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CHIEF CONSTABLE'S REPORT. To Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace, for the County of Brecon, in Quarter Sessions Assembled. T Brecon, Jnne 25th, 1865. Gentlemen,—I have the honour to present to you the usual Quarterly Returns of Crime, together with the distribution of the Force. There is but little variation in the indictable offences as compared with the corresponding quarter last year. 20 persons have been apprehended, and were disposed of as follows :-Committed for trial, 17 discharged, 3, They also comprise the cases of 310 persons which have been disposed of by the Justices, as follows :Fined, 164; committed for various periods, 28 other punishments, 12 dis- charged, 106. 9 public houses have been proceeded against, and 8 fined. I have the honor to be, Gentlemen, Your obedient and faithful'servant, E. R. GrWYNNE, Chief Constable of Breconshire SURVEYOR'S REPORT ON THE GAOL. • • County Surveyor's Office, Brecon, May Gentlemen,—Having, received a communication from the Governor of the County on the 1st instant, containing an extract from the Visiting Magistrates' Journal, relative to an alleged en- croachment by the Rev. Rees Price, in forming a guard to the boundary, fence of his land on the side of the Gaol Field, I beg to state that I have inspected the same, and report accord- ingly. The distance of the guard alluded to from Mr. Price's bank, is 3 feet 10 inches, but from the abutment of the bank is 2 feet 5 inches, the width of the ditch is 10 inches. I have seen Mr. Price on the subject, and he stated that he was advised to adopt this method of protecting the fence, as being the best for pro- moting the rapid growth of the permanent fence, as well, a-s that which would cause the least damage to the adjoining land. The guard is planted at such a distance from the fence as to prevent sheep from destroying the quicks. Mr. Price desires me to state, that he was credi- bly informed that by the custom of the locality, he was entitled to take a yard of the adjoining land, from the centre of his hedge, for the formation of the bank, and by adopting the present plan he considers that he has done far less damage to the adjoining land, especially when it is considered that the guard being intended only for a temporary purpose, will never be renewed on any part of the land outside his fence claimed by him. He also wishes to mention that the whole of the new fence on the other side of the Vicarage field, was con- structed on the same plan, with 11 the sanction and approval of the adjoining proprietor. Mr. Price has no wish whatever to encroach on the land belonging to the County, and if the Magistrates should be of opinion that he has ex- ceeded his limits, he is prepared to adopt any modification or alteration of the guard fence alluded to, which they may require. I am, Gentlemen, Your obedient servant, WILLIAM WILLIAMS, County Surveyor. Mr. Lloyd said that he thought Mr. Price should give a written document to that effect, it was al- ways usual that guard fences should remain for the term of seven years and not longer. Col. Pearce said that he would answer for Mr. Price, and that the guard fence should not remain ,any longer than it would be necessary. JOINT LUNATIC ASYLUM. Mr. Martyn Roberts, in a lengthy address to the Court, said that had it not been for some opposition he would have carried his proposition of having the Asylum enlarged sufficiently at once to contain 700 patients, which would probably be large enough for- ever. Some persons, he would not mention any names, who had been in London, had given some private information to the Secretary of State, which was unfair, without it came from the Visiting Justices, and the Secretary of State would not grant only an enlargement that would provide for more than 45 patients over the present number. The Asylum in the first place had been built to contain 464 patients, and had cost about £ 52,000, their portion was not so great as some of the other counties, and the number of patients were in proportion smaller. The county of Brecon and the county of Radnor, had only 80 patients altogether, and he thought it would be better for them to join Radnor, an Asylum could lie built sufficiently large for both counties, for the money they would receive if they disunited, and he thought it far better to divide at once, than have the small enlargement, or have it sufficiently large at once, or in a short time they would want it still larger, or divide, after expending an un- necessary sum of about £4000, the portion of which for this county would be about S600. They were, now compelled to pay a sum of £ '200 to the Worcester and Dorset Asylums, for those who could not be taken in, in consequence of there not being room in their present building, the building being made for 464, and there was at present 507 there, and this was managed by putting beds in the passages or sides of the various wards, and he would ask any gentleman present if that was as it should be. The Chairman said that he thought Mr. Roberts was going away from the subject brought before the Court, the question was whether they should adopt the