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POLITICAL GOSSIP. A NEWLY. ISSUED Parliamentary return shows that during the command of Vice-Admiral King in the Chinese Seas-between the 24th of June, 1865, and the 18th of February, 1866-71 piratical vessels were captured 30 of these vessels were burnt, and 23 given tip to mandarins. No award of prize-money has yet been made for any of these captures. THE electors of Halifax are about to make a hand- some present of plate to their late representative, valued at £ 1,000. It consists of two soup tureens and stands, together with six dozen silver dmner plates and two dozen soup plates Upon one of thetureena is the following inscription:— 1866. From the electors of Halifax to the Right Honourable Viscount Halifax, G.C.B., in recognition of his high character and of the long service which, as Sir Charles Wood, he rendered to the borough whilst representing it in the House of Commons, from the time of its constitution under the Reform Act of 1832 until the dissolution of Parliament in 1865." Each piece of plate also bears the brief inscription The gift of Halifax," and the arms of the new nobleman's family. THE number of new members returned to the House of Commons since the assembling of the present Par- liament has now been increased to 24. The new mem- bers are :-Lord J. Hay, Ripon; Mr. Candlish, Sun- derland; Mr. R. Arkwright, Leominster; the Hon. G. Denman, Tiverton; the Earl of Brecknock, Breck- nock Mr. M. Wyvill, Richmond Mr. H. A. Herbert, Kerry; Mr. M. Staniland, Boston; Mr. H. Whitmore, Bridgnorth; Sir E. Lechmere, Tewkesbury; Mr. Eckersley, Wigan; Mr. J. Goldsmid, Honiton Mr. J. E. Gorst, Cambridge; Mr. C. Capper, Sandwich; Sir J. Hay, Stamford; the Hon. Mr. Lascelles, North- allerton; Mr. R. Eykyn and Mr. Edwards, Windsor; Mr. Campbell, Helston; Mr. B. Osborne and Lord Amberley, Nottingham; Mr. D. Fordyce, Aberdeenshire, and Lord Eliot and Mr. M. Chambers, Devonport. The Conservatives gained one seatatBridg- north and another at Sandwich, but they lost one seat in Aberdeenshire and two seats at Devonport, so that the Liberals have thus far gained one seat, counting two on a division. On the other hand, a petition is now pending in regard to the late return for Helston, and Mr. Bernal Osborne has hitherto proved himself a very independent politician. Further, there are seats still vacant at Bridgwater by the unseating of Mr. Westropp; at Lancaster by the unseating of Mr. Schneider and Mr. Fenwiok; at Reigate by the un- seating of Mr. Leveson Gower; and at Totnes by the unseating of Mr. Pender. Of these five gentlemen four were Liberals, so that these vacancies reduce the strength of Ministers by three votes. Deducting from this result the previously indicated gain of two, it follows that, comparing May, 1866, with July, 18o5, when the new Parliament was elected, Ministers have lost just one vote out of a majority estimated at frem 75 to 80. IN dusting out a cupboard in a loft of the palace the other day a bust of William II. of Prussia was dis- covered, where it had been thrown during the Revolu- tion. Soap and water having been freely administered, the physiognomy looked quite fresh and comfortable, and as if it had turned up in happy times. The Prussians considered this an important omen that their old Sovereign should have been taken out of the dirt at this moment, and think it augurs that the same srood fortune awaits the reigning Sovereign of Prussia. A MEETING was held last week at Woolwich, with the object of taking such measures as would induce the Government to divide the borough of Greenwich, making the districts of Woolwich, Charlton, and Plumstead into a separate Parliamentary borough. Mr. Hughs, the agent for the Conservative candidate at the last election, presided, and the principal resolu- tion was proposed by Mr. Wilson, well-known as a member of the Conservative party. The Observer savgThe promoters of the meeting were opposed, as several persons present believed it was simply a Conservative 'move,' Sir John Maxwell having had a majority of votes in the districts for which separate representation was now sought. THE unrepresented towns of Yorkshire are exerting themselves to secure the utmost advantage obtainable from the Government Reform Bill. Batley and Heck. mondwike seek to be grouped with Dewsbury, and it is urged that Keighley and the district around it, having altogether a population of about 60,000, should now have independent representation in 1 The Liberals of Dewsbury are taking for granted that their town will be enfranchised, and have already ob- tained a large number of signatures to a requisition to Mr. E. A. Leatham to become a candidate. THE Junior Lordships of the Treasury vacant by the appointment of Mr. Hugessen to be Under- Secretary for the Home Department and the resigna- tion of Col. White, will, says a contemporary, be filled by Mr. Bonham Carter, member for Winchester, and Mr. John Esmond, member for Waterford. Mr. Bon- ham Carter has given excellent proofs of his business capacity during his Parliamentary career, and it is understood that henceforward the departmental busi- ness of the Treasury, which is increasing, will be be divided among the Junior Lords, so as to take some of the heavy weight off the shoulders of the financial secretary. This arrangement will be at once and very materially aided by Mr. Bonham Carter's accession to office. THE third part of the return relative to the election expenses of the several candidates in the United King- dom at the last general election has been issued. It continues the information respecting borough election expenses, commenced in part two, and goes from "Hythe to Southampton." LOUD AMBERLEY and the Solicitor-General for Ireland have been paired-not politically for any event on any bill, but statuesquely, as being the two smallest men in the House of Commons. THE Sunday Gazette says that the statement of the Owl that Sir John Michel is about to give up the com- mand of the forces in Canada is altogether incorrect, and is no doubt founded on the probability that the gallant general may be obliged, owing to private affairs, to seek leave of absence to England shortly. As yet, however, even his temporary withdrawal from Canada is not settled. THE boroughs in England and Wales which have a population of less than 10,000 and more than 8,000, according to the census of 1861-17 in number-are Reigate, Poole, Lewes, Frome, Windsor, Christchurch, Shaftesbury, Tavistock, Wilton, Helstone, Chipping Wycombe, Rye, Malton, Chichester, Stamford, Guild- ford and Haverfordwest (district).


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