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THE MABKE-TS.' MARK LAXE, MONDAY. An unusually small supply of English wheat was on sale here to-day, coastwise and by land carriage; but its quality was tolerably good. The business doing was of necessity trifling, yet prices may be considered Is. to 2s. per qr. higher than on th's day se'nnight. We were fairly supplied with foreign wheat, for which there was a fair demand, at Is to 2s. per qr. over the rates current on Monday last. Floating cargoes of grain off coast were held for higher terms. No English barley was on offer, and the show of foreign was 'very moderate. The trade was firm and grinding parcels were 6d. per qr. dearer. Malt was in fair average supply, and moderate request, at full quotations. Good sound oats sup- ported former terms; hut inferior Russian gave way 6d. per qr. In beans, the supply of which was limited, very little was passed in late rates. Peas was quite as oear IlS last week. The quantity brought forward was limited. The flour trade was firm. Country Hour was Is. to 2s. per 2001b. dearer. Linseed and rapeseed were steady. In other seeds, as well as in cakes, very little was doing. METROPOLITAN CATTLE MARKET.—MONDAY. To-day's market was fairly supplied with foreign stock, both as to numbers and quality. The demand for it was very inactive, and, in some instances, prices had a drooping tendency. From our own grazing districts the arrivals of beasts were rather on the increase, but the quality of most breeds was by no means first rate. The supply from Scot- land was again limited. Prime Scots, crosses, Devons, Here- fords, and shorthorns were in moderate request, at full currencies. In erior breeds were dull, and 2d. per 81b. lower titan oil Monday last. The top quotation was 5s. 4d. per 81b. From Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Northamptonshire we received about 1,600 shorthorns, crosses, &c. from other parts of England, 620 of various breeds; and from Scotland, 34 Scots and crosses. Notwithstanding that the supply of sheep was rather limited for the time of year, the mutton trade was inactive. The best Downs and half breeds changed hands at last week's prices. Inferior sheep, however, were 2d. per 81b. lower. The top figure was 5s. 2d. per 81b. The sale for lambs was heavy, and the quotations had a down- ward tendency. The highest figure was 6s. 8d per 81b The supply was moderately good. Calves were in full average supply, and sluggish i equest, on former terms-viz., 4s. to 5s. 6d. per 31b. PIgS were very dull, and rather cheaper. The top figure was 4s. 4d. per Sib. POTATOES. The supply of potatoes on sale at these markets are some- what extensive, and quite equal to the demand, which is moderately active at our currencies. The imports into London last week consisted of 47 tons f, om St. Malo, 05 baskets from Caen, 2,016 baskets 244 barrels 85 sacks from Dunkirk, 42 tons from Le Vivier, 5,205 baskets 62 bags from Rotterdam, 357 packages from Boulogne, aud 1 package from Hamburgh. QuotationsEnglish 8s. to Us., French, 7s. to 9s., Jersey, 7s. to 9s. per cwt., Dutch, 5s. to 6s. per basket. HOPS. The accounts from the plantations are scarcely more favourable. The heavy showers have, to a certain extent, cleansed the plant of vermin, but have at the same time, in many instances, displaced the poles, and caused permanent injury toSh e bine. The trade is very firm, aud prices con- tinne tol in prove. The import into London last week con- sisted of eight bales from Hamburgh, 32G Antwerp, 175 Rotterdam, 193 Ostend, and 12 bales from Calais. Mid and East Kents, 170s. to 200s. Wea41 of Kents, 168s. to 189s. Sussex, 168s. to 18')s. iarnham, 168s to 200s.; Yearlings, 110s. to 135s.; Olds, 50s. to 84s. per cwt. WOOL. The wool market has ruled heavy. The transactions in English or colonial wool for home use have been limited, whilst the export demand has almost ceased. In prices no change has taken place. Last week the imports into London consisted of 278 bales from Adelaide, 147 from Odessa, 3,597 from Sydney, 11,190 from the Cape, 3,438 from New Zealand, and 567 from Melbourne. Fleeces Southdown hogs, Is. 4U1. to Is. 5d. half-bred hogs, Is. Stet, to Is. 6d. Kent fleeces, Is. 5d. to Is. 6d. South Down ewes and wethers. Is. 3d to Is. 4d. Leicester ditto, Is. 5d. to Is. 7d. Sorts, clothing. Is, 2d. to Is. 3id. combing. Is. 2d. to Is. (ij-d. The arrivals up to date lor our next August-September sales are •, —22,476 bales from Sydney, 22,030 from Port Philip, 6.831 j from Adelaide, 465 from Swan River, 3,457 ;rom Van 1 Pieman's Laud, 86 381 from New Zealand, ^iid 17,390 from ihe Oa;>o~t<}tai b-iips.