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EPITOME OF NEWS. -+-- Jpke population of the United Kingdom ia esti- at the General Register Office at 29,772,294 in the middle of the year 1865. d FAeVen years have now elapsed since the capture e I!jkucknow. The second distribution of prize money is bounced to take place on the 21st this month. 0 We are happy to hear that the daughter of y Wiltshire, who met with 80 serious an accident a since, is progressing towards recovery. 3 „ ^he report of a serious illness of M. Lamar- 4 pe, says La Presse, has baen circulated by some of the a ™tenals. We are requested to declare the rumour to be •*«hout foundation. 1 The visit of ISTubar Pasha, the Egyptian 'Waister, to Paris, is understood to be for the purpose of 1 Motiating a loan of £ 3,000,001) on the private property of e Viceroy. Jphe British, duty last year on servants was 1 *11,487 3s. 4d„ and on carriages £ 358,976 10s. 7d. The duty b i^State carriages last year amounted to £ 129,236 14s. 5td. s 'Í'he temperance fete held at Broadlands. the /*tof Lord Palmers ton, on the Queen's coronation day, !,i^^Se<i a net profit of £ 53. This money is to be spent in 5 jjj^ocating temperance principles in the neighbourhood of A gentleman of Linsoln's-inn, Mr. Fraser-Mac- 11Iieen, Q.C., is about to visit the Continent, to inquire into i M report upon the practice as to marriages in France, '^lgium, and Germany. [.The Manchester volunteers were reviewed on j racecourse on Saturday, ^ut the weather was most un- j jwourable, and sadly marred what was expected to be a ''fliiant spectacle. Lady "Walter Scott gave birth to a daughter on ntorday, at the Duke of Buccleuch's residence in Belgrave- 'luare. Her ladyship and infant are going on favourably. I By a recent Act of P.3,rliament the office of Reorder of Falmouth is abnli-hed, and the Borough Court [? to be discontinued. All the prisoners are to be removed Cornwall County Prison. The recorder is to receive his |Wary for life, or until the receipt of another appointment, po let is to take effect on the 1st of January. The Empress Charlotte of Mexico ia ex- isted in Europe, the reason assigned for her visit being terious state of health of her father, King Leopold. From a recently issued public document, it ap- i. that the declared value of beer and ale exported in the L 0^'six months of the present year ,was £ 1,210,156, being a increase on the corresponding period of the preceding k 'when the value was £ 940,247- r L The trial of the Rassian who attempted to assassi- 9 pe Iff. de Balsch at the Bussian Embassy will come before i*e assize court during the third week of this month. telegram received at the Foreign-office in Lon- to ^ves us the welcome information that the export duty k.B gian rags will cease on the 1st of January, 1868, Eussia has reduced the duty on rags from the Polish inkier to thirty copecks. The sweeping of the streets of Paris has under- entirely new arrangement. The whole cost will be £ 180,000 a year. We hope the public will gain. Much w&ttted in the sweetening process in Paris. 1 kyThe Anglo-French Working Men's Exhi- i' 2r0a at the Crystal Palace wag formally opened last week 1Herbert Maudslay. The proceedings were of a very ^Pretentious character, 1 Party of upwards of 309 school-children of both I. from Kensington were conducted through the State 1,It a.rttnents of Windsor Castle at one time. These juveniles ■l^i afterwards regaled with a substantial dinner under a |? fuaodious tent in the Bachelor's Acre. LjA Stexican Bishop has arrived in Paris to con- W oculist. He gives a very gloomy account ^J^axiHjiiian's prospects; but we must expect that a Bishop, and above all, a sore-eyed on, would look daxk side of everything that he has sean in the of St. Philip's Schools, above 8 years 1 &bCe, including those Sunday-school children who were Ianfl attend, spent Friday at Chiselhurst-common, going 1 niv^urning in vans. The number of children was about IflnV. The districts of St. Philip's being very poor, the Spools are mainly supported by benevolent persons who are Ca>tttected with them locally. midnight meeting was recently held at kr^htsbridge, wiien th.e uiifortunrttG women of the neigh- were invited to meet some of the friends of thi3 ^Qment, A good number responded to