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t ,¡,.J ¡ :? I ISTIL -theSpread for. Bread! CLICE after slice of bread is joyfully welcomed down 6 Red v v 1 Lane" when .spread with delicious Ksfro. v J V N Ordinary syrup often cloys—Karo I NEVER. Its delicate flavour is Christmas Pudding as en{-j £ jng as'crystal-clear honey.' {Sufficient for 1.2 people). O J J 14b.sheiiedaimonds,lib. On bread, porndee and .puddings candied orange put,.3 lbs.. t 1 r misinsy 3 its. cuWantp it makes- good' any shortage 01 1 lo. chopped suet. 1 lb. o J o butter,.jam, milk or sugar. 2'3 citps flour, eup com- flour, x cz. mixed spices, Tr r 1 8 eggs. Milk to bv.ul Karo comes from scrupulously together. • '■« hygienic refineries and un- ifeduisf^PiV^. touched by-handi Pure, whole- • clients in buttered basin r covered with buttered SOIllC, nUtritlOUS DCHeC tlV paper and Ue down witn t 1 pudding cloth. ISoU for to oy 12 hours* -D UxKs* v j The fir bread Ask your Grocer for Karo Syrup,,iii 2-lb. 'air- > 1 tight rins price 1/6 per tin. Can also be supplied -in S-lb., and lo-lb. nett air-tight tins. CORN PRODUCTS COMPANY, LTD., L 40, Trinity Square, LONDON, E.C.3 «a? '1 GLASGOW: Gordon Chambers. TA «a? 4 GLASGOW: Gordon Chambers. j4 MANCHESTER: Produce Exchange. "9''W'f 1111.. ow S • >v 'i J 1 J 1 I A- is it unlticky. [ f to cross ki-i *Ives f o c 6 > In days,of old it was customary, as a sign of good faith, < for the guests when lynching to place their short side- ? 1 daggers on the table. If by any chance the daggers <> became crossed it was a challenge to combat. From ♦ this ancienf custom is descended the now homely and X o: harmless superstition thatit is unlucky to cross the knives. 7 ♦ But it is really far more unlucky to be without mustard, 1 ° because your food becomes <f daggers drawn with your f f 0 digestion. Mustard is a necessity if the food eaten is to Z ° yield the greatest sustenance and nourishment. f I i: D-s-*i Mustard j S.E.B. » i | "+.+.

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