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¡;-=: THE COUBT. This Queen, the Prince and Princess Christian, and '« Jibe junior branches of the Royal Family, have spent phe Caristmaa at Osborne. \1{ THE Qcieen and the Royal Family saw the American lyaohts Henrietta, Fleet-wing, and Vesta, under sail off 03borne on Saturday afternoon, the 29th ult., they having been ordered round from Co .vea by Commodore M'Vibkar, of the New York Yacht Club, by her Majesty's desire. THE Qaeen and their Royal Hi ghnesses Prince and Princess Christian, Princess Louise-, Prince Leopold, and Princess Beatrice, attended Divine service on Sanday morning at Whippingham Church. The Rav. G. Prothero officiated. MESSES. ELKINGTON had the honour on Saturday £ submitting to the inspection of her Majesty the al:'ld manufactured by them which they intend to ex- hibit at the Paris Exhibition of 1867, the subject of whíh is from Milton's Paradise Lost." W" regret to hear, says the Court Jowrnal, that her -iajesty caught cold on the day of visiting the MiUaolenm of the Prince Consort. The caM resulted a moat painful attack of face-ache, from which the Qaeen is still suffering. HER Majesty has signified her invention to publicly ,open the Albert Memorial Asylum, at Collingwood- court, Bagf-hot, in Jane next, and, at. the same time, to lay the foundation stone of a dining-hall and chapel. The rumber of children now in the asylum is 162, in- volving an annual expenditure of 43,000. The inau- guration of the institution, which was established about two years ago, has been postponed from time to time, in the well-placed hope that her Majesty would at length consent to perform the inceptive rites. THE Prince of Wales and the Duke of Edinburgh spent the Christmas week with their visitors at Sand. fingham. Their Royal Highnesses had several days' shooting on the Sandringham and Houghton estates. Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales, attended by the Viscountess Walden, took several drives in the neighbourhood. The Duke of Edinburgh, attended by Lieutenant Haig, left Sandringham for London on Friday, and returned on Saturday afternoon. The Prince and Princess of Wales, with the Dake of Edin- burgh and suite, proceeded to Holkbam on Monday to Spend the week on a visit to the Earl and Countess of Leicester. Mr. Dixon, of Norwich, has had the honour of attending at Sandringham-bouse for the purpose of presenting to the Prince of Wales the silver spades used for planting the trees in Chapel- told on the occasion of the recent Royal visit to Nor- wich. The spades were presented by Mr. Dixon on be- half of the late Sheriff and Mayor of Norwich. His Royal Highness graciously accepted the presents, and expressed great satisfaction in receiving them. The told medal presented by the Prince of Wales for pro- fioiency in classics and mathematics among the pupils 4t the King's Lynn Grammar School has been won this year by Mr. A. Flaxma-a for the second time. The examination was conducted by the Rev. J. F. iJateman, M.A., Fellow of St. JohVa College, Cam. bridge. Mr. Flaxman last year gained the medal for taodern studies, and this year for classics and mathe- matics. He obtained 382 marks out of a total of 400, taining full marks in three of nine subjects, and very I nearly full marks in all the rest. I ON Saturday afternoon a special court of the Elder brethren of the Hon. Trinity Corporation was held at the Trinity-house, Tower-hill, for the parpose of Swearing in the Right Hon. Benjamin Disraeli, M.P., Chancellor of the Exchequer, and the Right Hon. Sir Stafford Northcote, M.P., President of the Board of Trade, as Elder Brethren. The Duke of Edinburgh, the Maatar of the Corporation, attired in the handsome Uniform of the body, =d whoon arrividg at the entrance hall was received by Capt. Arrow, tbe deputy master, and the Elder Brethren, presided as chief of the court. The Chancellor of the Exchequer and Sir Stafford Northcote, who were elected at a previous court in the place of the late Lord North. brook and Admiral Sir W. Parker, also wore the Uniform of the brotherhood. On the ceremony of Swearing in the new members being concluded, the prince and the Elder Brethren retired to the model toom and partook of an elegant entoetainmant. His loyal highness, on leaving, proceeded on a visit to the Prince of Wales at Sandringham. IT is understood that in the spriajr additions may be expected to the members of the E >yal Family. The accouchement of the Princess of W doles may be looked for in March, that of Princess Christian ira April, and that of the Princess Mary of Cambridge about the same time. The Prince of Wales, who on bis return from Russia was very uawell, consequent upon the fatigue of travelling and the change of diet, as quite reeoveied his usual health.




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