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LOCAL NEWS. J The Carmarthen Town Council will hold a special meeting on Friday :i g to select the mayor for next year Drunk.—At the Borough Police Court on Monday, before the Mayor (Aid. Wm. Evans) and Messrs. John Lewis and D. H. illiams-Tho8. EVjinl, Commercial-build- Inge, Garnant, was charged with being drunk and incapable.-P.C. Llewellyn proved the jfcse. Defendant pleaded guilty, and said he had had a drop, and that it had overcome fine of 2s. 6d. was imposed. At the Y.M.C.A.—A very pleasant "social was Bpent at the Y.M." on Sunday evening, when there was a large number of I joldiers present. Solos were sung by M Miss Myfi Evans, and Mis? Bessie Evans, and a recitation was given by •Irjs. D. M. Hopkins. Mr. H„ R. German Reader) accompanied and conducted the iry- Ulg. ACfenJi Sheet.—There were no cases at the Borough Quarter Sessions on Friday, and the Mayor (Aid. Wm. Evans), who presided, said that there had only been two cases of drunkenness during his year of office. This spoke very highly of the borough. At last Sunday's evening service at Christ Church, the Vicar (Rev. Benjamin Davies, AT.A.) and Mr. Wilkins (Picton- Place) were admitted members of the Church of England Men's Society. Property Sale.—At St. Mary's Auction *4art, Carmarthen, on Saturday, Messrs. J. Howell Thomas and Son sold the freehold Residence, No. 1, Claremont Villas, Well- field-road., Carmarthen, in the occupation of Mrs. Thomas as annual tenant, to Major David Evans, district valuer, Carmarthen, Jor £ 425. The freehold residence, No. 2, ylaremont Villas, Wellfield-road, was sold Jor £ 215 to Mr. Wm. Phillip1?, 14, St. David's street, Carmarthen. J'his house hecame vacant on the 29th September. The freehold dwelling-house, Waterloo Cottage, in the occupation of the Carmar- then Board of Guardians as annual tenants a rental of £ 25, and used as a cottage ftorne, Swas sold for £ 500 to Mr. John Daniel Jones, Llwynmartin, Rhydargaeau Road, Carmarthen, who also purchased the freehold garden adjoining, and in front of Waterloo Cottage, for £ 140. The solicitors Were Messrs. Walters and Williams, Car- marthen. Concert.—On Wednesday evening, 9th the Myrddin Glee Ladies Choir (con- ductor, Mr., NVm. Jones) gaive a splendid concert at the Picturedrome, Pontardulais, aid of the Disabled Sailors and Soldiers. The Picturedrome was crowded, and over £70 was realised. The choir gave four Iplwctions, which were much appreciated. Solos were rendered by Miss Annie Davies, Miss Mag*gae CSlarke; Miss Gwen Jones, Miss Lena. Davies, Mr. Tom Davies, Jack Thomas, Mr. Brinley Jones duetts by, Messrs. Tom D^ies and brinley Jones;'Mr. Brinley Jon<#and Miss J*wen Jones; the Misses Annie Davies and "wen Jones. Mr. Lloyd Harries was the accompanist. Sewing .Guild.—The St. Peter's Sewing guild, which is under the presidency of Mrs. accompanist. Sewing .Guild.—The St. Peter's Sewing guild, which is under the presidency of Mrs. jPaa-ry Griffiths, with Miss Harries, The parade, as hon. sec., has frorrv %pril to ^ugust of this year, made and'despatched •p the headquaters of the British Red Cross 236 articles of clothing as follows: jj~17 pairs of flannel pants, 18 pairs of "annel vests,. 13 helpless case shirts, 65 pairs of day socks, 22 pairs of bed socks. muffers, 35 day shirts. 42 pairs of Pyjamas, and 10 face washers. A certain Percentage of the articles were sent to the "J'al Red Cross Hospital. The members J? the Guild are to be complimented upon '^eir good work. A Good Surplus.—An adjourned meeting m the Carmarthenshire Infirmary Eisteddfod ^ORimittee was held at the Town Hall °n *ridav last, the Mayor (Aid. Wm. Evans) Presiding. The balance sheet waa presented, ?^d s -vwvd *»f £ 1*0 which will be landed over to the Infirmary as the result | of last August Eisteddfod. It was/ unani- ?tously decided to nominate Mr. Geo. Tre- j*arne, Gwalia House, as a life governor of 'he Infirmary. War Pensions Committee. At the rough War Pensions Committee on Mon- day evening, Ald. John Lewis," J.P., pre- siding, two discharged soldiers (ex-miners) ^rote applying for B5 to purchase S^ntijiue their former employment.