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BATH AND WEST OF ENGLAND AGRI- CULTURAL SOCIETY. The beautiful weather, combined with additional attractions, mada this annual gathering, held at Hereford last week, not only a professional suc- cess but a gresit social enjoyment. It was more than a merely agricultural meeting-the collec- tion of paintings and of works of art, the horticul- tural show and the music were charming addi- tions to it, wh:ch made it much more generally at- tractive than usual; and thus, though it was haxdly to be expected that the numbers attending here would equal these of the previous year in the yard at Clifton, yet the Hereford meeting has been one of the especial successes of this energetic society. The entries in the live stock department of the show-yard were as numerous as usual, owing espe- cially to the Large and excellent classes of Hereford cattle—as good an illustration ef the breed as was -ever brought together. And the implements ex- hibited, though not in competition for the awards of prizes offered by the society, were the largest and most striking collection of agricultural machinery that has yet been witnessed in the show-yard of this society Taking the several classes in suc- cession, we had first the Devons. Farther from home than usual, they were a smaller collect ion, only twenly-eight animals in all, Mr. Azariah Smith's ani Mr. Farthing's old bulls being res- pectively 1st and 2nd in that class. A remarkably good specinen of the breed, symmetrical and life- like, from 1he herd of the late J. W. Bulier, Esq., was 1st ii the 2nd class.; and a neat little 1 yearling: belonging to Mr. Farthing was 1st in the I. young clasE. The cows were also very good both in number ind quality. Mr. Farthing was again 1st and 2id, and Mr. Azariah Smith 3rd; and the sane names re-appear in the class of yearlings. I The Shoit-horn Classes, hardly equal to former years in nunber, made up in quality, particularly in the classof cows. The Lord sold a calf at the Bab?aham sale-a large and massive, but somewhat jatchy red and white bull, remarkably good over tie loins, which was 1st in the old class of bulls. Hewas exhibited by Mr. Sharpe, of Court- lands, Eas G-rinstead, who took several prizes into Susses. The 2nd prize bull, exhibited by Mr. J. Read, ofSoutham, a somewhat flat-sided roan, was literally saved from the butcher for use on a dairy farm and subsequent exhibition here. Mr. (Same's yomger bull Gondomar, 1st in his class, is a light, long bodied, with heavy quarters, and plenty of good hair. The cow clafJS was an edraordiny collection of good animals, 13 in number, Mr. Strstton's Diadem easily 1st, round as e barrel, with well sprung rib, splendid bosom, hetvily fleshed everywhere; the first and second yoing heifers exhibited by Mr. Logan and Mir. Lynn were also beautiful specimens of the breed. M'. Stratton and Mr. Sharpe were also I let and 2td respectively in the class of year- ling heifers. The Herifords formed a splendid sight, exceed- ing in nutiber, and in some respects in quality, I the the Royal Agricultural Society in 1863 at Worceaer. No fewer than 24 bulls of all ages I' and 35 cows and heifers competed for the society's prizes, and 55 entries, 44 of them pairs of heifers, competed for the local prizes. Mr. Baldwin's B&ttersea, Mr. Taylor's Tambarine, were greajly admired. The first in particular is a marvelkra: specimen of even quality and