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POLITICAL GOSSIP. 1 JIAJOR MANSFIELD has been appointed her Ma. ry's Consul General at Warsaw, in the room of r^onel Stanton, promoted to be Consul General at .It is stated that the usual Ministerial whitebait lnner at Greenwich, which heralds the close of the seion, will not take place this year; the absence of eral members of the Government from the House of Otimons is assigned as the cause. 4 LOT of young Brussels sprouts, lads from sixteen Wenty-one, have been enlisted on the sly to take in the army of Paraguay. They have left for j a*is en route for roomier -quarters, without asking of their Government, or the Government earing interfere. JJHE Liberals in Preston failing to obtain a candi- wf6) have applied to the Reform Club, who, it is said, send do wn a man, if the necessary funds for the ^Jtest ean be raised in the borough. K °OE Omar Pasha has not been allowed access to v9 Pope, whom he much desired to see. He is a kj^gade, and the door is shut against him. The Ito!? General at Rome, however, opened his, and fo^ived him at the threshold as one Crimean brother, j^Slish, French, Italian, or Turk, is in these days 7 to receive another. Qj-f has been reported that the vacant bishopric of has been offered to Archdeacon Wordsworth, of Westminster. The Cambridge Independent fott We have heard a rumour much more likely to be oJ^ded on fact, namely, that the bishopric has been j) e*0d to the learned Master of St. John's College, toteson, and shall be glad if this proves to be House of Commons, in Committee of Supply, cSv°ted < £ 7,G57,S7*2 for civil services for the finan- wT year 1865-66. This is less by £ 155,895 than was °ted Jntjj. qea8ion. There is a decrease of £ 175,650 °De item alone—the redemption of the Scheldt toll j^&ioh was paid and done with last year. The 1 tiptoes ateove given do not include the vote enabling Treasury to make advances for providing new ^ts of justice, because they are repayable out of ^surplus interest fund of the Court of Chancery, dn E larvaez Ministry in Spain, after nearly pro- jw'lg a revolution, has fallen, and Marshal O'Donnell, the most competent among such statesmen as B v*1" ias, is again in power. The growing feeling in Hi r a change of dynasty seems to have alarmed Jn^ourt. f 0 A-cis of Parliament have just been issued, (v^led, The Courts of Justice Building and The 1 tl of Justice Concentration Site," under which 1 Hew Palace of Justice will be reared. A sum of tpfiy has been voted to commence operations. By £ first Act the monies required from time to time W carrying into effect the purposes of the statutes f6 to be defrayed in the first instance out of monies jk?* provided by Parliament. The whole advances IL 6 made by the Paymaster-General are not to ex- 500,000. The Act provides for the re-payment I tl>is 'Slim' and for the appointment of persons to out the objects intended. The property in Ilia offices is to be transferred. The new palace is fountain accommodation for the courts and offices am accom ed for law and equity, as well as the Probate K* Divorce Courts and the Court of Admiralty, are twenty-three sections in the first statute, Wenty-six in the other. The limit for the com- ij i°fy purchase of land is five years. Compensation m'° ^e given to occupiers and tenants, and to be ^^nined in the usual manner. The New Palace "Ustice," it is anticipated, will be commenced as 11 ItS the preliminary matters are arranged. ]) present House of Commons, having been sub- m to a careful analvsis by Mr. William Stokes, of 1 k Manchester Peace Secietv, he submits the follow- aa the general results -.—Of members officially con- i with the War Department (a" few of whom are 0 "retired" list), there are 252, besides 75 who ,» L indirectly connected with the servioes by marriage k other family relationships. The war voting I "2/ r Present House is, therefore, no less than jPfeAmbers, or above half of the whole House. The 1 ^embers range under the folio wins? heads :— ^aptains 77 liientenant-colonels 65 ^ajora Colonels. 22 ^ieutenants 22 M»rnets .« 8 ^ice and rear-actaira,ls 4 lieutenant-generals 3 Ik "enorala 2 taJ ^maining twenty-three are paymasters, secre- clerks, and officers whose exact place in the is not eiven. The colossal interests of trade, &*rce, and manufactures are represented by 107 rubers. and the legal profession supplies 87 votes. war interests are more than three to jC°f the more vital interests of commerce andmanu- During the nearly seven years or the W of the present House of Commons, it has °* 'the people's money £ 190,198,074 for Pllr" 'ak!8 alone, in addition to ,8171,336,875 for the war JN making a total of £ 361,534 949, or annually on of war, £ 51,647,849. This is considerably Wh "^5,000-per hour, by night and day, through the j 0i^ political! life of the present House of Commons.




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