICKENS (LIVE).—Price wanted for 50 c or 60, any strains; free on rail, Car- marthen, packed for London. Quote price. -F. W. R., Journal Office, Carmarthen. F-t:o ERRETS.-Finest workers procurable, well-handled, 15s. eacli; large liners 20s., packed carriage paid.—Price,( 291, Cowbridgo Road, Cardiff. (PA1120-25:12 CHEMIST'S Apprentice Wanted, must C have passed Preliminary Examination. —Apply to E. H. James, M.P.S., Chemist, Lampeter. (PA1263-2:1 MOLESKIS.-Welm now paying 125/- :l per hundred (1/3 each) for the Best Clear Winter Pelts. Write for full Price List and copy of New Illustrated Book ''How to Handle Raw Skins." To vue Oldest and Best Buyers in England.—A. C. Edwards & Sons, Hereford. (PAl239-14 :2 WANTED, clean, respectable Girl, 18—24, for housework and assist milking; good home; convenient; wages, £ 24.— Apply, B," "Journal" Office, Carmar- then. (P A1274-10 :1 WANTED, Wheelwright and Body Builder, also Coach Painter constant work; wages, Is. 3d. per hour.—Jones Bros., High Street Garage, Ammanford. (PA1290—26:12 WANTED at once, a good Man as Cart Haulier and look after horses; weekly wages, £ 4.—Rees W. Thomas, Haulier and Coal Merchant, Cwmllynfell, Swansea Valley. (P A1463-25 12 BUSINESS Man, generally dining out, requires Board-Rcsidence, in or near Carmarthen.—Reply to !I, ticood," c/o Carmarthen Journal Ofiic Carmarthen. (:'A1460—16:1 WANTED, Young Girl for Housework in London Dairy by Welsh family; send reference and wages required to:— Dairyman," "Journal" Office, Carmar- then. (P A 1462-25 :12 WANTED, a General Servant; must be reliable and trustworthy in all house duties; one child; good references essential; comfortable home and good wages; age be- tween 20 and 30.-Mrs. Jones, Fair View, College Rd., Whitchurch, Cardiff. (PA1461—26:12 APPRENTICE Wanted.—Evans & James, Agricultural Motor Engineers, St. Clears. (1239 TWO Guineas will be paid for the Name of the Dam of the Mare Mr. John Perkins, Pengoylan Farm, Llandilo, owned about 1907.-Aymes, Carmarthen Journal." (PA1469—26:12 MOLE and Rabbits Skins, etc., Wanted. Best prices paid by return. Any quantity.—W. M. Cohen, 6 & 8, Emerald Street, London, W.C.I (P A1483-13 :3 WANTED, in January, middle-aged Woman to look after School Board- ing House for Llandovery College; no cook- ing.—Apply, with references. to Mrs. Poole Hughes, Coburg Hotel, Tenby. (PA1490—2:1 WANTED, General Maid two in family; light duties; good home suitable girl.—Apply, personally if possible, Mrs. Ward Thomas, Ffynonlas, Abergwili. (PA1470—26:12 SITUATION Wanted as gardener, care- taker, or any place of trust.—Write, W. S., "Journal" Office, Carmarthen. (P A1497-2 :1 "^rTANTED, good General; small family; help given.—Apply, Witts, The Haw- thorns, St. James Gardens, Swansea. (P A1506-9 :1 WANTED, Young Housemaid, early in January; can be trained parlour work; parlourmaid kept.—Apply, with re- ferences, to Mrs. Poole Hughes. The Col- lege, Llandovery. (PA1484-2:1 CABINET Makers required for Whole- C sale Bedroom Suite Factory; piece- work based on Is. 9d. per hour, 47 hour week; permanency for suitable men.- Fuller, Westbury Works, Swansea. (1278-27:12 TALL Young Man, middle age. blile eyes and dark hair, with private income, would like to correspond with young lady with a view to matrimony.—Apply, T.T.. ''jour- nal' Office, Carmarthen. (PA1517 \/fTANTED, Young Groom Gardener, single, lighr weight; must be gooa rider. Wages required to Ernest Johns, Windsor House, Windsor Terrace, Swansea. (PA1516-2:1 w ANTED, a trustworthy, Experienced General Servant for London Flat, must he a good cook; small family; help given; wages, 950.