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MAKE YOURSELVES BAFE. A countryman, hurrying away from a fire with hie wife by his side and his child in his arms, was called upon to assist others. Nae, nae," he exclaimed, "Self first, then wife, then childer (sic), and self again before strangers." Perhaps we may not be quite so selfish as the countryman, but the truth remains that every one should do the best he can to protect himself and those i who are placed under his charge, and no person is safe who does not assure his life and insure from fire. In doing this a man should first see that the company is perfectly solvent, so that he may be quite safe when his furniture or stock is destroyed, and be, enabled to secure a certain legacy for those nearest and dearpst to him ] should some calamity overtake him and bring him to a premature death. Prudent fire insurance companies are making great efforts to diminish the frequent occurrence of fires, and a select committee of the House of Commons, of which Alderman Lusk, a director of the General, is one, has been appointed 'to investigate into the increas- ing crime of arson, and to punish to the utmost ,extent those convicted of such an offence. In conse- quence, of the supposed frequency of this crime, ithe honest insurer cannot be accommodated at so low a premium as he otherwise would, and we find, at the annual meeting of the General Life and Fire Assurance Company, this topic was strongly discussed. Acting upon the principle of safety, this company will not take hazardous insurances, but will treat with the honest householder and those above suspicion on the most liberal terms. On the 22nd of May the proprietors of the General held their 28th annual meeting at their offices, 62, King William-street, London. Dr. Price, the secretary, was absent through illness,and. one and all of the directors expressed sympathy for his sufferings, and gratitude for his long and faithful services. Mr. Freeman, the agency secretary, presented the report, which showed that the fire premiums had been slightly reduced in consequence of the determination of the directors to discontinue hazardous policies, but that the better class policy holders, with whom they desired to do business, had increased. The life department had been a great success the business done in 1866-7 had been considerably in excess of any former years, and the directors expressed their belief that this increase will be greatly augmented by new agency appointments which they were about making. The report says:—The life premiums for the past year, after making deductions for guarantees, were X43,083 8s. while the claims admitted were 233,018. The amount of claims were. much greater than in 1865, arising from the fact of some large policies having Mien in. 788 new policies were issued in the last year, as- suring £ 228,080., and producingalt annual income of Y,6,932 15s. 2d. The income of the General in 1866 was £ 109,61? 8s. 2d., and the assets were, at the close of the year, £ 314,591 14s. lid. For this amount an average interest of X4 13s. 8d. per cent. was obtained, which might have been considerably increased, but for the regard which the directors paid to the permanent security of their investments. It behoves every one to insure their lives and their property, whether it be in the General or any other solvent company. The advice remains the same-" Make yourselves safe."


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