the appeal, of Off1 five were taken to a place of refuge the same night, have applied sincc at the office and have been placed J. E. Redmond, late M.P. for Wexford, e unsuccessful candidate at the late election, died ^tlly last week. | a ^-t the Sheriffs' Court, Red Lion-square, in i compensation, only "four" out of twenty- jurors attended, and a <6ales was prayed. The ^stwas that the special jurymen were "out of town." a recently issued Parliamentary appears that the expenditure of the public money w^rest and management of the public debt, was in the ending the 31st March last, £ 23,619,524 Is. lid: k~&e funeral of the Dowager Counteaso-f Shaftes- }C? took place on Saturday at St. Giles's, Dorset. The MJ? Shaftesbury and other soas of the deceased oountess t of a strictly private j^cter. .v The emigration from the port of Cork alone of whose destination is the United States has been w*fcai&ed to be at present fully 1,000 per week. The 0 number of .transatlantic steamers calling at (Jueens- "fr passengers is eight in a fortnight. 1 ^gjQseountess Ambarley has been safely Waj^Md of a son and heir .at ALderley park. Both her the infant are reported to be doing well. appsscte from, an official document that the in _^e duties on lie^poj^ijyguding licences to kill and deal I amounted, in the yearvau.g the Slsfc March last, 3lS°.809 18S. 8Jd. S I directors of Heuter's T«i^ram Company I atyHce of an issue of £ 35,000 ni debentutaM for two and ))«> at the following rates of nterest—-two years at 5| latbu?8^. per annum, and four years at 6 pes qent;. per They are to range in sums of £ -0, £ 50, ana £ 100, coupons attached, payable m September an(j have to record the death of Mr. John. sotl, advocate, professor of the theory of music n niv-erstty of Edillburgh, 0^?°un,ts fr°m every part of the country show < alarm which the -cattle plague is creating amongst 18Pmkding on all sides. The meetings which takin- place are too numerous even for recapitulation. .r BenJamlil nywQod, Bart" of Claremont, it\Manchester, whose death has jast been recorded, was seventy-third ye He belon?ed to an old ^anca- family, and was the well-knownbanker of Manchester. A marriage o^Lady Louisa Cavendish, Jitter of the Duke °* with Captain the Hon. Egerton, son of the am Eari of ^Uesmer6j will Waoe about tb.6 midule ot next mouth. > from 3>andee aiate that a severe experienced Saturday night, ^ch the schooner Novar, 93 tons Dundee.Shlrp4 'JLfoundered off Elbow Bnd, ner the of tlie e crew, consisting of five m are believed to be of the rebellion, of the Taepings hav. jCeea crushed, it appears to be grmng more formidable tC.fever. In North China the r^ela33^1^eP°me so ■. that the Imperial authoitties oi! Pekm have ap. •«v,for the assistance of British mUtary officers. '4H trial of Mr. Robert Waters, Lord } OcW^h^y's late steward, has. bsen postponed till the W2 session of the Central Drimiaal Court. The IPott fttiln for postponement was made by defendant s el.. people of Bareelorii appear to be wild at the approach of iholera, and are leaving t 18 in numbers. In Constantinople the disease ?, £ 0rted to he the inCrease. f aged'our years, son of John c 9m > a boatman, rfe^^Qg at Stone, near Birmingham, I was, in. charge a bat iQcated at Camp-hill I s^e Was playing with ^me ither boys on the canal J »*l{ he accidentally fel in0 the water. The father **lm out as soon as possible,he was quite dead. I \&te Mr. Thornton, hp London millionaire, hafl putanyof his mill ions rij °'Kt- stock undertakings. Iifi 8ai?!audc l\ a11 bT run,nT1' b! Bkade^in the old wars, and 3 ev2i,that the gamblmgae ever induiged in was to S ^10 f? ^ew-married couple hcouldcatchhold of £ 10 000 Wt? they wool'l not bepfents of twu^ ttiefirst iir_ .OU8ands of bets, it is aid, of this an(j ^<1/10 » ot his venture. 5 t death of the Dowagr Countess of Shaftesbury i -f'P w,w.a several noble famiUs into mourning Her Lady- I ame(i for her beauty which descended to her two I laj^an1"8' Lady Harriet Corr> and Lady Charlotte Lyator. years no ball-room vis completewithout the above Ws 1 A° ^ere the observd of all observers." For many K Sbaftesbui y livrf in seclusion at Thomson's ol Olicl the spot is which that poet wrote the > and was in her 91s year when she died,

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