-Write to M.. 45d., Cromwell Road, South Kensington. London, S.W. 7. (1286-2:1 TIT ANTED, Anthracite Slow Combustion Sitave. State particulars and price to Hughes, Parade House, Carmar- then. (PA1518-28:12 r For Sale. NOTICE TO LICENSED VICTUALLERS Acedrding to law every licensed victualler is compelled to exhib:t retail prices of the various drinks. Cards, showing the con- trolled prices, may be obtained at the JOURNAL Office, Carmarthen. Price.,6d. each. By post, 7d. each. ™ FULL egg baskets follow use of Kars- wood Spice containing ground insects. 2id., 7 £ d., 13.—Packets from Phillips, 4, Hall Street, Carmarthen. (P A1488-2 :1 /ROSS ROADS.—If you are there don't turn to the right or xleft, but go straight for all your requirements for your Xmas dainties. Free seller. -Jenkins, Grocer, Water Street, Carmarthen. SURGICAL GOODS AND APPLIANCKS.- Truases, Abdominal Belts, Enemas, Douches, Hot-water Bottles, Elastic Hosiery, Rubber Gloves, and Surgical Rubber Goods of every description. 78-page illustrated catalogue tree on application.-Le Brasseur Surgical Co., Ltd. (Dept. H Y), go and 92, Worcester Street, Birmingham. (1354 T>ULLETS lay and pay on Karswood Harmless Poultry Spice containing ground insects. 2d., 7^ 1/3 Packets.— I 2 Star Tea Co., Ltd., Carmarthen. (PA1298-25:12 ^PECIAL PURCHASE.—T. LEWIS has now purchased direct from the Govern- ment, and has for disposal, New Army Boots and Second-hand Canadian, Austra- lian Browns, re-soled by Government and guaranteed best material. Size, 5 to 12. Also a brand new lot of Army Shirts, Pants, Stockings, &c. A good line in Army Mack- intoshes. A job line of Ladies' Boots and Shoes (new), pre-war leather, to clear, cheap. Magic Polish: 6d. tin sold for 3d. —Address, 3, Parcmaen, Carmarthen (PA1131—30:12 A SUGGESTION TRY THORLEVS FOOD M ,U FOR YOUR HORSES one month and note results. (1827—10:1 FOR SALE, a Stylish Rubber-tyred Milk — Float.—Greenwood Bros., Llandilo. )PA1487-2:1 TP HE greatest doubter is convinced after -*■ one thorough test of Karswood Spice —the egg producer it is a pleasure to sell, because it gives such satisfaction. Packets 2d., 7 £ d., 1/3.-Lloyd, 12, Lammas Street, Carmarthen. (PA 1478—20 :12 A STROLOGY.—Reliable Life Horoscope, Planetary influences on life's affairs, Character, Events, Changes, Business Suc- cess, Marriage, etc.—Send birth date, 1/- P.O., stamped envelope, Mr. Allen, 19, Pul. ford Street, London, S.W.I. (PA1457-25:12 A RMY BOOTS per return with GUAR- ANTEE Fair Wear. Free Pair or Cash returned. 10/ 8/6, 6/6. Australians' Leggings, Boots, and Army Blankets. New Arnsy Boots, 25/ Rubber Thigh and Knee Boots, JE1 per pair. In fact, everything in Government Footwear. Send for our List Free.-C. J. LETHBRIDGE & SON, 75, George Street, DEVONPORT, Devon. (PA1459-16:1 T"\EAR eggs are a regular little gold-mine to users of Karswood (Harmless) Spice, which DOUBLES egg output. 2d., 7^ 1(3.- Nicholas, Central Drug Stores, High Street, Suavesey. T>IN YOUR FAITH to NOSTROLINE Nasal Specific for Nasal Catarrh, Head Colds, Inuuenza, Sore Throat and all infec- tious disorders of the nostrils. Acts conti- nuously day and night. Convenient, plea- sant, safe, and effective. Of leading Chemists everywhere 1/3 (by post 1/5). Sold by C. Jenkins, 6, Nott Square; A. I. Jones, 12, Lammas Street; J3. K. Morgan, 25, King Street, Carmarthen; Jonah Jones and Co., Chemists, Llandilo. l^lINE healthy birds and full egg baskets are produced by Karswood Spice. 