—Mr. "avid Williams (Penllwyn Park) said the tnfen possibly had in their possession some °f the tools they owned before joining up. pjMr. H. E. B. Richards: Yes, I should to know what has become of the tools had before they enlisted.—It was de- eded to investigate the case.—A letter was r^&d from the Clerk of the County Com- Vl'ttee with reference to the case of the ?lscharged soldier who intended studying Holy Oders at St David's College, Lam- t'later stating the Ministry could not. grant r^ancial assistance for a period of tfaining 0r*ger than one year.—Mr. P. J. Williams asked to interview the man and ascer- whether he would be prepared to aocept 'tny other training.—Mr. J. Harrison Evans ^Ported on the case of a discharged soldier rho applied for a grant of £ 25 to open Cosiness as a milk vendor. The man could a."e a turn-out for JB28. If he was given ^25 he would find the other £ 3 himself. Ahe Food Committee we«e going to find e ?,nilk -(Mr. Dunn Williams: No, no). j e proposed that the man be recommended the grant.—Mr. W. J. Martin seoonded. ^Mr. H. E. B. Richards said the Road *ransport Committee^ were dealing with the fatter of the curtailment of rrunds. It JJ'oiild be a great pity to #tart this man in justness and to find he could not go on his *QUnds.—Mr. W. J. Martin said the appli- J^fit expected the Food Committee to ob- a supply of milk for him from one of vendors who were giving up business.— .• he matter was 'deferred for a week to jjstitute further enquiries.—A proposal by r*1". Martin that an additional Labour re-. „ pesentative be appointed on the Committee intending that Labour, were entitled to »r>Gfifth of the membership) was postponed f°* a week. » Accident.—A somewhat serioute accident Miss Molly Parkinson, The Ridge, ^Ooton-urder-Edge, Gloucester (formerly Castle Pigyn, Carmarthen), last week. VL8 driving a pony down a steep hill, '"en it suddenly bolted, and Miss Parkin- j.11 was violently thrown out of the car- age. She was later found on the roadway v?conscious, arid was conveyed home, ^edical assistance was immediately ob- A,r>ed. The young lady has regained con- J^ousness, a*rid is now making satisfactory SJJogress towards recovery. the Red Cross Hospital. — A very rseasant whist drive was held at the Red k^pss Hospital on Friday last. The gents. q l*es were won by the following:—1, Pte. vowles, Manchesters; 2, Pte. Tidder, ndon Fusiliers; 3, Lance-corl.. Probert, > XVarwicks; booby. Pte. Hyett. ^Jdies' pize»:—1. Nurse Evans: 2, Pte. ^"land (acting lady); booby, Nurse Dow- ^rw-ell. The Drizes for the recent billiard ih ^nent were also gives the same even- the nrize-w'rineris being:—I. Sergt. Brettell; 2,^ Pte. Bacon. Consolation '■ Bomb. Goodram. The prizes, which tp ,re very suitable ones and much apprecig,- TjJl' given by Mrs. Williams, Llanfair w (Comandant), and presented to the f Uners by the Matron (Mi^s Ditcham). t. David's G.F.S.-The St. Uavid's ^r,h the G.F.S. began their winter Mal,0n a concert and eocia] which took the Church Room on Tuesday ast, vicar, Pev. Benj. Davies, M.A., presid- A splendid programme was gone, in which the following took part:# Mrs. Gwynfe Jones,. Miss E. Daniel, }if:„s Thomas- duett, Mrs. Gwynfe Jones and F. Daniel; reoitations, Mrs. Howell ^ehlGS and Miss Spurry. Refresh- W6re served after the concert, and a j? pleasant evening was spent. Gardens.—An experiment in .potato carried out in the allotment <\ultiva- SC}. the instruction of the Priory-street ^o»20] resu'ted in a crop of 198 tubers 'our sets, the 198 weighing 43| lbs. Of lfij> tubers, the first produced 65, weig-h- the lbs., the second 61, weighing 13 lbs., 307i lbs., and the weighing 9^ lbs. The only differ- 5Hhfi«ln the <3hlture was in the earthing up. excellent results have been obtained 1Ie_e growing of carrots, turnips and par-

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