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EPITOME OF NEWS. It is said the Emperor of Morocco will shortly visit France aad England. Constance Kent will be tried at Salisbury on Friday, the 21st of July. Mdme. Kossuth, the wife of the famous Hun- garian leader, has died at Genoa., after a ten years' illness. A teetotal firm launched a vessel at Yarmouth last week, and christened it with a bottle of ginger-beer. During the past week thirty-nine wrecks have been reported, making the total for the present year 1,103. In a recent debate in the House of Commons the value of property in the metropolis was put at .tgw,ooo,ooo. Letters from Marseilles announce the suspen- sion of the great sugar refinery in that city, directed by M. Rostand. In some parts of Dorsetshire labour is very scarce, and farmers are paying- 4s. 6cL an acre for mowing of grass—a great advance on the prices of last year. The "New York Tribune says .It seems settled that an indictment and trial for treason is to he prepared for John Mitchel, now of the New York News." Among the arrivals in England by the Delhi, last week-, were nineteen Japanese youths. They are the sons of Japanese gentlemen, and have been sent to En- gland to be educated as physicians, engineers, &c. A fire broke out at Antwerp the other evening in a barge on the rasseurs canal, and the t,ide being low at the moment the other craft around could not be removed; consequently, eight or nine vessels were totally destroyed. It has been proposed by some of the railway authorities in India to keep a complaint book at the chief railway stations, in which passengers may enter an account of any grievances they may have been subjected to. A contemporary says that there are 400,000 feathers upon the wing of a silkworm moth. Any one wanting a nice little job, and doubting- the truth of the statement, can easily satisfy himself by counting them. The Government is now said to be feeding 200,000 of the inhabitants of Virginia, of all ciasscs. Eleven thousand rations are daily issued to citizens in Richmond alone. The expenditure saved by the strike of the cabmen is, we see, reckoned at 50,000fr. a day, upon which the financier congratulates his countrymen, forgetting that it is also 50,000fr. a day out of cabby's pocket, and, there- fore, as broad as it is long. A subscription, limited to twenty centimes for each subscriber, has been opened in Italy to present to Gari- baldi a gold medal, bearing this inscription :—" To Joseph Garibaldi, from the people who do not forget." At Turin there are already 20,000 subscribers. Very little or no cider will be made this year in Devonshire, the blight having been so destructive to the apple trees. A lO"itl contemporary says :—" Good bottling cider cannot be bought much under £3 per hogshead at the present time." A child two-and-a-half years old was decapi- tated by a train near the Wiley station on the Salisbury and Bristol line a few days since. The poor little thing had strayed with another child from some adjoining fields on the railway line. Male and female envelopes are advertised in the United States. They are not the articles so commonly used by our readers, but the words are modest indications of. garments usually worn next to the skin, the names of which are forbidden to be mentioned by our delicate Transat- lantic cousins. A somewhat novel prize is to be offered for competition at the forthcoming regatta, to be rowed for by freemen and electors of Dover, and to be caned the" Candi. dates' Prize." We understand thnt Major Dickson and Mr. Preahiield, the Conservative candidates, have found the "needful" for this extra prize. On Saturday, while the household troops were being reviewed at Wormwood Scrubs, two boys got in the way of a large body of cavalry in full charge, and before they could get off the ground or the troopers could pull up they were knocked down and ridden over. One of them died shortly afterwards, and the other is in a precarious condition. Spe- cial attention was paid to the youths by order of his Royal High-ness the Prince of Wales. The Queen of Madagascar, according to a letter received in Paris, has begun to wear crinoline. She inaugurated the new fashion at a religious ceremony in which she took part on the 15th of April last, near Tanana- riva. The novelty seems to have been favourably received by the population; but only the princesses of the royal family have been authorised to adopt it. The Queen has, however, made one exception in favour of the wife of Raim- ilaiarivony, her Prime Minister. The annual wool fair at Berlin was opened last week. On Monday about 140,000 cwts. arrived, and was of- fered and taken at moderate prices. On the average there was a decline of from two to four thalers a cwt. compared with 1864. Of foreign buyers very few made their appear- ance. There were some French and Swedes, but hardly any English. The value of the exports of British pro- ducts and manufactures to the Australian colonies showed a decided increase in the first quarter of this year, having amounted to L2,761,969, as compared with L-2,232,272 in the first quarter of 1S64, and £ 2,365,322 in th3 first quarter of 1863. The increase was shared in by all the colonies, with the exception of New Zealand. During the past week the visitors to the South Kensington Museum have been as follows; -On Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday, free days, open from ten a.m. to ten p.m., 12,595; on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, students' days (admission to the public 6d.), open from ten a.m. till six p m., 2,677. Total, 15,272; from the opening of the Museum, £ 5,372,393. Notwithstanding a recent decision of the Privy Council in his favour, the income of the Bishop of Natal is still withheld, and a suit has been instituted in the Court of Chancery, with a view to obtain the payment. Considerable delay will attend these proceedings, and partly an this account it has been determined by some of his friends to raise a fund to be presented to him. Some £1,500 has alread been raised. Dr. Watson, of Derby, has presented to the National Lifeboat Institution the cost of the additional lifeboat ftr Whitby. The gift had been previously promised to the institution by Dr. Watson's sister, Miss Watson, but that lady having died somewhat suddenly, he immediately put himself in communication with the society, with the view of carrying out her benevolent wishes. A large number of gentlemen inspected the new Salisbury Hotel, which was formally opened on Satur- day. The hotel contains nearly 100 bedrooms, and the usual complement of private and general rooms. In every respect the arrangements seem to have been completed in an ad- mirable and judicious manner, and such as will give satis- faction to persons taking up their abode at the hotel. After the inspection some twenty gentlemen sat down to luncheon, at which success to the new hotel was drunk. The Strike of the masons' labourers at Bradford has been brought to an end by their employers yielding what was sought—an advance of Is. per week, making their present rate of wages 20s. per week. The strike on the part of the operative painters still continues. The men, though repeatedly invited by their employers to a conference on points of difference, declining to accept the offer, while at the same time ludicrously declaring that there shall be a settlement before they yield.







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