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Have you a Cold or Cough? If so, read the following letter: TO Mr. JOHNSON, Nov. 26, 1919. Please will you send me two bottles of Tom Prickett's Cough Cure. I am en- closing P.O. for 2/9. Please send by return. I bought a bottle with a friend yester- day. I had coughed the whele week, and tried all sorts of medicine, but nothing did me any good. Your medicine eased the Cough straight away, so I hope a couple of bottles will cure me. With Thanks, Yours faithfully, M. T. and send for a bottle to Colin Jenkins, M.P.S. 6, Nott Square, CARMARTHEN. or the manufacturer — W. F. JOHNSON, CHEMIST, MILFORD HAVEN. (1910—24:10 Wines & Spirits Per bottle Fine Old Invalid Port (a good nourishing wine). Reduced price, 5/6 Delicate Old Tawny Port 6/3 Fine Old Sherry, 5/- Scotch Whiskey, Nos Da and other brands 10/6 Finest London Gin, IO/6 Choice Jamaica Rum, 10/6 Fine Old Brandies, from 15/- and upwards. Brigstocke & Son, WINE MERCHANTS, CARMARTHEN. Established 80 Years. (Orders from a distance should be sent in early). (1223 We have tons of plough and other J BOLTS for immediate delivery. Orders per post attended to promptly. D. 0. JONES & Co., LION WORKS, CARMARTHEN. (1247 THREE WEEKS TO LIVE was the Specialist's verdict on Mrs. D. Moyers, 16a, Leighton Road, Enfield, who writing on February 23th, 1919 sayst— "Two years ago I was very ill. My own Doctor did no good so we had a Specialist. He told my husband I could only live 3hiee weeks as my inside was FULL OF GROWTHS one being on my liver I could not be opera- ted on. The same was said at the London Hospitals and Cottage Hospital, Enfield. Nothing could be done. I saw your adver- tisement, 'ent for a bottle of VITADATIO, started taking it and kepi on geltin better every day. Now I am quite well, enjoy my lood, do my own work and reel better than I have felt for years. Use my name as much as you like." VITADATIO SAVED MY LIFE. Innumerable other sufferers living under the shadow of operation or death have been re- stored to health and happiness by VITADATIO The Creat Australian Herbal Remedy for Internal Complaints. TUMOURS GASTRIC ULCERS ABSCESSES TUBERCULOSIS LIVER, KIDNEY & STOMACH TROUBLES 28. 6d. and 5s. pa bottle at Chemists and Stores or post free from Vitadatio Ltd., Dept. C. J. 13, Park-Sq., Leeds Testimonials free. (PA1261-21:11 TYPEWRITERS. 1 HE MASTER-MO DEL ROYAL STANDARD TYPEWRITER-the final choice of all discriminating Writing- Machine Buyers. Recent Government orders for over 7,000 ROYAL'S. This Model has secured first place in competition with all the best typewriters in the world. Why not investigate this Machine ? Office Appliances Company Siddall Building, Alexandra Road, Swansea. (1238-20:2 NOTICE. NOTICE. A NY person or persons found trespass- ing in pursuit of game on the land of Havod Farm, Mvdrim, will be prosecuted. Havod Farm, Mvdrim, will be prosecuted. PA1296) BY ORDER. -T -¡;. I" HYARCH if GOLDEN RETURNS 1 -SHa REGISTERED I bgl ¡III/'WII!W' R' Facsimile of One-Ounce Packet. Archer's Golden Returns The Perfection of Pipe Tobacco. CGOL, SWEET AND FRAcnAmir. GOOD NEWS FOR CARMARTHEN OF THE VISIT OF Dr. ,1. L. MAXWELL I( (DOCTOR OF OPTOMETRY) THE DISTINGUISHED LONDON SPECIALIST 01\ EYESIGHT, Will visit CARMARTHEN FOR SIX DAYS ONLY at MORRISS PRIVATE HOTEL, King Street (next door G.P.O.), from 5th January 192j, to following Saturday, loth January inclusive. ———————————————— How to preserve ycur ,jghl.-Tj¡j. is i subject which appeals to everyone, and is therefore of overwhelming importance to the whole community. DR. MAXWELL has a thorough mastery of all that relates to the human sight-a mastery obtained first by deep, arduous and scientific study under the most learned Scientists of the day, and secondly by an extensive practice, during which he has dealt with the most aggravated, difficult and complex eases of EYESIGHT TROUBLE. His success with his patients has been recognised and appreciated by countless testi- monials acknowledging his skill and complete mastery of their cases. The following testimonials will be of interest to those who are suffering, and have not yet sought the advice of an EXPERT, or who perhaps have done so with disheartening and disappoint- ing results. The Mount, Lincoln. 