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NOVEL ENTERPRISE: PROPORTIONING SEXES. We read in the Toronto Giobe: The dispropor- tlln of .numbers in the male and female population of pi raPi(% settled new territories of the West, has orten been commented upon, and a large amqunt of gratuitous and disinterested advice has been from time to time tendered to the excessive female popula- tion of eastern districts in reference to emigration. One of the results of the war in the United States has been to cause a large preponderance of single ladies throughout almost all portions of the Union east of the Rocky Mountains, and the attention of social econo* mists has been directed to the question of how such a large number of widows and orphans are to procure a comfortable living and avoid becoming burdens to the neighbourhoods in which they respectively dwell. Governor Andrew., of Massachusetts, in his last sage to the Legislature of that State, suggested the propriety of some steps being taken in regard to the surplus women, bat nothing was done. His words, however, seem to have met with a response from the other side of the continent. In Washington territory the single men outnumbered the single women by eighty to one, there being less than 100 single women in the domain. The authorities of that territory, having their attention called to the subject by Governor Andrew's remarks, have undertaken to pro- vide a free passage and good fare from New York to Washington territory for 300 widows and orphans of Union soldiers killed in the war. The Hon. A. S Mercer, of that territory, has arrived in New York to superintend the movement and see that none but the most respectable parties avail themselves of the offer. The steamer is to sail from New York for Panama on the 22nd of next month. All grovvn-up- girls and women accepting the offer are guaranteed respectable employ merit at four dollars in gold per week, imme- diately on their arrival, so long as they choose to avail themselves of it. Although the voluntary trans* portation of 300 women from the Atlantic to the Pacific coast is but a drop in the backet toward equalising the sexes in either portion of the country> yet it is the beginning of a very interesting J and is sufficiently extensive for experimental ptirpos ■ Should it prove successful, it will soon be a larger scale, and engaged in, not only by o Western territories at their own expense, bat wu active co-operation of the States overbttrd^Be« surplus female pQ.pulftti9n." t