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A GIRL SHOT DEAD BY A BOY NEAR I BRECON. A CAUTION TO PARTIES HAVING FIRE-ARMS. On Sunday evening last, the report spread like wild-fire that a girl, about 16 years of age, named Sarah Evans, was shot dead by a boy, named Wm. Hammond, at Lanwysc, near the Lock, situated about two miles from the town of Brecon. It ap- pears that the boy had been in the service of Mr. Boobbyer for the period of two years, and left at May last. The boy being a good boy, Mr. Boob- byer invited him when he had time to come to his house to have some tea and spend an hour with them. On Sunday last the boy went there and was asked to partake of tea, the family left to go to chapel at Brecon, leaving the boy at the house. About a quarter after seven o'clock, the boy Hammond went up stairs in company with the servant boy who had succeeded him, and both were coming down stairs, Hammond with a gun and the other boy with a pistol when they were on the landing of the first stairs, the boy Ham- mond rose the gun, rose the cock, pulled the trig- ger, and shot the girl in the eye, when she fell to the ground without uttering a word quite dead. On Tuesday morning at ten o'clock, a Coroner's Inquest was held at Lanwysc, before James Wil- liams, Esq., and a respectable jury, of which Mr. David Downes, of Brynich, was the foreman, when the following evidence was.adclu-ced:- Mr. John Boobbyer deposed I am a farmer and reside at Lanwysc farm William Hammond left my service in May last when he left I invited him to come to my house to tea at any time when he had an hour to spare, because he always was a good boy on Sunday last he came to my house between four and five o'clock, p.m. I left the boy at his tea when I went to Brecon; I knew nothing more of the affair until I was returning from Bre- con about eight o'clock, when I met my workman David Lewis, who informed me that William Hammond had shot Sarah Evans quite dead I told Lewis to fetch Mr. Armstrong, the surgeon when I got home I found Lewis's statement quite correct P.C. Williams of the county constabulary was soon in attendance the girl was in my ser- vice about fourteen months the boy and girl were always on friendly terms, never quarrelling. By the Foreman: The gun was used for frighten- ing and killing crows during barley sowing; it had not been used since the gun was not loaded to my knowledge about a month ago I put the gun in the attic out of the way when the boy was with me, I was told that he frequently pointed the gun at the girls, and I cautioned him about it I never saw him do it myself after that I locked it up until the boy had left the gun produced is the one I speak of; there was no powder in the house on Sunday last, I am quite sure the boy never had the gun to shoot the crows to my know- ledge I was afraid to trust him, being so young the boy is from 15 to 16 years of age. William Walters, a lad about 14 or 15 years of age, in the employ of Mr. Boobbyer, deposed: I am in the employ of Mr. Boobbyer since May last I know William Hem mond from seeing him at the same Sunday school as I go to in Llanfry- nach I saw him coming to Lanwysc last Sunday; I asked him how he was, as he was going to the house about quarter-past five o'clock I went with my mistress towards Brecon in the carrige, to bring it back; when I came back William Hammond and deceased were laughing and talking together quite friendly they both stood looking at me taking the horse out of the carriage after putting the horse and the carriage safe, I went to the house for my tea after tea I went upstairs to my bed- room, and William Hammond came along; he then asked me to go with him up to the attic we both went, and Hammond, after looking about, took down a pistol which I asked to see he then took down the gun the gun was placed on two nails, and the pistol was hanging on one nail in an old beam I then went down one flight of stairs to show the pistol to the girl Hammond came after me immediately with the gun he had no time to load it; when they were both on the landing of the first stairs, the girl was coming up with á slop pail in her hand she was about the third step from the bottom, and about nine steps from us as I turned rouad to take the pistol back, William Hammond rose the gun, lifted the cock, the trigger, a id shot the girl, who dropped dead with- out uttering a word Hammond ran with the gun back I went down to Sarah Evans who was bleed- ing above the eye when they were at the top of the landing Hammond said to Sarah Evans, this is the gun I used to shoot the crows with the girl laughed at him, and the gnn went off; Ham- mond came down to me I wanted to go and fetch somebody; he was not willing until master re- turned I ran as fast as I could and met the work- man William Davies coming from the Lock chapel; by this time Hammond had overtaken me, and told David Lloyd what had happened Lloyd and Hammond ran back to the house Davies went towards the village to meet his wife coming from chapel, and came to the house in about half-an- hour afterwards. By the Foreman There was no conversation about powder, shots, or caps nor did I see any with him I never saw the gun before if he had capped the gun I must have seen him do it; after fl