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The Reform Question.

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FASHIONABLE ON DIT,-In consequence of the Duke of Sutherland's having set the fashion of gentle- men starting as Volunteer Fire-Brigademen, it is rumoured that a certain noble marquis has already instituted a Yolanteer Ramoneur Corps, to assist the professionals. They commenced proceedings, we believe, on the Great Ramoneur Festival of the First of May. On the Derby D.y several people who had lost a sweep applied for information to his Lordship in command of the Black Broomaweepers. The Re- ward of Merit will be the Order of the Jack-in-the Green, and efficiency in the art will be recompensed by the volunteer being raised to the peerage by the title of My Lord." For the band fund (the band consists of a fine drum and unrivalled pandsein pipes) an amateur performance will soon be given, on which occasion a chimney-piece will be played. NELSON'S SLY'UNS (Trafalgar- square).—The largest lion now in the Zoological Gardens baa refused to sit as a model for the fourth lion in Trafalgar-square. This, we believe, is the fact; and not, aa at first stated, that Sir Edwin Landseer positively refused to sit for the largest lion in the Zoological Gardens. The noble beast (meaning the lion) objected to his head being taken off." The very same objection was taken by Sir Edwin. We sincerely trust that some timely mediation may remove the existing difficulty. NON SPLENDIDIORES VITRO -In a recent charge a west country archdeacon says A man often spends £ 100 on a beautiful memorial window. But," suggest the excellent and arch deacon, how much more goo those X100 would do if dedicated to the ill-paid curates of the parish! We don't know. All windows let in light upon us, but all curates don't. ON the whole, Mr. Archdeacon, we think it is safer to stick to the glazier. i A WRINKLE.—We see a<>ver IA:;D :—" Harrison's patent eccentric swell adapted to all looms." Sureiy it would save the patentees some expense in advertising if they were to call their invention simply The Dtm- dreary." i DERBY NOTE.—Nicholas in hia Vi,ion last week put one of his "fits" between "inverted kommeis," bat the "fit" under which the City laboured must be considered altogether inverted commerce." VERY LIKE A WHALES.—Great excitement prevailed in Ryde yesterday, owing to a report that the Prince of Wales was in the neighbourhood. The mistake arose from the statement of a gentleman, who, riding home the horse of a friend who had fallen off, gave himself out to be the successor to the thrown." Music AND SpoRT.-A. hunting friend, who is also a fiist-rate musician, says that when dressed for the sport he occupies the quarter of an hour before break- fast in singing tantivy to his own chords. THOUGHT BY A BOOKMAKER AT A BOOK-STALI. That the race for wealth is not the Derby. A BAR SINISTER.—A turnpike. A TISSUE OF LIES.—A forged bank-note. VISIBLE SPEECH.—" Taking a sight."

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