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Cuddio Rhestr Erthyglau

7 erthygl ar y dudalen hon

,--_--THE COURT. ..-*,,-----


THE COURT. THE Coart is still at Oaborne. The Prince and Princess of Wales arid the Duke of Edinburgh have paid a visit to teti Quees. The Prince and Princess Christian have left Paris. Prince Teek and Princess Mary of Cambridge have arrived at Vienna. The Prince, as an officer in the Austrian army, offered to go into active service, but the Emperor, under the circumstances, gave unlimited leave of absence. THE Princess of "Wales and Princess of Leiningen dined with her Majesty on Sunday. "0 DIVINE Service was performed on Sunday morning at Oaborne, before the Queen and their Royal Highnesses the Duke of Edinburgh, Princess Louise, Prince Leo- pold, and Princess Beatrice. The Dean of West- minster officiated. PREPARATIONS are ordered to be made at Windsor Castle for her Majesty and the Royal Family's recep- 'tion by Monday, the 20th of August, it being the Queen's intention to sleep there one night previous to leaving for Scotland, where the Court will reside for two months. THE Prince and Princess of Wales will go to Scot- land a week earlier than her Majesty. ORDERS have been received at Frogmore to pre- pare the Lodge for the reception of Prince Chris- tian and Princess Helena, who may be expected there in the course of a fortnight. The alterations include the converting of a smoking-room looking on to the lawn into a dressing-room for the Prince and the embellishment of the dining-room, drawing-room, and other apartments. ON Monday afternoon their Royal Highnesses the In Prince and Princess of Wales and the Duke of Edin- burgh, accompanied by their suite, left Osborne-house ,for Portsmouth, en route to Goodwood, on a visit to his Grace the Duke of Richmond. A state earriago, elegantly fitted and surmounted by the Prince of Wales's feathers, was in readiness for the Royal party, and the approach to the platform was carpeted. It having become known that their Royal Highnesses ■were expected, a number of persons assembled at the station to witness the arrival and departure of their Royal Highnesses. Shortly after five e'clock the Prince and Princess of Wales arrived at the 'station in an open carriage, followed by their attendants and servants in another carriage. J The Prince of Wales conducted the Princess to a seat, and the train started, about ten minutes after 4hd arrival of the Royal party, amidst loud cheers. The company assembled to greet the Princes and Princess was at first very respectable, comprising the mayor and soma of the leading inhabitants, but, Unfortunately, a somewhat disorderly addition to the original party made themselves more free than wel- come. Monday was one of Cosham fair days, and trains ran to the station of the last-named village from a contiguous platform. No sooner did it become known that the Prince and Princess of Wales were expected than there was a great rush, and just after their Royal Highnesses had seated themselves mere than one blow was exchanged. A female attacked a gentleman,andaman desirousof coming forward, being Prevented, assaulted a medical gentleman on the plat- form, while a female accompsning the man slapped the dootor's face. A rush ensued, and the screams of a child brought the Princess of Walea to the carriage Window. Order beingipartially restored, the carriage moved on a dozen yards, affording to another party an opportunity of staring into the Royal carriage in a manner by no means decorous. The arrangements made, under the direction of Mr. White, the superin- tendent of Portsmouth station, who received their Royal Highnesses, were efficiently carried out; and there wap a party of police on duty, under the direc- tion of Mr. Superintendent Barber. Their Royal Bighnesses arrived in safety at the Chichester-station, drove from thence to Goodwood.






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