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BRECONSHIRE CHARITIES. From the Commissioners' Beport of 1836. PARISH OF LLANIGON FREE SCHOOL Lewis Watkins, by Will, dated 6th January 1714, devised a messuage, tenement, and lands, called Caer Bwlla, with the appurtenances in the parish of Llanigon, to William Price and Philip Price, their heirs and assigns for ever, in trust, after the decease of his wife for the maintaining a charity school within the said parish for teaching the children of such persons, inhabitants of the said parish whose freehold estates should not for the time being amount in yearly value to X5, with power to the trustees and the survivor to place and displace and elect a schoolmaster there as often as they should think fit; and the testator further directed that, on the death of any trustee, another should be elected in his place, and that the rent of the said premises should be paid to the schoolmaster yearly with power of entry and dis- tress to the schoolmaster if rent in arrear, upon consideration of his maintaining the said school. This estate consists of about 13 acres three and a half being arable, six meadow, and three and a half copse. There is a farm-house, barn, and shed the whole in a very indifferent state of repair. The farm has been held since the year 1130 by Thomas Jones, as tenant from year to year, at the fair annual rent of Xio 10s., which is subject to the deduction of 7s. 6d. aianualty for land tax lea- ving £10 2s. 6d. applicable to the purpose of the charity. The present trustees are Major Benjamin Waters M'.Gibbon, the Rev. Walter Wilkins, and Henry Allen, Esq., of Oakfield, who were appointed by feoffment, dated 27th of February, 1835. Prior to the appointment of the present trustees this charity seems to have been conducted in a somewhat irregular manner, their predecessors not having exercised that care in the superintendance of the school which was necessary in order to en sure its efficiency. At one period the parish-cicrk acted as schoolmaster in teaching a certain number of poor children of the parish, and received the rent of the farm, then XS 8s., as his salary but the establishment appears at times to have been little more than nominal, and at present (July 1836) there is no school in existence. It is, however, the intention of the, trustees to revive the charity in such a form as may prove most benefical, subscrip" tions having been set on foot (which already amount to a considerable sum ) to erect proper building for this purpose. There is now (July 1836) jl1 arrear of rent due from the tenant, of il3 2s. 6 the greater part of which will be exhausted necessary repairs to the farm buildings. A cerr*gS number of children will be placed by the trusty under the care of the master of the national J (who was likewise elected master for this sc two years ago) for instruction, free of "whom the rent of the charity property will bej?^0 as a remuneration for his services according directions contained in the testators Will. —;— „ at Printed and Published by DAVID his residence on the Bulwark, in the the of Saint Mary, in the Parish of Sam TpItP>f Evangelist, in the County of Brecon. AUGUST 12. 1865. —