Symud i'r prif gynnwys
Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

3 erthygl ar y dudalen hon



===l A- HIWLANCHOLY SUiciDE, last, a, little after tdn o^oieok,, there arrived at -the Hetel d'Europe at .Lille an;exaeed-^ inglygsntlemanlike man, about 35 yeara oPage, cauryi ingt a sw He addressed himself tq the l*nds lord, ■an^told^mBli ia very, good Freaoh, bat with.a atrnnglsnglishaocent, that he intended to remain during-^the^ night. The landlord" thea aaked; for;hie nametnafehe might ibsert it in his register^arrival^ but this the guest: declined to give, saying it was-oa- Neoeetaary, for he meant to depart early next morniagi lie then had tea and a glass of brandy aadf wateYJ, attar whiel he retired to his chamber; Neat day about theee o cdoob in the afteraoan, the laadlord begaa to tauifc-oi hls guest of the fbraier eveniag, and inquired Of the aervanta. ifaayof tllemf had seen him,; being answered in the negative, be- went up to hisi ehambet. After knocking- at the door. and getting no answer, he opeaed' it, and saw before him his gaest ddadly pale and sitting at a table, his elbow leanicgu on it, supporting his/head on' his hand, linagining him, ill, he catted for-medical aid; but oa approaching hied, tbe body Ibsfc its bklance and Ml on the floor; a lifeless corpse. Â1 pistol was ly ing beside him4 and on the table was a captridge-box for 00. cariridgea. but only 24 in it. Death was caused by a pistol-shot entering his right temple. On the ftoor of the rdoBs, were the ashes of several papers he had burnt, aad oa the table the following note for the landlord^ was lyiag I beg the proprietor of this hotel top an unhappy man for the annoyance he je.cauejug him, aad I beg to have nie decently baried, with my initials, 6.W, the date, and a star over it oa the tembs»tone. He will find upwaxda ofll,200f. on my person, oat of which he,.win please reimburse himself for his expenses, and distribate the rest, if any, to the poor of the oity. By granting my last wish&a he will earn my deep gratitude. As I'have no frieads wifchiii a thousand miles it will be useless to delay my feniOTal, -A W. I wish to have everything, watch, rings, and jewellery, buried with me." 900f; in Fifeach gwd. 0810rsterling in sovereigns, besides smaller money, was found on him; also a silver hunting- wafch* markSad with maker's- name-, Squire and Lander^ N'.Y* round his aeck was a massive gold chain, attached to it a beautiful locket, containing a photegraph of an old gentlomam very like the deceased, and also one of a young-lady aborts lS to-20. He-had massive gold1 studfe at. his wrists, and two massive seal rings on his fingers. One of them had engraved his initials in German characters; R the other, a shield surronttded with a garland, of riband, and on the top of it Ha was about 5ft. 9ia. to Sft. lOin. in height, of & blond complexton; with moustaehe, beard, and whiskers red, He was bariedj and all his things, agreeably to his ?e- qneat, pt^t in a •%> amd fthm up Tii tho ooffla with him..