symmetry. The winner in his class at the Battersea Show, he has neverfailed of winning honours since, wher- ever he his been exhibited. At Leominster, Lud- low, and Hereford after Battersea in 1862-at Worcester, Exeter, Warwickshire, Evesham, and Hereford in 1863-at Bristol, Newcastle, War- wickshire and Hereford in 1864; and now again at Hereford in 1865 he has carried off all the prize, and never looked better than he does at present. Commodore is a younger but excellent specimen of the breed, with perhaps hardly tie size one looks for at his age. The fheep and Pig Classes must be shortly characterised as many of them unusually good. The lonr-wools, both Cotswold and Leicesters, and especialy the former, were fairly represented. The Saithdowne, however, were indifferently re- presen'ed; both Shropshire and West-country downs were good; and t-Iie horned classes were pretty well filkd. There were fifty entries of pigs, Ïl which the Berkshire breed was well re- preseited. The prize list is given below. ThtHorse Classes were not up to the mark either in nuuber or quality. The agricultural stallion class ontains several powerful specimens of Cly- desdae, Suffolk, and other breeds, and one of the classe competing for the local prizes (colts foaled 11118)3) contained a few good animals. Inthe other departments of the exhibition about entries of wool, half a dozen of hops, forty or fity of Perry and cider competed for prizes. The: was a tolerable competition for the sheep- shea-ing prizes, and a comparatively small compe- tior for the horse-shoeing prizes. The poultry forned a large and attractive section, filling a larfe tent with spectators. >> "he implement yards and trial grounds were crcwded with a most interesting collection. All tho leading manufacturers were present; the long rov of locomotive steam-engines engaged in tlreshing, grinding, sawing, pumping, &e. The department of machinery in motion displayed the nost extraordinary sight ever exhibited at an agri- cultural meeting. In the trial grounds, mowers, rsapevs, hay-teddare, and ploughs and cultivators, vorked both by horses and by steam, were shown st work. Messrs. Fowler's steam plough and cul- tivator, drawn by their so-called 8-horse power* steam-engine, and Messrs. Howard's steam-plough and cultivator, drawn by Clayton and Shuttle- worth's 10-horse power engine, made excellent work. One of the mpst interesting of the items ex- hibited in the other trial ground was the self-de- !liV'3ring reaper on Hussey's principle, shown by Messrs. Hornsby; the corn beiPg delivered in sheaves by a set of travelling chains which carry the cut corn at intervals off the flat platform on which it falls, leaving it in. well-made sheaves upon the ground well out of the way of the horses. The following is the Prize List in the live stock department:— CATTLE. DEVONS. Class 1. Bulls above 3 Years. lst, Mr. John Azariah Smith, Bradford Peverell, Dorchester; 2nd, Mr. Walter Farthing, Stowey-court, Bridgwater. Class 2. Bulls not exceeding 3 Years.—1st, the Re. presentatives of the late J. W. Buller, Esq., Downes, Crediton; 2nd, Mr. Walter Farthing; 3rd, Mr. John Pit field, Symondsbury, Bridport. Class 3. Bulls not exceeding 2 Years.—1st, Mr. Walter Farthing 2nd, Mr. John Bedley, Stockley Pomeray, Crediton; 3rd, Mr. John Azariah Smith. Class 4. Cows in Calf, or in Milk, having had a Calf within 6 Months.