500,000 poultry-keepers use it. Packets 2d., 7. £ d., 1(3.-Co-op. Soc. Ltd., 39, King Street, Carmarthen. (P1478-16:1 TrrYLES STANDARD ROOTS.-Best Miners', Navvies', Carters' and Boys' School Boots. All Solid Leather, Hand-made, and guaranteed waterproof. Sold by W. Jones, Cwmllynfell; J. Davies, Waters Road, Llanelly; D. Nees, Llandebie; W. Morris, Pontyatea; T. Rawlands, Ferry Road, Kidwelly; W. Davies, Tumble; D. Thomas, Ammanford; S. Thomas, Morris- ton; D. Owens, Llandebie; Evans & Co., Llandilo. Sole Manufacturers: WYLES, 65, BATH ROAD, BRISTOL. (1960-24:1 WARWICK CYCLES DIRECT TO RIDERS.—Highest grade only. Marvellous value. No Profiteering. Special prices for this month only. Buy now. Full selection of Models from L10 15s. Od., usually sold by Agents J512 12s. Od. Three-speed Models in Stock. Easy Payments privately arranged from 17/6 monthly. Approval. Carriage paid. Full stock Lamps and Ac- cessories. Catalogue free.—Warwick Cycle Co. (Dept. A), Severn St., Birmingham. (P A937-30 ;1 EATHERS! FEATHERS! !-A large quantity good dry Feathers for sale; suitable for bedding and other purposes.— W. Charles, 65, Lammas Street, Carmarthen. (P A1265-3 1 POULTRY KEEPERS SHOULD write to Joseph Thorley, Ltd., Caledonian Road, King's Cross, London, N.1, who are the manufacturers of OVUM, Thorley's Poultry Spice, for Thorley's Poultry Keepers' Account Book. Book giving useful Hints to Poultry Keepers and Egg Record Card. Sent Free. (1827—10:1 FOR SALE, at H.M. Factory, Carmar- then, 150,000 Second-hand Bricks; cheap, to clear. (1263-26:12 6 000 GUARANTEED. 999,999 Rabbit Skins Wanted. Prices as follows:—Best Hares 30/, Best Tames 25/, Best Wilds 16/ Racks 12/ Suckers. Bits, 3/6 per dozen. Subject Works Castings. Bankers: London City & Mid- land. Phone 265.—Thomas Horton, Govern- ment Contractor, Merthyr. (1272 KARSWOOD Cow Drinks, 1/- each, are most useful as farmer's first aid for all diseases of cattle. Recommended to stock owners by Thomas, Grocer, Cothi House, Cothi Bridge. (PA1489—20:12 GRAND April Hatched White Leghorn Cockerels. Barrow's Strain, 12/6 each. Also White Runner Drakes. April hatched, Taylor's Strain. 10/6 each.—D. Thomas, Ffynondilo, Nantgaredig. (PA1511—9:1 A DVICE FREE.-Mrs. STEWART, Herbalist and Lady Specialist, 9, Guinea Street, Bristol. (P A1499-13:3 FOR SALE BY PRIVATE TREATY,, the Freehold Property, No. 4, FRAN- CIS TERRACE, Carmarthen. Four bed- rooms and garret upstairs; three rooms and cellar downstairs; together with small gar- den with possession.—Apply, Rees, 111, Priory Street, Carmarthen. (1280—t:o A NOTHER PURCHASE.—Guaranteed and Specially Selected for Agricul- tural Workmen, Fully Watertight Boots, special offer, 25/- pair. Officers' and other Army Overcoats, grand value, from 25/- each.—LEWIS, 3, Parcmain St., Carmar- then. (1276 lyrOLESKINS 105/- per 100. RABBITS, Hares, Foxes, Badgers, also wanted. Cash same day. Write for price list.—A. T. Richfeld & Stone (1919), Ltd., 112, New Oxford Street, London, W.C.I. (P Al465-25 :12 To Let. TO LET, with immediate possession, superior small Residence, known as LLANDYRRY HOUSE, situate near Trim- saran, about 3 miles from the Town of Kidwelly and Burry Port, containing Hall, Dining-room, Drawing-room, Smoke-room, small Sitting-room, 6 Bedrooms and Ser- vants' Offices, Bath-room, Lavatory, toge- ther with orchard, lawn, garden, stable, coach-house, etc., the whole containing about 4k aores. Rent, j660. All the Buildings are in a good state of repair. Apply to—JOHN FRANCIS & 30, Estate Agents, Carmarthen. ti41 TO LET, Commodious Warehouse and Stable in rear of 76, Priory Street, Carmai-then.