f I had tea we were all outside by the stile Ham- mond told Sarah Evans that he used to shoot the crows from the chickens, and asked her where was the gun she said that she had never seen it since he had left; that conversation took place about half-an-hour before they went upstairs there were no quarrelling or angry threats in my presence, but everything friendly. David Lloyd deposed: I am a laborer in the employ of Mr. Boobbyer on Sunday evening last, as I was coming from chapel, I met the little boys [running over the bridge; William Waiters said that Bill had shot Sophia, that was the name she was called although her name was Sarah I said to Hammond, boy, boy, what do you mean to say? the other said, yes indeed I then went as quick as I could, and the. first thing I saw was Sarah Evans down in the passage at the bottom of the stairs I rose her up and put her in a chair in the back kitchen she was quite dead with her face black from powder I then washed the blood up, not for my master and mistress to see it. By the Foreman Hammond said, "yes indeed I shot her, I have a good mind to go and drown myself in the river we lived together before May fair I saw the pun with him, but never saw him use it; I never saw Trim use or point the gun at anybody. Mr. Thomas Armstrong, surgeon, deposed I was sent for on Sunday evening last, to Lanwysc, that a girl had been shot I requested the messen- ger to inform Supt. Price of the affair when I got to Lanwysc I Haw the girl propped up in a chair in the back kitchen her right eye was completely destroyed by the gun shot; her face was also somewhat blackened I was requested on the fol- lowing morning to make a post mortem examina- tion I did so, and the following is the particulars —on the body there was no external marks of violence, except those he had mentioned on the head, the upper part of the brain and its membrane were somewhat congested, but otherwise healthy on removing the brain I observed a large hole ex- tending from the orbit, underneath the base of the skull, into the substance of the base of the brain and through, lodging at the back of the skull; that portion of the brain was torn to pieces there were marks of about nine shots on the skull inter- nally I removed about a quarter of an ounce of shot (produced) from the brain those flattened were removed from the forehead, and also two pieces of orbital bone driven into the brain from those appearances death must have been instanta- neous. P.C. Williams deposed: From information I received on Sunday night last, I went to Lanwysc to make enquiries concerning the death of Sarah Evans I took William Hammond into custody, and charged him with shooting and killing Sarah Evans I then cautioned him, that if he made any statement, I should take it down in writing pri- soner then said, Bill and I went upstairs I said to Bill come up to the attic we went together I saw the gun and the pistol I took the gun and met the girl coming upstairs, I rose the cock, drawed the trigger, the gun fired, and the girl fell back that was all he said I searched him, but found nothing in the shape of ammunition on his person he had only a half-penny and a piece of blacklead pencil I took him to the lock up at Brecon, and yesterday before a magistrate, when he was remanded until Saturday. Mr. Superintendent Price deposed: From in- formation I received about 9 o'clock on Sunday evening last, I proceeded to Lanwysc and took possession of the gun which I now produce. I ex- amined it and found the hammer down on the nip- ple, on the nipple was an exploded percussion cap, but could not say whether it was a recently explo- ded one or not, and the gun has been in my pos- session ever since. Elias Thomas, laborer, about 5 months in the employ of Mr. Boobbyer, deposed About two months ago I used the gun at barley sowing for shooting and frightening the crows away, when I finished with it I put it in the back kitchen on the boiler I do not know whether the gun was load- ed then or not; I said to myself that I would not use it again because it boxed me so badly; the gun produced is the one I used; I never Saw it in Hammond's hand. Mr. Boobbyer was then re-called, and in reply to the coroner said-a servant man and servant girl told me that Hammund used to point the gun at them, I cautioned the boy several times about doing so, and was obliged to lock up the gun from him I did not know that the gun was loaded when I placed it on the beam in the attic, I found it in the corner of the room, but I don't know who placed it there if I had known the gun was load- ed I should have discharged it. William Hammond was then duly cautioned and asked if he had anything further to say, said-I have nothing more to say than was said by the po- liceman, what I told him on Sunday is quite true, I did not know the gun was loaded, neither did I see a cap on it, (crying very much) I am very sorry for what has happened, and have nothing more to say. By a Juror I do not know whether the gun boxed me or not, I was too much frightened at the gun going off, I only intended letting the cock down on the nipple in fun. The Jury then retired for a few minutes and returned a verdict of manslaughter.






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