—1st, Mr. Walter Farthing; 2nd, Mr. Walter Farthing; 3rd, Mr. John Azariah Smith. Class 5. Heifers in Calf, or in Milk, not exceeding 3 Years.—1st, not awarded; 2ud, Mr. John Bodley. Class 6. Heifers not exceeding 2 years.—1st, Mr. Walter Farthing; 2nd, the Representatives of the late J. W. Buller, Esq.; 3rd, Mr. Walter Farthing. SHORT-HORNS. Class 7. Bulls above 3 Years.—1st, Mr. R. Sharp, Courtlands, East Grinstead, Sussex; 2nd, Mr. John Read, Southam, Cheltenham. Class 8. Bulls not exeeeding 3 Years.—1st .Messrs. T. Game and Son, Broadmoor, Northleach; 2nd, Mr. John King Tombs, Langford, Lechdale; 3rd, his Grace the Duke of Sutherland, Lillehurst, Newport, Salop. Class 9. Bulls not exceeding 2 Years.—1st, Mr. J. Logan, Maindee-honse, Newport, Monmouthshire; 2nd, Mr. W. Holt Beever, Pencraig-court, Rosa; 3rd, Mr. G. Hitchman, Long Ashton, Bristol. Class 10. Cows in Calf, or in Milk, having had Calf within 6 Months.—1st, Mr. R. Stratton, Walls- court, Stapleton, Bristol; 2nd, Mr. R. Sharpe, Court- lands, East Grinstead, Sussex 3rd, Mr. John Lynn, Church Farm, Sfcroxi-on, Grantham, Lincoln. Com- mended Mr. E. Bowly, Siddington-house, Cirencester. Class 11. Heifers in Calf, or in Milk, not exceeding 3 Years.—1st, Mr. John Logan, Maindee-house, New- port 2nd, Mr. John Lynn, Church Farm, Stroxton, Grantham, Lincoln; 3rd, Mr. Robert Sharpe, Court- lands. Class 12. Heifers not exceeding 2 Years.—1st, Mr. R. Stratton, Walls-court, Stapleton, Bristol; 2nd, Mr. R. Sharpe, Courtlands, East Grinstead, Sussex; 3rd, Rev. Wm. Holt Beever, Pencraig-court, Ross, Herefordshire. HEEEFOKDS, Class 13. Balls above 3 Years.-lst-, Mr. John Albert Hollian-gs, The Hellcnd, Hereford; 2nd, Mr. William Taylor, Showle-court, Ledbury, Hereford- shire. Commended; Mr. John Hungerford Ark- wright, Hampton-court, Leominster; Mr. Thomas Wolley, Weston-court, Ross. Class 14. Bulls not exceeding 6 Years.—1st, Mr.. Thomas IJuckliam, Baysham-court, Ross, Hereford- shire 2nd, Mr. William Taylor, Showle-court, Led- bury, Herefordshire; 3rd, Mr. Thomas Thomas; St. Hilary, Cowbridge, Glamorganshire. Class 15. Bulls not exceeding 2 Years.—1st, Mr Joseph Rawlo Pa-ramore, Dinedor-court, Hereford. 2nd, Mr. Henry Gibbons, Hampton Bishop, Hereford; Srd, Mr. Wm. Tudge, Adforton, Leintwardine, Here- fordshire. Class 16. Cows in Calf, or in Milk, having had a Calf within 6 Months. lst, Mr. William Perry, Cholstrey, Leominster, Herefordshire; 2nd, Mr. Jaimes Farr, Pontrilas Farm, Hereford; 3rd, Mr. T. Thomas, St. Hilary, Cowbridge, Glamorganshire. Class 17. Heifers in Calf, or in Milk, not exceeding 3 Years.—1st, Mr. George Pitt, Chadnor court, Dillwyn, Leominster 2nd, Mr. John Baldwin, Lud- dington, Stratford-on-Avon; 3rd, Mr. John Longmore, Bucton, Leintwardine, Herefordshire. Class 18. Heifers not exceeding 2 Years.—1st, Mr. Herbert Ridgley, Steventon, Ludlow 2nd, Mr. Philip Turner, Leen, Pembridge, Leominster; 3rd, Mr. John Monkhouse, The Stow, Hereford. SHEEP. LSICESTBBS. Class 19. Yearling Rams.—1st, Mr. Joseph Gould, Poltiiaore, Exeter; 2nd, ditto. Highly Commended: ditto. Commended: Mr. Samuel Kingdon, Lynch, Thorverton, IDevon. Class 20. Rams of any other Age.—1st, Mr. Joseph Gould, Poltimore, Exeter; 2nd, the Representatives of the late 5". W. Buller, Esq., Downes, Crediton. Highly Commended: Mr. Joseph Gould, Poltimore, Exeter. Commended the Representatives of the late J. W. Buller, Esq. Class 21. Mr. Joseph Gould, Poltimore, Exeter; 2nd, Mr. Samuel Kingdon, Lynch, Thorverton. COTSWOLBS. ■Class 23. Rams of any other age.