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Llandilo County Schools


Llandilo County Schools AXLAL PRIZE DISTRJ BL TIOX. Tho annual <li^tlibation of prizes in con- | nection with the Llandilo County School took place at the Drill Hall, Llandilo, on Wednesday, the 17th instant. Aid. W. N. Jones, Ammanford, chairman of the Gover- nors, presided. The prizes were distributed bv Mrs. L. N. Powell, Carregcennen. The meeting was addressed by Mr. S. Glynne Jones, B.A., O.B.E., Llanelly. The Headmaster (Mr G. Gwyn Jones. B.A.), in his report, drew a contrast be- tween education 25 years ago as compared "with to-day. He did so because it was then the school was started. This was the 21st rrize distribution at which he had the honour of making a report. Twenty-five years ago the Welsh Education Act was being put into operation. They could only chaw on the rates then a halfpenny in the pound, and only a few were considered as likely to take advantage of the Secondary Education Schools. Things improved by when the Education Act of that year v as passed. Two pence in the pound was allowed to be levied for the support of the schools. TIv 1918, under Mr. Fisher's* Act, which really centered rotinde Secondary Education, all restrictions as to rates aid were withdrawn. The Elementary Schools now been me really preparatory schools. With regard 10 the view the community took of the movement, he mentioned that when he came there the school for some time numbered 100. It served both the Llandilo District and the Amman Valley. Now there were two schools serving the dis- trict. In the'Ammanford School there were 290 at present, whereas at Llandilo School +here were 260, so that the 100 in 20 years had grown to 550, and these numbers did 1101. represent all that would be in the schools if they could be admitted. The school in the past year had been most suc- cessful. For the seventh year in succession one of their boys had gained a County Ex- Ti it ion of E25 a year, viz.: Thomas Glyn Stephens. Three Avon Entrance Scholar- ships and Exhibitions at the University College of Wales at Aberystwyth. The ether two were Marian Hilda Francis and Rees Davies. The school was suffering t'ns year by the departure of four male teachers who had served for a long period, viz., Messrs. J. H. Rees, Downing Wil- liams, Tom Davies, and John Evans. He wished to place on record their apprecia- tion of their services to the school. The Governors intended erecting a roll of honour in the School Central HaJJ inscribed with the names of all who took part in the great uar, with a special panel inscribed with the names of those who had falleii,-27 in numbcr-and an appeal was made to all the relatives for information so as to make the loll as complete as possible. The Chairman, in his address, mentioned that this was the 24th annual prize distri- bution of that school which he had atten- ded. He congratulated the headmaster and staff en the excellent results achieved during the year. The accommodation not being sufficient to meet the increasing de- mands for admission, the Chairman said the Governors had in contemplation a scheme for enlarging the school. Mr. S. Glynne Janes, B.A., O.B.E.. Llanelly, addressed rhe meeting, confining his remarks to the children. Exhibitions and Scholarships.'—C armar- ihenshire. County Exhibition of JB25 per £ .inum, Thomas Glyn Stephens. Entrance Scholarships and Exhibitions at University College, Aberystwyth. Thomas Glyn Stephens, £15 open scholar- l'hip; Marion Hilda Francis, £10 open scholarship; Rees Davies, JB20 agricultural sehol arship. CENTRAL WELSH BOARD. Hiirher Certificate.—Rees Davies (Eng-- lish 'language and literature, |history, chemistry, botany), Aerona Constance Edwards (English language and litera- ture, history, French with conversational power); Marion Hilda Frant is (English language and literature w distinction, 'history, Latin, botany); rTClomas Glyn Stephens (English language and literature with distinction, history with distinction, chemistry with distinction, additional mathematics. Senior Certificate.