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1 MAESDERWEN, BEECONSHIEE Unreserved Sale of Modem and ^SEFU^aOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, 'Oil Paiffflmgi, -Pier, Swing, and Cheval Glasses, Brilliantly Cut Glass Chandeliers, Dinner, Dessert, and Breakfast Services, Library of Books, Carriages., Morses, Harness, Sc., Sc. Xr. JAMES HALL AVING received instructions from the Ex- ? AA ecutors of the Late J. PARRY DE WINTON, Esq., will SELL BY AUCTION, on TUESDAY, theillth-of JULY, 1865, and Subsequent Days, at Maesderwen, situate within Three Miles from Brecon, and Four from Talybont Station on the Hereford, Hay, and Merthyr and Brecon Railway. q The whole of the Drawing and Dining Room .suites, in Rosewood and Spanish Mahogany, the •■/contents of Eleven Bedrooms, Servants A,part- ments, Billiard Room, Stables and Gardens, CATALOGUES Three-pence each, may be. had On Saturday before the Sale, on application to the Auctioneer, Post Office, Brecon. The Furniture will be on view the 7th, 8th, and lOth, of July. No person will be admitted to Aspect the same the jjjaysof Sale. The Sale will Commence each day at Eleven. a.m. Auctioneer's Offices, Post Office, Brecon. NOTICE. THE presentation of the Testimonial by the Farmers of this-neighbourhood to Mr. Wta. lwnthevvs, woolstapler, of Llanfaes, in this town, take place at the Bridgend. Inn, on the 7th of next. All subscribers who have not paid, are requested to do so as early as possible. -4 dinner will be provided at a moderate charge. June 14th; 1865. ilDHOUSE, EATING HOUSE, WATTON, BRECON. 1. EDWARD WILLIAMS RESPECTFULLY informs his friends and the public generally, that they can be accommo- dated at any hour of the day, with hot or cold joints, soups, sausages, and brawn, of the best quality, tea, coffee, &c., &c., at the most moderate terms aud shortest notice. All kinds of Vehicles at the shortest notice. Sswral PRUTING & STATIONERY @(1)a\IDijJa" "REPORTER OFFICE," BULWARK, BRECON. DAVID WILLIAMS B EGS respectCully to inform his friends and the ■ public generally, thatheha now in STOCK, a great variety of STATIONERY GOODS, which will be found cheaper than any yet offered to the public of this Town and neighbourhood, and for quality will bear any comparison, it being his anxious wish to supply articles at once reasonable and good. THE STOCK includes Printing, Writing, and Note Papers in great variety, Cartridge and Bill Papers, Tissues of nearly every shade, Blotting Papers and Pads; Black, Blue, and Red Inks; Steel Pens and Pen-holders in great variety, Quill Pens, Black-lead Pencils, propelling and in wood, Sealing Wax, Ink- stands, India Rubber, Elastic Bands a large and suitable collection of Toys in and out of Boxes; ONE PENNY BOTTLES OF GUM, an article required and used by everybody. Note Paper from lid. per quire to 6d. per quire Envelop- from lid. per packet to 2s. per packet Mourning Note Paper and Envelopes. Memorandum Books, Account Books, Metalic and Pocket Books, Parses, &c., &c. VECETABLE PILLS, Without a particle of Mercury, Antimony, or other mineral ingredient, require no confinement in- doors, nor any special rules with regard to diet their operation having a strengthening tendency' and recommended for HEAD-ACHE, BILIOUS COMPLAINTS, AND ALL DISORDERS OF THE HEAD AND STOMACH. IMPORTANT MEDICAL TESTIMONY. CoCteRiDQE HOUSE, SWANSEA, Jan. 18, 1864. I have examined the Pills which go under the name of KERNICK'S PILLS" and I know their composition. I have also tested their effects. I can truly certify as to the absence of all mineral or injurious ingredients and I can safely recom- mend them as one of the best aperient Pills for ordinary use in constipated habits that I know. JOHN BALBIRNIE, M.A. M.D BRISTOL, September, 1862. Sir,~After trying many doctors for the Liver Complaint, and all of them failing to do me any good, I took one box of your Pijls, and to my astonishment found instant relief, and before the second box was consumed was entirely cured. RICHARD REES, The celebrated Cheap John. TEESE INVALUABLE PILLS ARB PREPARED ONLY BY S. P. XERNICK, ?3, DUKE STREET, CARDIFF. May be obtained through any Chemist, sr his ap- pointed Agents, in Boxes at Is. lid. and 7!d. each. WHOLESALE AGENTS, LONDON BARCLAY & SONS LOCAL