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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

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COUNTY SURVEYOR'S REPORT. Hundred of Builth.- Cwmbiddw Bridge,In the parish of Llanwrthwyd on the parish road lead- ing from Newbridge to Llanwrthwyd. The South abutment and wing walls of this bridge are in a bad state, also the planking that forms the road- way, the girder on the West side and the protec- tion railing each side of the bridge. It is neces- sary that the abutment and wing walls be taken down, the wing walls extended in length and rebuilt with a portion of new stone. The timber work renewed with oak, and a coating of tar, gravel, and lime, laid on the planking previous to the road being formed. Cammarch Bridge.- In the village of Llangam- march on the parish road leading to Llanwrtyd. The abutment and wing walls on the North side of this bridge, require taking down and rebuilding, with a portion of new materials, and the wincr walls extended. The beams, and a portion of the planking in the first water way, require to be re- newed, and a portion of the protection railing, and the planking generally repaired. Hundred of Devynnock.—Pontyfelinfach — In the parish of Ystradfellte, on the parish road lead- ing from Ystradfellte to Ystradgunlais, and Pout- neathvanghan. The roadway on the South West approach of this bridge, requires widening, and a portion of the upper part sunk 18 inches deeper, and filled near the bridge, to the extent of 200 feet in length. The parapet and retaining walls will also require to be raised higher. It is neces- sary that the Highway Board widen the portion of road adjoining the approach of this bridge at the same time. WM. WILLIAMS, Surveyor.


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