—1st, Mr. Charles Keearaey, Glewatone, Boss, Herefordshire; :2ud, Mr. John Gillett, Oaklands, CharlVury, Oxfordshire. Highly commended ditto. Commended: Mr. Edward Handy, Sierford, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire.; ditto, ditto. C!a,ss 24. Pens of Yearling Ewes.—1st, Mr. John Wells, Hampnett, Northleach, Gloucestershire 2nd, ditto. OTHER LONG WØOLS. Class 25. Yearling Sams.—1st, Mr. John Lynn, Church Farm, Stroxton, Grantham, Lincolnshire; 2nd, Mr. George Radmore, Court Hayes, Thorverton, Col- lump ton, Devon. SOUTHDOWN S. Class 28. Yearling Rams.—1st, .James John Farqu- harson, Esq., Langton, Blandford, Dorset; :2nd, the Right Hon. the Earl of Radnor, Coleshill, Highworth. Class 29. Rams of any other Age.—1st, Ralph Neville Grenville, Esq., Batleigh-court, Glastonbury, Somerset; 2nd, the Right Hon. the Earl of Radnor, Coleshill, Highworth. Class 30. Pens of Yearling Ewes. 1st, the Right Hon. the Earl of Radnor, Coleshill, Kcghworth. SHBOFSEIBES. Class St. Yearling Rams.—1st, the Right Hon. Lady Willoughby de Broke, Compton Verney, War- wick; 2ed, Mr. Thomas Horton, Harnage Grange, Shrewsbury, Salop. Class 32. Rams of any rather Age.—1st, Mr. Sampson Byrd, the Leese Farm, Stafford; 2nd, Mr. Chas. Reynolds Keeling, Yew Tree Farm, Peakridge, Stafford. b Class 33. Pens of Yearling Ewes.—1st, the Right Hon. Lady Willoughby do Broke, Compton Verney, Warwick; 2nd, Mr. Thomas Hortoc, HarnageGrange, Shrewsbury, Salop. OTHER DOWNS. Class 34. Yearling Rams.—1st, Mr. James Raw- lence, Bulbridge, Wilton, Salisbury, Wilts; 2nd, Clitto. Class 35. Rams of any Age.-Ist, Mr. George Wallis, Old Shifford, Bampton, Farringdon, Oxford- shire; 2nd, Mr. James Rawlence.. Bulbridge, Wilton, Salisbury. Class 36. Pens of Yearling Ewes.—1st, Mr.'James Rawlmce; 2nd, dittc, SOMERSET AND DORSET HORNS. Class 37. Yearling Rams.-Ist, Mr. Alfred J. Pit- field, Eype, Bridport, Dorsetshire; 2nd, Mr. Thomas Danger, Huntstile, Bridgwater, Somerset. Class 38. Rams of any Age.-lst, Mr. J. Pitfield, Eype, Bridport; 2m], ditto. Class 39. Pens of Yearling Ewes.—1st, Mr. Thomas Danger, Huntstile, Bridgwater; 2nd, Mr. Alfred J. Pitfield, Eype, Bridport. MOUNTAIN SHEEP. Class 40. Rams of any Age. — 1st, Mr. John Ricketts, Trebarried, Bronllis, Breoonshire; 2nd, Mr. Edward Farr, Pennywarlod, Hay, Breconshire. HORSES FOR AGRICULTURAL PURPOSES. Class 42. Stallions not exceeding 8 Years.—1st, Mr. William Thorn, Godney Farm, Wells; 2nd, Mr. John Hyde, Riffia Mill, Bod^nham, near Leominster. Class 43. Mares and Foals, or in Foal.—1st, Mr. Joseph Bel ton Fowler, Tunby, near Cirencester; 2nd, Mr. William Thorn, Godney Farm, Wells. Class 44. Celts Foaled in 1863.—1st, Mr. Henry Hitchcock, Chitterne All Saints, Heytesbury, Wilt- shire, a chestnut colt, Albert, aged 2 years. 2nd, The Right Hon. the Lady Emily Foley, Stoke Edith-park, Ledbury, Herefordshire, a brown colt, England's Pride. fc I Class 45. Fillies Foaled in 1863.—1st, Messrs. James and Frederick Howard, Britannia Farms, Bedford, a ditrk bay Essex filly, Depper; 2nd, Mr. John Edwin Jones, Springfield, Hereford, a black Leicester filly. HUNTERS Class 48. Mares or Geldings Foaled in 1861.—1st, Mr. Hugh J. Percy, Howsenrigg, Aspatria, Cumber- Mr. Hugh J. Percy, Howsenrigg, Aspatria, Cumber- land, a brown gelding, Ingleby. Class 49. Fillies or Geldings Foaled in 1862.