plans prpduced at the April Quarter Sessions the matter had been adjourned for the further con- sideration of the Court, and there being a full court it would be much better to decide at once whether they should be adopted or rejected. Mr. Martyn Roberts' moved that the Plans be rejected, in consequence of the Secretary of State not allowing them to make'it large enough at once for 700 patients. Captain Parkinson seconded the propositi n. Mr. Lloyd said that the county of Monmouth opposed the motion, that was no reason why they should. Mr, Roberts said that some person had been and consulted the Secretary of State on the subject, any gentleman had a right to do so if he thought proper, and upon any question. He thought the best'mode would be to adopt the plans for the addition to the Asylum, not to incur too much expense at once. If the increase would be very rapid, but he did not see that it would, they could afterwards divide, thereby they would, 111 his opinion, save the ratepayers of the county to a very great extent. He would move an amendment, that the plans produced at the last General Quarter Sessions should be adopted, as he considered it far the most economical mode cf proceeding, it would only cost this county about £600. Mr. Jayne seconded the amendment. Rev. W. J. Williams said that he was present at the last Quarter Sessions when the plans were pro- duced, and the was adjourned consideration of the adoption or rejection of the plans for the further consideration of that court, he thought they had better leave the Asylum remain as it was, that if the City and County of Hereford and the County of Monmouth were to unite, the present Asylum would not be any too large if they did not sepa- rate then they must do so at a short time hence, and the sooner the better it was done. $tr. Thomas Davies said that the.,|Jsk Quarter Sessions was- in favour of the counties of Breeon and Monmouth uniting. Rev. Mr. Venables said that at the Hereford Quarter Sessions, it was agreed that they should not divide, but that the plans produced at the pre- vious Quarter Sessions, should be adopted. Mr. Roberts again urged the court to support the adoption of the importance of having the Asylum enlarged sufficiently at once, and reject the present plans.' The Chairman then put the motion to the court, for and against, when there were 10 in favour of the original motion and 13 for the amendment. POLICE COMMITTEE'S REPORT.. ■: To the-Justices of the Peace for the coi^t^'of Brecon, assembled at the General Quarter Sessions of the Peace, for the said county, on the 27th day of June, 1865. The Police Committee for the said county, beg .to report—that they met at the Shire Hall, on Tuesday, June 20th, and examined the various accounts connected with the Police Force of the county for the past quarter, and the Chief Consta- ble's estimate for the ensuing quarter, and they recommend thnt n Pulice rate of three farthings iii the pound L2 ordered at these Sessions towards defraying the estimated expenditure during the next quarter. Dated this 26th day of June, 1865. WALTER JONES WILLIAMS, VISITING JUSTICES REPORT. To Her Majesty's Justices of the Peace for the county of Brecon, assembled at the Quarter Ses- sions of the Peace for the said county, on the 27th day of June, 1865. The Visiting Justices and the Finance Com- mittee beg to report—that they met at the Shire Hall, on Tuesday, the 20th instant, when they ex- amined the Treasurer's account for the past quarter, as well as the probable statement of account for the ensuing quarter, hereunto annexed, and they recommend that a rate of one penny in the pound be ordered at these Sessions, towards defraying the estimated expenditure during the next quarter. Dated this 26th day of June, 1865. PENRY WILLIAMS, ROBERT RAISES. Rev. W. J. Williams moved the adoption of the report, and a rate of Id. in ttie,Xi be made. Mr. Jayne seconded the motion; and said that the insufnciency of the staff in the Crickhowell district, there was no fault to be found with their conduct, but there was not a sufficient supply of constables in that district. Mrs. Shaw, (formerly Miss Jones,) Hall Keeper, tendered her resignation, which was received. The Chairman said that they had better proceed with the appointment of a new Hall Keeper, there were six candidates, the first was George White- man, William Williams, William Davies, Rees Owen Jones, David Pugh, and Phillip Webb. A paper was sent round with the names of the candidates, and every Magistrate could support the one he thought proper. The returns were as follow Davies 5, Pugh 9, Jones 9, the other candidates were not supported. Jones and Pugh were equal, and the court again proceeded with a second election, when'there were 11 for Jones, 10 for Pugh, the Chairman also said that if he voted he should record his vote in favor of Jones, giving a majority of 2 to Jones. Mr. Jones's father had been Hall Keeper for upwards of 40 years. On the motion of Doctor Price, seconded by the Rev.. W. J. Williams, it was agreed that the appli- cation for a polling place at Ystradgunlais be granted. The court then abjourneduntil

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