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TEE EE ALTE OF LONDON. It appears from the return issued by authority of the Registrar-General that in the week that ended on SatuI- day, April 20, the births registered in London and 12 other large towns of the United Kingdom were 4, 154; the deaths registered, 2,725. The annual rate 0 mortality was 23 per 1,000 persons living. In London the births of 1,026 boys and 1,008 girls, in all 2,03 children, were registered in the week. In the cor-, responding weeks of 10 years, 1857-66, the average number, corrected for increase of population, is The deaths registered in London during the week were 1,223. It was the 16th week of the year and the average number of deaths for the week is, with a c0.r' rection for increase of population, 1,429. The deaths in the present return are less by 206 than the es- timated number. The mortality in the metropolis was lower last week than in any week of the present or preceding year the number of deaths rapidly decreased during the last four weeks; it fell to 1,223 last week. Thirty-eight deaths from small-pox, 7 from measles, 19 from scarlatina, 50 from whooping-cough, 46 from typhus, and 8 from diarrhoea were registered last week. One death from cholera was also recorded. The deaths from phthisis were 182, from bronchitis 112, from pneumonia 62, and from diseases of the heart 56. Bethnal-green, Hackney-roaci.-At 7, Marian-square, On 15th April, the daughter of a soda-water bottler, aged one year, cholera (3 days), abscess, convulsions.' Lewisham, Lee.—At Church-street, on 9th April, the daughter of a baker, aged two years, "from the elfects of fright, from being knocked down by Newfoundland dog." (Inquest.) Greenwich, Wool- wich Arsenal.—At William-street, on 9th April, a female pauper, aged about 45 years "suddenly in the street from destitution and disease." Post mort. (Inquest.) The deaths of 3 persons who were killed by horses or carriages in the streets were registered The son of a pork butcher, aged 7 years, run over died instantly on 6th April in the Kennington-park-road; Newington. (Inquest.) The widow of a shoemaker, aged 65 years, run over in Bow died on 12th April, in the London Hospital. (Inquest.) The daughter of a costermonger, aged 5 years, run over in Vauyhnn-walk died 11th April, at 11, Cottage-place, Lambeth. The annual rate of mortality last week was 21 per 1 000 in London, 30 in Edinburgh, and 25 in Dublin 24 in Bristol, 18 in Birmingham, 27 in Liverpool, 22 in Man- chester, 21 in Salford, 22 in Sheffield, 29 in Leeds, 28 in Hull, 27 in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and 29 in Glasgow. The rate in Vienna was 33 per 1,000 during the week ending the 13th instant, when the mean temperature was 0'7 deg. Fahrenheit lower than in the same week 111 London, where the rate was 23. .d