10 March, 1919. Deal- Dr. Maxwell.— I wish to send you. a few lines expressive of my thanks for, and deep appreciation üf, your skill and complete success in my case. I had foolishly neglected and strained my sight to such an extent that I became greatly distressed. I had pur- chased glasses in a shop, but they only aggravated the trouble. Fortunately I saw the announcement of your visit to Cardiff, and at the same time happened to visit a lady friend who had consulted you with the most satisfactory results. As you are aware, [ called upon you, not indeed hoping for rnu:-h, as I had consulted other Specialists only to be greatly disappointed. However, after a thorough examination of my sight, you told me exactly what was wrong, and advised two pairs of glasses, one pair for near vision, and one pair for distant vision. Well, all I can say is, that if you were a magician, you could not have done better. I have the greatest comfort, not only in reading, for I read a great deal, but aL"O out walking, I can distinguish objects clearly at a considerable distance, which before I could not even see at all. I thank you very much, and shall recommend all my friends who suffer from their sight to call and consult you us soon as they possibly can. Yours very sincerely. (Mrs.) MGT. HUNTER. had nearly forgotten to say my headaches have quite ceased. Mitchelstown. 19 July, 1919. Deal- Sil' I consider it my duty to let you know that I am very pleased with the glasses you supplied me with last June. They are more satisfactory than any I have got for the past 20 years. I "I had an excellent opportunity of testing your ability as I was with several Specialists from time to time, and as late as last May two of them said they could do nothing for me, and one said no money could procure glasses for me. When I heard you were coming to town, I resolved to visit you as a last chance, with the result that I have absolute comfort both at my work (Accountant) and outdoor. I have only to add that any client whom you cannot please need go no further. You can make any use you like of this. Lt I remain, dear Sir, Yours truly, WM. BARRETT. There are few cases of aggravated visual trouble that could not have been either altogether prevented, or at all events relieved in their earlier stages, if thev had only been taken in time, but that is exactly what people will not do. They put off, and keep putting off till to-morrow, the duty which should be done to-day, and so the mischief increases, until the complaint and deficiency get such a hold on the eye that it becomes most difficult and in some cases impossible for even the most skilled Specialist to undo the mischief that time and persistent neglect have accomplished. SEE TO IT. that you do not swell the number of those who have thus permanently injured their sight. You are invited and indeed strongly urged for your own sake, for the sake of your health and your future happiness, to call at once on DR. MAXWELL, who will examine your case with the greatest care, patience, and scientific skill, without expect- ing or accepting any payment whatever. EXAMINATION and ADVICE arc entirely FREE. Your only regret will be that you had not the opportunity of consulting him earlier. Where he finds that your sight is so impaired that suitable lenses are absolutely necessary. they can be supplied ranging from 5/ DON'T LONGER DELAY! if you wish to preserve your sight to a good old age. Consultation RoomsMORRIS PRIVATE HOTEL, KING STREET (Next Door G.P.O. From MONDAY, 5,h JANUARY, to the following SATURDAY, 10th JANUARY, inclusive. NOTE.—DR. MAXWELL can be consulted FOR SIX DAYS ONLY. Hours: 10 to 1, and 2 to S. London Address :-51, NEW KENT ROAD, LONDON, S.E. (1284


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