—Elizabeth Bh dw en Davies (with conversational power m French), Hugh Rees Davies, Rupert Pieton Davies (with distinction in English language and literature, history. arith- metic. and conversational power ;11 French). David John Evans ( distinc- tion in English language and literature, history, and conversational power in French), Elizabeth Hannah Evans (with distinction in Welsh). Louie Beatrice James (with conversational power in French). Mabel Naney Langlcy (with dis- tinction in history, arithmetic, and con- versational power in French). David Thos. Ronald Morris, Margaret Evelyn Mny Morris. (with conversational power in French); Dilys Mary Annie Rees (with distinction in arithmetic, Welsh. and needlework), wllitm Martin Rowlands 'with distinction in Welsh), William Havdn Thomas, William Evan Williams '.(With distinction in history, arithmetic, p.nd geography). Supplementary Certificate. J. Howells (latin), Janet Morgan (geography), Mag- dalen Morgan (geography), Annie Maud Morris (geography). Elsie Doris Rowlands (geography), Jennie May Thomas (geo- graphy). Junior Certificate.—Annie May Davies, Catherine Mary Davies (with conversa- tional power in French). George David Jjowen Davies (with distinction in agri- culture and conversational power m French) May Elizabeth Honor Davies (with distinction in cookery and conver- sational power in French). Hannah "Wvfanwv Dyer (with distinction in his- tory and Welsh), Ethel Ehans, Jemima Evans (with distinction in .shorthand). Phyllis Miviel Rebecca Evans (with dis- tinction in history, Latin, botany, cookery, and conversational power in French). Rachel Frances Evans (with distinction in history and Welsh). David Geoffrey GrifTiths. Basil Mackenzie Ban. y. Daniel Clever (with distinction. in Welsh and act Elizabeth Ellen Jones (with conversational power in French), John Rees .Jones. William Alfred Jon: >, David Tilenrv Lewis. Elizabeth Maw Moua Morgan (with disjunction in cookery and conversational pe-wer in French). Gwcn Merer an (with dinincti<>,i in Welsh and Mcedhwork). Jane Arianwen Mori)-. W Henry Morris. Dan Owen. John JJ,¡gŒ- Owen (with distinct i< in history, isvncul-, drawing. I.-HI conversational power in French). David Gwilym Peregrine (with distinction ;n agriculture'. Annie I.aura Powell, Catherine Anne Rep«. (Gladys. Lilian Doreen Rees (with distinction in history, Latin, French with conversational power, botany, needle- work, anil cookery), Kitty Olwen Ray Pees (with distinction in French with con- versational power, and cookery), David Ronald Roberts with distinction in agriculture and shorthand), Hannat-l Thomas (with distinction in history and cookery), Muriel Thomas (with distinc- tion in cookery), Rachel May Watkins, Biodwen Helena Williams. FORM PRIZES. rni VI.—Boys: 1. Thomas Glyn I Stephens; 2, RC"e Davfles. iGirls: 1. Marion Hilda Francis; 2, Aerona Constance Edwards. Form V.- TInys: 1. Rupert Picton Davies, 2. David John Evans; 3. William I Evan Williams. Girl: 1. Mabel Nancy L'ingley 2, Louie Beatrice James; 3, Dilys Mary Rees. Form ITr.—Boys: 1, Dan Owen; 2, John Rigg Owen; 3, David Gwilym Peregrine. Girls: 1, Gladys Lilian Rees: 2. Phyllis Muriel 'Evans; 3. Kitty Olwen Rices: 4, Catherine Mary Davies; 5, Rachel May Wutkins. Form IlIa, r pper. -Boys: 1, Marcus Davies; 2, Mervyn Edwards: 3, Edgar Jones. Girls: 1, Phyllis Langlcy; 2. Sarah James: 3, Bronwen Edwards. Form Ilia. T,cNA-er.-Boys: 1. John T. Evans; 2, Harold Thomas; 3, Gerwyn Davies. Girls: 1. Lydia Thomas; 2. Sarah II. Jones. Form Illb. Upl)ei-Boy- 1. D. Arthian Bowen; 2, Herbert Langley; 3, D. Glyn- dwr Evans. Girls: 1. Sarah Ceridwcn Evans; 2, Biodwen Griffiths; 3, Gwyneth Davies: 4, Violet Stephens. Form nib. T,owei-Boys: 1. Rees Amallt Jones: 2, John Walter Dnvies: 3, Bernard Canning. Girls: 1, Amy Nutlev; 2. Edna Rowlands; 3, Edith Gertrude Evans. Form II.-Boys: 1. Thomas J. Evans; 2, D. Rhys Lewi*; 3, Thomas Ellis Ingram. Girls; 1. Dilys Jones; 2, Annie Ceridwen Evans. I Welsh Prize (given by the Yen. Arch deacon Williams, M.A.. Vicar of Liundilo- iawr).Eizabelh Hannah Evans. During the afternoon, a pianoforte solo was given by Ethel Williams; a recitation. "Hiraeth am yr Hal" (Dafvdd ap Kwilym) bv D T. Bowen; a glee, "Nant. y Mynvdd" (Harry Evans) by the Senior Pupils, while the pupils also gave a splendid performance, of "Maritana" (W. Vincent Wallace).