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HAY, SMITHFIELD, SEPT. 5.—Mr. Chailes James Mmekxa. reports trade at last day's pricesPrime old clover- fetus-. 120a to 140s; inferior ditto, 100s t9 110s; prime hav, 110s to 123s inferior ditto, 95s to 105s; straw, oo to 42s. TALLOW, SEPT. 6.—The market is quiet; prices uo, quoteci as followsTown tallow, 48s 9d; Petersburg Y.C., oil the spot, new, 43s; ditto, old, 43s 3d; October.toDeeessa- ber, 45s 9d; December, 46a 6dj January to Mardii, 40" Sd; March, 47s 3d to 47s 6d. HOPS, BOROUGH, SEPT. 6,—Messrs. Patteaden and Boot&. report a good demand for all new hops, a large whieh "nave now arrived at market, and"are realising- Mijf late quotations.. COTTON, LIVERPOOL, SEPT. f>\—The strong- tone of tiae cotton market continues, and holders still offer their-eptfesei freely the sales -will probably foot up from 20,000'to 25,#» £ bales, one-half of which will no doubt be for speculation amZ export; EEUIT AND VEGETABLES COVENT GAEDKUV— Vegetables continue abundautand good. Large im tions of French pears, peaches, nectarines, &c, stul tinue to arrive. English pears comprise me, Bon Chretien, and Beurre d'Aiaanlis. Pine-apples &ee Re- alising larger prices than they did IaSt week. grapes there is still a heavy sale. Apples and abundant. Kent filberts are coming in in good oonofUbcu Good kidney potatoes ayeabundant. flowers-ehiefiy eaar- sist. of orchids, heaths, carnations, picofcees, nrigiumeMe, and rosee 7 EGGS, SEPT. 4.-1I!ore Eggs arriving than required, and-IIM. rates taken for English, Scotch, and Irish, 5s HI to 6s 9dpe;r 120 French, 4s 4d to 6s Sd; Spanish, 4s 6a to 48 10(1, aaci Ostend, 5R lOd to 6s 6d. POULTRY, SEFT. 4.—There are gnod supplies of Poultry, but trade rather brisk, and rates generaLy steady: Geese selling at 5s to 6s 6d each; Fowls. 2s lOd to 3s Chickens, Is 9s to 2s Ducklings, 2s Gd to 3s; tume 'Rabbite- ls 5cl to Is 7d pigeons, 5d to 9d live Fowls and 22s to 24s per dozen. ■. Cat-tie Market. Cat-tie Market. I METROPOLITAN, SEPT. 4.—We have A short supply O- beasts, and especially of good qualities.. There is cor-se,, qaently an,advance in price of choicest kinds. The nnrafeer of sheep is about the same as on Monday last. Chookic qualities are dearer. Infarior meet with a dull sale. TSsie trade is brisk for good calves at rather more money. PIKKE Germany and Holland there are 2,140 beasts, 15,5*0 Sheep, 233 calves, and ISO pigs; Spain, 60 bessts; Scotland, 67i Ireland, 170; and 1,610 from the 'Northern and Midti&ad counties. counties. | Per stone of 81bs, s. d. a. d. Per stone of 81bs. s d. a. <8* Best Scots, Hf-ids. 5 4 5 8 Best Long-wools 6 (t 6 & Best Short-horap 5 0 5 4 Do. do. shorn 0 0 <5 <S 2nd. qual. beasts 3 8 4 0 Ewes 2d, quaL 5 0 & calves 3 8 5 6 Do. do. shorn. 0 (, 0 <i Pigs S 0 4 10 41;. BastDna&l-bdas, 6 6 6 8 Beasts Sheep and 2.43; Pigs, 340. The Produce Maspket 1 MINCING-LANE, SB».' 4—Sajgtfr. is vel/.<a. a ctive demand, and prices steadily sjiyanciiig, whilst suaoltac are falling off: Mauritius of low to fine brownquaMfvnew brings 27s to 32s: yellow, 32s 6d to 35s; grainy SSs ur&s Barbadoes, 29s 6d to 37s; Porto Rico, 30s to 39e; Cuba vadore, 29s to 34s; Mariilla, clayed, 30s to 30s 6d orifcoftmir clayed, 27s 6d to 28s 6d; native Madras, 27s to 29g. Jagg-ery, 2os 6d^ to 27s 6d; HavannaL, brown, 80E TO £ 2s^ yellow, 32s 6d to 37sj Floretta, S7s 6d< to 32s- white, 40s to 42s 6d; Brazil: brown, ,Os fd tc, 29s 6d; yellow, 30s to 31s 61; white and grey, 3as to SE-s. A strong market for Refined, andmsny tf^iisactious: braw&~ lumps bring 42s; common to fine grocery, 42s 6d to 45o cd tittlers, 42s 6d to 47s; and pieces, 3U Gdto 38s.—Prices far Coffee are still in purchasers' favour, in consoquenoe of al) enormous suppIT.-In Cocoa still an extensile business terms obtained for red Trinidad are 68s to 116s, and 3iI te 67s for other sorts.—A large demand for fine new seasoEir" China Green Tea, and high rates obtained: Hyaon fceiliar at 3s to 4s 4d; Gunpowder, 3a 4d to 3s Kid; and yocl4 Hyson, 28 Gd to 3s per pound. A fair business in Com. gou, and prices steady: dusty and broken leaf selling fi 8d to lid; good ordinary, Is to Is Oid; other sorts Is 3*?V Is 6d; Copack and Moning, Is 7d to 2s 8d.—There'is vet? great demand for Biee, and prices stiff; common tn soft grain selling at 10s to 12s 6d white Benaal 12a 16s Gd; and Patna, 24s «d to 23s.-A slowSe L visions the currency ranges for Irish Batter aTtn at 106s to 120s; fine Friezland, 110s to Z voile, 104s to 108s; Granengen, 88s to

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