-Ist, Mr. James White, Lindors, Colefield, Gloucestershire, a bay gelding, Lindors; 2nd, Mr. Ryhs Lloyd Williams, a half-bred bay, or brown filly, Wren. Class 50. Colts or Geldings Foaled in 1864.-1st, Mr. James Embry, Much Birch, Hereford, a chestnut colt. Class 51. Fiiles Foaled in 8(,i4.-1st, Mr. Samuel Smith, Woodmanton, Ledbury. Class 52. Mares or Geldings for Hacks, not exceed- ing 15 Hands High.—1st, Mr. Hugh J. Percy, Howsen- rigg, Aspatria, Cumberland; 2nd, Sir Charles Henry Rouse Boughton, Bart., Downton-hall, Ludlow. f Class 54. Mare Ponies of any Breed, not exceeding 13 Hands.—1st, Sir Charles Henry Rouse Boughton. PIGS. 'I LARGE BREED. Class 55. Boars not exceeding 2 Years.—1st, Mr. Richard Elmhurst, Duckering, Northorpe, Kirton Lindsey, Linconsbire. Class 56. Boars not exceeding 1 Year.—1st, Mr. William Yells, Round Robin Farm, Highworth, Wilts; 2nd, Mr. Arthur Stewart, Saint Bridge-house, Glou- cester. 'I Class 57. Sows in Farrow, or that have Farrowed within 4 Montbs.-Ist, Mr. Richard Elmhurst, Duck- ering, Northorpe; 2nd, Mr. Arthur Stewart, Saint Bridge-house. Class 58. Pens of Breeding Sows, not exceeding 9 Months.—1st, Mr. John King Tombs, Langford, Lechlade; 2nd, Mr. Richard Elmhurst, Duckering, Northorpe. Class 59. Boars not exceeding- 2 Years.—1st, Mr. Ebenezer Rees, Ross, Herefordshire; 2nd, Mr. John Pitfield, Symondshury, Bridport. Class 60. Boars not exceeding 1 Year.—1st, Rev. William Holt Beever, Pencraig court, Ross, Hereford- shire 2nd, Mr. Ebenezer Reese. Class 61. Breeding Sows in Farrow, or that have Farrowed within Four Months. — 1st, Mr. Edmund Coles, Stone Farm, Yeovil, Somerset; 2nd, ditto. Class 62. Pens of Two Breeding Sows not exceeding 9 Months.—1st, the Right Hon. the Earl of Radnor, Coleshill, Highworth, Wilts; 2nd, Mr. Edmund Coles, Stone Farm, Yeovil. Prizes Offered by the Hereford Local Committee. HEREFORD CATTLE. Class 63. Bull, Cow, and Offspring, the Calf not exceeding 1 Yea-r.-1st, Mr. John Baldwin, Luddington, Stratford-on-Avon, Warwickshire. Class 65. Pairs of Heifers C&lved in 1862-1st, Mr. Thos. Roberts, Ivington Bury. Leominster; 2nd, Mr. Philip Turner, Leen, Pembridge, Leominster. Class 66. Pairs of Heifers Calved in 1863.—1st, Mr. Thos. Roberts, Ivington Bury, Leominster; 2nd, Mr. Philip Turner, Leen, Pembridge. Class 67. Pairs of Heifers Calved in 1864—1st, Mr. James Wm. James, Mappowder-court, Blandford; 2nd, Mr. Thomas Roberts, Ivington Bury. Class 68. Pairs of Steers Calved in 1862.—1st, Mr. William Taylor, Showle-court; 2nd, Mr. Henry Gibbons, Hampton Bishop. CJass69. Pairs of Steers Calved in 1863.—1st, Mr. Thos. Morris, Therrow, Hay, Brecon; 2nd, Mr. Richard Shirely, Baucett, Munslow, Church Stretton. Class 70. Pairs of Steers Calved in IS64.-lst, Mr. William Perry, Cholstrey, Leominster; 2nd, Mr. Henry Rawlins Evans, jun., Swanstone- court. SHEEP. Class 72. Yearling Rams (R.-yelands).—1st, Mr. John Bearcroft Downing, Holme Lacey, Hereford; 2nd, Mr. John Bearcroft Downing. Class 73. R:Ims of- any other Age.—1st, Mr. John Beareroft Downing; 2nd, Mr. Thomas Smith, Boden- ham, Gloucester. Class 74. Pens of Ten Ewes.—1st, Mr. J. B. Downing. Class 75. Yearling Ewes. 1st, Mr. J. B. Downing; 2nd, Mr. J. B. Downing. Class 76. Yearling Wethers (Shropshires).-lst, Mr. C. Randell. Chadbury, Evesham, Worcester; 2nd, Mr. A. Armitage, Dadnor, Ross. Class 80. Yearling Wethers (Close-wooled White Fa-,es).-lst, Mr. J. B. Downing, Holme Lacey, Here- ford 2nd, Mr. J. B. Downing. WELSH MOUNTAIN SHEEP. Class 81. Pens of Six Ewes.