-Apply, J. Richards, Pres- wylfa, Penllwyn Park, Carmarthen. (P A1241-2 :1 XIOUSE and Garden to Let, GARREG- LWYD, Mydrim, St. Clears. Posses- sion at any time.—Apply, David Evans, Plaspoine, Mydrim, St. Clears. (PA1496—25:12 Lost and Found. STRAYED at Brownhill, Llangadock, since Jqne, Two-year-bid Hereford Heifer. If not claimed within 14 days will be sold to defray expenses. (PA1501-2:1 Public Notices. OLOCKS. HALL or KITCHEN CLOCKS, Ock Spring Regulator, silvered. dial, goes for 8 days; splendid timekeeper. Our price is JE4 10s. Od. Worth j35 10s. Od. Ditto, same description as above but smaller size, 24 Os. Od. AMERICAN ALARMS, 15/6, post free. Ditto, 21/ best make. BARNETT, Watchmaker, 6, King Street, Carmarthen. St. Peter's CHRISTMASTREE Carmarthen. THE 52nd ANNUAL Christmas Tree Bazaar \\jll be held at ST. PETER'S CHURCH HOUSE On Thursday, January 8th, 1920 WHEX Mrs. Spence-Jones, of Ffynone Will Perform the OPENING CEREMONY at 2.30 p m. STALL-HOLDERS: Vicarage Stall—Mrs. Parry Griffiths. Fancy Stall—Mrs. Lester, Furnace Lodge. Invisible Stall—Miss G. M. White. Farmers' Stall—St. John's Welsh Church. (The Rev. J. Jenkins, 3, The Esplanade, and Members of ?t. John's congregation will accept contributions). Sunday School Stall-Rev. B. Herbert and Teachers of the Sunday Schools. Fruit and Flower Stall—Miss Ditcham, Infirmary. Tea Stail-Mr5. Evan Jones. Greenbank. Coffee Stall—Mrs. Lapham Thomas, 50, King Street. Funds are urgently needed for various Parochial objects, to which the proceeds of the Tree will be devoted. The Stall-holders will be thankful for any Contributions, in money or in kind.- Contributions, in money or in kind. (1287 CHICKEN—RATS. WITH WILMOT'S PALACE" VERMIN PROOF COOP, however much infested with Rats, the chicken when shut up are absolutely safe. To insure de- livery for coming Season, please order from Ironmonger or Dealer at once. Manufactured by S. M. WILMOT & CO., LTD., BRISTOL. (1221-21:2 Advances £15 to £5,000. On written promise to repay or any security Principal remains or can be repaid by 15 or 24 monthly instalments; no charge of any kind unless business done; promptness and privacy; avoid exposing your requirements locally.-Write oldest Company existing: E. LAWRENCE, LTD., Don Chambers, Wrine Street, Bristol. (1202-t:c NO ADVANCE IN PRICE. MONEY LENT. PRIVATELY AND PROMPTLY TO RESPONSIBLE HOUSEHOLDERS. Apply—W. SHIRLEY, Manager, London and Provinces Discount Co., Ltd., 48, Stokes Croft, Bristol. (PA1491-13 :3 Book your Order now for Christmas HOLLY WREATHS & CROSSES, 4/ 5/ &! 7/6 each. FLORAL WREATHS, 10/ 12/ 15/ 21/ BOXES LOOSE CUT FLOWERS and FOLIAGE, 4/ 5/ 7/6, 10/- box. Lickley's, Carmarthen. J. D. JONES, L.T.S.C., BRIDGE HOUSE, ABERBANK, HENLLAN, CARDS. Pianoforte Tuner and Teacher in Harmony, Counterpoint, and Acoustics. (PA1252 Sales by Auction. PONTYBEREM MART. THE NEXT MART will CM held ftt ill* above place on Monday, Dec. 29th, 1919. JOHN FRANCIS & SON, 1012) Auctioneers, Carmarthen. TOWN OF KIDWELLY. OHN FRANCIS & SON are instructed to SELL by AUCTION, at an oIarly date, the following valuable PROPERTIES: Land, West Hill and Caemawr, Station Road; No. 2, Castle Terrace; Nos. 42, 44, and 3 Houses and Gardens in Station Road; Nos. 27, 21, 23, 25, 83, 81, 62, 63 and 64, in Water Street; Nos. 2 and 3, Croft Terrace, Water Street, and Garden East of Ferry Road. The FURNITURE at No. 2, CASTLE TERRACE will also be sold at an early date. Further Particulars will duly appear, and in the meantime may be had of the Auc- tioneers, Carmarthen, or of Messrs. Roderick and Richards, Solicitors, Llanelly. (145 St. Clears Mart. THE next Mart will be held at the above place on TUESDAY NEXT DECEMBER 30th, 1919. Farmers are requested to send in their entries as soon as possible. Sale at 11.30 o'clock. J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON, Auctioneers, Carmarthen. