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,,¡ JBXTBACTS 3TBOM "FUiSfCH & -+- Answers to Correspondents. S A CORRESPONDENT, who has neglected to SIG^JV name, states that he sends us "The Forgetting$ Defective Memory as a series of interesting re tions. Unluckily he has omitted to enclose the VIr I When he recollects himself perhaps he will reinep j what he has not done. POLLY TIX.—We agree with you that M is only another name for quackery very often. 1 TAN-HAUSEU is anxious for information as t" removal of freckles. Loosen the epidermis Ivi them gently with a spade, sprinkle cayenne Vero, spot, pot them out as soon as they begin to striker < tell Pickford to call for them in a few days. Tbf J never-failing. J STUDIOUS.—The best naturalists acquit the LO^, spa,rrow of intentional cynicism in the ,t which he applies the term cheep to every life. Sauce for an Applepie. j We have thought it right to publish the foUowiR letter, but it is needless to say that we do not sy^P3] thise with the writer. A great house, with a nobleman as its chief proprietor, and a small owned by a plebeian, are two houses. To PUNCH. The Old Applepie, Houndsditch, JUDe 16, 'ti5ja Sir,—Being informed by several parties that are the great apeal when wrongs is dene, I take libberty to State that having read in the Advertise' J the Prince oj Wales have lately atended to open a i Tavern in Langam place I wrote to Marboroug respectfy inviting his Royal highness to perform sleJ milar ceremony on the occasion of me opening of Music Hall atached to my Premises, wine and spiritS liquors, established 1847, and No word of ConvpKi. from the police daring those years. Sir, my req1 respectly worded and offered to send a Trap fof Prince and servants and Make the Hour his owe 0 J: not 7 p.m., when the Public were coming in, also of my License and testymonial from 103 Parties the House which many are old tradesmen and not sign what were not correct. Sir I reed AO from a Mr. Knowlys Declining and I ask you aS j! tween man and man why sauce for Langam P^CJ not Sauce for Hounsditch, and all Englishmen t equal m Eye of the law. Respectfy apologs for K trouble and IntrusiaE in your valuable space, Sir, Your obed. Serv», BARNABAS JU-'1" Sailing Directions for the Bark of St. How to assure safe voyage and quiet quarters < Unto St. Peter's bark in English waters, No wiseman here ? "Try Manning" is the cry: "If that don't answer ?" Then New-manning The Test of all Tests. About the assault on Oxford tests, Why make such a commotion ? Seeing the Bill would Oxford make A very Land of Gos(o)hen. SHOTTEN HERREN.—The Herrenhaus atBerli13' Prussian burlesque of our House of Lords, h&3 ■ proposed, by the resolution of a large majorltYe: make both its own members, and those of the House, liable to punishment, on citation befot%l Courts of Law, for calumnies uttered, or other able expressions employed in the course of q thus sacrificing their Parliamentary privileg speech. Surely the Herrenhaus deserves to be fjli the oclavenhaus, for these Herren are a very set of bloaters. 1"J WHAT SENSATION HAS COME TO AT L-A'II-. Mamma: Tell you a pretty story ? Well, what Cf it be P" Small child About a. nice 'ittle girl w:hj¡tl,e J murdered her papa and mamma, and all her v t brothers and sisters! Ji !■ His LAST EFFoRT.-Why is it impossible i0 W anything to eat at a. pic-nic when it is held oJ1 sunny eide of the hill ? — Because it's a Bahny. « feast! >( CITYDINNER.-Head Waiter of the London Ta*&. "Are you an In curable,' sir, 0r a Reduced %( taker ? Old Gent (late and breathless, prodc^' his dinner ticket): "No, I'm a !Destitute Delinquent.' I think it says six o'clock Waiter (feelingly): 11 Dear, dear! you've made take, sir That dinner's 'eld at the Fremasoas t year, sir." J PROVERBIAL PHTLOSORHT.—AYOUTIGFRIENDOF0^1 whose opinions derive a tinge of bitterness fron1.^ beer he imbibes, says that although it is quite V jV that "one swallow does not make a suir:iB0r,ic- summer like this makes one swallow-a, good liauid. iWi LIGNUM YITTT."—A paragraph having xo&fyiF appeared, announcing the invention of a newpr^in for photographing on wood," the Secretary of [4 for India is most anxious it shotild be stated is cot the Wood in question. He doesn't like any4*3.? telegraphic or photographic—or graphic in any iill but specially with regard to this process wi,-be$ I have his negative taken as positive. A SLIGHT DIFPEREHCE.—Mr. Layard. the night, iji answer to an interrogation about the 5^ Abyssinia, said it was "a most question to ueal with, and one reauiring ±, ™miTCtl0n-. Tilat w just "the mischief What the question requires, is circumspection1 ad-\ the Foreign-office has employed on it ia e;irJI1 cution. j1, SING, WHALLEY, SING.—We have bean re^^Vl by numberless correspondents to indicate the whicn toe hon. member for Peterborough has 0 lately so constantly (iailed upon to sing. We bf' state in reply, that it is his favourite strain:- Whalley, Whalley, up the bank, And Whalley, Whalley, down the brae." ■)' DANGEROUS.—There is talk in Paris of the army striking, like the Paris cabmen, for j Truly once more L'Umpire, c'est la Pay. i

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