AGENTS: Trecastle, Mr. Watkins, Manchester House; Brecon, er. Jones, Stone-cutter; Llanfaes, and Mr. W. mwst Gunsmith CrickhoweU, Mr. Cristopber, <4,, .l BRECON MERTHYR RAILWAY. S E -A. B A. T H I N, G-1 I ABERYSTWlfH, ABERDO VE Y, TO WYN AND BORTH, VIA THE MID-WALES RAILWAY. .j. On and after THURSDAY, JUNE 1st, and until further notice, CHEAP RETURN TICKETS will be issued by the Ordinary Tl$ns to above places, for 3, 7, or 14 days, including day of issue and return, as follows:— DOWLAIS TALYBONT j GLASBURY i HAY. } WHITNEY ) EARDISLEY } KINNERSLEY } MOORHAMPTON. CREDENHILL > HEREFORD } THREE DAYS' EACH. Issued on Saturdays only, to return on the following Monday. 1ST CLASS. COV. CAR. u 12s. 6d. 8s. 12s. 6d, 7s. 6d. 14s. 8a. 6d. 15s. 98. 15s. 6d. 9s. SEVEN OR FOURTEEN DAYS Issued on any day by the Ordinary Trains. 1ST CLASS. COV. CAR.. 18s. 10s. let. Is. i 19s. 10S. 198. ad. lis. 20s. 12s. 6d. | These Tickets will be available to return by the Ordinary Trains within 3 or 14 days from the date of issue. Passengers will be allowed to break their journey at Machynlleth or Ynyslas. For "particulars as to Trains running through to Aberystwith, see the Company's Time Bills. Traffic Manager's Office, Brecon, May 19th, 1865. BY ORDER. "P SPECIAL NOTICE. TO THE GENTLEMEN OF BRECON AND SURROUNDING NEIGHBOURHOOD. THE Cheapest and only House where the newest and most fashionable French Silk, Velvet Nap, H Grease Proof, and Self Adjusting HAT can be obtained, is at MOBaAN AND OO'B., TOP OF SHIP STREET. 10s. 6d., 12s., 149. The above Hats are delightful and easy for the fore- head, and warranted to give every satisfaction to the purchaser. HOW 11 MAKE i n< TO MONEY. BY investing your purchase capital at HENRY PHIPPS'S, Cheap Clothing Establishment, Red House, High Street, Brecon, where Hats, Caps, Coats, Vests, Trousers, Leather Leggings, Shirts, Braces, &c., are kept in endless variety. Annexed is a list of prices, which will convey to you the great interest you will obtain by depositing your cash at this NEW ad CHEAP SHOP. One trial will prove this important fact. X s. d. Men's good Overcoats 0 8 11 Boys Ditto 0 5 11 Men's Cloth Vests 0 2 6 Boys Ditti 0 1 3 Men's Cloth Trousers 0 6 11 TAKE NOTICE.—This large stock cannot be « £ s. d. Boys Cloth Trousers o 4 3 Men's and Boys Caps, from 0 0 3 Ties 0 0 3 Scarfs o o 5 Leather Leggings 20d. to 0 3 6 sold except for ready money, and no abatement. IMPORTANT TO AGRICULTURISTS! CHAS. NORRINGTON and Co's CELEBRATED SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME FOR ALL ROOT CROPS. PRICE lOg. PER TON. The excess of Crops grown with this Superphos- phate of Lime, in comparison with many others, is generally sufficient to pay for the whole cost of the Manure. Also, SPECIAL MANURES For Corn, Mangold, Potatoe, Grass, and all Green Crops. To be obtained of Mr. R. W. PRICE, Brynmawr Coal & Lime Wharf Watton, Brecon. BRISTOL pack ET jlll^COMPANY. JOHN PROTHERO Respectfully informs the inhabitants of the Town of Brecon and neighbourhood, that he has just taken to the old established and well conducted Carrying Business of the late Mr. W. Thomas, and that all goods intended for conveyance by hIS Boats, which will arrive in Brecon from Newport every other day, will receive his prompt attention All goods to be conveyed by Prothero's Boats, from London, per Great Western & South Wales ^Railway" Newport, from Liverpool, Manchester Birmingham, and from the North of England, per "London and North Western" to Newport, thence per PROTHERO'S BOATS, and all goods from Bristol, per "Burton's Bristol Packet." Goods carried and delivered with care and at moderate charges. iff No more complaints of delay in delivering oods.