—1st, Mr..Richard Rees, Coldbrook-eottage, Abergavenny. HORSES. Class 82. Colts Foaled in Mr. Edward Nicholas, Heygate, Buckland, Leominster. Class 83. Hacks not exceeding Fourteen Hands High.—-1st, John Hungerford Arkwright, Esq., Hamp- ton-court, Leominster 2nd, Mr. Edward Farr, Penny- woeiod, Brecon. Class 84. Ponies not exceeding Thirteen Hands, Bred in Wales or the Border Counties.—1st, Mr. Thomas Cummins, Elermeirch, Brecon; 2nd, Mr. Thomas Lewis Webh, Hagley, Herefordshire. WOOL. Class 86. Long Wool (5 fleeces).—1st, Mr. Wm. Yeeimans, Stretton-court, Hereford. Class 87. Ryelan(I Wool (5 fleeces).-lst, Mr. Wm. Taylor, Showle-court, Ledbury. Qitss 88. Shropshire Wool {5 fleeces).-lst, Mr. William Taylor, Thingehill-court, Hereford. HOPS. Class 89. Hops Grown in Herefordshire.—1st, Mr. John Brace Vevers, York Hill-court, Ledbury; 2nd, Mr. W. Taylor, Showle-court, Ledbury; 3rd, Mr. W. Taylor. CIDER. Class 90. The Produce of 1868 (Six Bottles).—1st, Mr. George Palmer, Bollitree, Ross; 2nd, Mr. James Slee Bait, Dodhill-houso, Kingston, Taunton. Class 91. The Produce of 1864 (Foxwhelp Fruit Six Bottles).—1st, Messrs. Herbert and John Yeomans, Canon Pion, Hereford; 2nd, Mr. Wm. Hill, Egleton- ,court, Ledbury, Hereford. Class 92. The Produce of 1864 (Various Fruits, Six Bottles).-lst, Mr. Thomas Davies, Burlton-court, Hereford; 2n-d, Mr. Charles Ockey, Moore End Farm, Castle Froome, Hereford. PERRY. Class 93. The Produce of 1863 (Six Bottles).—1st, Rev. C. H. Bulmer, Credenhill Rectory, Hereford; 2nd, Mr. Thomas Oliver, King's PiOB, Weobly, Here- ford. Class 94. The Produce of 1864 (Six Bottles).—1st, Mr. William Hill, Egletown-court, Ledbury; 2nd, Mr. John Wigmore, Bickerton, Muroh Marcle, Dymock, Hereford. Highly Commended: Mr. Thomas Pitt, Free Town, Ledbury. SHEEP SHEARING. There were 12 entries the winners of the 1st and 2nd prizes altogether distanced the other competitors. The judges were Mr. Henry Ffookes, Whitchurch, Blandford, Dorset, and Mr. Jas. S. Turner, Chyngton Seaford, Sussex. The winners were, 1st, Henry Webb, sen., Clifton-on-Tene, 2 Sheep, 24minutes; 2nd, Henry Webb, jun., ditto, 2 Sheep, 21 minutes; 3rd, Stephen Samways, Eype, Bridport, Dorset. The prizes were given by C. Anthony, Esq., of Hereford. THE JUDGES. Cattle.—Mr. James Foster, Lytchett Poole- Mr John Tapp, Twitchen, North Molton; Mr. J R* Singleton, Pockleton; Mr. Edward Gough, Gravel- hill, Shrewsbury; Mr. John Ford, Rushton, Blandford; Mr. Thomas Stamper, Oswald Kirk, York; Mr W. P' Bowen, Shrewsbury. Sheep.-Mr. John Clark, Long Sutton, Lincoln; Mr. George Carston, Beare-houre, Shrewsbury Horses.-Henry Mayo, Coker's Farm, Dorchester; Mr. Robert Howard, Temple Brevet, Seaford; Mr. H. TMirmall, Royeton, Herts; Capt. Barlow, Haskerton, Woodbridge. Pigs -Mr. James Taylor, Sleaton, Lawis; Mr. John Wippall, Barton, Exeter. The annual meeting for the year 1866 will, as decided by the Council, be held at Salisbury, in the county of Wilts, which, like the county of Gloucester, formed part of the society's original district. The society has already held one meet- ing in the Principality of Wales, and, encouraged by the patronage of the heir apparent to the Crown, lookslforward with pleasure to the estab- lishment of a more intimate connection between the principality itself and the border and western a counties. r I RECOVERY OF £8,000 WORTH OF


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