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EPITOME OF NEWS. A Canada paper states that there are twice as many Jews in New York as there are in all Palestine. During the past week twenty-nine wrecks have been reported, making a total for the present year of 1,064. One of the latest inventions for which a patent has been taken out is that of shaking carpets by steam. The Gazette Russe" announces that an Ex. hibition of the Produce of Industry will shortly be opened at Moscow. The Hospital for Consumption at Brompton will do a noble thing this year, in sending twenty of the mule patients to pass the ensuing winter in Madeira. The Boupeil forgeries will be brought on at Chelmsford during the coming Assizes, when lioupell, the ex-M.P. for Lambeth, will appear as a witness. There is another project for making a line of rail- way through the Thames Tunnel. The other schemes have not one of them been successfully carried through. A cheap morning train has during the summer season been put on by the South-Western Company, from Dorchester to Weymouth, for the convenience of bathers at the latter place. The Leeds Mercury announces the death of the Eev. J. Tunnicliffe, of that town, "the founder of the Band of Hope movement in England." It is expected that Miss Constance Kent will be tried at Salisbury on Friday, the 21st of July. Mr. Johnstone, barrister, the Conservative can. didate for Dungarvan, died suddenly on Saturday morning at his residence, 33, Upper Fitzwilliam-street, Dublin. Mr. Hayter Lewis ae been appointed Professor of Architecture in University College, London, vice Mr. Donaldson, who becomes Eremitus Professor after a service of great duration. A tailor in Coupar-Angus, says the Edinburgh Courant, who had a pig which got one of its legs broken, has replaced the injured limb with a wooden one. It is curious r to see the animal hobbling about, but it is thriving as well as it did before the accident. A discovery made by a smith at Versailles is much talked about among hsrsedealerr. in Paris; it is a composition almost as hard as iron, which can be applied -under the hoof without causing the rmimal the slightest pain, and costs 75 per cent. less than ordinary horseshoes. Wolves are appearing in great numbers in the department of the Aisne. A few nights ago a heifer was worried and partly devoured at Buironfosse, in a field near several dwelling houses, this being the eighth victim to those ferocious animals during the last six weeks. The" lwn dress is the name of the ladies' new costume for the croquet ground. It is similar to the Bloomer costume, and is considered very appropriate when playing the game. The Courrier de Marseille relates that a greyhound belonging to a captain of artillery, a few days back, kept pace with an express train in which was his master, between that city and the Roquefavour station, a distance of fifteen miles. The poll on the question of a church rate for the parish of St. Clement Danes has just been officially declared. The votes for the rate were 207, against it 32. The rate is at 2d. in the pound, and will realise about R600. The Post" records the death of Lord Charles Fitzroy, which took place at Elm Lodge, near Hampton, on Saturday morning last. His lordship was only ill a few hours, and was in the enjoyment of perfect health the middle of the past week. A return has just been issued from the Ad. miralty, which shows that the country now has twenty-six iron-plated ships afloat and six in process of building. There are also five floating batteries, making thirty-seven in all of this modern class of vessels. The visitors to the South Kensington Museum during the past week have been as follows On Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, free days, open from ten a.m. to ten p.m., 16,097: on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, Students' days (admission to the public 6d.), open from ten a.m. till six p.m., 2,709. Total, 18,896; from the opening of the museum, 5,357,121. The Austrian authorities have taken alarm in consequence of the reports about the arrivals of persons attacked by cholera from Alexandria and the East. They have, therefore, ordered a temporary quarantine of seven days for all vessels arriving from Egyptian provinces in Austrian ports. The growing crops of corn in this locality are not so promising as they were a few weeks ago, notwith- standing the fine weather that has prevailed. Beans, on the other hand, are more forward than usual, but barley comes up irregularly. The hay harvest has commenced, and will be general this week. The prospect of a large crop is very encouraging. The Mayor of Plymouth has received official information from the Admiralty, through the Port Admiral, that the French fleet cannot visit Plymouth until August. It will, therefore, not be seen by those who visit the Royal Agricultural Society. As the Manchester train arrived at Preston, the other day, it came into collision with some empty rail- way carriages which had been shunted on an adjacent line in dangerous proximity to the points. The carriages in question, as well as tome of those of the Manchester train, and the engine were greatly damaged, and the passengers very much scared, but no one was hurt in a serious manner. Mr. Alfred Whiskins, aged thirty-five, was attacked with smallpox a few days ago, and removed to the infirmary of the workhouse at Edmonton. The dreadful nature of his malady had such an effect upon him that he determined to commit suicide, and, possessing himself of a razor, he cut his throat in a fatal manner. The sect of Iconoclasts seems on the increase in Paris. The allegorical statue of the city of Lille, on the Place de la Concorde, was seme time back badly mutilated; and two nights back the hands were broken off the statues of St. Louis and St. Elizabeth, recently placed at the great door of the Church of St. Elizabeth, in the Rue du Temple. The civil tribunal of Paris has given judg- ment in the great case of the action of the infant children of Madame de Pauw against the insurance companies, upon the policies effected by the poisoner La Pommerais. It is decided that the unfortunate woman, having been a party to his frauds, and never having had any bond fide interest in the policies, her children are not entitled to the money. To-day's Times ?'" said a boy selling papers last Saturday on the South-Western line; upon which a I passenger, attempting a witticism, cried out, "What's the use of to-day's Times? I'll give you a shilling for to- morrow's. and the boy immediately handed him the Sunday Times! The passenger refused to give him more than sixpence, but his fellow-travellers made him keep his word, and give the sharp-witted lad a shilling. The apple crop in Devonshire will this year prove a failure, in consequence of the prevalence of what is ealled "a blight." The trees in the orchards present a very melancholy appearance, as, instead of clusters of young apples, nothing scarcely can be seen but- riddled leaves and grey mildew. This destruction of a useful and profitable crop will prave a great loss to the farmers. The blight," as it is termed, is caused by the caterpillars of a small winter moth, named by entomologists Cliiematobia oriimata. The prospects of the mackarel fishery on the east coast have materially improved during the past week, so far as the Great Yarmouth boats are concerned, most of the boats engaged having sent in daily a fair supply of fine fish. Prices have variea for fresh fish at from 24s to 28s., and for ovel:clay t iiom 22s to 25s. per hundred. A report to hand from iiowestoft is scarcely of so favourable a character. The celebrated rectory of Stanhope has be. come vacant by the decease of the rector, the Eev W. N. Darnell, B.D., at the age of eighty-seven. It was worth £ 5,000 a year, and was given to the deceased by the Bishop of Exeter in 1831 in exchange for the canonry in Durham Cathedra], still held by the Bishop. Under an Act passed in 1858 the rectory will hov be or txie value; or £ 1,650 a year, the excess being appropriated to raising- the incomes of six specified livings to B400 a year each, and of other livings in the diocess, to be selected'by the Bishop of Durham.

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