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SPOILS AND PASTIMES. _u- SEVERAL of the Pointers which belonged to the Lord Willoughby d JSreaby are at present for sal0> Three of these dogs WOle purchased the other day by Sir William Elliot, of StiAs, for 420 each. M. SCHMIDT, a wild beyk tamer, was nearly torn to pieces the other day at au exhibition in. France, in en" deavooxing to separate a pet hiaena from a lion. He succeeded in dragging his friend the hytena into another cage, and closing the trap between the lion's cage and his own and his friend the hyaena's. LAST week the Earl of Carnarvon called together his numerous tenantry to Castle Highclere, Hants, and communicated to them the pleasing intelligence that they would have perfect liberty to kill hares and rab- bits on the lands in their occupation belonging to his jordehip, from the 1st of October next until the 1st of ■"•■arch in the ensuing year. THROUGHOUT Dumbartonshire, Argyleahire, and western districts of Perthshire, the sportsman's Prospects are of the most cheering description. On extensive Bhooting ranges between Inversnaid and Aberfoyle, Portnaoaple and Arrocher, Ben "Valick and J-airndow, the grouse are described as unusually strong, keepers in many instances affirming that the birds were stronger on the wing three weeks ago than what ye&rn W6Tn. on August for the last few #WB. The coveys are numerous, and range from eight to eleven birds each, and very few Darren birds I are to be seen. There is a numerous stock 01: roe-deer I in the various forests, and the animals are in excellent condition. Hares are not so numerous as in some former years. Black grouse are plentiful, and par- tridges llnusually 90. THE young King of Greece has returned to Athens. For a month he had the satisfaction of swimming and yachting like .any of his subjects at Corfu, and enjoyed the dignity of being bored by signing ordm- ances and listening to statements, destitute alike of truth and amusement, like the greatest monarch in Europe At Corfu he was very popular with the Ioni&M, who still cherish their anti-British rancour and since his return he has succeeded with some skill in winning popularity among the more censorious »the laucasli. &.MOO to £ 25 aside and the champion challenge belt came off on Saturday afternoon at the CGPenta|^ Newton-heath. The competitors were Edward Lowe, of Whitworth, near Rochdale, and Jo&eph Newton, alias "Teapot," of Stalybridge, and the conditions of the match were that they, should wrestle the best t wo of three back falls, and that each man's weight should be restricted to 6 score 101b. There were up- wards of 1,500 persons present, and the betting was 2 to1*on Lowe, who gained the first throw, after a hard struggle, in 29 minutes 25 seconds. He also gained the second in 3 minutes and 30 seconds, and therefore was declared the winner. Mr. Thomas Hayes, the proprietor of the grounds, was the referee and sta e- holder. Lowe, who held the belt before, still retains possession of it, but is open to be challenged any time on the terms above-meiationea. THE first bull-fights (says a Pans letter) have taken place at Mont de Marson. The appearance of the first bull created considerable sensation among the fair portion of the spectators, many of whom took flight at once. On Tuesday the scene was very bril- liant, the terrified ladies having recovered their equa- nimity on discovering that the first day wen out any serious accident. Th^teen bulls and sixteen horses is the bill of these two days slaughter. divel and Manuel Perez were quite up to their reputa- tion, and a young mafadero, who killed tlsT^et last Sunday, excited great enthusiasm. The arena accommodated 4,000 persons, and wa,s .crowded to excess on Tuesday. M. Satapie., the onginator of the hideous idea of transplanting this Spamsh amusement to French soil, is himself a distinguished and in the costume of a genuine toreador descends into the arena and takes part himself m these gladia- torial games. On Tuesday, 'one hull, having four horses, knelt upon one of its victims, and, o up the arena, snorted defiance at the spectators, then turning round, still kneeling on the slaughtered horse, looked up at M. Satapie with an inexpressible air of triumph. Tremendous applause burst forth irom all sides of the amphitheatre, and I doubt not that tne bull excited more enthusiasm than the most popular artiste of the Italians.








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