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. COUNTY OF CARDIGAN. PARISH OF LLANDYSSUL. T^ARLY next Spring the following PRO- PERTIES will be offered on SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, unless previously dis- posed of privately:— 1. The well-built and commodious free- hold Woollen Factory, known as CHEST- NUT MILLS," as a going concern. The Machinery, &c., are in perfect working order, and are driven by a water turbine. Adjacent Land to the extent of about three acres will be offered with it, including convenient building sites. Distance from Brynteify Railway Station, about two mileg. 2. The veif desirable and compact free- hold Small Holding, called ABER- GARDDE," containing about 18 acres of rich pasture and woodland, with dwelling- house and outhouses in repair. Both now in hand. The River Clettwr divides the two properties. They may be sold in one or more lots. Further Particulars may be obtained from the Vendor, Mr. DAVID DAVIES, Rhydy- ceir, Maesycrugiau, or from HENRY JONES, Auctioneer, Pantolwen, Llandyssul. 9th Decemger, 1919. (1261-26:12 PERTHYBERLLAN WOOD AND NEW INN HOTEL, NEW INN, PENCADER. Important Sale of Larch Timber, Wheel- barrows, Gates and Hurdles. TOHN DAVIES is instructed by Mr. Morgan Pritchard to SELL bv AUC- TION, at the above place, on THURSDAY, JANUARY the 1st, 1920, TIMBER, Wheel- barrows, Gates, Hurdles. "I LOTS selected Larch Timber and Poles, 50 lots superior Ladder Poles from 18 to 40 feet 4ong, several lots of Beech and Ash Butts. 24 new Wheelbarrows made of weli- seasoned Timber, 26 very useful new Gates and Hurdles. Carpenters, Farmers and others will do well to avail themselves of this unusual op- portunity. The whole are situated close to the main road, therefore very easy for re- moval. Sale to commence at 12 noon prompt at Perthyberllan Wood. Credit on Conditions. (1270-24:12 Lampeter Auction Mart. Tuesday, December 30th, 1919. Grading of Fat Stock SALE of COWS and CALVES STORE CATTLE and SHEEP, CALVES and PIGS Gradmg to commence at 9 a.m. All Fat Stock to be on the Premises by 9.30 a.m, Sale to commence at 10.30 a.m. N.B.-No Mart will be held Oil Dec. 23rd. D. I. REES It WILLIAMS, 20) Auctioneers. Auction Marts my LLOYD & THOMAS AUCTIONEERS, CARMARTHEN. CARMARTHEN, The next MART will be held on WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 31st. NEWCASTLE-EM LYN. There will be NO Mart at Newcastle- Emlyn on Friday, December 26th. LLANDYSSUL, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 30th, 1919. ON WEDNESDAY NEXT. CARMARTHEN AUCTION MART. The Next Fortnightly Sale of Store Cattle Will he held at the above Mart on Wednesday, December 31, 1919 Entries should be sent, if possible, by December 30th, 1919. LLOYD and THOMAS, 11351 Auctioneers. PARIvYBERLLAN, NEAR 'CARMAR- THEN. LLOYD & THOMAS are favoured with instructions from Mr. J. Morris to LET by AUCTION, at the above place, on. TUESDAY, JAN- UARY 6th, 1920, about 20 Acres of well- watered GRAZING LAND. Letting to commence at 2.30 p.m.

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