—Prothero's Boats will wait the arrival of "he Packets at Newport, and be despatched with promptness to Brecon three times a week. Brecon, 1st Oct., 1863. t DUTY OFF TEA. JO::S:N Late Whelpdale and Co., HIGH STRE-ET, BRECKNOCK, t) E G S respectfully to inform his numerous Customers, that he will Reduce his Fine and Common Class Teas SIXPENCE PER POUND, on and after June the 1st. s. d. Common Congou 1 6 Tolerable 2 0 Useful 2 6 8. d. Full Bodied 3 0 Fine Flavor'd Strong do. 3 6 Rich Fine Souchong Fine Flavor'd Strong do. 3 6 Rich Fine Souchong Flavored 3 10 FOR CONNOISSEURS, Rich Lapseng Souchong 4 0 Fine Caper 2 6 Fair 3 0 Good 3 6 Finest 4 0 Benjamin's Curious Mixture 4 0 Ouchain Greens 6 0 Rich do 4 8 Very useful do. 4 0 ¡; PICNIC, PARTY, AND PLEASURE CARRIAGES. BRECON CASTLE HOTEL COMPANY, LIMITED. THE COMPANY, anxious to meet the require- -1- ments of its Patrons, begs to inform them and the public generally, that they can be accom- modated with PICNIC, PARTY, and other CAR- RIAGES, upon the shortest notice, and on the most moderate terms. One-horse Carriage, to hold Four, 2s. 6d. per Hour for Airing. Pair-horse Carriage, 5s per Hour. GOOD STABLING AND LOCK-UP COACH-HOUSES. Wedding or Funeral Orders promptly attended to. Posting in all its branches. JOSEPH BATES, Brecon, June 2nd, 1865. Manager. TOWN OF BRECON. TO :B:E EIET, WITH immediate possession, a SIX-STALLED STABLE, with large Granary above, situate near Honddu Mill.—Apply to the MANAGER, Castle of Brecon Hotel. TO BE LET, FROM the 29th of September, 1865, the ROCK and CASTLE INN, situate at Senny Bridge, Breconshire, with about 10 acres of very good Hay and Pasture land convenient.—Enquire of Mr. Jones, Senny Bridge. Brecon & Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Company. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that an EXTRAORDINARY GENERAL MEET- ING of the Shareholders of the Brecon and Merthyr Tydfil Junction Railway Company, will be held at the Office of the Company, No. 7, Bank Buildings, Lotlobury, London, E.C., on Tuesday, the 27th dav of June next, at 12 o'clock at noon, in pur- suance of the standing orders of Parliament, when a copy of the following Bill now pending in Par- liament, will be submitted for the consideration of the Proprietors present, in person or by proxy, viz:— An Act for authorising the Jjirhowy Railway Company to construct a Railway in substitution for he-authorised extension of their Railway to the Merthyr, Tredegar, and Abergavenny Railway, and to deviate their authorised Railway in the parish of Bedwellty, and to use parts of the Merthyr, Tredegar, and Abergavenny Railway, and for con- firming the mode in which certain roads have been srossed or diverted by the Company, and for sus- gending the operation of certain provisions of The ( Sirhowy Railway Act, 1860," as to passenger trains io be run upon the Railways of the Company and the Monmouthshire Railway, axid for other purposes." By Order, W. ROBERTS, SECRETARY, J 1, Bank Buildings, Lothbury, j 15th, June, 1865. TO PLEASURE PARTIES. FOR SALE. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE TREATY, a PLEASURE BOAT, with Oars, &c., complete, in Good Condition, now on Llangorse Lake. For further particulars apply to Mr. JOHN MORGAN, Printer, Ship Street, Brecon. June 1st, 1865. TURNIP SEASON, 1865. LLANELLEN MANURE WORKS, NEAR ABERGAVENNY. Tl. MORGAN'S BONE SUPERPHOSPHATE X7 10s. PER TON. This Manure is an excellent Top dressing for Corn, Vetches, Clover, or Grass Land. Apply to I MR. JOHN PROBERT, S AUCTIONEER, BRECON. Johnson, Johnson & Co's PURE UNCOLOURED TEA Is now preferred to all others. Iiii It is decidedly the Purest Strongest Cheapest and Best, THE HOST Wholesome & Invigorating. I Sold in Packets by Agents in every Town. LOCAL AGENTS. Brecon—Hall, Chemist, High Street. Aberdare-Thomas, Chemist. Aberavon-Jones, Printer. Abersychan—Martin, Post Office. Bridgend—Jones, Chemist. Brynmawr-Jones, Stationer. Ca-rdiff-Drane, 11 Bute Street. Dowlais-Lewis, Chemist. Hay—Watkins, Post Office. Llanelly—Morgan Griffiths. Merthyr-Gay, 55, High Street. Mountain Ash-Thomas, Chemist. Newport—Thomas, 170 and 129 Commercial Street. Nantyglo-AIIen, Post Office. Pontypool—Edwards, Printer. Pontardawe—Evans, Post Office. Porthcawle-Jones, Chemist. Swansea—Andrew, 14 Castle Square. „ Thomas 65 Oxford Square. Tredegar—Crowe, Post Office. Ystalyfera-Davies, Bookseller. WHOLESALE WAREHouse, 17 BLOMFIED ST. CITY. Johnson, Johnson &Cdls-im PURE UNCOLOURED TEA Is now preferred to all others. S*U in Patktts b3 Agtuti m twtj Tm SOLE AGENT IN BRECON, HALL, CHEMIST, High Street. SAUSAGES, sIUSAGES, SÂÚSAGESf PURE P6RK SAUSAGES AT J. BATHER'S, THE WATTON. (A CARD.] W, Tl. KINO, COACH MAKER, Lion Street, and Saint Michael Street, Brecon. Repairs neatly executed at moderate charges. PEMJfcJBU&AIQRS REFAJP-EP AN £ > JIAIHS TO ORpfR.